Xie Zhiyi doesn’t know the effect of the male Deca after loading, but she is really amazed by the auxiliary functions of the system.

    “Speaking of male virtue is really male virtue

    card ?” She asked the system, “what is the specific function?” The system explained: “This [male virtue card] belongs to a long-term personal card. Holding this card can strengthen the awareness of male virtue. For example: Respect women, demand oneself according to society’s standards for women, talk about civilization, establish a new style, and never do anything that offends morals or hinders men’s morality… Therefore, this card is more suitable for men to hold.”

    Xie Zhiyi: “I have finished loading. Is there anything in the world that is more suitable for this card than a male protagonist?”

    System: “Really not.”

    Xie Zhiyi pondered for a while, with the existence of this male virtue attribute, the next one? At least one leg is missing in a lot of dog-blood plots—oh, the Spitfire Card also makes the hero missing another leg.

    So even if Pei Ziyan and Xie Weilan want to do something, I am afraid they will encounter some resistance.

    Xie Zhiyi is in a very good mood.

    She took the steamed Buddha over the wall and brought it out, and the warm and nourishing fragrance immediately overflowed, and several people gathered around.

    “It’s so fragrant!”

    “My tears flowed from the corners of my mouth!!”

    Xie Zhiyi took off his apron: “You can pay back what I owe you.”

    Chi Lin sat in the dining room and took the chair next to him. Pull away? Xie Zhiyi sat down very naturally.

    Tang Beiqing took a look, turned his head and said to Chi Xiangyang, “Brother, I also want to pull a chair.”

    Chi Xiangyang cooperated very well: “Good brother~” The

    two people sat side by side affectionately. He looked at? and asked: “See you?”

    Xie Zhiyi’s face was a little hot, pretending not to understand.

    Buddha Jumping the Wall is placed in the center as the main course. Next to it is a variety of food packed back by three men, including x Dong’s roast duck, x Kee’s Hong Kong-style desserts, and sashimi sweet shrimp Arctic shellfish, etc… It is a new year.

    Chi Xiangyang automatically acted as the atmosphere group: “Today, the reason why we all gather here is to celebrate the arrival of the new year!”

    Tang Beiqing connected it very understandably, “I wish you all from the bottom of my heart.” In the future life, shine! Fever!”

    Xie Zhiyi laughed and applauded.

    She applauded, and Chi Lincai reluctantly patted.

    The lunch officially began, Chi Xiangyang excitedly lifted the lid of the Buddha jumped over the wall-he had eaten elsewhere before, knowing the rich and delicious taste, and thanks to the chef’s level of bonus, it will definitely be even better. Amazing!

    He lifted the lid very expectantly, and was so excited by the thick fleshy fragrance that he was about to clamp it, but his hand was “slapped” flying away.

    Holding a spoon, Chi Lin threw Chi Xiangyang’s hand aside, and then gave Xie Zhiyi a bowl of soup.

    Chi Xiangyang clasped his hand aggrievedly, then turned to look at Tang Beiqing, “Brother, look at him!”

    Chi Lin scolded him: “Who is your brother?”

    Tang Beiqing held Chi Xiangyang’s hand, “It’s okay, he is partial. Just be eccentric, let’s eat more.”

    Chi Xiangyang: “Good brother!” When

    Xie Zhiyi heard the word “eccentric”, his heart jumped slightly and his eyes drifted to the side.

    Chi Lin also covered his mouth and coughed twice.

    Tang Beiqing looked at the two of them while fishing for something in his bowl, and said, “You are not right.”

    Xie Zhiyi pretended to be calm: “Why, why is it wrong.”

    Tang Beiqing: “I? Say you .” There is something wrong with your body, you see? The prince has a cough!”

    Xie Zhiyi: “Oh, oh.”

    Chi Lin threw a peanut on his head: “You can’t stop eating? Your mouth! The old man is very good!”

    Tang Beiqing entered the berserk mode and finally blocked his mouth. On it.

    The winter sun is warm and the room is full of the aroma of food. Here, Xie Zhiyi’s cooking is entirely out of hobby. She can enjoy the process and the result.

