Xie Weilan directly surprised the four.

    Not only Pei Ziyan, but everyone around was stupid. I didn’t expect Xie Weilan to let himself go like this.

    But fortunately, because Xie Weilan once blew himself up in a loudspeaker to give Shangguan Chen a “feat”, everyone was shocked for a while, and they were relieved.

    The fight between her and Pei Ziyan was naturally seen by everyone, and people silently thought, is this a new form of the rich family’s rivalry? Sure enough, it is a battlefield without gunpowder smoke-

    Xie Zhiyi: No.

    …I’m afraid this war will spread soon.

    The blackening value that this card can bring to her does not come from Xie Weilan, but from the people Xie Weilan talks to—for example, Pei Ziyan gave her a few hundred points.

    In a state of extremely low EQ, Xie Weilan didn’t think there was anything wrong with what she said. Her expression seemed to be a kind reminder.

    As the person directly charged, Pei Ziyan’s first reaction was to subconsciously touch the corner of her eye, and then her expression? It was even more ugly-this Xie Weilan? ? She is also a young lady anyway, how can you get such a thing? ? ?

    But she was very clever and did not show irritation. Instead, she turned to Shangguan Chen and whispered helplessly: “Brother Chen, this…Ms. Xie doesn’t like me.” I

    have to say, this set of tragic tricks It was also Xie Weilan’s strengths in the past, but now she has completely lost this function and directly advanced to the crazy straight ball mode.

    Sincerity is heartbreaking.

    “You still ask, do you feel embarrassed and want to change the subject?” Xie Weilan ridiculed directly.

    Xie Zhiyi applauded secretly: the top score is high.

    What’s more embarrassing than reminding others that there is eye feces, is chasing after others change the subject.

    This time, Pei Ziyan’s expression was really a bit awkward. She has always been very good at fighting in the wealthy women’s circle. This is the first time that she feels completely overwhelmed. Is Xie Weilan really a ruthless character? !

    She had to look at Shangguan Chen more pitifully, eager to cling to and ask for help, which really made me feel pity for the men present.

    And Pei Ziyan was brought by Shangguan Chen after all, Shangguan Chen must be in charge of others anyway!

    But to the surprise of all the onlookers, Shangguan Chen, who has always been domineering, did not speak out for her.

    His face tightened, he just gave Xie Weilan an implicit warning, and then he hugged Pei Ziyan to continue arranging flowers.

    Only Xie Zhiyi understood at the scene-Shangguan Chen was afraid.

    As a man who has experienced more unbelievable force majeure, Shangguan Chen, who has been known by Xie Weilan a lot of ulterior secrets, is more afraid than others that Xie Weilan will do something that shouldn’t be said.

    Xie Zhiyi smiled while arranging the flowers, thinking this card is simply wonderful.

    Although Pei Ziyan was a bit disappointed, she continued to discuss flower arrangements with Shangguan Chen very sensibly.

    Xie Weilan was a bit proud and jealous, and the flower arrangement class maintained the surface peace.

    Xie Zhiyi followed the most basic spiral bouquet method, overlapping the flower stems, looking for an angle from a counterclockwise direction, relaxing the tiger’s mouth to adjust the height of the flower branches, and finally making a bouquet neatly.

    After the completion, Xie Zhiyi was quite satisfied.

    She glanced at the phone, Chi Lin said he was on the road, and Xie Zhiyi replied: [The class is about to end. ]

    Chi Lin: [It’s okay. ]

    Xie Zhiyi hesitated for a while?, and typed a few words: [The flowers I made are for you. After

    receiving the news, Chi Lin stayed in front of the phone before reacting—thank you for sending him flowers? ! ?


    The prince was immediately excited, sitting in the back seat of the car, covering his mouth and coughing a few times.

    The assistant immediately asked with concern: “Master, your throat is uncomfortable?” The

    prince suffocated his expression: “It’s okay.”

    He? He couldn’t be more comfortable.

    But Chi Lin was excited for a while, and then suddenly thought–Is it right, he? He hasn’t sent Xie Zhiyi flowers yet!

    But I still want to know what flowers she wants to give herself.

    Chi Lin pretended to be cold and said to the assistant: “Drive faster.”

