Chi Lin almost threw up, and immediately regretted his decision to come over and have a look.

    He was in name to meet the demands of his family, but in fact, he was also to observe the social layout of Shangguan’s family up close, so as to grasp the direction of business.

    But he didn’t expect that he could see such a weird picture.

    After seeing Chi Lin, Fu Jingyan immediately became sober, and quickly let go of Shangguan Chen.

    He didn’t know why this happened—Shangguanchen clearly saw him as a love rival who had problems with andrology and couldn’t stand up to it.

    But I don’t know why, tonight, all those hostility disappeared, and the man in front of him…inexplicably pleasing to his eyes.

    In fact, Chi Lin also noticed something wrong with Shangguan Chen.

    He quietly took a photo and turned his hair to Xie Zhiyi: [Do you think Shangguan Chen is different? ]

    Xie EENOW Pro also do not know the pool scene, this case touches someone can help her acceptance of the outcome.

    She knowingly asked: [Where is it different? ]

    Chi Lin hesitated for a minute.

    Then I sent a WeChat message: [Change, become beautiful? ? ? ]

    Three question marks are enough to reflect his confusion, but Shangguan Chen is really beautiful and disgusting? ?

    Xie Zhiyi almost laughed when he received this news.

    It seems that the “absolute beauty” of the heroine halo is really absolute enough. This beauty can transcend gender and prejudice and directly stimulate everyone.

    Now on Shangguan Chen, the heroine’s halo has been superimposed on three layers,

    she is absolutely beautiful and moving, coupled with the weak Liu Fufeng temperament, and then reconciles a touch of graceful fall on the ground- what kind of fairy heroine is this~~

    Xie Zhiyi originally felt that if he could give up the heroine status to Xie Weilan, everyone would be very happy. But now think about it, it is the most practical and effective to make the male lead become the female lead.

    She no longer dislikes the heroine halo card tasteless, Modamodo, thank you thank you!

    Chi Lin received her reply: [You said that, it seems that Shangguan Chen is a bit beautiful. ]

    He immediately corrected: [It’s greasy! After the

    prince sent the message, he raised his head and looked at the two of them, and sneered: “Climb for the Lord.”

    Shangguan Chen snorted coldly from his nose, tidied himself up, and then said, “I don’t know what? Feng Bachi. The young master is blowing here? It really makes me shine in Shangguan’s family.”

    Chi Lin smiled, and raised his chin proudly: “I know.”

    Shangguan Chen’s face was heavy, and Fu Jingyan also squinted slightly.

    It is rare that all three men happen to be present.

    For Xie Zhiyi, Chi Lin seems to have clearly gained the upper hand in this competitive relationship that no one recognizes but actually exists.

    Moreover, the two of them seemed to have lost face in front of Chi Lin more or less. Shangguan Chen missed tennis and Fu Jingyan hiccups on the spot-so much so that both of them fell in front of Chi Lin.

    Of course Chi Lin knew this fact too. He curled his lips and looked at Shangguanchen: “Oh, yes, I thanked you for complimenting you just now.”

    Shangguanchen suddenly raised his sword eyebrows, and his eyes showed the complacency that I expected. The color. Those weird feelings just disappeared, and he regained his glory.

    “I did send her a photo just now, why—what did she say?” Shangguan Chen tidyed up his tie with his slender fingers.

    “Oh,” the prince said naturally, “she praises you for your beauty.”

    Shangguan Chen: “…”

    Fu Jingyan on the side was also silent: “…”

    This… indeed.

    Other men and women who were observing secretly also felt sure.

    Xie Zhiyi received a reminder: “Blackening value +1000”



    Wait? When Xie Weilan hurriedly arrived with his skirt, he thought he would see Shangguan Chen surrounded by a bunch of Yingying and Yanyan, but he did not expect to see many young talents around him.

    Xie Weilan breathed a sigh of relief–it really was the man she was after! Brother Achen will not indulge in women, but is busy expanding contacts and socializing!

    After Xie Weilan walked in, the daughters who were present were looking at her. Xie Weilan naturally felt these gazes too. She straightened her hair and raised a gentle and charming smile.

