At the gate of Kimberlyton School, Pei Ziyan is waiting for Shangguan Chen.

    The phone in her hand rang suddenly, and after picking it up, there was an oppressive voice over there: “How are you and Shangguanchen doing? The thank you mentioned last time, have you resolved it?” It

    was her father. , What happened to Shangguanchen this time? He arranged for him. In the past, when Pei Ziyan answered his phone calls, he was respectful and reported directly on the results.

    But now she is different, Pei Ziyan said softly: “We are making good progress! Shangguan Chen respects me very much.” The

    other side seemed to be quiet for a second before annoyed: “Naughty! Do you think you are in love? I’m asking you, did you? Did you let Shangguan Chen let go to marry you! And? Thanks for knowing…If you can’t do it, I can help you solve it.”

    Pei Ziyan said disapprovingly: “How can I take my own will? What about imposing it on the other party? Isn’t it fair to Shangguan Chen like that?”

    Pei’s father was dumbfounded by her words .

    What he thinks is, is Shangguan’s brainwashing technique so powerful? Can you wash the people of Pei’s family into this kind of virtue? !

    “Take away your benevolence of women! Either marry into the Shangguan family, or go to the neighboring province as soon as possible, no? It’s a waste of time-otherwise, do you know that the Pei

    family will? What to do!” Pei’s family rules? How strict , Pei Ziyan doesn’t? No? I know.

    “If you can sacrifice me and make everyone happy, then I am willing.” Pei Ziyan held her heart with one hand.

    “…” Father Pei almost made her vent, “Are you sick?!”

    Pei Ziyan smiled quietly, and hung up the phone very tolerantly.

    Actually she didn’t do it before? That’s the case.

    Grabbing men and tearing down rivals is her daily life.

    But don’t you know from which moment her life creed has changed drastically.

    Now, the world is peaceful and everyone is happy-this is her pursuit in life.

    Her greatest joy is to see the happy smile on other people’s faces!

    ——”Ah~~No? You want to chase me~~”

    At this moment , a desolate shout attracted Pei Ziyan’s attention.

    She hurried forward, stopped the man who was crying while running, and asked gently: “What happened? What happened? What happened? Who made you cry?”

    Yuan Feng fell softly in her arms, “Yes? Someone is chasing me!”

    Pei Ziyan hugged him and saw the menacing Shangguan Chen and others behind him.

    Shangguanchen stopped and said politely: “Miss Pei, don’t you want to take care of this. Bad men? Worthy of being sympathized by women.”

    Pei Ziyan looked down at Yuan Feng, who was flushed, with weak hands and feet, and said: “But, do you think he is so pitiful?”

    Yuan Feng: “How the hell would I fuck? So sjosiuwieuw—” But

    he could only make the sound of ” Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)

    Shangguan Chen showed an expression of inconsistency: “As a man! Can’t even do the most innocent? Come! He still? What? Is he qualified to live in this world.”

    Everyone behind him: “Yes!” “That’s right!” “Dang man is not worthy!”

    Yuan Feng: “I fucking, I actually think what he said is right??!”

    But he still can only make the voice of “Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”.

    Pei Ziyan said to Shangguanchen awe-inspiringly: “If you must catch him, please take me away!”

    Shangguanchen said moved: “Miss Pei…”

    His expression changed a little , and finally turned to Yuan Feng and said to Yuan Feng: “You Do you know where you went wrong now?”

    Yuan Feng: “Well~~I know~~”

    Pei Ziyan was moved and said, “Master Shangguan, you are really a bodhisattva.”

    Shangguanchen shook his head: “Isn’t this? What?” The

    two held hands and looked at each other deeply, and they were deeply moved by the gleam of humanity on each other’s body.

    Xie Zhiyi, who was supposed to be engaged by Yuan Feng, passed by the school gate, unable to link everything in front of him with the old tyrant, vicious female partner, and perverted male partner.

    Looking around, I only feel that the holy light shines.

