“What’s going on!!”

    The moment the fire appeared, Shangguan Chen drew back abruptly, but he still felt his life-killing hotness!


    He always felt weak Liu Fufeng, and he cried out in pain at this moment.

    Xie Weilan leaned back in a panic, Mars ignited a few black holes on the silk curtain next to him, and then turned off.

    The scene barely stabilized?

    Because the scene before him was so weird, Shangguan Chen opened his mouth stiffly after a long time.

    “You…” The words were trembling, “Did you breathe fire just now?”

    Not only did his little brother soften directly, he even felt that he might be burnt out! !

    Xie Weilan was also stupid-originally she wanted to start a wonderful night, and then take advantage of her good day, and try to get a cub in one blow, so as to be invincible in the battle of the rich!

    Never thought that things would turn out like this!

    She looked at Shangguanchen in horror, trying to defend: “I, I am

    not— ” Shangguanchen suddenly realized what?, and quickly stopped: “Wait!”

    But it was too late?, every time she said a syllable, she said in her mouth. Just spit out sparks, and the more excited she is, the bigger the fire!

    Shangguan Chen was directly collapsed and rolled down the bed: “You, you demon! I want to send you into the laboratory!”

    Xie Weilan cried and said, “I am not! Brother Achen! I also don’t

    know– ” Shangguan What Chen saw: “Wow! Boom! Wow! Wow!”

    “——Shut up! Stop opening your mouth!”

    Shangguanchen stretched his forehead with blue veins, covering his crotch with one hand, and calling someone to deal with it.

    Xie Weilan? Realizing that it is a good idea not to speak, he can only cover his mouth and shed tears.

    Shangguanchen quickly got dressed and looked at her condescendingly: “I Shangguanchen’s happiness for the rest of my life, can you afford it?!”

    Xie Weilan subconsciously wanted to hold him, Shangguanchen didn’t dare to approach her at all, and maintained it. After a second of domineering, he ran away quickly.

    On the other side, Xie Zhiyi received the notification tone from the system.

    “The male

    protagonist’s mood swings are detected, which endangers male dignity, and the blackening value is +7022~” …Woo!

    Xie Zhiyi tasted it and realized what this “male dignity” refers to?-She ​​had never thought that Xie Weilan, a ruthless person, turned his mouth to that kind of place.

    She imagined that picture, her hands clasped together.

    I hope that something will happen to everyone-

    she still has a reference frame when it comes to hurting “little brother”. Xie Zhiyi remembered that when he saw Fu Jingyan for the first time, he used a tool card to make a fire extinguisher to “fire” Fu Jingyan.

    The current situation of Shangguanchen is the same as before. But? The difference is that Fu Jingyan’s “Brother Killed” gave her a blackening value of 700 points, while Shangguan Chen directly brushed her out of five thousand.

    Worthy of being a male protagonist, the flesh and body are indeed more precious.

    The male lead and the male partner fought openly and secretly, but they didn’t know that the other party was suffering the same blows as their own.

    That night, Shangguanchen was admitted to the hospital again.

    … This time I went to the Andrology Hospital.

    The grand banquet hosted by Shangguan’s family is just around the corner, but the protagonist, the son of Shangguan, has such a big problem, which may even affect the succession of the lineage! Shangguan’s family hated Xie Weilan out of blood, so they had to declare that there was an important business, and while secretly showing Shangguanchen to see andrology, while postponing the dinner?

    Dang Tian’s matter was not widely spread because only Shangguan Chen and Xie Weilan knew about it.

    However, the Xie family still collapsed from within?.

    “Have you eaten? What? A mess?! How did it become? This way!”

    Xie’s parents originally regarded Xie Weilan as the hope of the whole family. They didn’t expect to have a closer relationship with Shangguanchen, but she suddenly became It’s like this!

    Not to mention marrying Shangguanchen? She can’t even be a normal person!

    Xie Weilan tasted the second major collapse of his life, “Neither do I? I don’t know!     I— “


boom and boom, ” Xie’s father Qingjin violently: “Stop talking?!”