    After all, she was the only woman present who had slept with Shangguan Chen, and Xie Weilan had an absolute advantage in this regard.

    “You are Miss Xie?” A voice sounded from behind.

    Xie Weilan turned around and saw a strange and beautiful woman, who thought she should have come from another province.

    “My name is Xie Weilan, are you…?” Her tone was just the right sense of superiority.

    Pei Ziyan looked at this woman who had a close relationship with Shangguan Chen in the intelligence, and was even called the Kimberlyton Goddess Goddess, with a bit of disdain on her face-but that’s it.

    She is here? She is carrying the mission of the family. Although Shangguanchen is a little sister, but he looks good. The most important thing is that he has the rich financial resources and strength of the Shangguan family behind him-Pei Ziyan is bound to win!

    “My name is Pei Ziyan,” her eyes were aggressive. “Just now when you were away, I had already talked to Young Master Shangguan. He said he wanted to help me sober up.”

    Xie Weilan instantly entered the state of preparation and covered his mouth with a smile. : “Brother Achen has always been so caring, I like him for that.”

    Pei Ziyan glanced at her: “But unfortunately, I heard that your Xie family’s industry has a big problem. It is unlikely that Shangguan family will marry you?~”

    Xie Weilan’s face suddenly paled, and then sneered. Said: “Oh, it seems that you also want to marry into the Shangguan family, so let’s learn more about the situation.” The

    two of them had a meal with each other, and their expressions were not very good-looking.

    The wealthy dinner is still in progress.

    The host took control of the scene for a while and focused the attention of everyone present, and then Shangguan Wentian walked to the high platform in the center of the venue amidst applause. It was time to give a speech.

    “I would like to thank you all for admiring your face and attending the dinner hosted by my Shangguan’s house. Here? I want to thank you

    all …” Everyone’s eyes were focused on that side, only Chi Lin was standing in the corner eating the snacks of the dinner while being picky. Called Xie Zhiyi: “They did this far worse than you!”

    Xie Zhiyi smiled: “I can eat and eat.”

    Chi Lin: “Shangguan foolishly forced his dad to take the stage to give a speech. It is estimated that he is going to be married -“

    Xie Zhiyi I think that the term “marriage” is really correct, it is the socialist version of “selecting a concubine”.

    Chi Lin thought, and suddenly said: “Hey, I’ll just broadcast it to you.”

    Xie Zhiyi: “Huh?”

    And the voice call over there has been changed and turned into a video call. Xie Zhiyi was out of curiosity, so he clicked to answer. Pass.

    After connecting, Chi Lin immediately turned the small window of Xie Zhiyi into a big screen.

    Xie Zhiyi stayed at home? She was dressed casually, her hair was clipped in a shark clip very homely, her hair was loose, but she was still pretty.

    Xie Zhiyi looked at the camera and smiled: “It’s quite clear.”

    Chi Lin was watching her on the screen, unconsciously wanting to laugh: “Yes.”

    After a few polite sentences, Shangguan Wentian over there turned the topic to the focus of tonight, “My son Shangguanchen, he is 21 years old, and he will reach the legal marriage age in one year. As a parent, I naturally hope that he will be happy. The children have a happy marriage. And our Shangguan Group will definitely help the little family with everyone, so that the children can be happy!”

    Outside the court, Xie Zhiyi couldn’t help but applaud him with everyone, and was able to “choose a concubine” “Such awe-inspiring righteousness, he deserves to be his father.

    Shangguanchen stepped onto the stage amidst the applause of the crowd, and the spotlight chased him all the way.

    He knew that his father would definitely praise him in front of everyone. Shangguan Chen patrolled the faces of the ladies underneath with confidence, and raised his chin slightly—

    “This is my son, Shangguan Chen, excellent and motivated, both civil and military– “Shangguan Wentian looked at Shangguan Chen with satisfaction. He was about to continue to introduce the advantages of his personality and appearance, but he didn’t know why he suddenly got stuck.

    Shangguanchen: “?”

