Xie Zhiyi actually didn’t want to see Chi Lin at this time.

    But when I saw him, there was an inexplicable peace of mind.

    Yes? Ah, when she came back to Xie’s house that year, it was brought back by Chi Lin, and essentially has nothing to do with her “biological parents”.

    And since she has no feelings for this family? Why should she be embarrassed for them?

    At this time, Xie Zhiyi stood firmly behind Chi Lin, and inexplicably, he easily withdrew from that kind of feeling.

    It’s like, someone can share her feelings? Let her know that she is not alone?

    The prince was facing? After losing all the decent father and mother after bankruptcy, he directly ridiculed: “The money you spent on the camera? When did you give me the money? This? How shameless when you are too old?”

    Father Xie His face was green and white, and it was already a shame to be pointed at by a junior. What’s even more embarrassing was that he didn’t dare to refute the prince of the Chi family.

    Xie’s mother came out stiffly, “This? It must be? Is there any misunderstanding, we are just? I want the family to be neat and tidy, and fight the difficulties together…”

    “Who is neat with you?” Chi Linyi You have a sick expression on your face, grabbed Xie Zhiyi’s wrist, “Is this? How unbelievable are you still following? You guys? In the future, you can just leave Xie Zhiyi alone.”

    I take care of it .

    Chi Lin finally practiced this sentence in his heart, saying it many times, and felt a refreshing rush to the heavens.

    Since then, he has repeatedly told Xie Zhiyi that Xie’s house may not be a great place to go. Now that he is finally famous, he can bring people back to his home!

    Father Xie naturally understood Chi Lin’s words? He also understood Chi Lin’s protective body language. Like? He suddenly grabbed the life-saving straw, and pounced on Chi Lin: “Master Chi! Do you want to take Zhiyi away? Right, no problem! But? She is after all? My daughter, you have to help Xie’s family. I know that you have done a lot on the project in the north recently, as long as you help us—”

    His hand? He firmly grasped Chi Lin’s wrist and shook him frantically.

    As soon as Chi Lin frowned, he saw the slender figure rushing out behind him, pinched Father Xie’s arm, and directly pressed it directly onto his back. The bones made a “clap”.

    “Oh! It hurts, it hurts!” Xie’s father suddenly cried out in pain.

    “Zhiyi, what are you? What are you doing! This? Is it? Your father, you really want to do something with your father?!”

    Xie Zhiyi has no expression on his face?.

    It’s also very strange. When Xie’s father arrested herself just now, she didn’t know if she wanted to do it or not. But now he does something to Chi Lin? Xie Zhiyi suddenly couldn’t bear it.

    “Don’t touch it blindly.” Xie Zhiyi’s expression was cold, and he directly pushed Xie’s father out.

    Then she turned around, this time she took the initiative to hold Chi Lin’s hand, “Let’s go.”

    Chi Lin was led by her in a daze, passing by the onlookers of porters, still crying as they passed by, grabbing things. Xie Weilan of Xie Weilan recovered after a long time.

    He looked at the back of Xie Zhiyi diagonally forward.

    …… It’s easy to pull.

    Good heart.


    Of course, although Chi Lin’s appearance is very handsome, Xie Zhiyi’s exit is also very handsome.

    But when they really arrived at the Chi family, the two of them were in the same space and looked at each other, but they were still cramped.

    Obviously, the layout and furnishings of the house were already so familiar that they could no longer be familiar, but when they thought of the possibility of living together in the future, the faces of both people started to get hot.

    Chi Lin coughed twice and decided to preemptively: “Look, I told you in front of your dad anyway, if you now? Rent a small house in other places, maybe they will step on you.”

    Xie Zhiyi did not. Thinking that this would happen today? What happened, if Chi Lin hadn’t come? She originally planned to drag the box to make an intermediary call.

    Chi Lin struck the iron while it was hot to persuade her: “You moved here, before? You can get to the kitchen in ten minutes, but now you can get there in ten steps! Of course, there is no intention to let you cook every day. That’s fine-oh, you want to use cooking to pay for the rent? Yes!”