    Assistant:? ? How fast!


    Xie Zhiyi tapped on the phone screen after sending the message, and felt that it was too obvious whether she had a ghost in her heart-but the flowers she chose contained her heart, and she really wanted to give it to Chi Lin.

    At this time, Shangguan Chen, who was surrounded by Xie Weilan and Pei Ziyan, subconsciously glanced in the direction of Xie Zhiyi.

    Who will give her flowers…?

    Pei Ziyan noticed Shangguanchen’s gaze very keenly, and she silently looked up? That Xie Weilan’s sister. I have to admit that she is indeed a very beautiful person, but what is more noticeable is her temperament…

    She didn’t say anything in the whole flower arrangement class, just sitting quietly in the corner and doing her own thing. But I don’t know why, that person’s sense of existence is too strong to be ignored, not only Shangguan Chen next to him, but other people around him are also paying attention to her intentionally or unintentionally.

    Pei Ziyan’s eyes rolled slightly, and she was about to look away when she saw Xie Zhiyi in the distance suddenly raised her head.

    She caught the man’s clear eyes unexpectedly, seemingly with a slight smile and a slight apology-

    sorry? ? ?

    Pei Ziyan didn’t react at all, and the other party had already looked away with a faint smile. In these few seconds, Pei Ziyan found that she hadn’t suppressed at all, and she didn’t have time to react.

    When she recovered, she suddenly realized: Fortunately…Fortunately, this woman has no interest in Shangguan Chen.

    Pei Ziyan looked at Xie Weilan, who was approaching Shangguanchen with the bouquet, and quickly went over with her own work, “Wow, Miss Xie did really look good!” People

    around saw that she had just been attacked by Xie Weilan and she could still be so magnanimous. , Showing expressions of praise one after another.

    Xie Weilan nodded: “It’s really better than yours.”

    Pei Ziyan: “…”

    Xie Weilan looked at Shangguanchen: “So brother Achen doesn’t have to take her~~”

    Shangguanchen was contested by two women, showing a complacent expression. ?, leaning back slightly: “Tell me about the meaning of the flower you chose.”

    Pei Ziyan had prepared: “The red rose represents passionate love, and the flower language of the pink rose is the vow of love. I chose the crimson rose, meaning Yes… I just want to be with you.”

    Shangguanchen narrowed his eyes, took Pei Ziyan’s hand, and dropped a kiss.

    Xie Weilan was anxious when he heard it-they must all send flowers to love? The meaning of love! All the good words were snatched by Pei Ziyan, she had to bite the bullet and said, “I have a special meaning!”

    Shangguanchen raised an eyebrow with interest: “What is the meaning, let me hear it?”

    Xie Weilan pointed to her. The hyacinth in the middle of a handful of roses said, “In addition to my liking for my brother, I also hope that my brother is healthy!”

    Hearing the word “healthy”, Shangguan Chen’s nerves jumped sensitively without knowing where?.

    “The hyacinth’s flower language is to light the fire of life and enjoy a rich life together!”

    Shangguan Chen’s expression suddenly went wrong when he heard the “burning fire”.

    And Xie Zhiyi, the only person present who could understand this slogan, almost laughed: The fire of life would definitely remind Shangguan Chen of him? The little jj who was burned by the fire. Xie Weilan deserves to be the owner of ultra-low emotional intelligence.

    Shangguan Chen’s expression became cold, his tone low: “Xie Weilan!”

    You’d better not mention anything that shouldn’t be mentioned in public?!

    But he didn’t know, he had committed a big taboo without knowing it-the biggest feature of people with low EQ is that they can’t understand other people’s off-strings, and they have to dig into the roots.

    Xie Weilan: “What’s the matter, brother, I just hope you can be healthy and healthy, and your life goes smoothly! After all, you are going down?…”

    The people next to him, including Pei Ziyan, all pricked their ears-is there anything wrong with Shangguan Chen?

    Shangguan Chen didn’t know well, that the secret that only he? and Xie Weilan knew was about his lower half-length heroes, he? He definitely couldn’t let Xie Weilan, a brainless woman, reveal it!

    Just when the class bell rang, Shang Guanchen got up and slid away, not even caring about the canary around him.

