In the

    halo, the familiar celebration music rang.

    In the past ten years, every time Xie Zhiyi successfully completed the mission and returned to the teleportation matrix, he listened to this bgm song, so it has witnessed many of her highlight moments.

    But this time, it became a funny sorrow, which kept tearing in her ears.

    It’s okay, calm down, it’s not necessarily a foregone conclusion.

    It’s not that I haven’t encountered difficult scenes. It’s okay, calm down.

    There must be a turnaround, as long as you think about it…

    Xie Zhiyi was wrapped in the light, and she squeezed her fist and told herself to calm down, but-she really couldn’t calm down!

    The brain was so muddled, she seemed to be able to figure out why, but the brain resisted to figure it out.

    The scene of Chi Lin’s confession, Chi Lin’s voice, and the sudden interruption of breathing finally appeared in front of him.

    Xie Zhiyi has always been considered dull emotionally, but finally learned it in a short time? What is “lost? It hurts”

    -she seems to finally know why in the original text, the heroine was distressed after the heroine was tortured to death , All? Talents suddenly repented.

    Although very stupid.

    But? The feeling of “lost” is indeed unbearable.

    Xie Zhiyi touched his own heart and thought, is this the abusive hostess…this is too abusive?.

    The halo of the teleportation matrix ended, and she was teleported to a new place.

    There was a long beep of “di——”.

    The main station system cuts? Come in and make a festive mechanical sound:

    “Host 077, congratulations on your successful completion of the mission, you deserve it!”

    Xie Zhiyi’s face was expressionless.

    System: “In the dungeon task bound to the [Blackening System (Creative Type)], you used a speed far exceeding the prescribed time limit to brush up to a million black points! Since you are about to be completely unbound from the system, you can travel on your behalf Ask you, what has improved? How about the progress of your mission?”

    … Murder Juxin. For the first time in his life, Xie Zhiyi wanted to pry open his head and gouge out this vocal thing.

    What has improved? Task progress?

    The person who helped her improve the task progress has been obliterated by the system?

    It was about feeling that she was about to kill someone, and the system automatically skipped this question very aware of the current affairs. It opened a topic that is very exciting for all hosts-

    “Now, your ultimate mission has been completed, and in the future It will no longer be bound to the main station system. The system will provide you with the ultimate reward according to the original promise!”

    When I just returned to this world, the main system’s promise to thank Zhiyi was-to complete the final task, nothing for a lifetime. worry.

    “A lifetime of worry-free” is a very charming four words, as if it can pass all the hardships that need to be experienced in a lifetime, and it is directly bound to “happiness”.

    General system: “Our reward to you is that you can freely choose any role in any world, under the general bureau! Hold the silky screen script, and enjoy a happy life!”

    This is indeed a very attractive reward. , Because there are thousands of people wearing books, some settings and characters are indeed winners in life. Not only do they have beauty, fame, and wealth, but they also enjoy stable health and smooth love.

    No one wants to live in such a world.

    The corners of Xie Zhiyi’s mouth were slightly curved—for the girl who came out of the terrible original world, this must be an unattainable super prize.

    But now Xie Zhiyi clearly knew that part of her was left in place.

    Stayed at the moment when Chi Lin stopped breathing.

    How can she turn around and start a new life?

    Xie Zhiyi said: “I don’t want rewards. I just want to know the logic of the original world.”

    This time, the blackening system that has been bound to her instead of the console system explained to her: “Your original line of fate was obtained through system missions. In fact, you can also choose to return to the original world. You will no longer be affected by the plot and your destiny is in your hands. It’s just that with the rewards of the main station, you have a better choice.”

    “No,” thank you Zhiyi The tone is obscure, it’s a bit difficult to say, “What I want to know is…why did Chi Lin die.” The

    system regretfully said: “In the original author’s setting, the character you inquired about [Chi Lin] has always been there. Physical problems.”

    Xie Zhiyi suddenly remembered Chi Lin’s depression after the tennis match. At that time, he thought it was excessive fatigue. Also? There? The unknown medicine bottle she saw at Chi Lin’s house a long time ago… But no one could have imagined that all of this was paving the way for “death.”

    In fact, the auxiliary system has always known that some things are uncontrollable. So it reminded it vaguely? How many times, but unfortunately Xie Zhiyi didn’t understand it.

