Xie Zhiyi finished with one blow and retreated.

    With the back of his hand behind him, he looked at Chi Lin with a smile.

    As for Chi Lin, the whole person was stupid.

    He seemed to be unbelievable, and his mind was full of: fucking, fucking, fucking —

    kissing me? !

    Did she kiss me? ! !

    Ah ah ah ah ah –

    It took a few seconds to confirm this fact, temporary pools hands are shaking, as if behind the fireworks exploded into pieces behind.

    And he stood in the brilliant light and shadow in the sky, feeling that his heart wouldn’t beat anymore.

    At this time, Xie Zhiyi also felt a little embarrassed in hindsight. She looked at the sky, looked at the ground, and then looked at the real-time flow rate of the system as if to divert her attention.

    I found that they jumped directly to +0/s.

    Xie Zhiyi pondered it for a while and figured it out—Chi Lin’s emotions were like a heartbeat chart, just beating and stopping. Now it may be blank and I don’t know how to react.

    Xie Zhiyi pursed his lips and almost laughed.

    Only then did Chi Lin finally slow down. He saw the smile on Xie Zhiyi’s lips, his pupils turned from blank to black, and then suddenly he pulled her to his body from behind.

    Xie Zhiyi threw into his arms?.

    The heart beats together, they are the same fast.

    Chi Lin whispered and earnestly in her ear: “You can’t regret it after you kissed it!”

    Xie Zhiyi reached out and hugged his waist, and nodded his head.

    The place where Chi Lin was hugged by her was numb.

    Just think?…Why are you so good.

    He clasped his arms subconsciously? Tighter. It seems to have the real feeling of “Thank Zhiyi and like him”.

    Only then did Chi Lin’s aura slowly sink, revealing the part of his temperament that belongs to an adult man.

    “Then… I have to stamp too.” He whispered.

    Xie Zhiyi raised his head: “Huh?”

    Chi Lin gently lowered his head.

    Then he fell on the corner of her lips.

    The warm nose was mixed in the cold wind, and it was as if it were away, but it was clear.

    Xie Zhiyi couldn’t hold back and blushed. All the desperate bets that I had made just now have softened.

    Ok… so flirty.


    How did the material of the day later be photographed, Xie Zhiyi doesn’t remember it anymore?.

    Only after escaping from the blind date, the hands of the two people did not let go.

    Everything is secretly different.

    With more natural physical contact and clearer mental activities, the blackening value was also steadily refreshed, and soon exceeded 900,000, thinking about a million rushing all the way.

    That vlog material was handed over to the professional team? That day, Tang Bei was so idle that he went to supervise the workman.

    He almost fainted when he saw the material taken on the mobile phone with thanks for the blind date— he could hardly imagine that he is now worth more than 100 million yuan. What was the feeling when the prince was surrounded by the uncle and aunt on the blind date?

    Anyway, he watched? Xie Zhiyi’s hands were shaking in the video—but it didn’t affect the level of laughter in this section.

    But he didn’t laugh for a long time. After the blind date, only the cock cried: “You????”


    “You guys!!!”

    A week later, on the day before the upcoming Chinese New Year, @谢知意 updated the vlog as scheduled.

    Her hundreds of thousands of fans were moved by the wind, and they came with “Happy New Year”. When they saw the words “One Day Tour in the Park”, they all laughed.

    Then after opening it, I first enjoyed a wave of prosperous beauty.

    In winter, in the warm sun, a smiling beauty in front of the ice of a lake. Coupled with the lazy bgm, the degree of eye-washing can make people forget that they are in a perfunctory place like the park! !

    Then it didn’t take long for the painting style to change drastically, and everyone witnessed the whole process of “straying into the blind date”.

    [Help, I am going to laugh and faint hahahahaha]

    [Auntie let go of him and let me come (no)! ! He has a big beauty! ! ]

    [Sorry I shouldn’t have laughed, but it’s so funny hahahaha]

    The shot behind is a little messy, but the sound is audible. The audience could hear that Xie Zhiyi was also besieged, and then the little brother squeezed out the crowd to hold her hand, and the two of them ran directly.

