video from Xie Zhiyi went viral.

    In the self-media industry, “face” is the primary productive force, and Xie Zhiyi’s face will attract fans when he appears on the scene. Most people will feel that they have dug up a treasure blogger when they see this plain makeup blogger even better than the celebrity. Wave.

    Then I looked at the details of the video, and found that there was sugar to pull out-as everyone knows, it’s shining? Xiu Enai is boring, and the sugar that I picked out with a magnifying glass is the sweetest!

    The treasure blogger is so rich! The kitchen utensils used are up to the level of a five-star chef!

    The photographer is so handsome! Strongly request the photographer brother to appear!

    Handsome and considerate and still have money! Where can I find such a boyfriend!

    Tang Beiqing said that everything is as he expected.

    Xie Zhiyi’s video was reposted by Tang Beiqing’s millions of accounts, and it was soaring. It was directly on the top of the food video rankings of the day. There were thousands of comments and nearly 10,000 likes.

    Chi Lin’s mood is also very good-so his existence will have such a big impact on Xie Zhiyi’s account? It seems that a lot of people assume that the blogger and the photographer’s brother are a pair——

    “Have you seen it, your fans are cueing me out,” Chi Lin coughed a few times and pretended to say naturally, “Don’t worry. I have contracted for the camera, and I can mention it if I need to appear on the camera.”

    He? After he finished speaking, he glanced at Xie Zhiyi, and saw that she did not respond, and added: “No money.”

    Tang Beiqing Star Eyes: “Then you can come to me for free. Is it open in the video?”

    Chi Lin: “Go away.”

    Tang Beiqing: “…”

    Xie Zhiyi looked at the uncompromising face of the prince, and was silent for a few seconds. To her, it was like a tool man spontaneously saying that she could have other functions, but she had a guilty conscience.

    …A little guilty.

    “Okay, well, let’s talk about it.”

    Chi Lin felt once again that his own? Christmas gift was a wonderful gift-in the future, Xie Zhiyi would have to make videos in his home kitchen, so wouldn’t he be able to participate?

    “You’re welcome, I want to eat anyway?” Chi Lin said.

    Tang Beiqing stared again: “Then I can participate every time~~”

    Chi Lin: “Give me to the old man.”

    Tang Beiqing: “…”

    Xie Zhiyi: “…Ok?.”

    Tang Beiqing thanked Zhiyi for the sake of eating. For the new product she will make in the future, she spontaneously began to help her plan: “You see it will be New Year’s Eve soon, and the bloggers in all districts will be open at that time, and you can also enjoy a wave of enthusiasm…”

    Chi Lin listened more seriously than Xie Zhiyi.

    After Tang Beiqing expressed his opinion, he finally asked: “So? You guys are going to spend the New Year’s Eve together, right?”

    Xie Zhiyi was stunned: “Huh?”

    Chi Lin’s eyes floated out: “Oh…I am nothing? Other things.”

    Xie Zhiyi said: “…that’s OK.” The

    two people each have a ghost in their hearts, and the wind is light on the face, only the flow of the real time is so real.

    After leaving Chi’s house, Xie Zhiyi checked the blackening value and the new skill card that had been brushed during this period of time.

    I didn’t listen carefully just now, and I studied it again, only to find that this [Emotional Intelligence Card] was quite interesting? Don’t say anything else, just choose [High Emotional Intelligence]? That’s enough to be able to do well in all social situations or interpersonal relationships, even if she has worked outside for ten years, she may not be able to do so.

    But Xie Zhiyi knows that improving EQ is not hers? Just need it, after all, it is enough now.

    However, choosing [low EQ] can produce good results—especially in the ensuing battle of wealthy dogs.

    Xie Zhiyi thought about the use of this card as he walked home.

    Finally, she thought for a moment that this card was swiped out by the prince, so she couldn’t help but spurned herself: How could this be done? It used to be just greedy for others? Blackening value-

    now still greedy for others? Body? ?

    Are you real? Don’t talk about martial ethics.


    Because of Tang Beiqing’s relationship, the wealthy circle also saw the video of Xie Zhiyi.