    Xie Zhiyi passed by, look. It was this scene that arrived.

    Xie Weilan’s fire made the family that was about to go bankrupt even worse.

    Xie Zhiyi’s heart is very calm, after all, he has long since regarded them as family members. She has some bonuses in her hands, and the new media is gradually getting on the right track. She can withdraw from this messy native family at any time.

    But now in the eyes of Xie’s father and mother, she has become a life-saving straw.

    “Zhiyi is back? Did you go to see Young Master Chi again?” Mother Xie greeted her with a smile.

    Xie Zhiyi raised an eyebrow, but did not respond.

    Xie’s mother? Didn’t care about her usual indifferent attitude, just looked at her lovingly, “This child is still not close to his parents. Have you heard about it? Your father and I have heard about it? You and Young Master Chi are getting close!”

    Xie Zhiyi came to understand – Xie’s father and Xie’s mother knew that he really couldn’t count on Shangguanchen this time, so he turned his attention to the equally prominent Chi family.

    …It’s so beautiful to think about.

    Father Xie also took a few steps? Come over, “It’s a good thing to be close to Master Chi! Someday, please invite Master Chi to come and sit down!”

    Xie Zhiyi looked at the two faces in front of him, and raised his eyebrows slightly after a long while. : “Master Chi has been here.”

    Xie’s father and Xie’s mother didn’t react, but Xie Weilan, who breathed fire behind, remembered what?

    -Xie Zhiyi chuckles: “Did not Chi Lin have been here the morning that Master Shangguan stayed at home? “

    Then directly witnessed the scandal of Shangguanchen being taken down by Xie Weilan at Xie’s house.

    Xie’s father and Xie’s mother’s face suddenly turned pale, but Xie Weilan’s face was very red behind him-holding back the fire.

    Xie’s father and Xie’s mother understood what Xie Zhiyi meant-Xie’s house was already a wall of leaks, and it was not uncommon for outsiders to look at it, let alone come in and sit down.

    But? Obviously Xie Zhiyi is also a member of their family, how could she be so calm and calm? ?

    They tried hard to recall the three years since Xie Zhiyi came back. It seemed that the figure was so vague, as if they had never really joined the family.

    Looking at the eldest daughter’s back, she was thin, but free and easy, as if it had nothing to do with all this chaos.

    ——Of course, Xie Zhiyi didn’t know their psychological activities. If she knew, she would put her hands together again.

    Sorry, it’s all related to me.



    Because Shangguan’s family has been silent about Shangguanchen’s affairs recently, Xie Zhiyi has no idea about Shangguanchen’s next half of his life (body).

    But? Really, she is quite concerned about Shangguanchen’s dick-after all, it is the root of all evil in this whole ancient article, and the culprit of all the ancient plots.

    “So will Shangguanchen really be abolished?” Xie Zhiyi asked the system.

    In case Xie Weilan’s heat is not well grasped, it is really possible to send it away directly by charcoal grilling.

    System: “According to the author’s mother-in-law attributes, in this world, it is difficult to cause permanent and devastating physical damage to the male lead. However, the world will operate according to objective laws, and the male lead will be destroyed by fire. “

    Oh-got it?.

    It means that the thing is still there, but it is broken.



    private hospital.

    A low-key and restrained luxury car drove into the parking lot, and then walked down a tall man wearing sunglasses.

    ——It is not Shangguan Chen, but Fu Jingyan.

    Ever since I met Chi Lin in the anorectal department, Fu Jingyan has been extra cautious every time he comes to check-it’s not that he doesn’t want to change to another hospital, the main reason is that the secretiveness of this house is already the highest.

    Besides, he doesn’t want to let other doctors check his anorectal anymore?! !

    Fu Jingyan was observing the surroundings and made sure that he had no acquaintances, and then went to the Gastroenterology Department to see his own examination results-since that time he hiccups in the Kimberlyton Auditorium, he never hiccups so long later. From the inspection results, everything is normal.