    Xie Weilan yelled anxiously from behind: “Brother, don’t run so fast! Be careful to break the next side!”

    Everyone: “???”

    Isn’t it the same as the one I slept, the amount of information is a bit too big!

    Shangguan Chen turned around and roared: “It’s not bad to pull it!”

    Xie Weilan blinked blankly. What does it mean that it’s not broken?

    After thinking for two seconds, at the moment Shangguanchen finally escaped from the classroom, Xie Weilan figured it out.

    “Oh, because it was already burnt out!”

    Everyone: “!!!”

    Shangguan Chen almost hit the door.

    Social death +1.

    Xie Zhiyi stroked his palm in admiration.

    Blackening value +2000.

    That night, the topic of “Shangguan Chen is not good” was widely spread in the wealthy circle and even the Kimberleyton student circle.


    Chi Lin hurried to the school, and after getting off the bus, he strode to the flower arrangement classroom.

    The course is over, he did not appreciate the billowing gunpowder in this class, and the rival of social death in the gunpowder.

    He? He only saw Xie Zhiyi standing at the end of the corridor backlit, wearing simple clothes, but it seemed to be shining.

    With the back of her hands behind her, she could vaguely see the paper wrapping flowers. Chi Lin controlled the corners of his mouth, walked up to her, and said softly, “What you did hard in class, you really want to give it to me?”

    He stood facing the light, his angular face was slightly softened, look. There was a little more of a handsome boy.

    Xie Zhiyi nodded, and took out the back of the flower gift: “Really for you.”

    Chi Lin felt that his heart was beating too fast.

    It’s almost too late? I can hardly restrain myself from wanting to say it.

    Xie Zhiyi also looked at him seriously?: “Let’s see if you like it or not.”

    Chi Lin said “Yes” heartily, and looked down with joy:

    a large handful of brilliant chrysanthemums.

    Chi Lin: “…?”

    Xie Zhiyi was a little nervous-she actually had private goods!

    Although Xie Weilan and Pei Ziyan battle their meanings are very funny, but she can not help but think carefully about Huayu.

    Because it was sent to Chi Lin, she carefully selected this-double-petal aster.

    The meaning is, “I share sorrow and joy with you.”

    For Xie Zhiyi, this is her greatest love.

    Even if I am used to being alone, I would like to give you a little more time to share my mood with you, and to synchronize sorrow and joy.

    …That’s too much! !

    Chi Lin twitched the corners of his mouth, and finally raised his head, smiling a little helplessly: “I like it.”

    Xie Zhiyi let out a long sigh of relief: “That’s good!” After

    giving away Xie Zhiyi.

    The prince held a bunch of beautiful chrysanthemums and got in the car again.

    The assistant glanced at his yellow-orange-orange face from the rearview mirror, and asked carefully: “Master, do you need me to deal with this flower?”

    Chi Lin glared at him? One glance: “My things, you are not allowed Touch.”

    Assistant: …I didn’t want to touch either!

    Chi Lin first took the flowers to the company office and pulled out the fresh-cut jasmine that was in the original vase. He took a lot of photos of the flowers that Xie Zhiyi gave him, and then carefully opened them and put the flowers in a vase that had been re-watered.

    Then the prince turned on the phone and searched?.

    #给异性送花花What does it mean? #

    Really similar post online, quickly point into the temporary pool.

    I only see the bottom? Someone replied: [It depends on which chrysanthemum is sent, brother! Of course I think that since the girl is sending you flowers, it is definitely not meant to give you Qingming! ]

    Pool Pro deep that nod, it seems to really understand people like it!

    So he continued to look down? Look: [The chrysanthemum is also very beautiful! And many chrysanthemums have different meanings, such as marigolds and cornflowers! The meaning is nice and beautiful! Please don’t be discouraged~]

    Chi Lin looked at the flowers Xie Zhiyi gave him. He? He really didn’t know what kind of flowers it was, so he searched for it? The chrysanthemum that this person said on the Internet.

    Marigold, an annual herbaceous plant in the Asteraceae family.

    Huayu: Friendship?.

    Chi Lin: “…”

    He didn’t believe in evil, so he searched again? That cornflower.

    Cornflower, an annual or biennial herb of the Asteraceae family.