    Xie Zhiyi couldn’t help laughing.

    She has been in contact with many intermediaries and landlords recently when looking at the house. No one can be like Chi Lin? How good to talk?

    Xie Zhiyi thought: I can’t hold back my ghost.

    When Chi Lin saw her smiling, she also felt that she had noticed her unpredictable intentions, and his heart beat suddenly.

    The two people sat face to face, blushing because of their own thoughts.

    “Anyway, anyway!” Chi Lin raised his eyes and stared at Xie Zhiyi, “I have said everything, you think about it, of course I am a friend? It’s good for you.”

    Of course Xie Zhiyi knows.

    By the way, when it comes to this, would she refuse any more? She doesn’t know what’s good or bad.

    So Xie Zhiyi let go of her hand holding the “ghost tire”, and the corners of her lips twitched: “The rent will be calculated according to the nearby single room. I will thank you very much in the near future, Mr. Landlord.”

    She looked at Chi Lin and thought to herself. , This? But? You led the wolf into the room yourself.

    Chi Lin blinked, and it took two seconds to realize that Xie Zhiyi really agreed.

    He stood up instantly: “No thanks, no thanks! Ah ha ha ha-I have prepared the room for you, is it? The one with the largest position and the best, and I have arranged the daily necessities. What else do you need? Mention it again!”

    In that room, how many times did Chi Xiangyang beg him when he came? He wanted to live in that room, but Chi Lin didn’t agree. Now that Chi Xiangyang was blasted home by him, Chi Lin couldn’t be too satisfied.

    Xie Zhiyi couldn’t laugh or cry: “I have no other request, it’s already very good.”

    She knew that if she really lived together, there would definitely be a lot of problems. But anyway, Xie Zhiyi really failed to control his worldly desires.

    Then… live it first?

    Under the same roof, get to know each other more closely.


    Chi Lin was very excited, and pulled her upstairs to look at the room.

    “This? The house has a good orientation, and the bed is big, the mattress and pillows? I asked someone to re-order them and change them…” After speaking, Chi Lin suddenly realized that he had exposed his intentions, and quickly braked, “Anyway-live It must be more comfortable than the house you are looking for! Take a look first.”

    Xie Zhiyi has been to Chi’s house many times, even this? At home? A part of it has been given to her intact by Chi Lin, and Xie Zhiyi is still very polite without spying. This is the other space in this house. Is this the first time she went upstairs to look.

    The residence of the prince prince, everywhere reveals that it is rich and high-class. Xie Zhiyi stepped on the thick sound-absorbing carpet, walked behind the door of the room that Chi Lin prepared, and as soon as he pushed it open, he suddenly heard a “slap

    “-it’s dark.

    Xie Zhiyi: “?”

    Chi Lin was also stupid:?

    Although they knew that they would definitely encounter various problems in life after living together, they never expected that the first night when Xie Zhiyi moved in, there would be a blackout in the whole area.

    At this moment, the two people stood in the dark second-floor corridor, silently looking at each other.

    The mobile phone was downstairs and could not be illuminated for a while. After all, no one expected the power outage to be so sudden–Xie Zhiyi didn’t even have time to take a look at the room.

    The properties in Bieshu District are fairly reliable. Soon they drove a small car and used loud speakers to broadcast while passing by various villas——

    “There is a power outage in the whole district, please don’t panic! The power supply will be restored tomorrow — “

    Chi Lin: “…”

    Who made him brag about the quality of life just now? Really hit the face.

    After a short silence, his voice rang: “You hold? My hand? Let’s go downstairs.”

    Xie Zhiyi gave an “um”.

    night. There are no lights.

    Lonely and widow. Unscrupulous.

    An inexplicable atmosphere rippled around.

    In the dimness, Chi Lin stretched out his hand while groping forward. And Xie Zhiyi was also trying to cooperate with him, turning around to reach Chi Lin.

    Two people accidentally collided with each other, and there was a staircase at their feet. Chi Lin quickly grabbed her hand and took the person into his arms.