    Today’s Kimberlyton is also very splendid


    After the first few days, Chi Lin has been able to sleep peacefully in his own home.

    Now, in order to update the self-media account, Xie Zhiyi changes the law every day to make good food, all of which are cheaper than Chi Lin.

    In just a few days, he felt that his abdominal muscles were all gone, so he had to eat while secretly practicing.

    ——He must keep the capital to seduce Xie Zhiyi!

    Of course, occasionally there will still be people who are eyesore coming over to eat.

    Tang Beiqing came to talk about business with Xie Zhiyi in name. In fact, he was greedy by those things that Lin Tiantian showed in the circle of friends-

    yes! The prince is a dog! Since Xie Zhiyi moved into Chi’s family, he has been playing 360-degree shows in the circle of friends every day! I’m afraid that others don’t? Know!

    Chi Xiangyang didn’t let him go, so he hurriedly went to the door with his Tang brother.

    When the two people came in, they immediately felt a different atmosphere-

    like “people are things and things are not”-it is clear that things are still those things, and the furniture is still those furniture, but somehow there is an illusion of breaking into the sweet life of others. .

    Chi Xiangyang patted the sofa and lamented: “This is also the place I used to live, but everything has changed!”

    Tang Beiqing cooperated and said, “What changed this place?”

    The two said in unison: “It’s love!”

    Chi Lin’s tail was almost up to the sky.

    Xie Zhiyi went downstairs, saw the two of them, and smiled: “There are so many people today, just to try the noodles I’m making.”

    Several men have already devoted themselves to her cooking skills. What Xie Zhiyi can do?

    Now Chi Lin is very proficient in shooting materials, and even thanks to Zhiyi, as long as the video is updated, there will be a handful of fan meetings underneath – will the little brother of photography be on the scene today?

    Now Xie Zhiyi has accumulated 200,000 fans by relying on Yan + absolute strength + detail sugar. The face she is going to do today is the pr sent by the brand, and the other party’s intention to cooperate is still quite strong.

    But Xie Zhiyi has to try it first to make sure the taste is OK? Accept cooperation.

    Chi Lin followed her into the kitchen and picked up the camera very consciously.

    But this time Xie Zhiyi hesitated for a while, raised his eyes and said to Chi Lin, “Why?… Are you with me?”

    Chi Lin blinked, and then realized that she said he was also in the camera.

    Chi Lin: “!!!”

    In fact, when Xie Zhiyi asked, he was not so sure-after all, the prince was noble, wouldn’t he be invited casually.

    She looked at him and tentatively said: “My fans really want to see you.”

    Chi Lintian checked her platform account, surely she knew what her fans shouted every day!

    ——They are talking! sugar! Moreover, it automatically defaults that the blogger and the photography brother are a pair!

    Now he appeared in the video in a fair manner, didn’t he? Just to confirm it to everyone? ! !

    Chi Lin coughed several times, and then he controlled his tone and tried to make an expensive look: “Then I’ll be on the spot-remember to pay the appearance fee when it’s red.”

    Xie Zhiyi glanced at the real-time flow rate, then at the prince?

    Is he reluctant or reluctant?

    Why does the real-time flow rate soar so fast? ?


    So that day, the filming material became Tang Beiqing.

    The son of Tang, who used to be easy to eat, not only picked up the camera to take the material, was forced to eat a mouthful of live dog food, and was finally asked to go to the mall with the prince.

    Tang Beiqing was angry: “Am I a tool person?!”

    Chi Lin looked contented: “Isn’t that fragrant just now?”

    Tang Beiqing: “…Fragrant.” Although the cooperative brand is instant noodles, don’t you? How do you do it, it tastes huge and delicious.

    Chi Lin: “If you want to come over to eat, don’t force it.”

    Tang Beiqing: “…”

    Chi Lin was here to buy Xie Zhiyi, and he caught Tang Beiqing as a strong man.