    After leaving the gastroenterology department, Fu Jingyan went to the anorectal department to complete routine examinations. The doctor said that his condition has improved recently.

    After completing all the inspections smoothly, Fu Jingyan put on his sunglasses and walked out, making sure that he did not leave any traces, so he smiled calmly and gracefully.

    As a result, he just walked to the lobby on the first floor and suddenly met Shangguan Chen on a narrow path.

    Both of them are wearing sunglasses, and both look like they have just finished their inspections.

    And very tacitly pretended not to recognize each other.

    And returned to his car, more tacitly called to find someone to investigate what the other party was doing? Check.

    Shangguanchen: “I need to know what Fu Jingyan is going to check within one minute?”

    Fu Jingyan: “Go and check Shangguanchen for me.”

    Ten minutes later.

    Shangguan Chen got a reply-Fu Jingyan saw anorectal department, and there was a problem with chrysanthemum.

    Fu Jingyan also? Has the answer? Shangguan Chen is looking at male subjects, and there is a problem with him.

    The expressions of the two people were secretive, but they sighed with relief at the same time.

    so good.



    Xie Zhiyi received a little blackening value provided by Fu Jingyan and Shangguan Chen not far away, and was a little surprised.

    But before she had time to delve into it, she received news from Tang Beiqing.

    [Xiao Yiyi, the last video clip has come out~] It

    was Tang Beiqing’s suggestion to let Xie Zhiyi be a video blogger, and it was also the direction Xie Zhiyi thought about. Tang Beiqing took the initiative to lend her his professional editing team, and the film was released within a few days.

    Xie Zhiyi: [Thank you, thank you]

    Tang Beiqing directly asked: [I want to eat the shrimp with the sauce last time [转圈][跳跳]~~~]

    Xie Zhiyi smiled?: [Yes, see you in the kitchen. ]

    [Yeah yeah yeah! I hope the prince will not beat me to death [hee]]

    Xie Zhiyi smiled? Laugh. Since Chi Lin gave her the kitchen as a Christmas gift, the frequency of use there has been increasing. Of course, every time Chi Lin would scold Tang Beiqing or Chi Xiangyang who were eating and drinking.

    Last time I finished making the prawns with sauce, there are still shrimps left in the refrigerator in the pond, just to make another meal, by the way, let’s check and accept the editing level of Tang Beiqing’s team.

    Xie Zhiyi changed clothes casually, brought a bag of side dishes, and walked to Chi Lin’s house.

    From a distance, she suddenly saw a car parked at the gate of Chi’s house.

    Afterwards, a young girl walked out of the car, dressed and make-up very delicate, her hair curled, she was talking on the phone and walking to the door of Chi’s house.

    Xie Zhiyi raised his eyebrows, looking for Chi Lin? Rare thing.

    The girl made a few phone calls and then pressed the doorbell twice, but no response was received.

    She was unhappy, turned around and walked out of the courtyard, just in time to meet Xie Zhiyi who came over with vegetables.

    Standing face to face, girls lengleleng, then saw her playing casual play and hand carrying the food, the natural way:?? “This is your servant, right?”

    Xie know meaning: “?”

    The girl looks Very good, not very good eyes.

    Chen Beibei himself? I don’t think so, after all, how can a servant grow up like this? But? Out of a natural sixth sense, she had a little bit of hostility towards this overly good-looking girl in front of her.

    “You want to go in?” She stood on a higher step, looking down at Xie Zhiyi.

    Xie Zhiyi nodded: “Yes.”

    Actually, that? She is indeed the cook.

    Chen Beibei raised her thin eyebrows, and her voice became higher?: “Why? Can you go in?!”

    Xie Zhiyi raised his hand and touched the tip of his nose, “Because I know the password…?”

    Chen Beibei: “What?! I am Chi Lin’s fiancee, I don’t even have his password!”

    Xie Zhiyi finally showed surprise.


