“Do you know Yuan Feng, an investment producer.”

    “It seems to have heard that he invested in the popular TV series a while ago—”

    “How come you mentioned him suddenly?” The

    luxurious box on the 19th floor of the nightclub, Master The ladies sat and chatted together.

    Shangguanchen is still sitting in the main seat, Pei Ziyan sits gently beside him, pours him wine.

    The few people who were chatting just looked at Shangguanchen’s side and lowered their voices: “My uncle’s house runs a hotel. He said that Yuan Feng had booked a suite at their hotel and saw Xie Weilan, and…”

    “And Who and whom?”

    The man was also a little excited, and his voice couldn’t help:

    “Hey, thank you!” “!!!” “Oh, good fellow–“

    “Really? Have fun !”

    Shangguan Chen stood up abruptly . He cast a shadow like the king of the night, and asked in a low voice, “Which hotel?” When

    he asked the address, Shangguanchen strode away? He left the room full of sorrows.

    Pei Ziyan was thrown here again by herself, clenching her fists involuntarily.

    Xie Zhiyi again…

    Shangguanchen strode into his car, like a cruel king, and issued an instruction: “Drive? Go to the xx hotel!”

    “Yes, master!” The

    car was galloping, and the scenery outside the window quickly retreated. Shangguanchen’s eyes were cold: Why! Why should he care about this woman!

    Mingming Ziyan was so in line with his heart, but he still threw her on the spot because she was grateful for Zhiyi?

    Shangguan Chen finally understood in the speeding traffic-

    damn it! He fell in love with her!

    He can’t stand other men touching her!


    At this time, the “will be touched by another man

    ”-the expression is “panic” and the heart is very easy-going, observing the phenomenon of human return to ancestors.

    Yuan Feng: “Puff! Puff, puff! Zi——”

    Xie Zhiyi tried to translate it: “You said you don’t know why? This way?”

    Yuan Feng: “Puff! Puff, puff–“

    Xie Zhiyi found it from the hotel suite. I opened an umbrella with a logo printed on it, and opened it in front of me, with just the right amount of fear on my face: “I? I don’t know why, I don’t know me? Why are you here, you want me to call the police? Or call an ambulance?”

    Yuan Feng collapsed, he only likes to play with women out of the water! Instead of spraying water yourself!

    Xie Zhiyi probably knew the nasty thoughts in his heart, holding an umbrella with his face naively added: “Don’t you like wet?”

    Yuan Feng: “Puff! Puff!”

    I didn’t like it! !

    Can you see that he is indeed very broken, and Xie Zhiyi has been given a blackening value of two thousand.

    At this moment, the sound of water in the bathroom stopped. Before long, Xie Weilan walked out wrapped in a bath towel.

    Yuan Feng turned his head, facing Xie Weilan with a violent spray.

    Xie Weilan’s face was full of water: “…??”

    Xie Zhiyi stood in the distance, looking at the picture in front of him, and asked: “Did you two get together because of species?”

    Xie Weilan also looked shocked: how Do you spray something too! coincidence? ?

    Xie Zhiyi said to Yuan Feng, “I’m telling you that my sister has also had similar symptoms. She has sprayed fire before.”

    After Yuan Feng heard this, he immediately grabbed Xie Weilan: “Then how well are you?!”

    Xie Weilan was sprayed with water again, and the shower just now was a waste of water. And she did not understand what Yuan Feng was talking about, so she could only try to calm him down: “Calm down! Mr. Yuan! Please calm down first!”

    Yuan Feng: “Don’t want to run! As long as I don’t return to normal, you can’t. Go!”

    Xie Zhiyi watched from a distance, probably guessing what Yuan Feng meant, showing a relieved smile.

    Huo baby, water baby, you have to help each other!

    Just when the luxurious presidential suite was in a mess, suddenly, the door was kicked from the outside.

    Xie Zhiyi subconsciously thought that Chi Lin had arrived, but in the next moment, he vaguely heard a painful cry of “Ah~~”.

    “…” Xie Zhiyi was silent for a moment, turning out to be the weaker Liu Fufeng Shangguan.

    As a result, Shangguan Chen rushed in!