    Gasps, laughter, and the sound of wind have turned into a very youthful group of pictures.

    Finally, the camera cuts to a pair of holding hands.

    It’s still shaking.

    Now, the barrage and the dormant Linyi CP fans in the comment area are all crazy.

    Really hammered! The official announcement! ! ——

    【Happy New Year! happy New Year! ! Chinese New Year in advance. Thank you! ! 】

    【Well, I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m too sweet? I’m

    looking for teeth all over the floor】【Please keep doing it in the new year! ! Can I pay to watch as an adult?! ! ]

    In the video Xie known meaning in?, Temporary pools have been so hard not to upstage the occasional appearance just brush face. But this time, the camera finally took the profile face of him comparable to a popular male celebrity, and then turned around——

    Chi Lin’s lips curled up, and he stretched out his hand towards the person behind the camera.

    [Fuck too! handsome! NS! ] [I am gone? ? ? 】

    【Excuse me, is my little brother making his debut? I want to send you off for your debut ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    both hands took the camera, no one was shot during the lens switching process, but there was a clear “pop”.

    When it was clear again, Xie Zhiyi was in the camera with his head lowered, half of his face hiding in the collar? Only the red nose, red cheeks, and translucent smiling eyes were revealed.


    All died.


    This vlog was sent out, and it suddenly topped the hot list of the day.

    The two people’s face-defying, far-superior appearance is naturally an important reason.

    And #爱情误入相亲角# has also become a popular entry, and it has climbed several names on the hot search by natural heat.

    Passers-by came in because the location was unknown, and went out hahaha.

    How can there be a couple vlog to visit the park! ? It’s so funny when you go to the park and meet a blind date! And are these two gods grow up like this! I became a

    fan-Xie Zhiyi’s fans soared by 100,000 that day.

    Tang Beiqing sent a Weibo: [I’m not sour at all! Not sour at all! ]

    His fans laughed at him: [You are sour! Not only sour people! It’s also sour that people’s fans are rising fast! ]

    Tang Beiqing cried directly.

    Because this video was too hot and too out of the circle, Tang Beiqing didn’t need to add to the flames this time, and it directly caused an earthquake in the wealthy circle.

    Outsiders don’t know, but they know the recent scenery of Chi Lin. Because of his ability, Shangguan’s family was hurt a lot, and Shangguan Chen hadn’t come out to see people for a long time.

    Many people are speculating about Chi Lin’s attitude-is it true that you want to marry Xie Zhiyi?

    But the Xie family has fallen, and marrying someone without the support of her natal family is simply impossible for their families.

    What’s more, can a family like the Chi family really accept thanks?

    But putting aside these practical factors, they have to admit it…

    Damn, it’s so sweet.

    Did Xie Weilan watch it when he was filming? He only learned the news when the crew was watching this video. In the video?, Xie Zhiyi and Chi Lin are completely in a happy relationship. The crew members shared and circulated each other, and they were crying sweetly.

    “Hey, only I found out? This blogger looks a bit like Xie Weilan?”

    “How do I feel that this beauty is so familiar! It’s…”

    Although the following words were not finished, everyone at the scene understood the meaning.

    Xie Weilan was able to control her straightforward urge to speak recently, she immediately endured it, but turned her head to find Yuan Feng.

    “My sister has become popular recently, so you can arrange a second role for me!”

    During this period, Yuan Feng’s body is not right. She often takes care of her personally, so she thinks Yuan Feng will not refuse her.

    Who knows Yuan Feng gave her a white look: “It’s good to take a picture of your character, don’t push your nose and face!”

    Xie Weilan opened his eyes wide: “You didn’t say that a while ago, you said that you should respect women! Respect me!”

    Yuan Feng felt? Some time ago, he felt like he was lowered his head—not only could he not touch his body, but he was also fainted by Shangguan Chen Nande’s guts.

