This vivid metaphor of running into the chicken coop made Xie Zhiyi smile directly.

    But obviously, the effect of the preaching version of Jijiao is greatly reduced. Except for the extremely fanatical male moralists, some men with strong willpower have already awakened.

    Tang Beiqing looked at the few next to him? The male classmate who was “cackling” showed an expression of indescribable expression: “Isn’t it good to be a human? I have to be a chicken.”

    Chi Xiangyang: “…” silently retracted his tongue that was trying to cluck. , And pretend that nothing happened.

    Xie Zhiyi glanced at Chi Lin, who was completely unaffected, and asked: “You don’t believe Shang? Did you say what Guan Chen said?”

    Chi Lin: “I don’t believe what fools say?.”

    He confronted ? Guan Chen? The cognition of the idiot is really deep-rooted, even if he has the holy light on his body, he is also the leader of the idiot of the idiot religion.

    Xie Zhiyi understands, anyway, the hero and villain are indeed Tianke, this setting even transcends the influence of the card face.

    On the podium? The one who took the lead? Guan Chen also found out that something was wrong. He tried to restore his normal voice, but his mouth still clattered, and his face changed a little.

    It’s really indecent! What kind of system!

    Since he has been devoted to men’s morality, he has rarely seen this kind of gaffe, and he is still in front of his believers! This is simply a blasphemy against male morality!

    What would women think of him? ! Do you think he is the kind of man who is not serious?

    Shang? Guan Chen tried to stop everyone: “Don’t learn, everyone!”

    But when the words came out, they still cried passionately.

    Shang? Guan Chen’s face was ashamed and angry—in terms of career? Being suppressed by Chi Lin everywhere did not embarrass him so much! His beliefs have been shocked!

    In the end, Shang Guan Chen finished his speech scribbled and left in a hurry. Since then, this hall has also become his shadow.

    Fu Jingyan in the audience looked at Shang Guan Chen’s embarrassment, and suddenly recalled the experience of his hiccups-it turned out that Shang Guan Chen, who was beautiful and pure, was also a mortal!

    Realizing this, Fu Jingyan suddenly became sober. He raised his eyes to look at the female students around him, and he couldn’t help but produce a question mark-how nice a woman is, is he really going to guard himself like a jade?

    He is so rich and so young, if he lives in a world where he can’t play with women, how fucking it is!

    So Fu Jingyan stopped staying, turned and walked out of the hall. I just met Yuan Feng when I was walking through the aisle.

    I heard that he had acted on Xie Zhiyi before, but he didn’t know why it disappeared for a while, and after reappearing, it seemed to be different. He was quite curious about the secret in this?

    Fu Jingyan squinted his eyes: “Mr. Yuan is leaving too? Why not go to the old place together?”

    Yuan Feng has been waiting for a long time. He just wanted to agree, but was accidentally touched by the student behind him. one time.

    He suddenly fell into Fu Jingyan’s arms with “Ah~~~”.

    Fu Jingyan: “?”

    Yuan Feng’s hands and feet were soft, and his complexion raised ruddy? Eyes: “Where to play! I can also play!”

    Fu Jingyan: “…”

    Is this world really getting more and more fucking? .


    “The male protagonist’s mood swings are monitored, and the blackening value is +7029.”

    “Fu Jingyan, Yuan Feng, passers-by A, B, C, Ding… and other mood fluctuations are monitored, and the total blackening value is +2908.”

    Anyway, because of the above. The sudden change of Guan Chen’s voice has greatly delayed the spread of male morality. At least in terms of appearance, many people have stopped this crazy head.

    From a certain point of view, Xie Zhiyi still needs to thank Shang Guan Chen. Not only teaches his male partner, but also encourages himself. Her total task progress bar has advanced by about 1%.

    After submitting the blackening value, the system continues to prompt: “Warm reminder, the current male protagonist’s collapse degree is more than 90%? The relationship line has basically disappeared, and the career line is about to end.”

    Xie Zhiyi understood the meaning of the system?, The extent of the hero’s collapse is actually accompanied by the progress of her mission. At present, the male protagonist has basically been played badly, and all the important supporting characters have basically not survived-which means that from them, the blackening value that can be developed is not much.

    “Your vital signs are also changing silently, but the host does not need to worry? As long as you successfully complete the total blackening value task, your kidneys and various vital signs will automatically return to normal.”

    Thanks for knowing it is not true. nervous.

    The world she has been to and the tasks she has done are actually more dangerous than this world. Although the original world is an old dog-blooded essay, with her efforts, it has basically become a funny essay-there may be a trend towards Xiaotian essays recently (?)

    At present, it has brushed nearly 90 in total. Ten thousand points. The closer to the final point of the mission, Xie Zhiyi actually became calmer.