    Haven’t Xie Zhiyi been here for a few days? I have made any requests. I usually stay in my room peacefully, just like a good roommate. But the more she was like this, the more Chi Lin felt that she was not doing well enough.

    “I haven’t started earning money, the fool Xie family must not care about her, of course I will take care of her.” Chi Lin said it quite rightly.

    When she came, she had only a small suitcase, and the clothes were definitely not enough to wear. Chi Lin was afraid that she would not accept it, so he restrained everything from down jackets to coats to sweaters to skirts. He only took one or two of all kinds of clothes. Then he bought a new duvet for Xie Zhiyi, soft and fluffy, Tang Beiqing looked greedy.

    “This is the prince? Is the way the prince chases people? Love it.” He said sourly.

    “This hasn’t started yet, okay.” Chi Lin lowered his head and touched the pajamas material, then raised his head to the clerk: “It’s quite comfortable to touch, let’s get an extra set of pink and blue.”

    Tang Beiqing: “…”

    Is it really scary to spoil his wife?

    After finally buying the prince? Grandpa is satisfied, Prince Tang has to be responsible for sending Chi Lin back, because the prince’s master’s assistant ran to the north to help him deal with the situation.

    The people of Tang Beiqing are already Buddhas-who made their Tang family be tied to the Chi family now? And Chi Lin did indeed carry the most important major project of the Chi family.

    “Wait for the current situation? Let’s settle the bad things at home?” Chi Lin leaned on the seat, “–you can start chasing.”

    Tang Beiqing glanced at him as he drove. He knew that Chi Lin was talking about a recent project that competed with Shangguan’s family. When it was true, Shangguan’s family was steadily suppressed. As for the bad things inside the Chi family? He only heard a little.

    But after seeing the posture of the prince, he stepped into the pit of love, and his whole body has begun to exude the sour smell of love.

    He just wanted to ask if he knew Xie Zhiyi’s attitude, so he heard Chi Lin continue to say, “You have to prepare for the proof of assets, as well as the real estate certificate, the credit report… Oh, and the medical report.”

    “…” This time Tang Beiqing closed himself up directly.

    Are you fucking getting married? ?


    Xie know good Italian video clips, and successfully released the brand side-agreed time.

    After negotiating with the brand, she made the advertisement very hard. She did not intend to edit the video seamlessly to guide the audience to pay.

    The brand can also be regarded as a well-known online celebrity brand, which has been promoted on the whole network before. I thought that Xie Zhiyi was a young blogger who was a rookie and could handle it at will, but I didn’t expect the other party to understand very well and have a clear and powerful thinking. On the contrary, the brand side has plans for further cooperation.

    As soon as the video was posted, fans were delighted to see the title of the thank you video.

    [Sister’s Hiroko is really hard, hahahaha]

    [If I love you, I like it so direct? Isn’t it contrived! 】

    [Congratulations to my treasure blogger for making money! ! ! 】At the

    beginning of the video, fans happily filled the barrage:

    【Let her be exactly! ! ! 】

    【Thank you, I have bought a car! The child said yes after eating! ]

    Then, the familiar kitchen background appeared, the familiar big beauty blogger appeared, and then-

    a handsome guy appeared!

    The comment area, barrage, forwarding, all bombed.

    [Fuck, fuck! ! ]

    [Is this a photographer brother! is not it! 】

    【Help, they are so good to stand together ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    ! This tacit degree! ! I fainted, I cried sweetly! ! ! 】

    Passers-by and Yan Fen mixed the sugar-eaters and gave this video a very high volume of data. Moreover, Xie Zhiyi’s video quality is high, the product method is simple, and the brand has an appetite when looking at it. The brand side expressed great satisfaction on that day.

    Suddenly, more merchants flocked to Xie Zhiyi, and she said very much—after all, she has gone a lot of business lines, which is normal.

    The emotional line is what she needs to learn and strengthen!

    next door.

    The prince was frantically scrolling through videos, watching barrage, and reading comments, with a smile at the corners of his mouth reaching the roots of his red ears.