    When Xie Weilan saw this, his face changed drastically, and he hugged his shoulders quickly: “Ah, Brother Achen, I? No!–“

    Shangguan Chen didn’t notice her at all. He looked at Yuan Feng in a wet suit and Xie Zhiyi with a “horrified” face in the corner, and directly completed the plot automatically-

    Shangguan Chen strode directly to Xie Zhiyi. When everyone did not react, he Hugged Xie Zhiyi.

    Xie EENOW exposed tonight first shocked expression: “??”

    ? Shang Chen put her head pressed toward his chest, affectionate and self-blame and said: “?. I’m late.”

    “……” Xie EENOW quickly cocked He got up, “You’re here early.”

    Shangguan Chen was completely immersed in the plot of his male lead, and said bitterly: “I? Never? Let other men touch you.”

    Xie Zhiyi pushed him away: “Big brother in the act. !”

    Shangguan Chen has thoroughly figured it out and understood. Why must he go through some tests before he can understand his heart? The reason why Xie Zhiyi got farther and farther away from him, and even walked to other people’s side, was actually he pushed away!

    Fortunately, it’s not too late! Isn’t he here?

    When Xie Zhiyi needed him the most, he descended from the sky to save her in times of crisis-

    no woman can escape? Once a hero saves the United States, Xie Zhiyi is his possession!

    Shangguanchen turned to Yuan Feng with an overbearing look: “Who gave you the courage? The woman who touched me Shangguanchen?!”

    Yuan Feng: What? ?

    Xie Weilan was silly: “Brother Achen, I? My sister doesn’t like you? When is she your woman?”

    Shangguanchen was repeatedly dismantled by Xie Weilan, and his forehead violently jumped: “You shut up! There is no place for you to speak. ! “

    Xie Ripples anxious:” how not Mr. Yuan is my guest “?!

    Shang Chen discovered Xie Ripples dress, suddenly face heavier:”!? thank Ripples, you get to stoop “

    has been simmering did not speak of Yuan Feng finally couldn’t help spraying water: “Who are you scolding?!”

    As the person who was directly injured by the fire card, Shangguan Chen’s expression changed in an instant: “You, why are you?!” The

    three of them fell into trouble. Conversation with jealous jumping and splashing water.

    And Xie Zhiyi quietly fled the battlefield.

    From the current point of view, she basically cut off the fighting power of Yuan Feng, a perverted male partner. In the next period of time, unless she wants to, Yuan Feng will maintain the water spray and wet body mode.

    Huowa and Shuiwa can only help each other (spread their hands)

    . In comparison, it may be more difficult for Shangguanchen to do it. This seems to have inspired the soul of the hero again, a strange hero who saves the beauty, and treats himself as a person, and no longer treats a woman as a person.

    Xie Zhiyi strolled out of the hotel to check the time, wondering if there was enough to go to the supermarket to buy ingredients.

    But after not taking a few steps, she saw Chi Lin hurriedly approaching.

    He walked very fast, almost running, with no expression on his face, not irritable or angry?, but seemed to be filled with anger?.

    After seeing Xie Zhiyi, he rushed over and grabbed Xie Zhiyi’s wrist.

    “Is there anything?” His voice was still panting.

    Xie Zhiyi felt a little painful when he was pinched, but she just shook her head, “It’s okay, don’t worry.” As

    soon as Shangguan Chen left the party, the news spread among the rich. Chi Lin was still in a meeting when Tang Beiqing told him the news, but he rushed over directly.

    Yuan Feng is a very dirty kind of person, he doesn’t dare to think about what means that person would use to thank Zhiyi.

    Chi Lin checked her situation up and down, and asked: “How did you come here?”

    Xie Zhiyi told the truth, “That person’s subordinates found a piece of cloth to cover me? I hid.”

    Chi Lin frowned tightly. Then asked: “You didn’t breathe it?”

    “No no,” Xie Zhiyi was afraid he was worried, and quickly said, “Before I smell it? I just held my breath.”

    But after she explained it, Chi Lin didn’t seem to be relieved. Signs, but more angry?

    “Then why get in the car?” Chi Lin stared at her with dark eyes.

    Xie Zhiyi tried to reassure him: “I? Know that I can’t? Something? Yeah, you know, I? My fist is very hard.”

