Chi Lin originally wanted to show off in front of Shangguan Chen, but looking at him like this, still? Hurry up and leave with his thanks.

    “Walk slowly? I’m afraid of getting his idiot.” Chi Lin whispered in his ear.

    Xie Zhiyi almost laughed.

    She was really easily amused by the prince.

    The elder brothers who followed Shangguanchen’s side, saw Chi Lin look at the stupid expression, they were a little more sober.

    strangeness? Why did it seem as if it was on the head just now, I think Shangguan Chen said it all? Right? ?

    Now think about it, what the hell is that! Who talks about the three obediences and four virtues nowadays?

    And they are? Men! !

    Shangguan Chen watched Xie Zhiyi and Chi Linyuan go from the back, didn’t he feel pain in his heart.

    ——Why, the woman? The person still? Leaving with someone else?! Also laughed so happy!

    Shangguan Chen thought sadly: It must be? He is not doing well enough.

    There are no women who are bothered, only men who are not qualified! He must? Constantly improve himself to make Xie Zhiyi fall in love with him again.

    Xie Zhiyi, who has gone far away, received a blackening value of +1000 from Shangguan Chen, and thought to himself, as the godfather of male virtue, he must be strict with himself again!

    Shangguan Chen picked up his mood and saw that the other men began to whistle to see the girls again, and the holy light was shining again.

    “Boys, why? Forgot what I said?”

    “No, no?…”


    tonight is destined to be? A lively night.

    Fu Jingyan also happened to be in this nightclub. He saw Xie Zhiyi when he looked out the window, so he couldn’t hold back and walked out.

    But when he arrived at the door, his sight was quickly attracted by the figure at the door.

    ——Shangguan Chen, always? The most eye-catching one in the crowd.

    Fu Jingyan was holding a female person in his arms, with one hand in his pocket, and walked along suavely. He came over and said hello.

    “Master Shangguan.”

    Shangguanchen’s gaze fell on him and the female person next to him, and he shook his head in disapproval, “Mr. Fu, this is not good.”

    Fu Jingyan looked at him in a daze, and suddenly felt There seemed to be a holy light on his body, and what he said was so convincing.

    Shangguanchen wouldn’t? Let go of the education of male morality for anyone, he said earnestly: “Good man, that’s it? Yes? From the end, dedicated to a woman? People. It’s so late, why are you still out? While playing? You should go home on time after work, cook and wash your feet.”

    Fu Jingyan: “??”

    All this is talking about? What kind of shit? The man is out? Isn’t it? Should I play with women? People?

    But? Yes?, But? Yes? Why…as if what he said makes sense?

    Shangguanchen gave him an overwhelming smile: “Learning male ethics, good health, glorious parents, social harmony?”

    Fu Jingyan saw Shangguanchen and his followers go away and fell into a daze. The female companion in his arms pushed him several times before he recovered.

    “Is there such a good girl in the world? Child?”

    Fu Jingyan began to doubt his previous self.

    The system prompts Xie Zhiyi: “Fu Jingyan’s mood swings are monitored, and the blackening value is +300.” It

    must be the result of the active preaching of the leader of Shangguan.

    Xie Zhiyi can already predict that this ancient world of blood will be a peaceful scene.

    All the junk male characters have been transformed and sublimated. This society? How harmonious is this society?


    Back door of a well-known investment company in the circle? A car stopped in a low-key manner and put a man and a woman down.

    Yuan Feng wore a mask, bowed his head and hurriedly walked into the company.

    Finally the fucking left that ghost place in the underground laboratory! Wouldn’t it? I was blindfolded when I went in and out, and he had to dig three feet in the ground? Find out the laboratory and blow it up!

    But the only advantage is that he has been cured of his water spray in the laboratory, so the crimes he has suffered in the past few days are not considered complete? It is meaningless.

    Now he needs to find a woman, to go to the bad luck. In the past few days, there is only Xie Weilan, a woman with cerebral palsy, who is almost vomiting to death!