    Then Shangguan asked Tian to pause for a few seconds, and continued to praise: “He, he has a gentle and generous personality, and he is beautiful!”

    Shangguanchen: “…??”

    He has listened countless tonight. The word “beautiful” is all over! ! What is going on in this world? ! Isn’t he the most handsome and domineering man? !

    Everyone at the scene felt that something was wrong, but looking at Shangguanchen’s face, it seemed that there was no problem. In the end, they could only applaud unanimously.

    Off the court Chi Lin smiled so much that the forks dropped, “Is this the fuck looking for Shangguan Chen’s husband?”

    Xie Zhiyi also smiled: “Isn’t it impossible?”

    She watched the whole process of Chi Lin’s live broadcast and saw Shangguan Chen. The splendid complexion has been harvested to the blackening value that lasts for several waves, and his heart is very comfortable.

    Just when she was about to ask Chi Lin to turn off the video, a female voice suddenly came next to her.

    “Excuse me… are you Chi Lin, Master Chi?”

    Originally, Chi Lin was holding his mobile phone, but after turning around, he happened to be facing the person who was talking.

    The other party showed a smile, “Fortunately, the name of Young Master Jiuyangchi. I am the daughter of the Pei family in province b, and my name is Pei Ziyan.”

    Xie Zhiyi also heard the girl’s name, and met her face again, remembering-Pei Ziyan , Is another important appearance in the later stage of the article? Want a female partner!

    It can also be said that it is another war fighter who is carrying the bloody plot next to the male protagonist Shangguan Chen.

    If Xie Weilan shoulders the story of running with the ball, then Pei Ziyan is playing the overlord’s favorite canary. But in comparison, Pei Ziyan’s EQ and rank are slightly higher than Xie Weilan.

    During the time Xie Weilan ran with the ball, the charming and sexy Pei Ziyan filled Shangguanchen’s [BEEP] life, and as the overlord’s pampered canary, she was repeatedly brought to the heroine to deal damage.

    And after Xie Weilan came back, the two people fought again and contributed a lot of bloody plot.

    Didn’t expect Pei Ziyan to be on the stage now? Xie Zhiyi stroked his chin.

    Chi Lin was obviously not interested in her, and was very rude: “Who are you.”

    Pei Ziyan pursed her lips. Obviously, this man hadn’t listened to her self-introduction at all.

    But this was Chi Lin, the prince of the Chi family. The financial resources of the Chi family did not lose to that of the official family, and in the intelligence, Chi Lin himself had a very good business acumen, and naturally belonged to the target Pei Ziyan wanted to contact.

    It’s a pity that the Chi family has no sign of marriage, and I heard that the older generation of the Chi family has a favorite person in their hearts…

    She smiled and intends to introduce herself again, but she was caught as soon as she said the word “I”. Interrupted: “Who are you?”

    Xie Zhiyi recognized this voice immediately-Chen Beibei.

    Chi Lin felt his head hurt.

    With so many women together, all but annoying is annoying.

    Miss Chen glanced at Pei Ziyan and said, “Why haven’t I met you? Are you and Chi

    Linshu ?” Pei Ziyan also found that the other party was someone she couldn’t touch, and left the scene with a grin.

    Chen Beibei looked at Chi Lin: “Would you rather run to someone else’s banquet and chat with the girl than go back to Chi’s house to accompany grandpa to dinner?”

    Chi Lin really convinced this woman with a fierce and impatient expression: “You Take care of Lao Tzu? Don’t bother me in the future.”

    He turned around and walked away, looking down at the phone screen as he walked. He was still connected to the line of thanks.

    “Hello? Don’t listen to her nonsense—”

    Before she finished speaking, she suddenly realized that Xie Zhiyi had died.

    Xie Zhiyi has always been gentle and polite, and sometimes even has a sense of maturity beyond age.

    This was the first time she treated him so impolitely.

    Chi Lin was stunned.

    … The

    whole dinner finally ended in an atmosphere that could not be described as weird.

    Shangguanchen received countless praises for his “beauty” in the audience, and exchanged views with many girls on skin care, fitness, and cosmetics, and his face was stiff.