    There is no need to fight for career improvement like in the previous Shuangwen world.

    Unconsciously, this ancient bloody world has regained her distant sense of belonging.

    She looked at the friends on the dining table who were rushing and screaming at each other, and there was a smile on her lips unconsciously while robbing Chi Lin in a bowl of gratitude.

    The new year will be a good year, right?


    But for some people, the beginning of this year is not so good.

    Yuan Feng has been wearing a waterproof mask since the New Year’s Eve, and he is reticent. His company is speculating about what happened to Mr. Yuan.

    And he also carries a woman with him, who is said to be the female partner in a web drama invested by Mr. Yuan. Human? He looks okay, but his behavior is rather strange.

    Does this person seem to have no EQ at all? ? Following Mr. Yuan by his side, it’s not enough to be a caring person, and seeing him again and again? I don’t know how to wink and ignore the occasion, making Mr. Yuan embarrassed.

    What’s even more strange is that even if Mr. Yuan’s expression is ugly, he wouldn’t? He berated her aloud, at most he just closed his mouth and hummed twice.

    The company was amazed at the company, and they thought that Mr. Yuan spent so long playing with it. This is because he has met true love.

    As everyone knows, in the elevator without others, Yuan Feng couldn’t help it anymore and yelled at Xie Weilan: “Aren’t you fucking brainless? Would you? You can’t speak?”

    Xie Weilan wiped off the spray of water on her face. As someone who had a similar medical history, she can now understand most of Yuan Feng’s “water language”.

    “Then don’t you let me? Stay in your company? Isn’t it over? It’s not that you have to leave me? Stay.”

    To be honest, it’s not completely bad for her, at least Yuan Feng can’t speak now, and can’t Don’t hold it? She is a patient who “has been cured” so that the employees of this investment company thought she was Yuan Feng’s true love.

    This feels pretty good~~

    but Xie Weilan didn’t get too proud of it for long.

    She followed Yuan Feng and walked out of the company’s back door. Recently, because Yuan Feng sprayed water, he asked the driver to wait at the hidden back door, but today they are not waiting for their usual car.

    Xie Weilan also disliked it for a while: “Mr. Yuan, have you changed your car? This car is not good.”

    Yuan Feng noticed something was wrong, and stepped back two steps: “This is not my car.”

    He said. Begin to show the fountain.

    When the people in the car saw it, a few sturdy men walked down immediately.

    “Mr. Yuan, right? Please come with me? Let’s take a trip.”

    Yuan Feng: “Puff! Puff–“

    Xie Weilan acted as an interpreter: “Who are you?”

    “We? We are anthropology.” The privacy of the research center is very good, and some people have paid for the research funding. Mr. Yuan, this is to contribute to the exploration of human beings. I? I think you should have this kind of consciousness.”

    Yuan Feng: “Zi Zi Zi Zi! “I? I don’t have this consciousness! !

    He shouldn’t go to the laboratory and be stripped as a guinea pig! In this life, he is the only one who strips others away from playing tricks on others!

    However, those big men surrounded him and dragged him into the car without any explanation.

    Yuan Feng couldn’t resist, he could only catch Xie Weilan desperately.

    Xie Weilan hurriedly pushed him: “Don’t catch me? Ah! They want to study you. What does it have to do with me? I am not breathing fire anymore!”

    Researcher: “–oh?”

    A minute later.

    Xie Weilan cried and was dragged into the car.

    Why do you catch me? Ah! I’m not spraying anymore! !


    Xie Wei Lan disappeared, but Xie no one cares?.

    Xie Zhiyi looked at it from the system. It was only after Yuan Feng and Xie Weilan provided a big blackening value before and after they knew what side storyline story should have happened between them.

    But she didn’t care too much. According to the progress of the plot, the bankruptcy of Xie’s family is in sight, and Xie’s father and Xie’s mother are exhausted every day.

    Bankruptcy is also an important plot point in the original text, which indicates that the exploitation of the heroine against the heroine will be further strengthened. In the original text, there is a classic line from Shangguan Chen: “Woman, you can’t escape from my world.”