    In addition to the high popularity that surprised them, what is even more striking is that they all recognized the one who made the video? It was the prince! And the filming location is not Xie’s house at all, maybe Chi Lin is giving Xie Zhiyi his kitchen!

    Xie Weilan felt Chi Lin’s unconsciously indulgent attitude towards Xie Zhiyi in the video, and couldn’t help but his eyes were red with blood. It was obvious that her sister had only been back from the country for a few years. Why? She can hold a man’s heart! ?

    And Shangguan Chen’s closest mind was taken away by that little bitch Pei Ziyan!

    This woman from other provinces is not simple, she looks soft and weak, but she is very capable of grasping a man’s psychology! In fact, according to her investigation, the Pei family’s family background is not rich. According to reason, she can’t be favored by Shangguanchen’s parents.

    But she doesn’t know what tricks she used, and she can coax Shangguanchen to have it in just a few days. Inseparable from her tendency, take her everywhere, don’t you know? I thought she was a canary raised by Shangguan.

    Xie Weilan’s face twisted with anger. If it weren’t for the last time…her? Maybe she already had Shangguanchen’s child in her stomach, then she would have the confidence to face Pei Ziyan? Much!

    Her mentality is out of balance, so she is more and more self-confident. In the past, when facing Xie Zhiyi, I also paid attention to the superficial? Sisters’ affection. Now I see Xie Zhiyi more frankly.

    On the second floor of the Xie’s house, Xie Weilan stopped Xie Zhiyi: “Sister, don’t you? Really? Think you can be with Chi Lin?”

    Xie Zhiyi rarely paused in front of her, showing a trace of hesitation.

    She is so unpredictable? Is it obvious? ? ?

    Xie Weilan raised her red lips and smiled, “I said it for your own good. After all, you also know that you are inferior to Chen Beibei in all aspects?”

    Xie Zhiyi raised his eyebrows.

    Although she lacks experience, she also knows that if the other party does not have a boyfriend or girlfriend relationship, she can compete fairly.

    If you like it, you can chase it.

    System: “…”

    It? Really? The first time I saw what I thought was so open? Romance heroine!

    Xie Zhiyi nodded to Xie Weilan, “I won’t bother you, sister.”

    Xie Weilan’s expression was dark, she looked at Xie Zhiyi’s relaxed and determined attitude, uncomfortable, “Sister, are you the most popular online.” So high, must be very confident, right?”

    Xie Zhiyi “harmed”: “It’s all luck.”

    Xie Weilan clenched his fists: Why? She doesn’t have this luck!

    Because of the inexplicable fire-breathing some time ago, the progress of her filming in the crew has been delayed a lot. After rushing back to the crew, the director directly replaced her!

    In order to keep her role, she had to seek help from an investment boss in the circle through Fu Jingyan’s introduction.

    ——”Although I don’t have confidence in your ability, but if you serve this person well, your future will be smooth.” This is what Fu Jingyan said.

    So Xie Weilan went out.

    The next day, when Xie Zhiyi looked at the strange man who appeared in the living room, his eyebrows raised in surprise.

    Xie’s father and Xie’s mother are already warmly entertaining the guests: “Oh, it turns out to be the investor of Weilan’s drama, Mr. Yuan is fortunate to be here!”

    Investors? Mr. Yuan?

    Because of the emergence of a new role, the system detector has played a role for a long time.

    Xie Zhiyi could perceive that the man in the distance had a very high rate of return on the blackening value. If you insist on comparison, it should be about the same as Fu Jingyan.

    In the plot of the original book? There is indeed such a male partner-Yuan Feng, the big man in the circle who was attracted by the female partner Xie Weilan to make trouble for the female lead. This person’s status in the circle is higher than Fu Jingyan’s. In fact, he has leaked some resources to Xie Weilan, and also helped Xie Weilan

    . As for Yuan Feng, why do you want to help Xie Weilan, because he has a special habit. abnormal.

    When Xie Weilan approached him?…I was pregnant.

    There is no lack of content in the original description (Jinjiang can’t write it in detail). In short, Yuan Feng, a perverted male and female protagonist, also became interested. He was one of the promoters of the plot when the female protagonist was framed for kidney digging in the later period.