    She also raised her arm in a “powerful” posture.

    But Chi Lin’s expression was even worse.

    Xie Zhiyi was a little flustered, and sweat came out of his palms.

    It’s over.

    It’s not good enough.

    Chi Lin didn’t let go, just like that, holding Xie Zhiyi and walking forward slowly.

    At the end of the year, the windy winter days are short, and today’s last night has arrived.

    Xie Zhiyi was a little behind him, and the two of them walked aimlessly like this.

    I don’t know how long I have been away, but Xie Zhiyi heard Chi Lin speak: “But I? I’m still afraid of your injury.”

    Xie Zhiyi was startled.

    The same thing, Chi Lin told her a long time ago. At that time, she felt that this feeling of being worried by friends was really good.

    And now… there are many other emotions.

    Xie Zhiyi pulled his arm down, Chi Lin turned his head.

    “I? Wrong.” Xie Zhiyi whispered.

    It is not easy for a Shuangwen heroine to bow her head, but Xie Zhiyi did not find it difficult.

    Chi Lin looked down at her: “Really.”

    Xie Zhiyi nodded: “Really, not next time?”

    She fought alone for too long and forgot to meet? Let those who care about her worry.

    But in the future, it won’t?

    Chi Lin raised his hand, seeming to want to touch her head, but suddenly heard the noisy voices of people in the distance and bursts of cheers.

    Xie Zhiyi followed the sound source and found that they had walked to Kimberlyton unknowingly.

    Many students gathered under the bell tower, and many of them were couples who came together for New Year’s Eve. People stood squeezed in that small square, looking up at the night sky, and the minute hand on the dial of the clock.

    Chi Lin’s hand was released, and he held it tightly, this time grabbing her hand.

    “We? Let’s go too!”

    Xie Zhiyi: “Hey—”

    The place where the palm touches is warm. This is physical contact, but it produces a real-time flow velocity much higher than physical contact.

    Xie Zhiyi didn’t know what the principle was, and she didn’t want to explore it anymore.

    There is still a little time before the new year is coming.

    The crowd became more and more turbulent, and someone squeezed over and then squeezed past.

    Xie Zhiyi controlled his figure, and was suddenly protected by Chi Lin’s arms, and brought a belt to him.

    There was no wind in his arms, not cold, and safe.

    This is a hug.

    Chi Lin said something in her ear, and just at this moment, the second hand passed the last second, and the bell sounded long-

    fireworks suddenly jumped into the sky, bursting into brilliant lights. People cheered and hugged.

    Xie Zhiyi said: “Happy new year.”

    Chi Lin nodded: “Happy new year.”

    His words hidden in the bell are, in the new year, I hope I can have a stand-

    like you.

    …… The

    hosts on the TV welcomed the new year in unison, their faces full of joy?

    The New Year’s bell has been struck.

    But human sorrows and joys are not the same.

    Tang Beiqing and Chi Xiangyang were trembling in the living room of Chi’s family while eating leftovers from noon.     How about my Buddha


my Buddha jumping over the wall?

    …… QAQ


    New Year, the first thing to do is face the pool, is to contact a domestic anthropology underground laboratory.

    “Yes, spray from your mouth. Keep spraying.”

    “I can provide funding for the experiment, mainly because I am very curious about the results of the experiment.”

    “So happy to cooperate.”

    Chi Lin hung up the phone, his expression cold.

    When the assistant walked in from outside, he subconsciously silenced.

    In fact, although the prince may seem impulsive and irritable on weekdays, he is actually quite scary when he is serious. Not to mention anything else, the younger generation of the same age in each family will be beaten by Chi Lin for performance.

    The assistant waited for Chi Lin to put down his phone before handing over the file, and tentatively asked: “Master, that Yuan Feng…”

    Chi Lin casually opened the? Folder, “Dead.”

    Assistant: “!”

    He wanted to ask, that. Does Yuan Feng really know how to spray water? He is so curious!

    He waited for Chi Lin to finish signing the documents before trying his best to test it again, “Then you are going to send him…”

    Chi Lin sneered , “Send to the laboratory as a guinea pig.” The

    assistant dare not ask at all.