    It may be that Chen Beibei’s voice finally quarreled Chi Lin. The door was opened, revealing Chi Lin’s stinky face. What did he want to say? But suddenly he saw Xie Zhiyi.

    Chi Lin’s expression changed immediately and a little smile appeared: “Why are you here?”

    Xie Zhiyi lifted the bag in his hand and said, “Tang Beiqing wants to eat the shrimp with the sauce last time.”

    Chi Lin scolded? “He knows how to eat food every day, so don’t make it for him next time!”

    Xie Zhiyi: “…oh.”

    Chen Beibei was completely ignored by Chi Lin Wan, and the lady’s temper went straight up: “Chi Lin, you didn’t see it. Did I give you the call!”

    Chi Lin gave her a look, “I saw it.”

    Chen Beibei had never received this kind of treatment, and was so angry: “Then you won’t answer?”

    Chi Lin’s expression is indifferent: “Yes. Ah.”

    Xie Zhiyi was watching? For a moment, I suddenly remembered how she and Chi Lin had been before they regained their friendly relationship. At that time, the prince was also very fierce to her.

    …But it seems different. Chi Linna would like to scold her more. It can be said that she is ridiculing every day about her liking Shangguan Chen. But he doesn’t scold Chen Beibei, and his tone is calm and restrained a lot?.

    Xie Zhiyi pondered it? For a moment, is this the difference to the fiancée?

    Did she observe? Chen Beibei.

    From the plot point of view, she should be a role with low participation, and the return rate of the blackened value is very low, and it cannot be her signal tower. It stands to reason that Xie Zhiyi should not care too much about this girl.

    But? It’s just inexplicable…a bit concerned.

    Xie Zhiyi stroked his chin.

    I’m not right.

    Chen Beibei was almost mad: “Your grandfather asked me to see you! That’s how you are? To your fiancée?!”

    Facing Chen Beibei’s indifferent face, Chi Lin showed a richer expression. He quickly glanced at? He thanked Zhiyi, and then became angry?: “Unmarried, your mother? Are you a fart fiancé?”

    Chen Beibei still has to reason with him. A whistling voice came from behind: “Oh, isn’t this Beibei? Also? Have you come to taste the dishes we intended?”

    Chen Beibei turned around and saw Tang Beiqing’s face before turning back to look at Xie Zhiyi.

    She finally understood that this woman is their friend! And it looks very familiar!

    “I don’t eat!” Unless Chi Lin apologizes now and invites her in!

    Chi Lin: “Then get out.”

    After he finished speaking, he took the Xie Zhiyi and entered the house. Tang Beiqing trot a few steps quickly and rushed in before the door closed.

    Xie Zhiyi’s shrimp with sauce is really amazing? Whoever doesn’t eat it is a fool!

    Chi Lin pulled Xie Zhiyi all the way into the kitchen, closed the door, and lowered his head to explain: “Don’t listen to Chen Beibei’s nonsense, I won’t marry her. It was arranged by our old man.” The

    prince was a little nervous. Observing her expression carefully.

    Xie Zhiyi nodded. She also knows that Jilin’s character makes it difficult to accept the arrangement at home.

    “I know?” Xie Zhiyi was very sensible, and then asked, “Do you want to eat shrimp with sauce or noodles?”

    Chi Lin was silent for a while, “Let’s eat.”

    Tang Beiqing played the video outside the kitchen, no After a while, I saw the prince come out.

    Chi Lin sat down next to him, holding his arms in thought? For a long time, he suddenly asked, “Do you think she didn’t care.”

    Tang Beiqing deserves to be the one who can stay by Chi Lin for the longest time, and immediately followed him? Thinking: “Chen Beibei?”

    Chi Lin did not speak.

    Even if you are not jealous, at least you should be a little curious. If you don’t care at all, you don’t like it at all.

    The prince was a little discouraged. He originally wanted to finish what hadn’t been said on Christmas again when he was New Year’s Eve.