    And at this time,

    Xie Weilan, who had been waiting for a long time, finally found the right time, and greeted him weakly and pitifully. “Brother…” As soon as Shangguan Chen saw Xie Weilan, he immediately ptsd, subconsciously wanted to cover his lower body, “You!”

    Xie Weilan Hurriedly said: “I won’t be like that anymore! Brother, other women don’t understand, only I understand you…”

    Shangguan Chen thought of what happened all night, and suddenly realized that he lost his masculine charm, maybe because of the present. This woman! The man who hurt him at all!

    Because he can’t stand up anymore, he also lost his hormonal attraction!

    “It’s all caused by you!” Shangguan Chen’s face was twisted.

    Xie Weilan stared at him blankly: “How come you look so beautiful when you are angry…”

    Shangguanchen collapsed: “Shut up! Shut up!”

    He escaped all the way out of the banquet hall and walked to the parking space outside the hotel, but he watched. In the next car window? Fu Jingyan’s face.

    Fu Jingyan hesitated and asked: “Should you…send you home?”

    Shangguan Chen was angry: “I don’t need it! I have a car!!”

    The world is crazy!

    Fu Jingyan looked at the back of him away, and thought: Reject me, what a shame.

    Interesting ……


    The next day, the pool house.

    The live event of the dinner party the previous day was widely circulated in the circle. Tang Beiqing came to Chi Lin with gossip and work, but found that the prince was not in his heart.

    Chi Lin changed countless positions on the sofa, and Tang Beiqing felt that there was a fire under his buttocks. “Prince, what happened to you?”

    Chi Lin straightened up, holding his arms, and asked with a serious face: “You said, Xie Zhiyi…”

    Tang Beiqing said with a clear look: “I knew it.”

    Chi Lin: “Isn’t you jealous?”

    Tang Beiqing: “…?”

    Chi Lin told him about what happened last night. .

    Tang Beiqing pondered for a while, and objectively said: “I think people might think you are noisy.”

    Chi Lin: “Damn, get out.”

    Although he also felt that Xie Zhiyi didn’t want to be jealous. But when he thought of this possibility, he couldn’t help but jump a little bit.

    …What if?

    “Isn’t it time for lunch, order something to eat and let Xiao Yi come over and eat together~”

    Chi Lintong ordered a takeaway from a five-star hotel, and was a little worried after the order, “There is no legitimate reason to call her.”

    Tang Beiqing sighed.

    Men who fall in love are all fools.

    “Just ask her if the last video was posted, and it’s normal for everyone to be friends and eat delicious food together!”

    Chi Lin was a little nervous inexplicably.

    When Xie Zhiyi received the invitation, he had just updated his Weibo and then sorted out the plot.

    Since Pei Ziyan’s appearance has been advanced, it shows that the rhythm of the whole article has changed. But in the current situation of Shangguanchen, I don’t know if the original canary can be established. After all, Shangguanchen himself can be a canary.

    At present, her blackening value totals nearly 40w. As far as Xie Zhiyi is concerned, this speed is not slow.

    At the time, the unreachable one million blackening value task had been completed 40%, and then even if she didn’t need a skill card and stayed with the prince for a year, she probably wouldn’t be able to bring kidney failure.

    ……It just doesn’t seem appropriate to stay with Chi Lin all the time.

    After Xie Zhiyi hung up the phone last night, I also felt that I was not polite, but I didn’t explain too much.

    After all, she doesn’t even know why at a certain moment? Will it cause subtle annoyance.

    Xie Zhiyi changed clothes casually and went to Chi Lin’s house with his pockets.

    “Hi, Yiyi~ The prince’s treat today is French food~”

    Tang Beiqing greeted her warmly.

    Xie Zhiyi greeted the two of them with an expression as usual, pulled the chair away and sat down.

    Chi Lin sat next to her, secretly observing Xie Zhiyi’s expression, looking very calm and calm.

    Tang Beiqing motioned to him with his eyes: Look, I’m right!

    Chi Lin’s face is stinky: Shut up and eat your meal!

    The prince was a bit discouraged again.