    Bumped together. It doesn’t hurt.

    A more intense atmosphere floats around.

    The real-time flow rate of Signal Tower One soared to a terrifying speed.

    Xie Zhiyi was trapped between his arms and heard his heart beating in his ears.

    “…Where did you hit?” Chi Lin’s voice tightened.

    Xie Zhiyi shook his head?.

    When she moved, she had to rub her head against his chest.

    The clothes and hair rubbed, and a faint fragrance came from the hair and the side of the neck.

    Chi Lin held his breath for a long time before controlling his voice, “Give me your hand, and I will take you down.”

    Xie Zhiyi: “…Okay.” The

    two carefully held hands and walked down the stairs. No one is talking? But they are all blushing.

    Chi Lin thought, she smelled so good.

    Thanks for thinking, the waist is so thin.

    Both thought they were taking advantage.


    the first night after moving.

    Xie Zhiyi thought that as an outsider, he would suffer from insomnia because he was not used to it, but he would fall asleep soon and dreamless all night.

    And the next room.

    The owner of this house began to toss and turn, and couldn’t sleep at night.

    Chi Lin first thought about it uncontrollably for a long time after the power outage, and the feeling of being thankful to him was so sweet that his heart hurts. After a while, I wondered whether the mattress he had chosen was comfortable enough, and I wanted the incense on the bedside? Thank you for your love… The

    chaotic thoughts lasted all night, and the mood? Unpredictable.

    So when I got up the next morning, Xie Zhiyi heard the notification tone reported by the system and thought I had heard it wrong.

    “Dip——After the host enters sleep, the night blackening value increases by 100081 points in total.”

    Xie Zhiyi was stupid.

    “Congratulations to the host for reaching the next stage of quantitative standards, and dropping skill cards-[Highly Sensitive].”

    Xie Zhiyi was still confused?

    Because the quantitative standard for the stage is constantly improving, it has recently reached 100,000 starting points, which is a very difficult number for Xie Zhiyi-after all, before this night, she had only brushed out 50w points in total. Blackening value.

    Originally Xie Zhiyi thought that after giving the Virgin’s Halo Card to Pei Ziyan, there might not be a new card in a short time. Unexpectedly, after a nap in the room next to Chi Lin, it would be there? ?

    She came out of the room in a daze, when she happened to meet the prince with dark circles in her eyes.

    Thinking of him brushing her one hundred thousand points in one night, is this? What… “Baby.”

    Because she was distracted, she murmured the last two words.

    What? Say it? Xie Zhiyi was taken aback.

    Chi Lin was also stunned.

    But he heard very clearly.

    In an instant, the cold white skin blushed to an explosion. Chi Lin’s brain quickly congested, and even tinnitus appeared in his ears.

    She she she, she calls me baby? ? ?

    I took off where the hell—! !

    Xie Zhiyi touched the tip of his nose and looked away.

    Oops… It seems to be exposed.


    Internal life is actively unfolding, and there will naturally be rumors on the outside.

    ——There is an extra woman in the home of the prince of the Chi family. The news itself is very exciting.

    Who doesn’t know that Chi Lin is fierce and decisive at work, and that no one is eye-catching in life? As for the Chen Beibei, who has returned from studying abroad and has both ability and political integrity, it is said that he was all in Chi Lin?

    But neither of the two residents themselves evaded it, so it soon came from the wealthy circle—

    is it? Xie Zhiyi moved into Chi Lin’s house!

    Tang Beiqing was the first to get the news. After all, when Xie Zhiyi chose daily necessities, the prince harassed him.

    He flicked? Thanks to Zhiyi’s Weibo for steady increase in fans, and thought-it’s incredible, the spring of cp fans is here~~

    Other people are also in the group? There is a lot of discussion about this.