    Is it really evil! Yuan Feng thought, fortunately, these reactions are now weakened.

    At the same time, Xie Zhiyi also discovered this phenomenon.

    Previously, under the control of various skill cards, the black value return rate of the hero and a group of supporting actors had been constantly lowering. Because with her reversal of the line of fate and character set, everyone’s surprise and other emotions will naturally diminish because of her behavior.

    But recently, their rates of return have rebounded to varying degrees.

    Among them, the male lead is the most obvious.

    Xie Zhiyi checked the system detector for a long time and frowned slightly at this phenomenon.

    The system’s explanation for this is: “With the infinite approach of the task progress, the host’s vital signs are also changing, and the effectiveness of each skill card is decreasing.”

    Xie Zhiyi understood a little bit.

    After all, the reversal of her personal fate will not affect the operation of the entire world. As the system said, she just affected other people’s fate in the process of changing her own life, and this influence would disappear.

    Anyway, Xie Zhiyi thought, as long as it doesn’t affect her and Chi Lin.

    It will not affect her to complete tasks and be a healthy and free person.

    It doesn’t affect Chi Lin, and she can be liked by her.


    Shangguanchen never felt that his life had fallen into a trough.

    Not only did she fail to guard her male ethics, the woman in her heart went to someone else, and her career was severely suppressed by her rivals in love.

    Even his father, who is always proud of him, showed disappointment in himself.

    The reactions of his friends and relatives all confirm his failure, and the people who crazily pursued and believed in him left one by one.

    How could it become like this? Where did it go wrong? ?

    Isn’t he Shangguanchen, the proud son of heaven?

    But in the dark, Shangguan Chen suddenly understood that this is the test of the world to him!

    As long as it withstands this test, everything will be back on track.

    So after a few days of silence, an inexplicable domineering spirit returned to Shangguan Chen’s body.

    Still in the dark, someone told him in a reassuring voice: Don’t worry, no one in this world can surpass you…

    Those who hinder you will disappear…

    Shangguan Chen showed a long-lost confident smile.


    For all kinds of temptations circle, the pool is a temporary response:

    start crazy show.

    His circle of friends was originally work-related, but has recently started to update private content.

    ——All dog abuse behavior.

    For example, the photo updated today is Xie Zhiyi bowing his head while eating.

    On the plate in front of her? There was a pile of yellow things. Carefully recognizing it could vaguely tell that it was a shaky omelet rice.

    With copywriting: Omurice hand in homework, praised by the big guy [Cool]

    Tang Beiqing: [Can I taste it, brother]

    Chi Xiangyang: [Can I taste it, brother]

    Chi Lin: [Can’t]


    Chi Lin Ding Look at other people’s likes and comments in the circle of friends, and make sure that the spread is wide enough, so that you can put your phone away satisfactorily.

    He just wants to declare to the world: Lao Tzu has fallen in love! This is Lao Tzu’s person! !

    On the opposite side, Xie Zhiyi was still eating his omelet rice scoop by scoop, eating very seriously.

    To be honest, Chilin’s omelet rice is mediocre, but it tastes good. And it may be that she brought a little filter and was a little happy when she ate.

    Chi Lin held his face while watching her eating, and while watching, he smiled unconsciously.

    Xie Zhiyi raised his eyes to see, and couldn’t help but smiled: “What are you doing.”

    Chi Lin smiled and said confidently, “You like me.”

    Xie Zhiyi was a little blushed by his sudden act ? He retorted,

    saying: ” What’s the matter then!” Chi Lin looked at her for a while, then smiled and said: “Happiness.”

    He was very serious when he said these two words. Xie Zhiyi felt inexplicably? His heart beat.

    Since Chi Lin started to play straight, she has often been unable to resist. Xie Zhiyi’s gaze floated to the side, while saying “I got it, I got it,” he stood up with the empty plate that he had eaten up.

    Chi Lin quickly stood up and

    said, “Just leave it alone, I’ll wash it!” Xie Zhiyi said, “You usually do the dishes, don’t you wash the dishes.”