    “Ms. Yuan, you can’t go? Ah!” Xie Weilan grabbed her quickly, “I haven’t been to the crew for so many days, and I must have been kicked now. You said you wanted it? Arranged for me!”

    Yuan Feng handed it over. She pushed aside: “I’ll arrange a fart for you, you are a cerebral palsy thing, I really think I can be red!?”

    Xie Weilan died? Dead? Catch him, too? The jar broke and fell: “You won’t find it for me. I’ll reveal your secret!”

    Yuan Feng looked at her viciously, and after a few seconds: “I will? Let someone arrange a role for you, Xie Weilan, you’d better do it yourself.”

    Xie Weilan nodded quickly: “Don’t worry. Yes, Mr. Yuan! I must not? I sprayed you three liters of water a day and was put into the swimming pool while spraying and being observed by a group of men.”

    Yuan Feng: “…”

    He turned and left?, I wish I didn’t know this person Xie Weilan in my life.

    Everyone in the company thought he was ill these days. After returning to the office, the beautiful female secretary brought tea and poured water, and the employees humbled and asked. Yuan Feng had a feeling of returning to reality.

    He began to think about a serious question—what would he do about spraying water? Who leaked it out? !

    Apart from him and Xie Weilan, the only ones present at that time were…

    Thanks for knowing!

    Yuan Feng had a gloomy expression on his face. This woman…he must? Catch her and ask carefully.

    And… because of an accident last time? He hadn’t had time to taste the taste. This time he won’t miss it again.

    He didn’t believe it anymore, even the weird thing like spraying water happened, what else could come out?

    Thanks Zhiyi, you are waiting!


    At the same time, Xie Weilan, who had received Yuan Feng’s assurance, finally felt that it was not an unreasonable disaster that he was caught in the laboratory inexplicably this time.

    It’s just? During the time she was arrested, she didn’t know how much information she had missed, which made Xie Weilan a little anxious.

    That little bitch Pei Ziyan must have tightened Shangguanchen more firmly!

    Her sister might be developing well with the Chi family prince!

    Only she was left behind! !

    Xie Weilan didn’t have time to check the backlog of various news in the mobile phone, and rushed to Shangguan Chen first.

    But in fact, Pei Ziyan at this time is experiencing the silence of life.

    Is Shangguan Chen? Really sick!

    She believes that even if she is not? That kind of beautiful girl with perfect facial features, she is also a charming girl cultivated in the family. When she first came to Shangguanchen, this man was obviously attracted to her!

    But now, no matter how she teased, Shangguan Chen seemed as if she had no desires or desires, with her hands clasped together, what do you want to say? Leave the precious first time to the future wife? ?

    Pei Ziyan collapsed, she began to believe what Xie Weilan said!

    What is Shangguan Chen? Really can’t do it! And the brain is sick too! !

    What’s more terrifying is that even his father, the old antique, has listened to his set of remarks, and both father and son have become masters of virtue.

    There was no way to start from Shangguan’s house, Xie Weilan’s love rival was also missing recently, so? Pei Ziyan had to start with another enemy.

    I heard that Xie’s family went bankrupt recently. It should be the best time to find that Xie Zhiyi now.

    Sometimes a different way of thinking can solve the problem. As long as you can get rid of other opponents, doesn’t the success come from yourself?


    Xie Zhiyi has recently found several houses and is making the final choice.

    “Are you really not coming?” Chi Lin was still working hard on the phone, “I will? Collect the rent!”

    Xie Zhiyi smiled: “I’ll look at it again.”

    Although Chi Lin has repeatedly said that she can carry the bag directly Check in, but Xie Zhiyi still? Keep the option of self-reliance.

    However, although he could not get the blackening value of the prince, after Shangguanchen’s efforts, there has been a phenomenon of male-to-person transmission.

    Shangguanchen even went to the company of Shangguan’s family to deal with all the male employees of the company. Perform male morality brainwashing.

    Shangguan Wentian originally thought that his son’s spirit had a problem, but now he unconsciously accepts his preaching, and even thinks that the previous domineering and heroic style are against male morality and indecent!