    Zhu Yujie: [Fuck, Chi Lin was really taken down by her? ? ]

    Zhu Yujie: [Xie Zhiyi is a bit tricky? ]

    [One said, I really appreciate Zhiyi]

    [It is hard to imagine that one day I want to become Xie Zhiyi…]

    Shangguan Chen: [Boys, don’t talk about it? Women, we have to keep our virtues! ]


    Xie Weilan: [Achen brother, I want to live in your house too! ! ]

    [Uh…][…] As

    soon as Xie Weilan appeared, Xiaoqun fell silent.

    Today, no one seems to be able to recall that Xie Weilan was once the goddess of their Kimberlyton.

    Not only because of the bankruptcy of the Xie family, but also because of Xie Weilan’s lack of emotional intelligence and incomprehension.

    And Shangguan Chen has also become… a strange virtuous master.

    On the contrary, it was the person who had been despised by them and called by them at will. I don’t know from which day it gradually became someone they couldn’t touch.

    Zhu Yujie remembered that he had chased Xie Zhiyi before, because he was so embarrassed to be rejected. Now…perhaps also? Under the influence of Shangguan Chen Nan Durban, he suddenly felt that it was normal to not succeed at that time.


    Is the old man Chi unexpectedly? The last person to know about Chi Lin’s home.

    After inquiring, the one who openly lived in Chi Lin’s house turned out to be the girl from Xie’s house.

    The old man? He squinted his eyes and realized that this? Girl? It’s not easy-he knows the character of his own grandson very well, that is? No one can look down on this, how can he be alone in this? Personal favor?

    It seems that I have to tap this to find a chance? A girl named Xie Zhiyi?.

    It is easy for the juniors to know how high the sky is, and to beat them in advance, so that Xiao will not think too much about useless things…

    every two days.

    When Xie Zhiyi met Chen Beibei, he immediately understood what Chi’s parents meant.

    But now she is very clear about what she means to Chi Lin, so it is impossible to give up because of a little resistance. She looked at Chen Beibei not hurriedly or hurriedly, with a friendly expression on her face.

    Chen Beibei was open? A pair of chubby eyes looked at her for a long time before she spoke?: “You really live with Chi Lin?”

    Xie Zhiyi: Well-

    living together or something, this? The words are a bit ambiguous.

    Xie Zhiyi: “It’s a rental relationship at the moment.”

    I don’t know about it in the future.

    Chen Beibei’s expression? A little tangled. It seems to be hostile to her, but with how much curiosity, she finally couldn’t help it, and asked her: “You live with Chi Lin, won’t you be angry with him?”

    She said yes? Fiancee, but Chi Lin is totally uncooperative, and the two can’t get married at all! Not to mention, just say a few words to Chi Lin? You can choke to death by him, and you can receive countless ridicules after a short period of time. Phone call? WeChat? Fully blacked out–

    why did she suffer this? what! !

    Xie Zhiyi raised his eyebrows slightly, and then smiled—actually, this? The little girl is quite simple and cute.

    Chen Beibei seemed to feel the kindness in her eyes, and most of the hostility in her heart dissipated. In the face of this girl named Xie Zhiyi, they are obviously quite old, but the other’s aura is steady, but not uncomfortably suppressing her, and Chen Beibei is completely unable to feel “jealous of the wind”.

    She said: “The truth? Tell you, is it? Chi Lin’s grandfather asked me to come. If you are? In order to be able to enter the Chi family? A rich family, I would advise you to think twice, their house…Anyway, you went. Surely it won’t be much easier!”

    Xie Zhiyi nodded?, listened carefully to her suggestion, and then said: “Although this? It may be a little sophistry–but I am not? For the rich, I just? For Chi Lin.”

    Chen Beibei Eyes widened.

    After a while, she murmured, “Why would anyone like Chi Lin? An arrogant ghost?”

    Xie Zhiyi was startled slightly.

    She had never thought about this? A word, but now she has to admit it.

    Yes. like.

    Why like?

    Maybe it was because…

    Chi Lin would not be angry with her, nor arrogant in front of her. He had been trying to pull her out of the quagmire in his own way a long time ago.

    And she had gotten too much eccentricity from him in silence.


    Pool Pro recently too proud.