    Chi Lin walked over in three or two steps, took her arm, and grabbed the dishes without any explanation. Came over, “That’s different.”

    Xie Zhiyi was forced to raise his eyes, “Which is different?”

    Chi Lin looked down at her, licking his lips unconsciously, “Um-I wash the dishes, can you kiss me.”

    He really wants to kiss him.

    Xie Zhiyi blinked.

    Then Chi Lin looked at her white earlobes reddening to the pinna, as if they were being painted a little bit.

    Chi Lin’s heart was itchy, he couldn’t hold back raising his hand, and touched her hot ear.

    Xie Zhiyi shrank

    her neck and came back to her senses: “I choose to wash the dishes.” She turned around and wanted to run, but was directly

    suppressed by Chi Lin’s head lowered, and her voice became a little dumb, “…I choose a kiss.”

    Xie Zhiyi: ! !

    You weren’t like this before!

    The young eagle evolved.

    ——Become domineering!

    In the corner of the living room, Xie Zhiyi put his back against the table and was forced to raise his head.

    The soft kiss fell on the corner of her lips, and then slowly swept across her lips, with care and care.

    Chi Lin’s eyelashes fluttered, and it seemed that he had also touched her.

    After a long time, the overlapping breaths separated, and the faces of both of them were red.

    Xie Zhiyi covered his face and pushed the bowl in his hand: “Okay, then you go and wash it.”

    Chi Lin smiled and pulled Xie Zhiyi, who turned and ran, lowered his head and touched her ears.

    “How about we celebrate the New Year together?” he asked.

    Xie Zhiyi blinked, and then said: “No, you have to go home first.”

    Chi Lin knew that it must be too fast for Xie Zhiyi to go home with him now. And he is totally unwilling? Take people back to be picky and picky.

    Xie Zhiyi is the best.

    They still have a long, long time to prove to everyone.

    “I’ll stay in the past for a while and then come back. Okay.” Chi Lin said.

    Xie Zhiyi looked at him, and a soft emotion surged in his heart.


    Chi Lin smiled: “Then wait for me.” Chinese

    New Year together.

    Then in the new year, we will have a new identity.


    New Year is approaching.

    All the joyous things make people have a kind of New Year’s happiness.

    Xie Zhiyi’s fans are very active.

    【Happy New Year! Wish Yiyi and my little brother 99! ! ]

    [As long as my cp can be 99! My happiness will not go away! 】

    Xie Zhiyi completed all the brand collaborations from years ago, and gave the fans a lucky draw.

    On New Year’s Eve, her blackening value task reached 990,000 points.


    It seems that even this number has become a blessing, and everything is moving in a good direction.

    The system’s prompt sound also brings the New Year’s atmosphere: “Congratulations to the Chinese New Year! Congratulations to the host for reaching 99% of the task progress. The system randomly drops a bonus card: [Restore + Upgrade Card]. The host can not only restore a skill card, but also It can also be strengthened!]

    Xie Zhiyi raised her eyebrows, thinking that this is a good thing. But one thing is strange, after the system task is completed, the function of the skill card will disappear-so how to use this card?

    The system continued: “At the same time, the task countdown begins.”

    Xie Zhiyi temporarily put aside the question just now, “ok.” The

    last ten thousand points. I hope it will end this year.

    Then free –


    pool house.

    A major festival like the Spring Festival is naturally very lively. Not only did Mr. Chi sit in the town, but the future heir Chi Lin also showed up for the sake of face. The relatives who cling to the Chi family all came to the house with gifts, hoping to have a good relationship with the prince.

    Chi Lin was complimented by waves of people? It was annoying, and after a while, he hid aside.

    In the living room? It was still lively. After a while, Old Man Chi also came over and snorted with his nose: “I can’t even bring people back. It’s really useless!” Maybe

    something more important tonight, Chi Lin Too lazy? To bother with him: “Next time, you have a chance to see.”