    Huayu: Single happiness.

    Chi Lin: “…Fuck.”


    Sending flowers is a science.

    Xie Weilan thought that he had chosen the wrong flower, and he didn’t get Shangguan Chen’s favor. Fortunately, Shangguan Chen didn’t even take Pei Ziyan’s flowers when he left, so he didn’t seem to like it.

    Pei Ziyan came from other provinces alone and could only rely on Guan Chen. But she is different, she has other high-quality resources of the opposite sex in her hands!

    Xie Zhiyi looked at Xie Weilan dressed up and ready to go out, feeling relieved.

    Xie Weilan lost her emotional quotient, but she gained happiness-when

    she went downstairs, Xie’s father scolded: “I don’t know what to go out to do every day, and I don’t look at what is like at home!”

    Xie Weilan is serious “Dad, don’t always be so angry. Scientific research shows that your sudden death rate like this will increase by 70%.”

    “You bastard?! Are you cursing your father?!”

    Xie Zhiyi was kindly upstairs. Watch Xie Weilan go away and explode where Xie’s father is.

    in a certain sense.

    Her sister turned out to be a little cute…?


    Xie Weilan went to find Yuan Feng.

    Xie’s family declined, seeing that she couldn’t be saved, she wouldn’t be like her stupid sister, running Weibo honestly, waiting for it to be realized one day.

    That’s too slow! She couldn’t support the life she wanted at all.

    Fu Jingyan was right, as long as he wants to open his mind, the road is easy to follow. Since Shangguanchen doesn’t cherish her, she won’t be so stupid as to defend herself as a jade for Shangguanchen!

    Yuan Feng can not only get her role back, but also allow the screenwriter to adjust the script and double her role!

    In this case, even if Yuan Feng is a bit perverted, she can still accept it.

    Hotel big room.

    Yuan Feng watched Xie Weilan come out, raised her chin and nodded on the bed, letting her put on the clothes he prepared.

    This Xie Weilan looks good, and he knows how to cooperate and praise him very well. Yuan Feng is quite satisfied with her overall.

    Although he is more interested in Xie Weilan’s sister, but this is still not annoying. Besides, the new one can also be played together…

    Yuan Feng smiled and hugged Xie Weilan and raised her chin, “Do you know what to do?”

    Xie Weilan nodded, man, there is always something he likes to listen to. set.

    On the big bed, the figures overlapped.

    Yuan Fengxie smiled and asked: “It’s not that big!”

    Xie Weilan lay flat: “It’s not that big.”

    Yuan Feng: “?!”

    No man can be challenged in bed, he? He thought it was the other person who was knowledgeable. , So he immediately performed a mighty operation, and finally ended sweating profusely.

    “Haha, uncomfortable?”

    If in normal times, other women would have leaned shyly in his arms and said something that men love to listen to. Xie Weilan wanted him, and of course he had to work hard to please him.

    Yuan Feng lit a cigarette and looked at Xie Weilan in the smoke, blushing and speaking.

    “Unhappy, I don’t feel much, that’s it?”

    Yuan Feng:? ? ?

    The cigarette in his hand fell and he burned his bare thighs.

    “Xie Weilan! Do you dare to say it again?!”

    Xie Weilan looked at him with a look of fear?: “Mr. Yuan, why are you angry? I’m just telling the truth? Tell me!”

    Yuan Feng almost fainted.

    “Don’t even think about entering my room in the future! Don’t even think about the script!” Yuan Feng put on his clothes and looked at her indifferently.

    Xie Weilan was a little anxious now, she didn’t know what went wrong, and Yuan Feng had promised her clearly before!

    “Mr. Yuan, I can make corrections wherever I don’t do well! I agree to whatever you say!”

    Yuan Feng calmed down his expression slightly, “Oh? Anything?”

    Xie Weilan nodded quickly: “Yeah.”

    Yuan Feng lowered his head, leaned close to her ear, and whispered: “Then you send your sister here.”

    Xie Weilan’s eyes widened.


    That evening, Xie Zhiyicha received a thousand-point blackening value from the male partner Yuan Feng, and was a little surprised.

