Xie Zhiyi didn’t dare to move.

    Here, the ambiguous breath became the substance, and it fluttered around her, touching the hands of Chi Lintou.

    His hair is not waxed, but it is actually very soft and very dark. Hooking her hand, it also looks like a hairy paw.

    Xie Zhiyi thought in a daze: other ways? What other way?

    She wanted to change her position, but didn’t dare to move.

    Obviously… I usually eat on this sofa and watch TV or something here. It is obviously a familiar place, but at this moment, she is a little restless.

    Still? It’s a little bit hot.

    Xie Zhiyi blinked and looked at Chi Lin, who was very close in front of him, thinking: What does this mean?

    Probably not literally…?

    So? Is this… slap me?

    In the past, she quickly traveled through various worlds. Of course, she was often favored by others. Because of the cool articles? The workplace is different? I have seen all kinds of handsome and successful people, some are sexy and stable, so the threshold is actually very high.

    But at this moment, Xie Zhiyi still feels that which part of the body has moved. Maybe it was because he was dressed too cute and he spoke seriously. This kind of contrast has caught her again.

    I don’t care, Xie Zhi thought: I am not a gentleman.

    Although she pulls her hips on the emotional line, she has strong mobility.

    Catch—? Point the head, and she can come—? Make a straight shot.

    So Xie Zhiyi—don’t do it again, endlessly, the hand slid down from Chi Lin’s head and slid onto his shoulder.

    So Chi Lin’s Adam’s apple rolled clearly-down. From the root of the ear to the side of the neck, it became red.

    He didn’t dare to move now.

    Xie Zhiyi licked his lips, and an aggressive light flashed in his eyes, and asked him: “…For example?”

    Chi Lin was stunned, his eyelashes blinked, and then the whole person “tightened”. , Cooked.

    The ideas in my heart, the sorrows that I finally organized, all disappeared.

    He just felt terrible.

    Natural flirting.


    Xie Zhiyi looked at him, but he got even closer—a little bit, a slight smile appeared on his lips: “Huh?”

    Chi Lin only felt that he was about to be evaporated, his heart was beating wildly, and finally he spit out a few words between his lips. One word: “Praise, praise me.”

    After saying that, Xie Zhiyi was stunned.

    Chi Lin himself was stunned, and then he wished to cross the spot on the spot—? minutes ago—

    he wanted to say that he could kiss me— ? Come on ! ! !

    Ah ah damn it! !

    What “praise me”? ? Is he a primary school student! !

    Chi Lin squeezed his fists:-It must be this cute and overly furry bear pajamas that restricted his play! Obviously he can be cooler and more sultry! ! !

    Xie Zhiyi blinked, and then a few sonorous and powerful characters echoed in his heart—it’s over.

    ……Why is it so cute? How can it be so cute!

    Chi Lin was sweating all over, thinking that he had screwed up, screwed up, screwed up, and suddenly, the person on the other side raised his hand again.

    Xie Zhiyi held his face and squeezed it vaguely.

    “Chi Lin, you are the cutest person in the world,” she finished speaking, and added a sentence, “–praise you.”

    Chi Lin’s eyes forgot to blink.

    His whole body’s nerves were concentrated on his face, he only felt that her palm was soft and warm.

    After a while, Chi Lin returned to his senses, his surface remained calm, and his heart?

    -woo woo woo.

    He is fine.

    He is willing to be her?


    “I think my grasp of the emotional line has improved.” Xie Zhiyi said to the system.

    System: “…Congratulations to the host.”

    Of course, the rent is still paid, and Xie Zhiyi paid the three-month rent to Zhangkali, put it in Chi Lin’s room, and then it was safe.

    After that night, she obviously felt that the relationship with Chi Lin was closer-step. Although she is not sure if Chi Lin likes her too, but at least the other party does not reject her closeness.

    This is a good sign.

    Moreover, now the real-time flow rate of the blackening value is often maintained-a very high state, if it is maintained, she will be able to brush up to one million blackening values ​​without even waiting for the New Year.

    At that time, she will no longer have the curse of “kidney failure and die”, and will be more responsible for her life. At that time, she will be able to like Chi Lin more seriously.

    So? So this is like-? Personal feeling? Thanks for thinking.

    Even the final week is sweeter.

    Kimberlyton’s courses are relatively relaxed. Many courses only require the submission of final reports. Thanks to Zhiyi, there are only two courses that require examinations, which is actually very pleasant.

    According to the plot of the original book, the heroine at this time has actually been dug out, suffering from psychological and physical damage, and is not far from death.