    This said as if old man Chi was catching up. He just wanted to get angry, and remembered that it was New Year’s Eve today and couldn’t be angry, so he had to bear it.

    Looking at him like this, Chi Lin still wanted to laugh a little, and raised his wine glass: “I wish you good health in the new year, and don’t be so sick.”

    Old man Chi squinted at him and touched him a glass.

    “Asshole, you also have to be healthy and safe.”


    sound of firecrackers came from far away, and Xie Zhiyi changed into clothes specially prepared for the New Year.

    The red dress, tied with a ribbon, is not exaggerated, but it can be seen very carefully. She also selected a gift for Chi Lin and prepared to give it to him later.

    As if to determine what the relationship is tonight, they all dressed up tacitly and solemnly.

    Not long after Chi Lin went out, the door of the house was pushed open.

    The system emits the familiar “connection successful” sound, and the real-time flow rate has started automatically.

    It is now +100/s.


    Xie Zhiyi touched his heart, and he did jump very fast.

    The system gave a beep: “The mission countdown is 7%–“

    Chi Lin was also very formal today. He was wearing a custom suit, and he looked slender, with a sharp and handsome face.

    Walked into the living room to see? When he saw her, he smiled: “Waiting for me?”

    Xie Zhiyi’s eyes lit up and nodded, “Also.”

    Chi Lin walked over and sat next to her and asked, “What else?”

    Xie Zhiyi Smiled: “Wait for auspicious time.”

    Waiting for you to bring me auspicious time.

    When I completely break free of this line of fate, I can embrace you freely.

    Chi Lin’s face was a little red.

    He felt his heart beating very fast, almost as if he was sick—

    “The system counts down to 5%–“

    Out of some inexplicable urgency, Chi Lin held her hand and lowered her head and said, “I like you… Actually, it started many years ago.”

    Xie Zhiyi opened his eyes, a little bit Surprised by his frankness.

    Chi Lin took a breath, and then continued: “But I am immature and have a bad temper, so I wasted many years in vain.”

    “The system counts down to 4% -” I

    don’t know why, but Xie Zhiyi is near the end, but Xie Zhiyi has no reason for it. Flustered.

    She shook his hand instead: “Don’t worry.”

    Chi Lin shook his head: “But fortunately, you like me too, really… Fortunately. You don’t know, I will even thank God.”

    “The countdown is 3%— -“

    Xie Zhiyi was in that kind of inexplicable panic, and suddenly wanted to understand one thing-the big villain who had been puzzled before, why Chi Lin was blackened into the original text.

    If she didn’t come back in this life, the past herself would still suffer in places that Chi Lin couldn’t see, had a kidney excavated, suffered a series of tragedies, and finally died.

    It turns out that he secretly liked it for so many years. It turns out that this is his “blackening”.

    Xie Zhiyi squeezed his hand, “…fortunately.”

    “So,” Chi Lin raised his eyes, his heart beating faster, “New year, I want to

    be with you– ” At this moment, the flow rate soared directly? The value is substantially full.

    The system suddenly jumped out of cheerful music: “Congratulations to the host! The total amount of blackening value has reached 1000000! Successfully completed this world mission!”

    Xie Zhiyi finally made up to one million.

    At the same time, the real-time flow velocity of Tower One was reset to zero.

    Xie Zhiyi breathed a sigh of relief, but in the next second there was a cardiac arrest.

    Stopped with the real-time flow rate, there was

    Chi Lin’s breathing.

    Xie Zhiyi trembled all over.

    But it was too late to react, and it was once again shrouded in the familiar halo of the teleportation matrix-

    “This world mission is completed, and now I will send the host to receive the reward from the main station!”

    Thanks Zhiyi: “Wait!” At

    that moment, it has not been seen for many years. Despair and collapse crawled into her heart in turn.

    In the mood that was about to explode, she had only time to figure out one thing-the

    original system hinted at so many and affected “other” fate lines, referring to Chi Lin.

    It turns out that Chi Lin was written by the author in the original text? “Disappearing”, not disappearing.

    It’s dead.

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