    She and this person haven’t had a head-on move. Judging from the plot of the original book, this man should be the most sassy — not like Fu Jingyan’s sexy show. This Yuan Feng is probably used by the author to let himself go. The role is real? The color criticism.

    But since this character has begun to use the blackening value, it shows that the skill cards she put on other people have played a role-it is 80% possible that it is her sister’s “uprightness” that stimulated this person.

    And Yuan Feng’s involvement in the plot will become deeper and deeper.

    Tomorrow night is New Year’s Eve. According to the original plan, she will go to Chi Lin’s house to shoot a new video. Both Tang Beiqing and Chi Xiangyang will come. Caichi Lindu has already ordered it, so just make a main course thanks to Zhiyi.

    On New Year’s Day, Kimberlyton also has an annual event. Around zero o’clock, people will gather under the clock tower on the campus? Countdown together to welcome the new year.

    It’s been half a year since she came back, and she didn’t have the cool scripts of the past ten years, such as headwind, counterattack, and so on. She does tasks every day, brushes the black value, and engages in system creativity… The days are so fast. .

    Xie Zhiyi is looking forward to the New Year’s Eve.

    It’s just that she suddenly recalled that some important plots actually happened on New Year’s Eve in the original plot, and it was related to the male partner Yuan Feng.

    The female protagonist also participated in Shangguan Chen’s wealthy party during the New Year’s Eve. At that time Shangguan Chen brought Pei Ziyan and tried to make the female protagonist care about jealousy. On this day, Xie Weilan, who ran with the ball, also came back, and Tell him? I have his child!

    At this moment, Shangguan Chen was in chaos. And the one who came back with Xie Weilan was Yuan Feng, who had been with her during this time.

    Yuan Feng directly fell in love with the heroine, and teamed up with Xie Weilan to use some tricks to get the person into the hotel. In this period, although the hero himself did not admit it, he actually loved him. On the strong and gentle heroine who is always behind him.

    So when he heard that Xie Zhiyi was taken away by Yuan Feng, he immediately threw down the dribbling Xie Weilan and Canary Pei Ziyan, and went directly to the hotel, and finally protected the innocence of the heroine at the moment of the death.

    From then on, the hostess was even more unable to extricate herself from this scumbag.

    After Xie Zhiyi straightened out the plot line and the emotional line: “…”

    She can walk along the plot line, and the emotional line… Don’t endure Laozi!

    Xie Zhiyi will be treated as a tool man for supporting actors who are sent to the door. After all, even if she doesn’t need a skill card, she can beat up a perverted male partner, so she is not afraid at all.

    With a “dingdong” sound from the phone, it turned out to be a text message from Fu Jingyan.

    [Yuan Feng is asking about you, he? Not a good person. ]

    Xie Zhiyi raised an eyebrow.

    Even Fu Jingyan, such as Espy, certified Yuan Feng as not a good person, and Xie Zhiyi was really curious about him.


    New Year’s Eve day, several small groups gathered in the pool temporary home.

    Although Chi Lin was not quite satisfied with this, he thought that Xie Zhiyi would be more comfortable in this environment, and he could only tolerate the two light bulbs, Chi Xiangyang and Tang Beiqing.

    Xie Zhiyi asked: “So what do you want to eat in the New Year’s Eve?”

    This feeling of having a chef at home is so cool. A few men got together to discuss it, and finally decided: “Eat garlic lobster!”

    Xie Zhiyi thought that they would choose a higher degree of difficulty after discussing it for a long time. He was a little helpless: “This is not difficult to make.”

    Tang Beiqing said: “It’s okay! It’s delicious! And you can let the audience see, this. The blogger’s home is in good condition~”

    Xie Zhiyi: “Let’s do it at noon, and I’ll make a Buddha jump over the wall for dinner.”

    Chi Xiangyang: “Ooo!”

    Tang Beiqing: “I’m going to bring three kilograms of new length. New Year’s Eve!”

    Chi Lin followed Xie Zhiyi into the kitchen a step behind, and asked, “Are you tired if you do it at noon and night?”

    Xie Zhiyi raised his head and smiled, “I’m not tired.”