    Xie Weilan, who ran with the ball, was highly valued by the Shangguan family. The canary also tried to enter the Shangguan family, so the competition was fierce. And their common enemy, the person in the male lead’s heart, naturally can’t get better.

    And now the original plot has been crooked to this point, the male lead, the female lead, and the male lead are all misplaced and reset. Xie Zhi intends to think, since the male lead does not become the male lead…the villain? Is it a villain?

    After all, the big villain in the original book suppressed the male protagonist’s career in order to promote the relationship line. The author was reluctant to abuse his son, but soon let the female protagonist die. The villain disappeared directly, and then the full text was a big climax. The male lead ended in regret.

    Both the heroine and the villain are gone.

    Xie Zhiyi actually wanted to laugh a little.

    —So —? Think, the heroine and the villain really match!


    final exam is coming as scheduled.

    This course is a major professional course for students of their business school, and all students must attend it.

    When Xie Zhiyi walked to the living room with his bag, he looked at the same thing? The dressed Chi Lin asked inexplicably, “Why are you going too?”

    Chi Lin will graduate next semester, and this semester he will be credited. The assistant helped him solve those classes, and he had already taken this class today, so he didn’t need to take part in it.

    And Xie Zhiyi knows that Chi Lin has been very busy recently. According to Tang Beiqing, the Chi family is now competing with the Shangguan family—a major project. Converted to the original plot, it should be the process of opposing the male protagonist.

    Chi Lin scratched his own hair and confirmed in the mirror-he looked down on his handsomeness: “It’s okay, I’ll take you there.”

    -Since Xie Zhiyi moved in, he and Xie Zhiyi are now in a bondage relationship in the circle. And their CP is so popular on the Internet, he believes that people in the school also heard about it.

    In short, he is going to appear in pairs with Xie Zhiyi!

    Xie Zhiyi looked at him suspiciously? He said, “But are you busy?”

    Chi Lin shook his head: “It’s not bad this—? Yes.”

    Xie Zhiyi couldn’t help but, “Okay.” The

    two arrived outside Kimberlyton?, Chi Before going to another-stop, Xie Zhiyi waited for him at the door.

    Because it’s exam day, I haven’t waited for a minute, and I walked in front of me—an acquaintance.

    Xie Weilan, who hadn’t seen him for a long time, looked at it? It’s not bad, she? Seeing Xie Zhiyi, she walked over and fiddled with her hair and said hello: “Sister, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen him. She lives in Master Chi’s house. -It must be very comfortable, right?”

    Xie Zhiyi said honestly: “It’s not bad.”

    Xie Weilan couldn’t help being a little sour, and very angry, thanking Zhiyi for the attitude of being completely inquisitive about her life. But she’s been doing pretty well recently, so she has to show her in front of her sister-Bo.

    “I’ve had a good time recently. Mr. Yuan has arranged a new drama for me. I’m very likely to be popular.” She? said.

    Xie Zhiyi knows that she is still tied to an ultra-low EQ card, so she speaks completely rectally. She? Smiling? Nodded: “I wish you success.”

    Xie Weilan said to herself : “Moreover, President Yuan is not feeling well recently. I often take care of him. He is completely inseparable from me now, and he might return later. You want to marry me—but you won’t be my sister—? It’s settled, no matter how hard you try? I won’t be able to marry into the Chi family.”

    Xie Zhi thought about it—? Look at Xie Weilan’s face again after Yuan Feng’s uncomfortable performance. Desperate.

    ……She? It seems to know what kind of “can’t do without her?” Yuan Feng is.


    Seeing Xie Zhiyi distracted, Xie Weilan thought she? Finally poked her sister’s sore spot, and hurriedly pursued the victory: “Look, you live in Chi Lin’s house, don’t you want to walk by yourself? Come to school? After you leave the house, you don’t even have a driver. Chi Lin will definitely not arrange it for you, right.”

    Xie Zhiyi: “Ah, this…”

    Before she could finish her words, Xie Weilan heard a voice from behind Xie Weilan: “She? Driver? I am.”

    Xie Weilan quickly turned around and saw Chi Lin’s stinky face. , Suddenly stupid.

    Chi Lin walked to the side of Xie Zhiyi and slanted Xie Weilan’s eyes: “The mouth is so broken, is it too full?”

    Xie Weilan’s face was stiff, and he didn’t dare to reply.

    Chi Lin was too lazy to catch her, he looked down at Xie Zhiyi, and slightly bent over and stretched out his hand?: “Please, my lady.”