    The system is obviously very satisfied with the progress of her mission, but after a moment of silence, the system suddenly said: “There is one thing to remind the host. As the protagonist, reversing the line of fate will also affect the line of fate of other characters. . But after the plot is over, this influence will disappear.”

    Xie Zhiyi raised

    her eyebrows slightly- she automatically understood this sentence as the people she used to use skill cards, after the mission was completed and the system was unbound. , The influence will naturally fail.

    But by then the plot had already stopped, and it didn’t matter whether it had any influence or not.

    Xie Zhiyi doesn’t know what the world will be like after the plot ends.

    But now, she has new expectations.


    The end of the semester, the end of the month is the year 30.

    Chi Lin’s work has been busy to the point of horror. Although Xie Zhiyi did not personally participate, through the few words of Chi Lin’s partner Tang Beiqing and the information he conveyed in each group, you can imagine what it is like. The sword and shadow of the sword.

    The male lead group and the villain are indeed fighting fiercely. This is probably the climax of the “career line” that the system says.

    Although the progress of the blackening value has slowed down, Xie Zhiyi herself is a very ambitious person, so she will definitely not hinder Chi Lin from pursuing his career. On the contrary, she is very supportive and changes the law to feed Chi Lin.

    A week later, the battle came to an end. As in the original plot, the Shangguan family was truly defeated, Shangguan Chen was hit, and Chi Lin stood firmly on top of the wealthy and young generation.

    Although it is the result of already knowing it, although in the original text it is only a tool for suppressing the male protagonist, Xie Zhiyi still feels proud inexplicably.

    For Chi Lin himself, although he had already predicted the results, he did feel relieved-the project was completed, and finally he had time to go home and spend time with the people he wanted to accompany him! !

    As a result? He just came out of the company? He saw that the person who picked him up was not his usual assistant, but the secretary next to Mr. Chi.

    “Master, the master said please go home. You are working hard for the project this time, and the family is going to hold a grand celebration for you.”

    Chi Lin frowned and

    said, “No.” The secretary said, “Master said, he has been recently His physical condition is very unwell, and the biggest wish before he dies is to see you again…”

    Chi Lin: “…”

    This? Bad old man, now he can even curse himself? Is he out of temper?

    “Let’s go, drive faster.” He still thought? Give Xie Zhiyi the cake on the corner of the street, there will be no more when I go too late.

    The secretary was relieved: “Good young master.”


    Chi family.

    When Grandpa Chi heard the door ringing, he raised his eyes and saw that seven of his grandsons? Eight were not convinced? He walked in unwillingly.

    “Where are you sick?” Chi Lin took a long leg and sat down on the sofa casually.

    Elder Chi immediately raised his eyebrows: “Why, you can’t go home if you are not sick?! The Chinese New Year is about to come?, do you remember that you are from the Chi family!”

    Chi Linman casually said, “I want to Don’t remember, this one? Come on? What am I busy with?”

    Speaking of? This?, Old Man Chi couldn’t help being short of breath. Although the Chi family is still in charge, he can’t stand it at all because of his age. And Chi Lin’s father… don’t mention it, so his grandson can stand up to the situation and defeat the Shangguan group this time. His face is very face-to-face.

    Every family in the circle is also obvious to all. The number of people who come to the door to reveal the meaning of marriage is twice as much as before, making Grandpa Chi even more anxious about Chi Lin’s life events.

    He slowed his face, took a sip of his tea, and asked? “I heard that you went for a physical examination recently? Have you committed the same old problem again?”

    Chi Lin waved his hand and said nothing. He didn’t want to be honest about his inexplicable physical problems, and of course he didn’t want to mention it to others.

    It is enough for Xie Zhiyi to read the medical report.

    Elder Chi also knows his character. He didn’t ask too much, but the question turned around: “Listen to Chen Beibei, you never ignored her and blackened her? The Chen family is now looking for another son-in-law. , Do you know what you missed?”

    Chi Lin sneered?: “Missed one? Trouble.”

    “Fuck!” Old man Chi is really about to get sick with his anger, “Why are you dissatisfied with Chen Beibei? “

    What do you want to say?,” Chi Lin glanced at him, “She can’t compare with anything? The person I like.”

    Old man Chi’s face stiffened. Although Chi Lin’s personality is not something, but it is also what he has seen since he was a child. He is very picky in everything and looks more at people? Is it all like a fool? Is this the first time I heard “like” these two from his mouth? Character.

    Master Chi immediately got a little bit of his head, and couldn’t help but directly said: “You are looking for an internet celebrity, how do people think of our Chi family!”

    Chi Lin’s face suddenly stinks: “Who do you think is an internet celebrity? Can Hong play the piano at the master level, cook at the imperial kitchen level, and be proficient in various sports?”