    In a sense, the hardcore heroine and the tool villain are the same victims. But she relied on the blackening value that Chi Lin brushed to her, a little bit reversed the line of mortal fate, escaped kidney failure, and Chi Lin’s own destiny had no future.

    In the old days, dog-blooded essays did not require logic. Everything served the male protagonist. After the villain’s toolman completed his task, he could directly obliterate it.


    “Actually, under your changed plot rhythm, the line of fate of the villain [Chi Lin] should end after he completes his personal career line. It is your reversal of the line of fate that connects and extends his destiny. Line, and then a “feeling line…”

    “But when the mission is over, your artificial influence is lifted, and the villain’s line of fate will naturally come to an end.”

    Xie Zhiyi didn’t know how to react for a long time.

    She just thought it was ridiculous.

    too disgusting?.

    It turns out that no matter how she is in the Shuangwen world, she is just a “character” in the end. Without the ability to resurrect from the dead, he can only go up and down in the torrent of fate.

    She has no direction, walking aimlessly in this teleported space.

    I didn’t know how long it took before I suddenly realized one thing-the system she was bound to in the original world was still there!

    She immediately remembered? The skill card that the system dropped when the blackening value was 990,000 points. It seemed to be the only remaining chips in her hand.

    “My card!” Xie Zhiyi quickly tried to connect to the blackening system.

    “Yes, host, I’m still here, and the right to use this card is also reserved for you. Although the previous world has ended, you can restore any card surface that was dropped in the past through [Restore+Upgrade Card], And it has been greatly strengthened in the ascending dimension!”

    Xie Zhiyi was slightly stunned.

    But…what to restore, and what to upgrade?

    Upgrade cock crowing? Late night network suppresses the cloud? Also? Is it hiccups?

    After the upgrade, can semi-permanent diversion become permanent diversion? Or is it that fire breathing can be turned into large fireworks?

    No one can…save people…

    she treats the effects of those cards as a joke, and finally the joke becomes herself.

    And the prince who would awkwardly cook her something to eat, like to pretend to be cool, was actually very gentle and considerate, in countless days and nights crazy heart but restrained and forbearing… such an excellent and proud prince, just ended in her life.

    Xie Zhiyi didn’t hold it back at all, and suddenly his nose was sore.

    “Also? Host 077, please make a decision as soon as possible…”

    “The main station does not recommend that you stay in this space for a long time…”


    Xie Zhiyi didn’t care about the system sound.

    For the first time, she gave birth to extreme powerlessness.

    There was no hope, so I had to keep going. Until a long, long time later, she raised her head and found that she had come to a strange village.

    Unfamiliar… but inexplicably familiar.

    Xie Zhiyi walked in subconsciously, and it didn’t take long before he heard the sound of beating and scolding from a distant home.

    Not long after, a figure rushed out from the door of the room, with scolding sounds behind her: “Losing money!” “I count on you to receive some gifts” “Unsatisfied dead girl——”

    Xie Zhiyi looked at the figure with the tip of his fingers. It trembled slightly.

    The girl ran out in a rampage, and at this moment, there was an arrogant and domineering engine roar in the distance. It was a very modern sound that didn’t belong to this village at all.

    Did someone ride a heavy locomotive to a stop, take off his helmet, and curse? What?

    Then, the girl who rushed out of the door met the boy who broke in by chance.

    The eyes are facing each other.

    And Xie Zhiyi stood aside, looked at these two familiar faces, and finally understood that

    this space was the real original world.

    Start from scratch.

    She is like an audience, and she has an absolute sense of substitution, so she has stepped into the river of time more than ten years ago.


    The 19-year-old Chi Linju looked at Xie Zhiyi condescendingly, and met her clear pupils, and did not speak for a long time.

    Xie Zhiyi is not afraid of this young man who is out of step with the village.

    After a long time, Chi Lin closed his eyes, coughed and asked: “Hey-are you from here?”

    Xie Zhiyi looked at him alertly: “I am not, are you?”

    Chi Lin was stunned, then burst into laughter.

    The Xie family had always been a pair of daughters in the early years, but later lost one, and could only hurt the remaining Xie Weilan.

    The girl in front of me was about the same age as Xie Weilan, and looked similar…Of course, she was much better-looking than Xie Weilan.

    Perhaps due to fate, Chi Lin asked a ghost and asked: “How are your family members treating you?”