    I don’t know why, he suddenly felt that if they put their prince in a TV series or movie, it might be a big villain or something.

    Chi Lin is going to attend a meeting that day.

    After the end, they walked out of the office building and ran into the Shangguan family.

    Shangguan Chen walked in the forefront, wearing a sexy patterned shirt with two buttons open, and his hair waxed, looking radiant.

    The assistant murmured a little after standing behind him, “Is the son of Shangguan undergoing a plastic surgery? How did he become more beautiful?”

    Shangguanchen had already walked up to the front and smiled diagonally: “Master Chi? I saw you by chance. I don’t know if there is any. Time to take a step to talk?”

    Chi Lin didn’t have the slightest expression on him, and sneered: “It’s almost the same for a punch from you.”

    A look of anger flashed across Shangguan Chen’s face, but then he showed a complacent smile.

    He waved back the secretary and bodyguard behind him, then stepped forward, and whispered in a voice that only he and Chi Lin could hear, “After this incident, let me finally be sure, who am I?” “

    Chi Lin’s face suddenly became very stinky.

    Shangguan fool is probably the most confident fool he has ever seen in his life.

    Just like this stupid, weak, sissy chirping look, dare you to want to thank you for your knowledge? ? ?

    “Who are you in your heart?” Chi Lin looked at him, “Is it your father and me?”

    Assistant: “Puff-I’m sorry.”

    Shangguan Chen showed no fear, but he is now very capable of self-adjustment, and he laughed randomly. “And, what happened this time? It also reminds me of a lot of past things?.”

    “Once, Xie Zhiyi loved me so much, but I didn’t cherish it~ She used to go so far to buy fresh ones for me? Ingredients, just for me? Make one? My favorite clear stewed mutton soup…”

    Chi Lin licked his teeth with the tip of his tongue, seemingly indifferent: “That’s a fart? Now she uses my kitchen every day. . “

    Shangguan Chen:”? in short, I’m sure his heart as long as I want Shang Chen, it was no less than. “??!

    pool Pro:” sucker sucker own blessing, come on. “

    Shang Chen:” You!” The

    prince strode away, and the assistant hurriedly followed.

    He looked from behind, Chi Lin’s back was walking smoothly.

    But looking at the hairy head, it is estimated that they are almost blown up.


    Xie Zhiyi came to the Chi family today, because I was going to make up for them as a Buddha who jumped over the wall.

    Tang Beiqing and Chi Xiangyang strongly condemned her and Chi Lin’s double pigeon dropping the New Year’s Eve that night, so Xie Zhiyi promised to make it up, and Chi Linmian embarrassedly accepted that they also washed their bowls.

    But after arriving at Chi’s house, she found that Chi Lin’s whole body was dabbing.

    He still habitually stood next to Xie Zhiyi to help record video material and lay hands, but he was obviously absent.

    Xie Zhiyi processed all the ingredients in the pot, put it in the steamer and covered it, then turned around and asked Chi Lin, “What’s the matter with you?”

    Chi Lin turned his face to the side, and said awkwardly, “I don’t want to Eat Buddha jumps over the wall.”

    Xie Zhiyi: “Huh?”

    This is the first time Chi Lin has expressed that he does not want to eat what she makes.

    However, Xie Zhiyi was inexplicably tolerant to him, “Then what do you want to eat?”

    Chi Lin glanced at her, then turned aside?, deliberately said: “I? Want to drink mutton soup.”

    “Ah?” Xie Zhiyi didn’t understand why he suddenly Want to drink this, “Mutton soup? It’s all right—”

    “What’s wrong?” Chi Lin glanced at her and lowered his head, “Didn’t you make it for Shangguan Chen.”

    His voice was small.


    Xie Zhiyi was hit instantly.

    Xie Zhiyi wondered if Shangguan Chen, the dog b, was forcing something in front of Chi Lin, and stretched out his hand and touched his head.

    “I? I don’t remember making soup for him a long time ago–and, I? It must have been awful at that time.”

    Chi Lin’s head subconsciously rubbed her palm.

    Xie Zhiyi: Ow.

    Chi Lin was completely healed by Xie Zhiyi.