    Chi looked at her lips from a distance . His smile made his heart a little itchy, “Cough—then, what can I do for

    you— ” He? Before he finished speaking, he was interrupted by Chi Xiangyang’s throat: “Brother! I’ll be sent by you.” Why do you have chrysanthemums in your house after a few days of walking?!”

    Chi Lin turned his head annoyedly: “You he? Mom will look at it?! I won’t look at it by myself!”

    Xie Zhiyi raised his head and touched the tip of his nose. You put it at home?”

    Chi Lin turned his angry head back and lowered it down, “Of course, I’m still raising it.”

    Thank you for your mood? That’s good.

    It seems that the heart has been conveyed~ the

    system is skeptical: “Really?”

    … The

    Boston Lobster directly ordered a takeaway. Although it is not very big, but fortunately, the prince is embarrassed and bought a bunch.

    When Xie Zhiyi was cooking, Chi Lin held up the camera to help her take pictures, and from time to time, he would take a photo with his hands? Help her.

    For Xie Zhiyi, this dish is really not difficult. Soon, the lobster was steamed, the lid was lifted, and the garlic was scattered with a little milky flavor.

    Xie Zhiyi used a spoon to get a bit of lobster meat, turned back to Chi Lin behind the camera, and said naturally, “

    Open your mouth.” Chi Lin’s eyes looked at her from the camera, her heart beating wildly, and she opened her mouth uncontrollably to eat. Go down? Go.

    “It’s delicious?”

    “It’s delicious.”

    Xie Zhiyi smiled and nodded, “That’s good.”

    Chi Lin was silent for a few seconds before suddenly putting the camera down.

    The expensive prince lowered his head and said to her, “You were just for business–I want more.”

    Xie Zhiyi raised his eyes: “Huh?”

    Chi Lin opened his mouth: “Ah -“

    Xie Zhiyi’s eyelashes blinked. Blinked.

    His cold white skin hangs down? A crow-like eyelashes, it is hard to imagine that a person who is so irritable and frizzy would have such a good side.

    Xie Zhiyi gave him again? Feed him a spoonful.

    it’s so cute. she thinks.

    Woo, like a big, smooth bird.

    System: “…What kind of description is this!”


    The big lobsters at noon were swept away, and I can’t wait for the shrimp shells to be licked clean.

    Tang Beiqing slumped on the sofa with his belly in his arms, and easily edited a clip?-It happened to be the section where Xie Zhiyi was feeding the lobster meat to the camera.

    Xie Zhiyi sent this out, and the comments have risen sharply than last time.

    [Beauty beauty! Beauty, I am coming! ]

    [Help ah ah ah ah I die a sweet! ! ! 】

    【New Year I’m pointing to this gummies! ! ]

    [What about the good cooking video? ! Now it’s popular to trick dogs in and kill them? ? 】

    【I am willing to be killed! I want to see the photographer’s little brother! ! ! ]

    Xie Zhiyi and Chi Lin were sitting together, both of them were scanning her comment area, and both were restraining the smile on their lips.

    Xie Zhiyi: Is it a bit too obvious? It’s really bad.

    Prince prince: Sweet is right! ! Give it to you! ! !

    After reading Xie Zhiyi’s Weibo, she glanced at the real-time flow rate randomly, and found that it was maintained at a very stable +20/s with almost no fluctuations.

    So in the time of the big lobster, the quota for her next card was almost full.

    It’s… cool.

    There is no plan for the next afternoon. Since Xie Zhiyi said to make a big meal in the evening, today some of them have arranged to wait for the Buddha to jump over the wall in the evening to eat Xie Zhiyi.

    This dish is much more complicated than lobster. Xie Zhiyi went home first, and then went to the supermarket to purchase in the evening. Chi Lin said he would pick her up later.

    When Xie Zhiyi came out carrying the shopping bag and saw Xie Weilan standing by the roadside, she remembered the story of the original story.

    ——It seems that her sister is here to promote the plot.

    The old dog blood writing routine was also very low-level. During the period when Xie Weilan pretended to be talking to her, someone rushed over from behind and covered her face with something.

    Xie Zhiyi took a second to weigh the balance. She should be able to solve the problem before Chi Lin went to the supermarket, so before the cloth touched her face, she fell down with her breath.