    Xie Zhiyi looked back? One glance, the “mother” who originally chased her with a broom and beat her because of the appearance of the boy in front of him. Hidden back? Behind the door, he looked up and down at his good clothes.

    Chi Lin saw it and understood.

    He had an inexplicable impulse, so he stretched out his hand: “I’ll take you away.” The

    seventeen-year-old Xie Zhiyi opened his eyes wide.


    Xie family took it back? The daughter who had been lost for many years became a major event in the circle for a while.

    The parents of the Xie family wanted to visit Xie Chilin, but the prince closed their doors. Chi Linren brought it back, and didn’t bother to socialize with Xie’s family.

    He only hopes that the little girl he brought back can at least live better than in the country.

    But the development of the story is not satisfactory.

    After returning home, Xie Zhiyi is like a babysitter. In order to integrate into the family, cook and do housework every day, even if the parents only have feelings for her sister Xie Weilan, the servants who stay at home for a long time are more familiar with their parents. Xie Zhi intended to get close to her twin sisters, but was ridiculed after being deliberately brought into the circle of celebrities.

    Xie Zhiyi went on a trip with the whole family, Xie Weilan had an accident, called “elder sister” at the top of the mountain, and fell down the slope. And Xie Zhiyi hugged her and rolled down with her, but left a long mouth of blood at the end of his eyes.

    Later, when she went to see a doctor, the wound on her face was healed, but the scar was hard to eliminate.

    After learning the news, Chi Lin was furious and secretly called in a scar specialist from other provinces, but in the end he couldn’t do anything about her face.

    Outside the Xie’s villa.

    The prince stopped her and stared at her face? For a long time, he mocked: “Do you have a long memory this time?”

    Xie Zhiyi lowered his head, and began to get used to covering the scars at the corners of his eyes with dangling hair, and said stubbornly: “It has nothing to do with you. “

    She already knew that Chi Lin was the unattainable prince of the Chi family. His ridicule was condescending, and she could only suffer.

    Chi Lin was so angry that she turned and left.

    “You fucking do it yourself!”


    Xie Zhiyi met Shang Guanchen for the first time. Isn’t this elegant noble son? Like others, he showed critical eyes at her.

    This person, who is said to be her “fiance”, asked her where she came from and if she had met.

    This “different” is unexpectedly exciting. Even if she knew it soon after, it was only a superficial difference.

    So she accepted the status of Shangguan Chen’s fiancée and was ridiculed by everyone in the circle. And she doesn’t know anything, so she can only intensify her efforts to be nice to all people.

    So gradually, Shangguan Chen, like everyone else, thought that her contribution should be taken for granted, and could not even be cherished.

    Chi Lin will no longer stop her, but will be furious at his own home.

    “You shouldn’t have brought her back! Why? Why don’t you come to raise it!”

    But when you really met her in the villa area, there was only a mockery on his face: “Like Shangguan Chen’s stupid, you are even more stupid.”

    Xie Zhiyi Bow his head and do not speak.

    Chi Lin stared at her to death, and finally left a vicious sentence, “I won’t

    care about you if you were played by someone.” Xie Zhiyi turned around in silence, “Don’t care about me.”

    Let’s live your own life. .

    Later-the development of things became more and more difficult to describe.

    Being framed by drugs, car accidents, kidnapping, and Shangguan Chen’s chase, imprisonment… Fu Jingyan, Yuan Feng, and Pei Ziyan crossed the stage. The plundering of the male partners, the struggle of the female partners…

    Shangguan Chen gradually understood her heart in the repeated injuries, and pushed her to the final abyss.


    onlookers can’t say anything about thanking Zhiyi.

    She watched the plot move towards the ancient times, unable to turn her head back. But Chi Lin still collected all the news about her, and grew up in a tempest secretly—even if the thankfulness of that year did not allow him to extend his hand, he still wanted to be the one who could hold her at the last minute.

    Her eyes are sore. This is the “Thanks for Zhiyi” in the original text. It is the “Thanks for Zhiyi” that she doesn’t even know. She even wants to persuade Chi Lin to give up, not to go on the road that cannot be turned back, and not to contend with the male protagonist created by the author.

    But Chi Lin didn’t? Give up.

    The plot of the ancient dog blood came rampant, Xie Zhiyi’s damage escalated, and the arrogant and superior prince finally turned a little bit darker.