    However, now—

    an old early man who talks about male virtues can’t do such a thing~

    Xie Zhiyi discovered that although she can’t directly observe the effects of male virtues, Shang Guan Chen still pays off after accepting male virtues. Straighten up her blackening value voluntarily.

    Although she is now with several signal towers every day, Shang Guan Chen still carries the banner of a blackening value tool. Under the influence of male morality, he is deeply introspected and anxious every day, and he can also cause anxiety in others.

    He is really a good tool man with radiance.

    Xie Zhiyi calculated his task progress, and reviewed the skill cards he had used.

    All the cards have been shining brightly in the bodies of those characters for a long time~

    This feeling of lying down and brushing the black value is really good——

    When Xie’s parents finally found out that Xie Weilan was missing, Xie’s family was already powerless.

    Two daughters, one was caught and I don’t know where to go, and the other seemed to have nothing to do with this family. The Xie family was broken in an instant, and even the villa had to be mortgaged for sale.

    So the news of bankruptcy spread throughout the wealthy circle.

    With feelings of sympathy and watching, everyone sent messages to Xie Weilan and Xie Zhiyi.

    As a plastic girlfriend, Zhao Xinyue has turned around to open up a new social circle, but she still offers her condolences: [It’s okay,

    Weilan , you still have a bright future, you will definitely be popular~] Zhu Yujie: [Time has passed, but me? Remember your beauty and tenderness. You can find me if you need it. ]

    At a time when people thank Ripples under laboratory does not know the family bankrupt.

    She was delayed in work, and she was researched from head to toe, and her mentality was so bad that she swears in the laboratory every day.

    By the time Xie Zhiyi kindly withdrew the water spray card, Yuan Feng and Xie Weilan were already in the laboratory with no one.

    The laboratory has not been able to find the law from the research data, and the two people have no special physical signs. In the end, they can only be counted as an example and written into the “special human record.”

    Xie Zhiyi still didn’t know that his skill card had created two new species of “fire-spitting man” and “water-spraying man” in human history.

    After Xie’s family went bankrupt, she also received messages of concern from her friends.

    Tang Beiqing: [Small Yiyi, recently there are several brands that suit you very well~ I? Push it to you~]

    Chi Xiangyang: [It’s okay, sister Yi! I? I can raise you soon when I grow up! ]

    Xie Zhiyi smiled? One? One? Reply.

    In addition, some of Kimberlyton’s slightly affectionate classmates, such as Wen Zhiyi and the like, also sent text messages.

    And the strangest thing should be Fu Jingyan. He has stopped recently, but he just sent her a message: “My heart is still open to you.” ]

    Xie Zhiyi couldn’t help thinking: His body is the most open? It should be…that door, cough cough cough.

    She was well prepared for the bankruptcy of the Xie family, with emergency cash on the card, she could not starve herself in a short period of time, and her sideline job was already on the right track, and it was not difficult to realize it.

    What I have to do now is to pack my things at Xie’s house and find a suitable place to live as soon as possible.

    Xie Zhiyi turned on his mobile phone and started browsing nearby rental housing information.

    The only regret is that the location in the villa area is better, and of course the house price is also expensive. With her current economic strength, it is impossible to rent nearby.

    There is no way to walk around so comfortably to use her “Christmas gift”.

    Xie Zhiyi looked at the listing and made notes at the same time. At this moment, she received a message from Chi Lin.

    Compared with other people, Chi Lin’s news is very late.

    But it is the most explosive.

    The prince asked her directly: [Do you want to live in my house. ]

    Xie Zhiyi:? ?

    I’m not a gentleman, don’t you seduce me? ?

    She really didn’t feel embarrassed to reply to this WeChat, and spent a long time thinking about it on the phone.

    Chi Lin may be waiting a little anxiously. It didn’t take long for me to send another WeChat—[Job Information].

    [This household is looking for a senior chef. The head of the household is very handsome and has a good temper. He provides board and lodging. Salary: interview. Working hours: self-determined. Tel: xxxx xxxxx]

    Xie Zhiyi laughed out loud.

    Why is he so cute?