    Old man Chi made him choke, and he really didn’t expect it to be that? It’s so difficult for a girl.

    But Chi Lin’s attitude like a calf guarding was even more? It made him unhappy, and couldn’t help taunting him: “Aren’t you seeing the beauty? A whim?! That girl doesn’t have that face, you think it depends on being young. That little impulse, how long can you walk?!”

    ” Are you surprised?” Chi Lin sneered.


    Perhaps from the first glance that year when he ran into the country by mistake, he was not quite right.

    Maybe it was a surprise, but he was definitely not on a whim.

    Chi Lin was too lazy to talk, and if he was sure that the old man had nothing to do with his health, he just stood up?, “The celebration banquet is forgotten, and you’d better not get married.” Old man

    Chi quickly said, “It’s your turn. “!”

    “Otherwise, why do you think I worked hard?” Chi Linju looked at the old man condescendingly, and said, “I just want something? The right to speak.” If

    you like it, you can do it.

    Grandpa Chi really knew that his wings were stiff. Watching the tall and majestic grandson turn around and walk towards the door, he can only compromise: “If you insist on doing this, you can take people home on the first day of the new year – but not on New Year’s Eve. You have to take care of this!”

    Chi Lin turned his head and glanced at him: “You think it’s too much, then I have to ask her to see if she is willing to show her face?”


    man Chi was so angry that he said, “…you!” He was not sick at all, and now he feels really sick.

    Talk to Chi Lin more? He will lose his life sooner or later!


    For the New Year, Xie Zhiyi doesn’t matter at all.

    After all, she is already here? No family anymore. Her New Year’s arrangement is to shoot two videos to complete the promotion of the newly signed brand.

    One more thing is to pick a gift for Chi Lin, thank him for taking care of this period of time.

    …And the constant blackening value, and the constant cuteness.

    Really, gave her a lot of kindness.

    Recently, the brand pr in the beauty area and home appliance area has started to look for? Thank you. Work is on track, income has grown steadily, and popularity has continued to increase.

    Fans are really quite a cute group? Because of frequent interactions, they are becoming more and more sticky about thankfulness. And Xie Zhiyi’s fans rarely take off fans. Another important reason

    is that they found out, this sister! Varied! NS! All! Can!

    Regarding his various skills, Xie Zhiyi didn’t even think about it. If you want to open business, then do business well.

    So when I don’t post cooking videos, I occasionally play a piano or a dozen games. Every time you go to the district, passers-by will stop because of her face, and will finally pay attention because of her ability.

    So the number of fans has skyrocketed.

    Xie Zhiyi knows that in this industry, fans are their own food and clothing parents, so they are generally very fond of fans.

    The one who liked the most in the hot reviews, would you like to see her cooking, thank you for watching videos or tutorials after a while. Under this guidance, her fan activities are very frequent.

    [Yiyiyiyi! Want to see more beautiful looks! Find the vlog! 】

    [Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! ]

    [Three blood books for vlog! ! I beg you to show the child! ! ]

    Xie Zhiyi touched his chin-vlog?

    Although it’s not bad, but I am so busy now that I don’t have time to travel.

    After she told Chi Lin about it, the corners of Chi Lin’s lips curled up without a smile: “Do you want to see our vlog?”

    Xie Zhiyi gave a guilty cough?, “It seems so, you Is it okay?”

    Although she was a little bit of smugglers, Xie Zhiyi felt that Chi Lin would not refuse.

    “Of course I—” Chi Lin also coughed?, “I can, I’m not very busy these days.”

    Xie Zhiyi was immediately happy, “Where are we going?”

    Chi Lin’s mind flashed a few? There are also romantic high-rise restaurants, candlelight dinners… The

    more he thought about it, the more excited he was. Just as he was about to open a suggestion, he listened to Xie Zhiyi and said excitedly: “Why don’t you go to the park?”

    Chi Lin was dumbfounded: “…Huh? “

    Xie Zhiyi asked worriedly?: “Don’t you like it?”

    Chi Lin immediately said: “Yes!”

    No matter where you go, just talk to her.

    That’s dating! ! Dating! ! !


    Xie Zhiyi is very activist and pulled Chi Linchong on the same day.

    I thought the park before the Chinese New Year would be deserted, but when the two of them walked in, they found that there were still many tourists.

    This ?park is hidden in the city center?

    The weather today is very good. Xie Zhiyi and Chi Lin walked in one after the other. They saw many elderly people exercising. From time to time, there are young people who run through, and everything is full of vitality at the end of winter. exuberant.

    The two walked slowly along the lake, and Chi Lin carried a camera to help her record her life.

    Thick ice formed on the surface of the river. Xie Zhiyi’s heart came and went, so he squatted down and chiseled the ice with a small stone, and found that the lake was very frozen.