    And these people’s mood swings such as repentance, reflection, regret, etc., are all due to the [Male Deca] who thanked Zhiyi, and indirectly all of them were transformed into blackening values.

    So Xie Zhiyi can see Shangguanchen’s preaching level very intuitively. And because the previous [upgrade card] given by the system for nothing has not raised the quantitative standard, the next skill card is about to be swiped out.

    It’s just… Although Xie Zhiyi is very satisfied with Shangguan Chen’s expressiveness, the women around him obviously don’t like his male virtue.

    Today, Xie Zhiyi left the class and originally wanted to go and see the house he rented again, but unexpectedly? I met Pei Ziyan on campus.

    This time she was alone, without Shangguan Chen by her side, which dilutes the feeling of “canary” and reveals her original sharpness.

    This is indeed a female partner who has a higher rank than Xie Weilan. Although she doesn’t know that Xie Zhiyi’s operations are against science, she still instinctively perceives the difference in Xie Zhiyi.

    It’s just that, in a canary way of thinking, Xie Zhiyi is taken for granted as high-grade green tea-and it is still the kind of long-term hanging fish.

    She has already inquired about it. Before, Xie Zhiyi had caught up with Shangguanchen. At that time, she often cooked Shangguanchen, but she didn’t get Shangguanchen’s love. Now she gave up being good to Shangguanchen, and made full use of the “bad” in the nature of a man, so that Shangguanchen would never forget her in turn.

    With these methods, it’s no wonder that you can stand by someone like the Chi family’s prince-even if she heard that Xie Zhiyi was just a native girl who had grown up in the country for more than ten years.

    Pei Ziyan smiled at Xie Zhiyi: “Miss Xie, I have never had time to get to know me well before. I think you should also know who I am? Who?”

    Xie Zhiyi nodded, “Indeed.”

    Pei Ziyan showed a proper and good concern, “Listen. It is said that the economic situation of the Xie family has been in crisis recently. Miss Xie does not know that my family has a small business in other provinces. If you are interested, I thought you would introduce some high-paying jobs.”

    Xie Zhiyi looked at it delicately. she.

    Pei Ziyan hurriedly said: “Please don’t get me wrong?! Frankly speaking, I really want to join your circle of friends, so it may seem a bit abrupt.”

    This step is to retreat, pretending to reveal my purpose. , While concealing the true intentions-the acting Xie Zhiyi is almost believed.

    Unfortunately, she happened to read the original text and knew what Pei Ziyan’s “small business” was.

    But it can be said that those ancient “kidney digging and blood transfusion accidents” are all related to her. On the surface, the Pei family is a family of some ordinary industries, but actually involved in the black, it is no wonder that Pei Ziyan wants to marry the Shangguan family so much, that is, carrying the mission of whitewashing the Pei family.

    So Xie Zhiyi came to understand that although Shangguan Chen was purified by male morality, but Pei Ziyan’s “vicious female match” setting remained unchanged, she would still promote the occurrence of the dog-blood plot.

    Xie Zhiyi silently cast his gaze on Pei Ziyan, who was still completely unreformed.

    Shangguan Chen talked about male virtues, Xie Weilan had no EQ, and Fu Jingyan opened a chrysanthemum.

    how about you? younger sister.

    Pei Ziyan was a little bit uncomfortable under her probing eyes, so she deliberately stimulated: “Actually, I know, you must still? Like Shangguanchen, or want to? Marry Shangguan, right? “

    ?” Xie Zhiyi felt that she had been insulted and couldn’t help but smiled: “You don’t have to

    save others by yourself.” Pei Ziyan’s eyes narrowed slightly, and she realized why she was in front of Xie Zhiyi? She felt uncomfortable. There is a kind of powerful and calm aura that completely overrides himself and even the entire circle.

    When facing her, Pei Ziyan actually? Feeling that she has no chance of winning.

    But this is “unreasonable?”, Xie Zhiyi does not have any special background, and those dark things she has seen and learned at home? Anything she can use is enough to suppress Xie Zhiyi.