    Xie Zhiyi stroked his chin. It seems that with the continuous progress of the plot, these late important roles are all appearing, and her task must also speed up the progress.

    She noticed Yuan Feng’s sight on her, and went upstairs without lingering too much.

    Yuan Feng asked Xie Weilan next to him: “Is that your sister? Why? Don’t you come to have dinner?”

    Xie’s father and Xie’s mother said a little embarrassingly: “She has a bad personality, Mr. Yuan, don’t mind…”

    Yuan Feng smiled. , His eyes were torn from Xie Zhiyi’s back, “How come?”

    A pair of similar faces? Twin sisters.

    …It’s too late for him to be interested.

    Upstairs, Xie Zhiyi looked down at the new tool man who had brushed his blackening value.

    What do you say?

    Your sorrow will finally become a stab at you.

    What kind of attack will this male match? Withstand her attack?


    Kimberliton campus.

    Shangguanchen entered the classroom with a high profile, with a new beauty beside him, and immediately caught the attention of all the students in the school.

    “Hey, look at it, Shangguanchen has changed people!”

    “I heard that the Shangguan’s dinner party was for the selection of a daughter-in-law? This is not?

    It’s— ” “It’s possible! People who want to marry Shangguanchen must be very good.” More!”

    Pei Ziyan pulled Shangguanchen’s sleeves, looked around, and said sheepishly: “Brother Chen, it’s not good, I think the classmates are watching us…”

    Shangguan Chen said. I like her very much recently, Pei Ziyan asked him to finally get rid of the shadow that Xie Weilan brought to him.

    Hearing that, he? He bowed his head and smiled domineeringly: “Be my? Woman, you have to bear the eyes of others?”

    “But do you think that Shangguanchen has become beautiful?”

    “Same feeling! I don’t know why?, I feel like he can be our Kimberlyton’s school flower…”

    Pei Ziyan can indeed bear the eyes of others, but she heard these whispers: “…” I

    have to say that she often has this in front of Shangguan Chen. The feeling of being surprised and even embarrassed-this man’s? Beauty seems to surpass science and surpass everything, but it is absolutely beautiful!

    Forget it, Pei Ziyan thought, how would it feel to be in love with a sister when being with Shangguanchen?

    As long as the thing under Shangguanchen is good? It makes sense for her to marry Shangguanchen?!

    Shangguanchen took Pei Ziyan directly to the classroom, and today there is an elective course in tea art.

    Xie Zhiyi had already arrived in the classroom. Chi Xiangyang came over and sat beside him. Together, the two saw Shangguan Chen and Pei Ziyan walking in.

    “Fuck?” Chi Xiang? Yang yelled, “So beautiful!”

    Xie Zhiyi was also looking over there, “That girl?”

    Chi Xiang? Yang: “I said Shangguan Chen.”

    Xie Zhiyi was silent for a moment and almost forgot. Does the male lead have absolutely beautiful? The female lead halo.

    Chi Xiang? Yang looked suspicious of his life with the same style as his brother: “How could I? Think that Shangguan stupid looks beautiful? Am I dirty? My eyes are dirty!”

    Xie Zhiyi: No, no, it’s not necessarily true .

    Xie Weilan sat with her little sisters, watching Shangguan Chen hug Pei Ziyan, and Pei Ziyan’s face was complacent, and her face was suddenly distorted.

    Zhao Xinyue

    whispered next to him: “The Shangguan actually brought this woman to school…” Zhu Yujie tweeted: “Looking at this little bird as a human being, it looks like a bird with him? I am willing.” The

    boys next to each other agreed.

    Xie Weilan looked ugly-she would never allow Pei Ziyan to invade Kimberlyton!

    And Shangguan Chen’s eyes fell on Xie Zhiyi who intentionally or unintentionally, and several times back and forth, Pei Ziyan was keenly caught.

    That woman—

    somewhat similar to Xie Weilan, should be the eldest daughter of the twin daughters of the Xie family. But today, she is obviously better than Xie Weilan in terms of facial features, temperament and all aspects.

    It turned out… Xie Weilan was not afraid at all, it was this person that Shangguan Chen really cared about.