    Xie Zhiyi smiled at this job posting for a long time.

    Chi Lin finally couldn’t sit still, sent a cute emoticon, and asked her: [Do you want to drink mutton soup? ]

    Xie Zhiyi smiled unabatedly on his lips, and returned to him: [I want to drink. ]

    She felt inexplicably, in the process of getting rid of the “ancient heroine of literary abuse”, the so-called “villain camp” she took the initiative to approach, led her to gradually break away from the style of this world.

    Chi Lin doesn’t seem to be related to the old dog blood, clean and cute, so it is so attractive.

    And she will definitely be able to complete the task of millions of blackening points, reverse the line of fate, and then learn to walk the line of her feelings.

    The system prompts timely: “Congratulations to the host!”

    Xie Zhiyi raised his eyebrows: “Congratulations?”

    “Your total blackening value has reached 50w points, and the task progress has exceeded 50%.”

    Xie Zhiyi “Oh -” There was a sound, a moment of excitement, and then calm again. She can wait until the task is completely completed and it is no longer the day when the heroine of the literary abuse is no longer a day, and then she can celebrate.

    The system does not simply announce a piece of data, and then says: “And, in order to reward your achievements, the system will randomly drop a combination card for you!”

    Thanks to Zhiyi: Oh? Is there such a good thing?

    The system processed for a short while, and then reported: “Congratulations, you have got a chance to choose. You can choose [Recovery Card/Upgrade Card] from the combo card, select [Recovery Card], and you can restore one card. Used real-time skill card. Choose [Upgrade Card] to super-enhance an active skill card.”

    Xie Zhiyi touched his chin and found that this is really a question worth considering.

    In fact, she is quite interested in the recovery card-after all, the skill of “hiccup” is so amazing, it’s a pity to only show it once.

    But from a utilitarian point of view, she believes that this opportunity should still be left to the male lead. Xie Zhiyi pondered for a while, and finally made a decision: “I will choose the upgrade card and give it to Shang Guan Chen.”

    System: “Okay, then does the host want to strengthen Shang? Guanchen’s [Net Yiyun Card], [Female Protagonist’s Halo: Flat Landing], [Female Protagonist’s Halo: Weak Liu Fufeng], [Female Protagonist’s Absolute Beauty in Halo] ] Or [Male Deca]?”

    “…” Xie Zhiyi was silent for a second, “Suddenly found me? That’s really good for the male protagonist.” The

    system said , “Yes .”

    Xie Zhiyi: “Then, Then upgrade the

    male German card, and then strengthen it one more time.” System: “Okay! [Male German card] has been upgraded to [Male German Heir] [Male German Leader] [Male German Warrior]. Male lead? Guan Chen will flood the road of male virtues with sunshine and shine on others!”

    Xie Zhiyi folded his hands together: “Bodhisattva, Bodhisattva.”

    … After

    processing the skill card, Xie Zhiyi went to Chi Lin’s house.

    Chi Lin had already bought some good mutton, and he was going to let Xie Zhiyi teach him, and he would handle it.

    As for the recruitment message he sent-

    Chi Lin knew that Xie’s villa was about to be sold, so he thought of such a way.

    His house is so big and the room is so empty, he just wants Xie Zhiyi to maintain his living environment, not for cohabitation or anything!

    Absolutely not!

    Xie Zhiyi opened the door and came in. When he saw Chi Lin, he thought of his cute recruitment letter, and suddenly couldn’t hold back a smile.

    Chi Lin felt embarrassed of being caught, and said in anger, “What are you laughing at!”

    Xie Zhiyi waved his hand, “Nothing is nothing-lamb?”

    Chi Lin followed her, helped her chop green onions and seasoning, and then whispered: “You really don’t think about it? Next?”

    Xie Zhiyi shook his hand.

    In fact, frankly speaking, the wave where her blackening value was the most concentrated was the two days when she went out camping and spent time alone with Chi Lin. Now the total amount of blackening value has reached 50w, but 17w of it was brushed out that time.

    In all fairness, Chi Lin’s giant signal tower is simply too attractive to her. If you can live close together for a long time, you might be able to brush up the remaining 500,000 points soon.