    Pei Ziyan walked slowly? Close to Xie Zhiyi, her hand quietly walked around her back, and she whispered, “You know, who do I like Shangguan Chen? I don’t care, but? You…”

    She wants? Give Xie Zhiyi She got off her horse, but before she could get her hands, she suddenly bent her knees and was kicked accurately, and she knelt down righteously.

    Xie Zhiyi didn’t take advantage of her, and quickly hid to the side without receiving this worship.

    But at this time, it was time for class to end, and people in Kimberlyton came and went, and her kneeling immediately caused onlookers.

    “Isn’t this? The woman next to Shangguanchen??”

    “Why did she kneel down hahahaha”

    “Yes? Because Shangguanchen is not there, hurry up and take a photo of it to comment? Altar!!!”

    Pei Ziyan quickly covered her face, revealing A pair of angry eyes stared at Xie Zhiyi: “You!”

    Xie Zhiyi spread his hands: “I’m sorry, I don’t talk about martial arts.”

    System: “Pei Ziyan’s mood swings are detected, and the blackening value is +700.”

    Xie Zhiyi raised her eyebrows , and Pei Ziyan’s rate of return was true. Quite high? At this stage, it should even surpass Xie Weilan.

    …Then even more? Make good use of it!

    In the next second, the system continues to prompt: “Ding! The increase in the blackening value has reached a fixed amount, and a new skill will be dropped-[Female? The main halo of the Virgin halo]. The card attribute is long-term hold, and the cardholder is extremely kind. I have strong compassion, reflect on myself in case of trouble, and are willing to sacrifice my own interests to perfect others.” Again

    ? A female main halo card!

    When using the last female main halo, Xie Zhiyi also said that he would give all such cards to Shangguan Chen so that he could be a qualified female hostess who abused the literary in the past. However, Shangguan Chen has now completed the advanced transformation. .


    “I choose to give it to Pei Ziyan.” Xie Zhiyi said with a smile.

    “Dip-the skill card is loaded successfully √”

    Pei Ziyan stood up gritted her teeth, her eyes leaking the viciousness that was usually concealed.

    She must? Give Xie Zhiyi some lessons!

    But when she turned around, she suddenly felt that something was wrong, as if she had softened from head to toe, and her heart was filled with softness and joy!

    If there is a holy light behind her, she smiles like an angel at Xie Zhiyi: “I’m sorry, isn’t it? I fell myself, your feet don’t hurt?”

    Xie Zhiyi: “…” At

    that moment, Xie Zhiyi had only one thought.

    She and Shangguan Chen are both messengers sent by God—a

    perfect match. Locked up? Thank you.

    … In the

    evening, when Xie Weilan finally found Shangguan Chen, Pei Ziyan was by his side as expected.

    Xie Weilan’s heart is full of curses to this little bitch, who knows to leave? When they came to the two of them, they found out that they were not? They were talking about love.

    It’s…exchanging ideas? ? ?

    Pei Ziyan said: “I almost ran into Miss Xie Zhiyi today. It must be my problem.”

    Shangguan Chen said: “The most taboo thing we men are hurting women or people, whether it is from the mind or the body. But it doesn’t matter. You just made a mistake that a woman or a man would make. You can be forgiven.”

    Xie Weilan was stunned.

    Is this style of painting? Isn’t it? Something wrong? ?

    Pei Ziyan took the lead to notice her: “Oh, Miss Xie is here!”

    “What kind of person are you pretending to?” Xie Weilan gave her a blank look and walked to Shangguanchen’s side, “Brother Achen, I have encountered a lot in the past few days. Staying with you, but my heart has been thinking of you!”

    Pei Ziyan did not feel jealous as usual, but rather said sadly: “It must be? My previous behavior hurt Miss Weilan, that’s why “This way.”

    Shangguan Chen shook his head and said softly: “Women? People are not wrong. This situation must be the problem of my man.”

    Pei Ziyan: “No, or I’m not doing well enough…”

    Xie Weilan: “…”

    She couldn’t continue. The opponent is crazy, and the man is sick.

    “I’m blind too,” she said.

    ——I was blinded by the holy light flashing on them.