    “By the way, when did you post that video?” Tang Beiqing looked at Xie Zhiyi expectantly.

    Xie Zhiyi swallowed the food and said, “I have to take a closer look.”

    Her account has reached hundreds of thousands of fans. Last time, she had a wave of facial value, and the current fan stickiness is not bad. Because the video last time was a long one, it would reveal more information, so Xie Zhiyi is still considering whether to post it.

    Tang Beiqing said, “Let’s watch it together~”

    Xie Zhiyi : “Okay ? Ah.”

    After dinner, they sat side by side on the sofa and opened the video together.

    At the beginning, it was the posing of the finished product. From the color to the shooting angle to the bgm selection, they were all very professional. After that, I took a slightly casual shot, with a very strong atmosphere of life.

    This part was shot by Chi Lin, and his voice was still preserved in the middle.

    “Do you want sugar?”

    A slender, white, well-knotted hand appeared in the camera, and the camera shook and stabilized. The girl who was taking care of it raised her hand to pick it up, and there was a kind of tacit understanding between the two.

    However, Xie Zhiyi raised his head again within a second, and smiled at the person behind the camera: “This is salt–“

    Chi Lin covered his mouth.

    Is it here?

    —Sweet to death—Damn—

    Xie Zhiyi also pressed his lips silently.

    I didn’t feel it when I was alone in a room, but when I looked at it from a third perspective, I suddenly felt the sense of Su of the prince, and the bright smile on her face that she hadn’t noticed.

    There are several similar shots in the whole video. Although Chi Lin did not show his face throughout the entire video, you can feel that there is a handsome guy who is cooking with you.

    At this moment, the two of them are sitting on the sofa together, with their legs and arms touching.

    I have obviously slept in the same tent, but now it seems to have a different feeling.

    Xie Zhiyi touched his heart, and found that it was beating a little irregularly. However, she didn’t notice that now the real-time flow rate from Chi Lin was so high that it was only a few hundred short of the next skill card.

    “So how did my team cut?” Tang Beiqing asked with a smile.

    Xie Zhiyi: “…very good.”

    Tang Beiqing: “Let’s post it~”

    He can guarantee that the effect will be very scary.

    Sure enough, just ten minutes after the video was released, Xie Zhiyi’s Weibo exploded.

    [Fuck! ! Why do I feel that the photographer is so handsome! ]

    [Wait? Wait? Sisters! I seem to see this man from the reflection of the spoon! 】

    【Thanks to the microscope sisters! I yell first! So handsome

    ! [kswlkswl! ! 4:37 There is so sweet that I roll all over the floor! ! ]

    Xie Zhiyi fell into deep thought.

    Chi Lin secretly swiped her comment area next to him, and saw the handsome, handsome, beautiful and sweet, the smile on the corners of his lips could not be stretched, and he almost grinned to his temples.

    System: “Ding! Blackening value increase has reached a fixed amount, congratulations to the host, drop a new skill-[Emotional Intelligence Card]. The attribute is long-term personal possession. This card has two poles to choose from, [High/Low]. Choose high Emotional intelligence has very strong interpersonal skills, which can easily make people feel good, and it is not disadvantageous in all circles and situations.”

    Xie Zhiyi is still thinking about it.

    The system did not get feedback from the host, so I had to continue the introduction: “If you choose low EQ, you will completely lose the ability to observe words and colors, you cannot read the air, and it is often embarrassing and disgusting in communication.”

    Xie Zhiyi then recovered, “Oh, Okay, save it for next time.”

    System: “Yes.”

    Xie Zhiyi turned and glanced at Chi Lin, who was happily playing with his mobile phone.

    She has always been happy, hearty, cooking, frankly and frankly brushing the blackening value, and she has never thought about other aspects.

    But it doesn’t seem right now.

    Including the video call she hung up last night.

    After a long while, Xie Zhiyi finally came to the conclusion: “…I seem to be a little deliberate? Unpredictable.”

    System: “…The first time I saw a heroine with romantic essays describing myself like this.”

    The author has something to say: Prince Ye: Hurry. Hurry up and be unpredictable to me! I beg you!

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