    But after all-Chi Lin didn’t know that she had a ghost in her heart. That’s why I can make such a lovely suggestion that is obviously meant to help her.

    Although Xie Zhiyi doesn’t talk about martial ethics, he still has to talk about morality.

    “You just want to eat my meal?” She joked? said.

    Chi Lin shook his head quickly: “I can come to cook, I can learn!”

    Chi Lin also knew that his proposal was a bit abrupt.

    So he decided to show his sincerity: “I? I also checked the recipe for mutton soup this time, you come to direct me to do it well.”

    Xie Zhiyi blinked, and she couldn’t refuse.

    So this time the meal became the main force of Chi Lin, but the scene was still harmonious.

    The mutton soup is ready, and the savory taste is full of breath. This time there were only two of them. They opened the small stove and secretly drank soup.

    Dispelled the coldness of the entire winter.

    After Chi Lin finished drinking, it was hot and he went to wash the dishes contentedly. After washing, he can go out for a walk with Xie Zhiyi. This is simply the life that Chi Lin longs for, so much so that the dishes are humming.

    Think about it that he not only drank the mutton soup, but also Xie Zhiyi taught him and two of them made it together!

    Isn’t this ten thousand times more beautiful than the memories of the official fool?

    Chi Lin is simply overwhelmed with superiority.

    Should I let it go? Guan Chen knew that


    At this time, Shang Guan Chen was in the nightclub.

    He is rarely seen? He didn’t bring Pei Ziyan by his side. Xie Weilan didn’t know where he went recently, so tonight is a bachelor’s game for the brothers. Several rich boys are all about to move around and want to have some excitement.

    Once, Shang Guan Chen was very accustomed to this kind of scene, but now he sits on the sofa with a dignified expression.

    After all, the boy’s legs are unsightly. There is no boy in the in-laws who likes to smoke and drink.

    Zhu Yujie next to him looked lewd and sloppy: “That’s all, let’s ask a few girls to play today, let Brother Chen pick first!”

    “No problem!”

    “Brother Chen, come~”

    Shang? Guan Chen shook his head. I was just trying to tell them that I had no way to get along with them.

    But suddenly, he seemed to have holy light on his body, bringing a powerful charisma!

    Shang Guan Chen himself was aware of this change.

    It seems that from this moment, spreading male morality has become his lifelong task, and he can use his power to preach and influence the people around him.

    Read the ethics of men together and improve the truth, kindness and beauty!

    Let all boys in the world deserve to be loved!

    At this moment, Shang Guan Chen, realized.

    He faced a romantic man in the entire box, smiling, and said: “Everyone, listen to me.”


    That night.

    A group of prince brothers walked out of the nightclub, did not drink, did not call the young lady, who didn’t know, thought they came here for a meeting.

    “Cook more, do more housework, men should endure more hardships!”

    “Should not be vanity, should not be indulged, pure men are the most painful!”

    One? A group of people crowded around him, his hairstyle was coquettish, and his clothes were loose, but his face unconsciously showed a pious expression:

    “I don’t know why, I think he is right…”

    “I want to reflect? Me? Myself.”

    Shang Guan Chen looked at them very satisfied.

    “Everyone must remember that chastity is the best dowry for a man.”

    At this time, Xie Zhiyi and Chi Lin, who came out for a walk after drinking the mutton soup, just passed by. Hearing these shocking remarks, forbearance. Unable to stop.

    ?? Shangguan Chen turned around to look at Xie know Italy, then see the same pool of temporary sucker face, body and more shine the Light -?

    “Do not worry, jealousy, the boy is not a good thing to do.”

    He was like The missionary stretched out his hand to Chi Lin: “Come on, join my male Durban, and start a new and beautiful life.”

    Chi Lin: “?”

    He glanced at him, thanking Zhiyi, and thanking Zhiyi for I don’t. Know how he looks so strange.

    So Chi Lin turned back again:

    “Add your mother? Are you sick? You!”

    The author has something to say: Grand Prince: Fool! I have always kept my morals!

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