    Right now, Shangguanchen’s entire social circle in this city is here. For Pei Ziyan, this is the most important one. She must first stabilize Xie Weilan and cover her sister’s limelight!

    At the beginning of the class, Xie Weilan actively demonstrated his knowledge of flower arrangement, and Pei Ziyan was not to be outdone.

    After half a class, the two are already fighting in secret, but on the surface they respect each other very much.

    “Yeah, Miss Pei, the color of your flower seems a bit abrupt. I chose it for you? This one should be better~”

    “Thank you~ But I want to give this flower to Brother Chen. The color is now It matches him well with today’s clothes.”

    Xiao Bailian met Xiao Lvcha and met his opponents. Shangguan Chen obviously enjoyed the scene of being contested by two women.

    Xie Zhiyi saw Pei Ziyan offline for the first time, and obviously felt that her rank was higher than that of his sister. Moreover, she has never blew a truck or breathed fire in front of Shangguanchen, so she is naturally more favored by Shangguanchen right now.

    It seems that she can still add fire to their struggle…

    Xie Zhiyi was watching the battle while arranging flowers, and suddenly, the phone entered a WeChat account.

    Chi Lin: [Did you go to Chi Xiang? Yang for those flower arrangement lessons? ]

    Xie Zhiyi: [Yes,

    I’m on it] Chi Lin: [Wait for me, I’ll go over immediately. ]

    Xie Zhiyi: [? Why are you here?

    The news from Chi Lin was quick and open: [I definitely want to go if you go. ]

    Xie Zhiyi:?

    She paused and cut a section accidentally.

    Xie Zhiyi thought: Is it because I have a ghost in my heart, so what do I look for? I have no ulterior motives?


    Why am I blushing?.

    Xie Zhiyi slapped the wind with his hand, and then continued to look up and watch the war between sisters and sisters.

    In this moment, the battle has reached a white-hot stage.

    And Pei Ziyan is still paying attention to Xie Zhiyi intentionally or unintentionally, while slinging and thanking Weilan, while holding a gun with a stick to cue Xie Zhiyi.

    “Xie family? Daughter seems to have a great artistic accomplishment of it, although I have not heard before, but the Xie family must be very foundation of it?”

    “Miss Pei Miuzan, parents? I really carefully cultivated In ten years, my sister has done a lot of tutoring in recent years.”

    “Huh? But I think Miss Xie’s? My sister has a very good temperament. I thought that Xie’s family is partial to sister in cultivation~~”

    Xie Zhiyi thought. With a sigh, sure enough, the female partner and the female partner? The flames of war will surely affect the female lead, and it is obvious that Xie Weilan can’t say that Pei Ziyan.

    “Canary” versus “run with the ball”, both sides must be evenly matched to be worthy of attention.

    As a sister, she must not help her sister?

    Xie Zhiyi made a decision while choosing flowers, knocking on the system: “Use skill card.”

    System: “Host, please select [High/Low] and the target to use.”

    Xie Zhiyi: “I choose low EQ and send Xie Weilan.”

    System: “…Okay?”

    Here, Ziyan Pei is still steadily stabilizing Xie Weilan, “I think Miss Xie’s flower arrangement style, although a bit crude, but it is natural and unpretentious, very much like you. “

    In this elegant? Art class, what everyone said? No matter how bitch, they are gentle.

    But at this moment, the system said, “Dip-[Ultra-low EQ card] successfully loaded √”

    Xie Weilan raised his head, and the newly organized language suddenly disappeared from his mouth.

    She looked at Pei Ziyan, her eyes were straightforward, and she looked a little hairy at the other party.

    At this moment, in the elegant atmosphere, Xie Weilan suddenly said “Huh”.

    All people’s eyes are focused here.

    Xie Weilan looked at Pei Ziyan and said, “Naturally and unpretentiously”:

    — “Ah, you have shit at the corner of your eyes!”

    Xie Zhiyi closed his eyes.

    High-end giants struggle often only need the simplest? Cooking…no, dialogue.

    Pei Ziyan’s face turned green.

    The author has something to say: Ultra-low EQ fires: All members die, don’t run!

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