    Pei Ziyan communicated with Shangguan Chen for a while, and finally remembered something, “Miss Xie, I now recommend you go home and take a look. If you have any difficulties, please tell me, I will do my best to help. Yours!”

    Xie Weilan was stunned, and quickly grabbed her, “What’s wrong with my house?!”

    Pei Ziyan looked at her with a very compassionate look, “You have no home!”


    Xie’s family really fell apart.

    When Xie Weilan took a taxi and rushed back to the Xie’s villa, porters were moving away the valuables in the house one by one.

    “Wait! Is that? My dressing table, is it? I let someone bring it back from abroad? What are you doing?!” The

    worker moved directly to the car without being moved.

    Her noise disturbed the parents in the house. Father Xie walked out to see her. He just slapped his hand: “Do you still know to come back?!”

    Mother Xie was also angry with tears on his face: “It’s all like this at home, you I still go out every day? Do I still have this home in my heart!”

    Xie Weilan: “Do you know what I have experienced these past few days?! No one cares about me, you only care about yourself!”

    Xie’s father roared: “Shut up! Raise your two daughters in vain! Lose money!”

    Xie Weilan cried and grabbed her things.

    Xie Zhiyi was standing at a distance outside the house with a suitcase, watching the farce in front of him.

    She also didn’t expect to move today, but fortunately, her mobility is enough, so she won’t have nowhere to go.

    The current scene is actually embarrassing. This area is filled with rich people, Xie’s bankruptcy scribbled stance is embarrassing, and they even show them the ugliness of the family.

    Xie Zhiyi listened to the harsh words, raised his hand and scratched his ear, then put it down.

    Looking at the villa in front of her, she felt very strange.

    How did she come back here from the countryside many years ago, and again? Yes? How did she spend a few years here, and now she has been blurred.

    The clearest memory today is the road from here to Chi Lin’s home.

    Relatives, what are they?

    Xie Weilan had a quarrel with his parents. They almost had to fight each other. Xie Zhiyi pulled the suitcase and turned around to want to stay away from these people.

    At this moment, Father Xie suddenly saw the camera hanging on her neck, and quickly dashed over: “Wait!”

    Xie Zhiyi was swayed by him and frowned, “What are you doing?”

    Xie My father has been mad about Qian Chou recently. He knows that Xie Zhiyi’s camera lens is very valuable.

    “Isn’t this? You bought it with home money?! Since you have never considered this home, don’t take away? Home stuff?!”

    Xie Zhiyi still? The first time I was speechless and speechless.

    During the few seconds she paused, Father Xie had already begun to stretch out his hand to pull the lanyard around her neck.

    Xie Zhiyi couldn’t bear it? He pulled him back, “This is? My friend’s, it didn’t cost you a penny!”

    Xie’s father is already crazy: “I don’t believe it! What I took out from home is my money!”

    Xie Zhiyi looked at the man in front of him and couldn’t imagine that this was her biological father.

    Her fists were clenched and then relaxed, and finally she couldn’t help but pushed him: “Don’t touch my things?!”

    Xie’s father staggered two steps, was supported by Xie’s mother, and then began to cry: “Look at it all! This is? My biological daughter? Son! Raising her so old, I learned to beat her father!”

    Xie The mother also cried together, crying while pushing her, the scene was ugly to the extreme.

    Xie Zhiyi has not experienced such a scene for many, many years.

    In front of her native family, the glorious achievements of the past ten years were blown away like a puff of sand.

    The crying parents, the chaotic physical conflicts, all this is…very embarrassing.

    Very suffocated.

    At this moment, she held her with both hands.

    Then he pushed away the crazy parents in front of her and stood firmly in front of her.

    Xie Zhiyi looked up in confusion and saw Chi Lin’s sharp jaw and tight lips.

    He turned his head and called her: “Thanks Zhiyi.”

    Through a chaotic voice, his voice was clear and firm.

    “Don’t bow your head, don’t be afraid,” he said, “Can I take you away? Once, I can take you away? The second time.”

    “This time, I will take you home.”

    The author has something to say: Come home, kids!

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