    The competition between the Chi family and the Shangguan family in the north of the city has reached a fierce stage. The Chi family here? The side is fully appointed to Chi Lin, and the Shangguan family originally wanted to use this to experience Shangguanchen, but for some reason, Shangguanchen has always just been. “Shangguan Wentian’s deputy”, failed to really stir up the main beam.

    Although Chi Lin has to spend 90% of his time at work every day, he is very motivated when he thinks of seeing someone at home.

    Although Mr. Chi is dissatisfied with his emotional life, he can’t make mistakes in his work. Reluctantly, he can only start with Chi Lin’s feelings and life after the completion of this big project.

    Is it again? A business meeting is over.

    At the meeting, with swords drawn, Chi Lin met the Shangguan family head-on, and the atmosphere was slightly stiff.

    Shangguan Wentian smiled pretendedly: “Young Master Chi is really a hero? He was born a boy. This is so courageous, it makes us old men find it hard to do it–“

    Chi Lin laughed, “It’s okay, Linglang is not bad. “

    His tone was with a clear sense of superiority, and the smile on Shangguan Wentian’s face suddenly became more fake.

    Only then did Shangguanchen say: “It’s okay, father, we men shouldn’t fight each other.”

    Shangguan asked Tian: “…you are right.”

    Chi Lin:? How many?

    Shangguan Chen smiled quietly, and said to Shangguan Wentian: “Father, wait for me, how many words do I have? I want to say to Young Master Chi.”

    Shangguan Wentian thought he was going to talk to Chi Lin about his work just now. , I was immediately relieved: “Okay, my son, you guys talk slowly.”

    Chi Lin hugged his arm and looked at him arrogantly. “If you have a fart, please let go.”

    Shangguanchen disapproved: “Boys shouldn’t be. Put shit and piss on your mouth.”

    Chi Lin: “I mean you? Didn’t you? Really have a serious brain illness.”

    Shangguan Chen’s expression? Still dignified, asked: “I heard that Xie Zhiyi lived in Master Chi’s house. It’s up?”

    Chi Lin suddenly became energetic when he said this.

    He changed his posture, his back straightened, and he seemed to say casually: “Yeah, she also taught me to make mutton soup, it’s really fragrant.”

    Although Shangguan foolish style is very abnormal lately, he is old love? The enemy. And since he took the initiative to ask, obviously in his heart? Or? If Xiao wants to thank you, you must kill them all!

    Sure enough, a sad look appeared on Shangguan Chen’s face.

    He shook his head and said: “Boys living together before marriage will be looked down upon by their wife!”

    Chi Lin: “…?”

    Shangguan Chen shook his head?: “Xie Zhiyi will also despise you, thinking you are a casual man. From now on, I will belittle you at will.”

    Chi Lin suddenly became angry: “Who are you scolding?”

    Shangguan Chen saw that he didn’t listen to advice, so he could only sigh: “If you don’t talk about male morality, you will be punished.”

    He turned and left. , Followed by a lot of men who bowed their heads in silence. From a distance, it looks like the head of a mysterious church.

    … After

    Chi Lin went home, he directly told Xie Zhiyi about the matter.

    “How can Shangguan fool be so nervous these days?” he said.

    Xie Zhiyi also felt that Shangguanchen seemed to be more ill.

    She secretly asked the system, “What’s going on?” The

    system: “Back to the host, the [Upgrade Card] provided by the system has dynamic effects. In short, it can be upgraded all the time. The [Male Deca] on Shangguan Chen’s body gets constant Intensified, his male morality introspection and enlightenment role is also continuously strengthened.”

    Xie Zhiyi: “…null.”

    So it seems that Shangguan Chen is no longer doing male Durban, but male moral education.

    [Hands? Put together]

    However, Chi Linneng is not affected. It may be due to presupposition-after all, the villain and the male lead are? Tianke, which is reasonable? Reasonable.

    But it seems that this? also shows that the plot? Or? According to the original style of painting, even if the male protagonist has been crooked to a terrible arc, the essential opposition between the male protagonist and the villain has not changed.