    Xie Weilan caught her and said, “Sister, don’t blame me. What happened to you making a little sacrifice for my future? When I become popular, I can also arrange a few small roles for you, at least not to let you Can’t afford to eat!” The

    driver behind: “…Don’t fucking talk nonsense.”

    Xie Weilan: “Oh.”

    Xie Zhiyi lay in the car very awake, listening to Xie Weilan and the driver inquiring about Yuan Feng’s preferences, and gradually came to this. Men have also learned more.

    Finally, the car parked in secret at the back door of the hotel, Xie Zhiyi was held up by someone and sent to a presidential suite.

    She squinted slightly, wrote down the room number, and was sent in.

    “Mr. Yuan, I brought my sister–“

    Yuan Feng was wearing a bathrobe, holding a red wine glass, his eyes fell presumptuously on Xie Zhiyi’s face, and he felt his blood boil all over—

    “She is like love God’s work of art! This is what I have been looking for! So beautiful……”

    “Dip, Yuan Feng’s sentiment fluctuating detected? Blackening value +200”

    Xie Zhiyi closed his eyes, raised his eyebrows in his heart, thinking about this Brother can relax a little bit.

    Her next card will come out soon.

    But apparently Yuan Feng was getting more and more excited. He walked around Xie Zhiyi twice, and the system clanged and reported the number locally.

    Xie Weilan said: “Mr. Yuan, then, then I won’t bother–“

    “You stay too?” Yuan Feng’s eyes flashed with abnormal light.

    Xie Weilan: “Me? Should I stay? What are you doing here?”

    Yuan Feng smiled: “To help.”


    Xie Weilan went to take a bath.

    Only Yuan Feng and Xie Zhiyi were left in the room.

    His breathing became heavier and heavier, and his hands slowly fell to Xie Zhiyi’s face –

    at this moment, she opened her eyes.

    A pair of dark and clear eyes, looking at him without any fluctuations?.

    ——”Grass!” It was

    like a beautiful statue suddenly moved, and Yuan Feng immediately took two steps back in fright.

    Xie Zhiyi remained slumped on the sofa, but his eyes were looking at him.

    Yuan Feng was frightened for a few seconds, and then he also reacted. Maybe his subordinates did not work well, and the dose of medicine was not enough, which made her wake up!

    But it doesn’t matter, the body is still numb, so it is still a doll that can be manipulated at will.

    Yuan Feng faced her beautiful eyes and became even more sexually excited.

    “Woman, it doesn’t matter if you don’t know me. Tonight, I will let you know me well.”

    Xie Zhiyi heard the system prompt.

    “Ding! The increase in the blackening value reaches the next stage of quantification. The drop skill-[Water Spray], the card has free attributes, and the water spray ability can be obtained after holding the card.”

    Xie Zhiyi: Come again?

    What a gracious card face-

    but looking at the status quo, is the system for her own use? Yeah, this worm-on-brained Asby?

    After all, if it were given to Xie Weilan, wouldn’t it affect Xie Weilan’s low emotional intelligence? Skill card fights, that’s a shame.

    She could breathe fire and water, and she didn’t want to turn Xie Weilan into a rare animal.

    Looking at her thinking, Yuan Feng couldn’t help holding her white hand, “Remember my name. My name is Yuan Feng.”

    “Do you believe it?” Yuan Feng looked at her, his greasy lips fell. Next? Come on, “Look at me…you will get wet.”


    What wet?

    Xie Zhiyi raised her eyebrows suddenly.

    ——Inspiration is not here.

    Just when Yuan Feng’s lips were about to touch her, Xie Zhiyi suddenly pushed him away, and then stood up freely.

    “Spray the water card for this man.”

    “Dip-load successfully √”

    Yuan Feng: “You?! How can you still move?”

    Xie Zhiyi saw: “Puff–Puff–Puff–“

    He? His mouth turned into a watering can, squirting water squirtingly.

    Yuan Feng was stupid, covering his mouth with dementia–

    how could this be? ? How could he have so much saliva? !

    And Xie Zhiyi wiped off a drop of water accidentally splashed on the back of his hand with a wet tissue, and nodded calmly:

    “It’s really wet.”

    The author has something to say: Xie Weilan: Don’t be nervous! It’s ok! I have experienced it too!

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