    He was behind, dealing with Jingyan, and Yuan Feng with black hands, making them tired of dealing with their mess. A storm was brewing in the mall and was ready to suppress Shangguan Chen, who had caused her the most damage.

    Xie Zhiyi saw that the young man she likes turned into something she didn’t know.

    This is Chi Lin that she doesn’t know.

    …Outside the story.

    Many years later, Xie Zhiyi walked around in this space.

    While reminiscing about the fragments left in the depths of memory, while visiting her experiences that she hadn’t experienced in her last life.

    As for the piles in the past, it now appears that they are all the shadows of Chi Lin.

    Xie Zhiyi didn’t know how long he had been away, how much I watched. She only remembered that she finally saw clearly? How much affection Chi Lin hid in a place she didn’t know.

    And she herself seemed…

    in this space, she had loved Chi Lin for several years.

    Pick up the misplaced love in the past little by little, piece it together, and hold out her red heart.

    …For the

    last time, he and her met.

    He had just escaped from a car accident, and Xie Zhiyi was finally discharged home from the hospital.

    Chi Lin met Xie Zhiyi outside Xie’s house, and wondered why everything turned out to be like this.

    At this time, Xie Zhiyi still lowered his head slightly, habitually blocking the scars on his face with hair strands.

    “Do you have a long memory this time?” Chi Lin looked at her darkly.

    Xie Zhiyi shook his head.

    There are many things there is no way to turn around.

    Chi Lin looked struggling, and finally said: “If you can’t handle it, I will leave you a way out.”

    Xie Zhiyi raised his eyes blankly.

    Chi Lin opened his eyes: “Tell me…I can take you away.”

    Xie Zhiyi still didn’t speak.

    But the thankfulness from the sidelines already understands everything?.

    His disguise, his anxiety. Even if the matter is over, “Thank Zhiyi” is a complete stupid, he still wants to hold his hand.

    He hid “I like you for many years”, saying that I can take you away.

    But after all, he failed.

    Xie Zhiyi had his kidney dug that winter.

    When the news reached Chi Lin, she was already in the hospital bed.

    When Chi Lin saw her again, she had already left.

    Chi Lin couldn’t take her away, so he ruined himself there.

    He frantically retaliated against the male lead, and was finally cut off by the author himself.


    here, the world is finally on the time line on the time she left the former world -? Care of the household to die, fulfill the full text of the big climax.

    Perhaps for this reason, Xie Zhiyi finally walked out of the plundered space and landed in the real world.

    Her brain was filled with Chi Lin, and what he said “take you away” echoed in her ears.

    And Chi Lin in this world is also heading towards revenge and destruction, repeating the fate of the villain, and dying with the girl he has been guarding silently for so long.

    Xie Zhiyi clenched his fists.

    Can not.

    Take you away…

    “Take away, take away?…”

    The two words in the brain began to bump and bump, and an inexplicable spark came out–

    “Then…Can I take him away?” Xie Zhiyi Thinking in a daze.

    Suddenly, there were fragments of inspiration across the brain, so fast that it was almost impossible to grasp.

    Xie Zhiyi quickly connected the system: “Are you still? Are you there!”

    Silence? After dozens of seconds, the blackening system made a sound: “Yes, host, I will be there before you finish using the skill card.”

    Xie Zhiyi grabbed it. , Asked: “Upgrade card-what is the highest level of skill upgrade?” The

    system replied: “It depends on which skill card the host wants to restore.”

    Xie Zhiyi was silent? For a few seconds, he tentatively said, “Restore that. Zhang…portable space card.”

    The system seems to have done some calculations, and then gave the answer: “Choose to restore the [portable space card], and at the same time strengthen it, it can be upgraded to a permanent space, can carry anything, not limited to time and space.”

    Xie Zhiyi The pupils shrank suddenly.

    If Chi Lin doesn’t revenge wildly for her and is not completely blackened, will he not be on the dead end of the “villain”.

    And she can carry anything, crossing the boundaries of time and space.

    What if?.

    She can take her life… back.

The author has something to say: (Explain, Chi Lin in this original world is what Xiaochi would have become. Sister Yi fell in love with the pool that didn’t walk that way. So in the end, we went down together. It will also be the Tsundere frying hair we are familiar with

    (In short, all bitterness is for sweetness!!! (scream)

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