    The system prompts: “Host, according to the rhythm of the plot, you will be poached in the near future.”

    Xie Zhiyi’s mentality is very stable: “But I know it won’t.” The

    male protagonist is now in this kind of situation, a vicious woman. She was also equipped with the aura of the Virgin, so even the motive for digging the kidney disappeared.

    “Yes, so when the kidney digging episode cannot be realized, your kidney failure process will speed up, and you will achieve the full climax of the full text with self-sacrifice.”

    Xie Zhiyi: “…Okay.”

    But even if the process speeds up , The current task progress only has a blackening value of more than 300,000 points.

    It’s hard to like someone… She can’t like it lifelessly.

    Because the blackening value brushed out for the current skill card is no longer able to match the signal tower of Chi Lin, Xie Zhiyi is a little bit slower.

    ?? (?) – she reviewed it yourself and rely on men to complete the work What is the difference

    ? “Skill card last fall it” Xie EENOW knocked system, “I look to find out.”

    System: “You this The skill card I got this time is? [Highly Sensitive]. The attribute of this card is long-term personal possession. Holding this card will make your mind and body very sensitive (literally), which is different from ordinary people.”

    Xie Zhiyi looked at this? ? Zhang card face, some doubts: “This kind of? Really won’t be harmonized?”

    System: “Please don’t worry, the host, this? This skill card appeared in

    accordance with the style of this article.” Xie Zhi thought. After a while, I did think of someone who is very suitable for this card.

    According to Xie Weilan’s few words before, Xie Zhiyi can guess that she should have gone somewhere with Yuan Feng before.

    Although she doesn’t understand the specific situation, since Xie Weilan has returned, the male partner should also be back in the plot line. And because he and Shangguanchen did not directly meet, it is very likely that Shangguanchen’s “male moral education” slipped through the net.

    As a man who likes to make women “wet”, Xie Zhiyi is still very optimistic about his performance on this skill card.

    She is looking forward to the appearance of this male partner again.

    After the system introduced the card face to her, she did not directly wait as usual. Instead, she asked: “Looking at the current progress, is the host? Are you ready to open up personal relationships? Is the line?”

    Xie Zhiyi: “You have a lot of control.” The

    system It was quiet for a few seconds, inexplicably? There is a feeling that humans want to speak and stop, and then continue: “In short, I wish the host success in reversing the line of fate.”

    Xie Zhiyi raised his eyebrows: “I will.”

    Shuang Wen? Heroine, there is no task? It can’t be done.


    Through Xie Weilan’s cry every day, Yuan Feng already knew about the bankruptcy of the Xie family.

    In order to stop Xie Weilan’s broken mouth, Yuan Feng had to arrange a place to live and a new drama for her.

    But this? It should have been? A great opportunity to receive the thanks to your pillow, and to tune and teach it so as to make up for the hardship I suffered in the laboratory. But Yuan Feng didn’t find a chance for a few days.

    Later, he learned that Xie Zhiyi actually lived in the house of the prince of the Chi family?!

    Unexpectedly, the two of them have this kind of relationship. With many years of experience, Yuan Feng was keenly aware of something wrong-just thank you for knowing this? What a person who has no background and no background, is it? How did he get in touch with such a secret laboratory? of?

    So? After all the hardships, he inquired about the underground laboratory at the time and found the phone number of the person in charge on the counter?. In the end, he spent a lot of money to get information out of the other party’s mouth—at that time, he called and told them that he was spraying water. It was a man!

    The case is solved! It must be? Chi Lin made the first move for his own woman?!

    Yuan Feng could not wait to tear Chi Lin with his hands right away, but because of no chance, he could only hire someone to stand on the whistle and wait for the opportunity.

    Fortunately, Kimberlyton started school after the short holiday.

    This? Heaven, Chi Lin and Xie Zhiyi went to school together. Yuan Feng immediately called ten thugs. After all, it is much easier to do it on campus than outside.