    Tang Beiqing thought about it for a moment, “Excuse me, thanks to a girl of this level, a man will indeed affect her speed at her sword.”

    Chi Lin: “Damn, get out.”

    “And, not necessarily? Just don’t care. ……” Tang Beiqing has a deep expression, which is quite an emotional mentor. “Let me show you the video cut by my team.” The

    video material was shot by Chi Lin. Some of Chi Lin’s original soundtracks were not cut out and were kept? Come down.

    Cooperating with the girl who cooks in the camera, and the hand that appears in the camera from time to time to help her pass this and that, and the occasional low voice-the whole video is cut out, and a sweet atmosphere is surging. .

    There was a scene in the middle. It was Chi Lin who said? What? Xie Zhiyi turned around and smiled.

    She looked at the camera, her hair dropped a few strands, and the corners of her lips were curled. At that moment, it was like a daily video of a couple.

    Chi Lin’s expression went from low to calm, and finally he couldn’t help laughing.

    Fuck, it’s so sweet.

    He is fine. Is he completely healed?.

    When Xie Zhiyi prepared the prawns with sauce, when he brought it out, he saw the weird smirk on Chi Lin’s face: “?” I

    didn’t care when I was cooking just now, and now I found that Chi Lin’s real-time flow rate is very high. She brushed a lot.

    The system “di-“? A sound reminded her that the blackening value had reached the quantitative standard, and a new skill card was dropped.

    Xie Zhiyi was surprised?: What did you do just now? ?

    “You will post the video after you finish eating?” said the prince.

    Tang Beiqing also? With a smile: “Yeah.”

    Xie Zhiyi looked puzzled: “Is it that good?”

    Chi Lin: “Yes!”

    Tang Beiqing also? Nodded frantically.

    He can already foresee, how many people will scream sweetly, and then go straight into the pit.

    At that time he will be the first person to play cp online, hehehe.


    “What?? The Chi family will marry the Chen family?”

    Shangguan Chen asked his father in the living room of the Shangguan family.

    Shangguan Wentian nodded gloomily.

    The Chi family obviously meant to compete with the Shangguan family, but at this point, Achen had this kind of problem!

    Can’t it be delayed? The marriage of the Shangguan family must be put on the agenda.

    “How do you feel now?” he asked his son.

    Shangguan Chen knew what he was asking about, and his face was ashamed and tragic: “Or…no.” I

    don’t know if it was scared or burned. No matter what he tried recently, the little brother was awkward. Da da da.


    Shangguan Wentian closed his eyes sadly, then opened them again, full of domineering aura: “Don’t be afraid, my Shangguan Wentian’s son, he must be able to stand up again!”

    “Stand up”, a pun.

    “Besides, my son is a talent, there are countless girls who are interested in marrying my Shangguan family! You can choose from them, and dad will help you look through them again!”

    Shangguanchen can develop such a vision that looks out of the crowd and cultivates his family. It has a lot to do with nurturing. Under the influence of this atmosphere, he stood up!


    Before the New Year’s Eve, Shangguan’s dinner was finally held.

    The wealthy and celebrities of the city are all moved by the wind, and many families who intend to marry the Shangguan family even come to dinner from other provinces.

    This is the platoon of the old Wenba chief hero!

    I just don’t know how these giants would feel if they knew that Shangguan Chen didn’t move.

    On the day of the dinner, when Xie Zhiyi returned home from school, he saw Xie Weilan sitting on the sofa alone.

    She has been severely affected by the Spitfire Card in her life in the past few days, and her mentality has collapsed even after hearing that the “Concubine Election Ceremony” has been reopened.

    ——If it wasn’t for this sudden and strange illness, she should also appear at the banquet tonight, becoming the woman standing next to Shangguan Chen!

    Xie Zhi thought about it, and felt that if the Spitfire Card continued to work, Xie Weilan could only be trapped at home, which was not conducive to the blackening value.

    “Withdraw.” She told the system as she went upstairs.

    The system processed it for a few seconds, “Dee——【Spitfire】has been cancelled √”

    Not long after, there was a terrifying laughter downstairs.