    Looking back, I saw Chi Lin still holding the camera, and asked? “Is it tired?”

    Chi Lin showed a smiling face from behind the camera: “Isn’t tired.”

    Particularly interesting?.

    Looking at the tip of her reddish nose from the viewfinder, and seeing her smiling face, it is very happy.

    Xie Zhiyi stood up? Come?, clapped his hands, then smiled at him, and continued to walk forward.

    Her hand flicked? Chi Lin followed, watching and pondering.

    Can you hold hands? I’ve held my wrist before.

    Can you hold it now?

    She rubbed my face last time. Should it be possible?

    The crown prince is cool and arrogant on the surface. In fact, he is a person who has to think carefully about holding hands for ten minutes when facing the person he likes.

    When he finally did a good job of mental construction, he just stretched out his hand and suddenly realized that there were more people around him.

    There is a small pavilion in the distance, with more people gathered, it seems that they are all uncles and aunts, grandpa and aunt.

    Looking at them, Chi Lin felt something wrong.

    It wasn’t until a group of aunts saw him and rushed up in a swarm of excitement, that Chi Lin realized that something was really bad.

    “You’re so handsome, too? A blind date?”

    “What’s your last name? This year? How old is it? Where do your parents work?”

    “Want? What kind of one do you look for? Are there requirements for height and appearance? Auntie’s daughter is especially suitable for you…”

    Chi Lin: “…”

    They unexpectedly broke into the blind date corner of the park by mistake.

    Because Chi Lin was too punchy, and the aunts were too enthusiastic, that Xie Zhiyi was directly squeezed to the outer circle.

    “Why doesn’t the young man speak? Yeah?”

    “Is it still undecided? Actually, it doesn’t matter if you are in good condition, you have to find someone as early as possible!”

    This year? Qingren looks like it? It’s a bit fierce, but looks like. Excellent, tall and tall, this is definitely this? Park blind date ever? The best quality young man, uncles and aunts don’t want to miss it.

    Xie Zhiyi walked to the side, watching Chi Lin rushing to the side, holding back his temper, trying to squeeze out? Looking for him, Chi Lin couldn’t help but laugh.

    Chi Lin collapsed and said: “No! I’m not here? A blind date!”

    “Don’t be shy, young man!” “Yes, yes, for the sake of love, not ashamed!

    ” What about me?, I don’t look for someone, I like—”

    “Yeah, how old are you, little girl? Are you planning to get married in the near future?”

    “What are you doing? How can he look like a celebrity! My son is also handsome ——”

    Not far away, Xie Zhiyi was also surrounded by a circle of people and began to interrogate?

    Chi Lin: “!!!”

    He suddenly got anxious.

    Come? Before he could say “I have someone I like”, he could only say “I’m not on a blind date” and crowded out the crowd, and then also broke through the people who were grateful, and took her hand.

    “Let’s go–“

    Chi Lin pulled her up and ran?

    Behind them are people who are still working hard for their children’s happiness or for their own happiness.

    Xie Zhiyi wondered inexplicably? Laugh.

    People are all running for love, come and go, and still don’t know the definite number.

    And what Xiezhi wanted? Her love was right in front of her.

    She wants to laugh.

    Think again? Such days can continue.

    There was no fight, no turnaround against the wind, but it went smoothly.

    So Xie Zhiyi pulled Chi Lin’s hand.

    They stopped? I don’t know where they ran to the park. Both of them panted slightly.

    Chi Lin turned her head and saw the sunlight falling on her face, her bright red nose, a pair of clear smiling eyes, looking at him like that.

    At this moment, Chi Lin was crazy again.

    Help, she looks good.

    …I miss it? A kiss.

    And Xie Zhiyi lowered his head and saw their hands shaking.

    It is Chi Lin’s subconscious fingers intertwined.

    She seemed to understand suddenly at this moment.

    Understand? Why is the former Chi Lin always angry. Because she was blindly in love with Guan Chen at that time.

    Also understand? Why is Chi Lin the villain in the setting. Because he is the enemy of the male protagonist from the plot line and the emotional line.

    More? Understand? Why sometimes the flow rate suddenly soars-because it is faster than physical contact, it is the communication of heart and mind.

    Xie Zhiyi finally learned it without a teacher—oh, so? He likes me too.

    So it is a kind of joy that rises from the bottom of my heart.

    As if past the tail of winter, spring is gradually opening up in front of my eyes.

    Chi Lin looked at her nervously, his Adam’s apple rolled up and down, as if he was making a decision.

    Thanks for thinking? Why should people who like each other converge?

    So she grabbed Chi Lin’s hand, and suddenly came to him in his eyes that were so nervous that it exploded.


    She smiled and kissed him on the face?

    Bo Bo Bo.

    The author has something to say: Prince prince: Can I have a kiss, can I do it

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