    Yuan Feng took the people in a gloomy manner, sneaked into Kimberlyton, and intercepted them on the path where Chi Lin and Xie Zhiyi left class.

    Xie Zhiyi knew that this would happen? What a day.

    Looking at Yuan Feng in the distance, he showed an expression of “Finally Coming”.

    Chi Lin next to him also lifted his chin slightly and sneered.

    Yuan Feng immediately understood his expression when he saw his expression. It must be Chi Lin who did it!

    His eyes seemed to say, “Why don’t you spray anymore!”

    Yuan Feng showed a sullen smile: “Master Chi, I haven’t provoke you before.”

    Chi Lin’s lips twitched?: “The provoke was so big.”

    Yuan Feng saw that he was not afraid, and took the two of them. Circle. Occasionally, how many students passed by, looking at this posture, didn’t dare to approach them, and took detours one after another.

    Chi Lin looked at him: “Is your brain? Did it? Let people cut it? Directly in school? Looking for something?”

    Yuan Feng smiled: “This? Don’t worry about Master Chi. I will entrust my lawyer to help. I think of a way.”

    Chi Lin frowned.

    Xie Zhiyi who didn’t speak during the whole process: I just watched quietly? You pretended to be forced.

    Yuan Feng rushed to the people behind and waved his hand?, smiling? Stepped back: “Master Chi is going to suffer a little today, Miss Xie… We didn’t finish it last time, we can continue today.”

    Chi Lin’s expression was on his face. Suddenly it smelled so bad that she was about to protect Xie Zhiyi behind her, when she was suddenly caught off guard.

    Xie Zhiyi held down Chi Lin and directly said to the system: “The skill card will be loaded to Yuan Feng now.”

    “Dip-successfully loaded √”

    Chi Lin is still heartbeat because of her sudden hug, Yuan Feng’s thug ? Has passed Yuan Feng and came over.

    Who knew it was right here? When Yuan Feng was hit by someone, he suddenly shouted.

    “Ah ~ ~ ~”

    I do not know why, he suddenly half a body completely numb! As if a small worm crawled over, the whole person suddenly lost strength, almost untenable!

    Fighter? I was stunned, and quickly asked, “Boss, what’s the matter with you?”

    Tears ooze from the bottom of Yuan Feng’s eyes, and his breath is like gossip.

    how so! ! ! what happened to him! ! !

    He is a big man, how could he have this kind of reaction? ! !

    Originally, Chi Lin was ready to fight, but when he saw Yuan Feng’s virtue, he almost threw up next to him.

    Xie Zhiyi heard his voice and didn’t know why, but suddenly thought of Shangguan Chen, who was once weak Liu Fufeng and couldn’t hold the racket.

    As if it was? In order to confirm her thoughts, a familiar voice with awe-inspiring righteousness suddenly appeared on the scene:

    “Yes? Which man is making the sound of tiger and wolf!”

    Xie Zhiyi looked back? When I saw, I saw Shangguan Chen in the holy light behind him. Follow? Many Kimberlyton male students.

    Appeared-the male German guard!

    Seeing the incident, Yuan Feng quickly called the people next to him to help him. But? As soon as the other party met him, he couldn’t help but yelled “Ahhhhh”.

    how so! He didn’t even have the strength to provoke!

    The opposite Shangguan Chen listened? His voice, his face gradually serious: “Boys, here? There is a slutty guy! What should we do?”

    “Catch him!” “Educate him!”

    “Rejuvenate male morality! Do it !” A good boy!”

    So? A group of good boys rushed towards Yuan Feng.

    Yuan Feng ran and barked while crying.

    “Ah~~Don’t~~Don’t chase people~~”

    A group of people left vigorously.

    Chi Lin and Xie Zhiyi, who were left in place by everyone: “…”

    Chi Lin: “…what the hell is going on with this? world.”

    Xie Zhiyi patted him on the shoulder: “This? The world has become better.”

    Who would have thought that one day, Gu Zao Ba and the perverted male partner would not play with women.

    Start playing with each other.

    The author has something to say: Here comes the fat chapter!

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