    Shangguanchen’s embarrassing thing several times can only recall the past!

    The prince rallied, the eagle took off, and flicked his hair: “Is there anything else I can help?”

    Xie Zhiyi: “Just wait and eat. Your privilege.”

    Chi Lin finished listening, can’t wait? Wings fluttered directly. God.

    ——Shangguan should really listen to it! Ha ha ha ha!

    And Xie Zhiyi also scolded Shangguan Chen in his heart.

    According to the next trend, Shangguan Chen saw his heart clearly, and he wanted to start striding across the line of emotions, using his old-fashioned way of dominating the heroine to stimulate the heroine to express more love for him.

    And the running with the ball and the canary around him realized that the heroine really entered the heart of the hero, and it really affected their status. It was a bloody and bad thing? Qi Fei, a kidney digging car accident And so on.

    Stupid hero! stir up trouble!

    Xie Zhi thought, it’s really not a man’s morality!

    She just finished thinking like this when the system suddenly made a beep.

    “Ding——Congratulations to the host, the increase in the blackening value has reached the next stage of quantification, this time the drop of skill cards——[Male Deca].”

    Xie Zhiyi: “?”



    Shangguan’s house.

    Pei Ziyan is helping Shangguan Chen choose the clothes to wear later. She was taught this course at home, just to be able to be competent for the post of a wealthy wife, so the color matching, fabrics, matching watches, etc., all can’t go wrong.

    During this time, Shangguan Chen has also become accustomed to her service.

    But Pei Ziyan knew that she always had a high mountain opponent.

    Even if Shangguanchen didn’t say anything, everyone knew that he had that woman in his heart–

    After the last time, Pei Ziyan has fully understood the influence of Xie Zhiyi on Shangguan Chen. She was very clever and didn’t ask Shangguan Chen, or even blame him why he left herself in the nightclub and ran away.

    Pei Ziyan just silently did her job as a canary, and then planned how to destroy the gratitude in Shangguanchen’s heart.

    In order to marry Shangguan’s family, she did not hesitate to pay some price…

    Shangguanchen was looking at her dress in the mirror, and today Pei Ziyan chose the shirt that suits his wishes.

    The whole person is even more powerful, yet sexy.

    Pei Ziyan also looked at him with admiration very cooperatively, and then sorted the shirt buttons for him.

    But at this moment, Shangguan Chen suddenly paused.

    Then he seemed to be pressed on or off, the whole person restarted for a few seconds, and then looked at himself in the mirror, and suddenly said: “How can the shirt have two buttons on it?!”

    Pei Ziyan was stunned: ” Why? What’s the matter?”

    Shangguan Chen quickly buttoned all his buttons, and pulled up, “How can a good boy dress? So exposed!”

    Pei Ziyan: “…”

    Ah? ?

    What’s going on? Shangguan Chen seems to be wrong again?

    In the living room downstairs, Shangguan Wentian waited for Shangguanchen to go out together.

    He looked at Pei Ziyan behind Shangguanchen, and reluctantly accepted her escort. Although he despised the small family like Pei’s family, but fortunately, Pei Ziyan could take good care of him by Shangguanchen’s side, which was a bit useful.

    “Packed up? Let’s go.” Shangguan Wentian looked at his son.

    Shangguan Chen looked at his father up and down, and suddenly said, “Dad, you have to dress yourself up, after all, it is our man’s nature to love beauty.”

    Shangguan asked Tian: “What?”

    Shangguan Chen shook his head, seeming to be a little disappointed in his consciousness.

    Shangguan Wentian was terrified by Shangguan Chen-what’s wrong with his son?

    Before leaving the house, Shangguan Chen saw himself again in the full-length mirror at the hallway.

    He looked at his perfect facial features, but worries arose in his eyes.

    “Me? Why are you so good-looking?” Shangguanchen weakly thumped towards the mirror, “I? How can I attract bees and butterflies like this?”

    Shangguan Wentian collapsed: “My son! Where are you sick! Dad will take you to see!”

    Shangguan Chen Xiemei smiled: “I’m not sick, a man, my duty is the most important thing!”

    The author has something to say: male and male! Crooked Good!

    Happy April Fools’ Day everyone hahahahaha

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