    When Xie Zhiyi received the system’s prompt sound, prompting her that her blackening value reached the quantitative standard for the next stage, Xie Zhiyi discovered that Mr. Signal Tower gave her a blackening value of tens of thousands at a flow rate of 50 per second.

    “Congratulations to the host, this time I drop the skill card [Voice of Talent Card]. The card attribute is long-term personal possession? The host can choose to let the cardholder have a strong talent in vocal music, such as “Kissed by God “Voice”, “sing like an angel”, “excellent talent for musical instruments”, etc.”

    Although there is a fillable autonomy card, thank-known Italian pondering a moment, quietly said:? “? I think this card is how aid Shangguan Chen of”

    ? The most recent is the end of week Kimberley Dayton, and other subjects exam The school will hold a semester closing ceremony after the end. It is said that Shangguan Chen, who once again ascended to the top of the campus male god by virtue of male moral education (the result of male students’ vote), will speak as a student representative at the ceremony.

    Xie Zhiyi guessed that it would probably become Shangguan Chen’s public preaching, a large-scale Gu people’s scene.

    If another voice talent is added, she seriously suspects that Shangguan Chen will spread the gospel of male virtues to the world.

    So you can keep this card for now, and take a look.

    This time the payment of the co-branding party is also very quick to settle, thank you for giving me an extra amount of money.

    She thought for a while, then walked out of the room and knocked on the door next door, “Chi Lin, I’m waiting for you in the living room, something? I want to say.”

    At this moment, she was shouting in the barrage, “Such sweetness must be true.” The” Chi Lin: “!”

    He almost fell off the bed, and quickly said: “Come here!”

    Xie Zhiyi sat in the living room on the first floor for a while. When Chi Lin came over, he looked up and found that the other party was wearing blue. Colored, fluffy home clothes.

    And this pink one on her own was also bought by Chi Lin.

    Xie Zhiyi blinked.

    Chi Lin also blinked.

    Originally she was talking about business, but the atmosphere suddenly became a little ambiguous-but both of them pretended not to notice.

    In the end, the two furry sat on the sofa together, their furry legs rubbed together.

    Xie Zhiyi endured it for a long time, but did not hold it back, and pointed to the back of his ass, “You have a tail?”

    Chi Lin glanced back and seemed to be dissatisfied with such a lovely image of himself. Then he turned his head, suddenly stretched out his hand, and pulled out the hat behind Xie Zhiyi’s head.

    “You also have? Ears.” He curled his lips and smiled, the curvature of the corners of his lips is very cute.

    The distance between the two is a bit close, and Xie Zhiyi’s head is under his palm. With a gentle breath, the airflow can sweep across each other’s face.

    Chi Lin’s fingers curled up slightly.

    Xie Zhiyi blinked, pursed his lips, and tried to say something serious: “I told you to pay the rent when you come down–“

    Chi Lin gave a “um”, but didn’t take his hand back.

    Xie Zhiyi’s hand holding the bank card tightened slightly.

    As a Shuangwen professional, her relationship line is so famous that it is difficult to judge the current situation, but she can’t help her heart beating faster.

    She looked at Xia Chi Lin’s flawless face at close range, endured and endured, and finally did not hold back, raised her hand and touched his head.

    Chi Lin smelled the scent of shower gel in her sleeves and neckline.

    Seeing her, her cheeks were also slightly flushed.

    Chi Lin felt that his hands and feet were soft, floating in the clouds.

    He thought: Doesn’t she? Like me too.

    …She just likes me a little bit.

    … She is.

    Chi Lin gave birth to an inexplicable courage, took her hand, and gently pulled it down.

    Xie Zhiyi was caught off guard and raised his eyes defensively.

    Then Hou Chi Lin’s figure was slightly depressed, her thick black eyelashes drooping, casting a small shadow on the cold white skin, her eyes focused and hot.

    He whispered: “Pay the rent…you can also use other methods.”

    The author has something to say: Prince prince: I want to kiss q3q

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