    Xie Zhiyi couldn’t hold back, and laughed.

    The two walked into the campus of Kimberlyton, and they really attracted a lot of attention.

    “Look, Senior Chi Lin!”

    “Is he really interested in Xie Zhi’s intentions?”

    “Well, I don’t know who to afflict, they look at it? Good match—”

    “I’m in her? It’s been a long time since I’ve been chatting on Weibo! Linyi is real!”

    Chi Lin walked along the road with a cold expression, but his ears were actually pricked up a long time ago.

    He heard a few whispers, and he immediately felt refreshed.

    That’s right! It’s true! Give it to me! !

    It didn’t take long before he saw-a very unlucky person.

    Not only to see Shangguanchen in the mall, but also to see this idiot at school, Chi Lin felt very upset.

    Xie Zhiyi also saw Shangguan Chen and felt his gaze.

    The current Shangguan Chen has not only become a campus male god voted by boys, but he has recently heard that he is also writing a book at home, and there is a tendency to promote male morality.

    Shangguan Chen walked over gracefully and dignifiedly, glanced at the book Xie Zhiyi was holding in his arms, and took the initiative to say: “I have reviewed this course very hard today. After all, men can only get women by constantly improving their knowledge and skills. the appreciation. “

    Xie know meaning:” you Go “?

    Shang Chen suddenly exposed gentle smile:.”?? Thank you for your encouragement I have now and not the – kind of, I will not ignore your good, and abstinence, I will leave myself to the person I love the most, and that person is…”

    Chi Lin couldn’t listen anymore.

    No, this idiot when I am deaf? ?

    He stretched out his hand and hugged—? Xie Zhiyi’s shoulder was pressed, and then he rushed to Guan Chen and raised his chin provocatively. “Is there anything? Don’t get in the way.”

    Shangguan Chen suddenly looked angry—to be honest, he was in business and Emotionally jealous and envious of Chi Lin, but the man told him not to be jealous!

    Shangguan Chen’s expression was serious, and he attacked: “I don’t know what to do!”

    Chi Lin put on a classic look of foolishness, and he didn’t even bother to kill him.

    On the contrary, Xie Zhiyi next to him was immediately upset: “Who are you scolding?”

    Shangguan Chen shook his head: “You see a man’s vision is too bad, I am the purest man in the world, and this one next to you is not Good match.”

    Chi Lin directly cursed: “Where are you pure Nima?”

    Shangguan Chen scolded, “How can a man speak swear words!”

    Chi Lin: “I fuck Nima, I just say shwaouowhfweiwu——”

    Shangguan Chen As if unable to hear his foul language, he finally walked away.

    Before leaving? Leave Xie Zhiyi—”Sentence: “I will let the world tell you that your choice is wrong!”

    Xie Zhiyi was impressed.

    She feels that the male protagonist’s morality has become more and more radical, what can be done?

    … In the

    next two days, both of Xie Zhiyi’s examinations were fairly smooth.

    After the school’s final exams for all subjects are over, the students will participate in the closing ceremony at the end of the next semester. This semester is officially over.

    According to Kimberlyton’s consistent ostentation, the ceremony was held in the auditorium.

    The students recalled this-during the semester, many major incidents really happened.

    What campus goddess blew up the plot, what taekwondo competition—? Kicked flying out of the circle, what entrepreneurs performed hiccups in public… Wait, wait, it’s so colorful—? Semester!

    When Xie Zhiyi came with Chi Lin and the others today, they found that the ceremony was indeed quite grand.

    What makes her even more interesting is that she even saw Fu Jingyan, Yuan Feng and others in the audience. The male partners seem to have been fully educated by Shangguan Chen, and their expressions are all quite pious.

    At this time, Shangguan Chen, who was going to speak on behalf of the students today, walked out among the crowd.

    He seems to have become the goddess of the gods and the male god of the whole school again-except that he used to be the male god of all girls in the school, and now he is the male god of the whole school:)

    “Look, Shangguan is here!”

    “Master, teacher, I’ve been abstaining from self-cultivation recently and have been doing housework at home for two weeks!”

    “I’ve been diligently cultivating male virtues recently, and my family has become harmonious. My dad’s junior? Never dare to come to my house anymore. My dad, a man who doesn’t guard his husband’s morals, also washes his heart? It’s leathery!”

    Shangguan Chen looked at them with satisfaction? They: “Very well, you are all good boys!” After

    receiving his affirmation, everyone immediately showed a touch of emotion.

    After such a call, Shangguanchen took a seat in the middle of the first row. Even the leaders of the academy seemed to have become his male ethics believers, respectfully giving way to the “Shangguan Da”.

    Tang Beiqing muttered to the side: “This Shangguan Chen is really something. I heard that his book on male morality has written tens of thousands of words, and it will be printed and published in the future. And I don’t know why, I really think it makes sense. “

    Chi Xiangyang nodded: “I think too.”

    Xie Zhiyi looked at them and felt more and more that this male Deca, which was continuously strengthened after being superimposed with upgrade cards, was a bit uncontrollable.

    Wouldn’t you really want to rush out of the country in the future? Go to the world and spread the gospel? ? ?

    Fu Jingyan originally had a shadow on this big hall, but he still decided to step out of his comfort zone and come over to listen in person.

    In the process of finding a location, he unconsciously searched for—? Xing Zhiyi’s figure.

    Then, coincidentally, she really caught the sight of Xie Zhiyi… and her next to her, who looked like a patron saint, like Chi Lin.

    As if to explain, he said: “I’m here specifically to listen to Shangguan Gongzi’s speech.”

    Now the whole circle believes in the teachings of Shangguan Chen, and Yuan Feng is here today. Even he began to reflect on himself, striving to change himself, and be a good new man.

    Fu Jingyan looked at the big hall in front of him, showing a look of nostalgia.

    “I was here last time and performed my own hiccups,” Fu Jingyan-with a deep recollection on his face, “Now I have deeply realized that this is precisely because I acted publicly, that’s the consequence? . A man should not show his face, but should keep his own duty.”

    Xie Zhiyi: “…hmm.”

    Fu Jingyan said: “So, I come here again to feel the teachings of the son of Shangguan, and wash my own. Fault.”

    Xie Zhiyi said sincerely: “…Are you happy? Just fine.”

    She actually still wants to ask, the faith-and-ethics church will not help his anus, but after thinking about it, forget it.

    The crowd was all seated and the ceremony officially began.

    First, it was the normal process of leadership speech and so on, and the atmosphere in the venue was very peaceful. Then, the host finally cue to Shangguanchen.

    -Shangguan Chen walked out amidst strong cheers and applause. He seems to be—a god, looking down—to circle the crowd.

    Finally, he looked with pity-Chi Lin, the most unrepentant in the crowd, his eyes seemed to say: You are not worthy at all.

    Chi Lin:? ? ? Stupid.

    And Xie Zhiyi was more angry than Chi Lin.

    The male protagonist’s brain was really corroded by male morality.

    And if this kind of value is further enhanced, it seems that the male protagonist might be able to become the lord of the world in another form?

    Xie Zhiyi made a decisive decision, no longer hesitating, and decided to use the skill cards on his own hands to restrain each other.

    The system says that the [talent card] can be given to the cardholder—? A “voice kissed by God”. If that’s the case, wouldn’t Shangguan Chen be more capable of preaching and more capable?

    Xie Zhiyi asked the system: “I can fill in anyway, right?” The

    system replied: “Yes, the host.”

    Xie Zhiyi thought for a while and decided whether it was a reverse operation.

    So she said: “My vocal talent card was given to Shangguan Chen to give him a croaking voice.”

    System: “…”

    System: “Trying to interpret, please wait a moment.”

    Xie Zhiyi waited for about five. Seconds, the system finally made a “di——” sound, and the skill card was loaded successfully.

    At this time, Shangguan Chen had also stood on the high platform, with the holy light of his body, facing the face of longing.

    They are going to be baptized by the heart of the field again today-

    Shangguan Chen opened his mouth.

    Then Xie Zhiyi realized that the “chicken cries” interpreted by the system were very rich in connotation.

    Chick. It can be a baby chicken, a big rooster, or an old hen.


    Shangguanchen’s voice sometimes “tweeting” and

    sometimes “wow oh oh oh oh–” and

    sometimes “cocking, clucking, clattering–” The

    boys in the school are eager to listen to the holy voice, first? and then relieved: “understand this – is male Germany set a new trend!?!”

    “Yes Shangguan let us follow the footsteps of great division”!??! “big

    family learning to play??!”

    “learn to play? “

    So the whole hall began to be filled with happy cries.

    The air seemed to be filled with chicken feathers.

    Chi Lin—? He stared blankly—? A meeting, then turned his head and said to Xie Zhiyi: “It’s over.”

    Xie Zhiyi: “Huh?”

    Chi Lin: “…went into the chicken coop.”

    The author has something to say: Thank you list I haven’t pulled it for a long time, thank you treasures!

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