    “I’m fine! Hahahahaha! I’m fine—”

    “I want to go! I want to find brother Achen! Can’t let him be taken away by other women!”

    Finally opened his mouth and could speak without breathing fire. ?, Xie Weilan became very straightforward and candid.

    The dinner party has already started for a while, she rushed upstairs to put on makeup, then rushed out of the house.

    Xiezhi thought, with Xie Weilan’s existence, this dinner will definitely be a lot more exciting.

    ——And she can add more material.

    The system asked: “Host, aren’t you going to participate?”

    Xie Zhiyi: “No, no? No?.” She’d better operate it in the air.

    The new skill card dropped last time was another [Female Lead Halo Card], but it was a bit tasteless.

    The full name is [The Absolute Beauty of the Heroine Halo], “With a card, you can become the most beautiful person in the full text, making girls envy and envy, and making boys deeply attracted.”

    Although it is a bit tasteless, but?… Isn’t it unavailable?

    Xie Zhiyi stroked his chin.


    scene of the dinner.

    Shangguan Chen is a tall man in a white suit, handsome like a prince charming, wherever he goes, he is the focus of the crowd.

    He patrolled the venue for a few laps, but did not see Xie Zhiyi.

    But? Many young ladies gathered around him, Shangguan Chen raised the glass slightly, and the girls were shy.

    Shangguan Chen feels the incomparable

    joy – this is the life he should enjoy!

    The eyes of the women worshipped, intentionally or unintentionally approaching-a woman who didn’t know good or bad like Xie Zhiyi was not worthy of him!

    “Ladies, although the wine tonight is good, but also? Do you want to be greedy?” Shangguan Chen smiled charmingly at them.

    “Okay, Master Shangguan~”

    “Young Master Shangguan is so sweet~”

    Pei Ziyan, a Miss Pei from the province, said teasingly: “But when I see you, I’m already a little drunk?…”

    Shangguan Chen smiled evilly.

    In the distance, Fu Jingyan has finished dealing with it? His social interactions, and after raising his head, he and Shangguan Chen looked at each other for a second.

    Both of them laughed?.

    Anorectal patients and male patients have reached a settlement at this moment.


    A dedicated photographer took pictures at the scene, and Shangguanchen was photographed surrounded by Yingying and Yanyan, and sent to Shangguanchen’s mobile phone.

    And she changed hands and sent it to? Xie Zhiyi.

    The meaning goes without saying-I don’t lack you as a woman at all.

    Xie Zhiyi snapped his fingers after receiving it, which happened to happen.

    “Then give this female protagonist halo card to the male protagonist~”

    “Dip-[The Absolute Beauty of the Female Protagonist Halo] successfully loaded √”

    At this time.

    Shangguanchen looked down at Pei Ziyan, with a low and sexy voice: “Do you need me to help Miss Pei sober up?”

    He knew that his face had an absolute attraction to women? To speak like this, Miss Pei must be more intoxicated.

    But? I don’t know why? Pei Ziyan looked at him, her eyes gradually showing a strange color.

    Not only her, but the girls around were inexplicably hostile to the man in front of them.

    Shangguan Chen blinked slightly and wink softly, “What’s wrong?” Is it

    dumb? woman.

    Oh, it’s normal to have desires for me.

    Pei Ziyan stared at him? After a while, she said: “That…”

    Shangguanchen raised her eyebrows: “Huh?”

    “What is your lipstick? Color number,” Pei Ziyan finished, and subconsciously added a title: “—Sister?”

    Shangguan Chen: “?”

    No woman has ever called him this way in her life!

    But he didn’t know that his every move became beautiful and moving, giving the girls on the scene a sense of crisis of being suppressed by pornography.

    “Where did you make your hairstyle?”

    “How do you maintain your skin?”

    “You are in good shape…”

    Shangguan Chen: “???”

    He collapsed to escape Yingying Yanyan, but ran into Fu Jingyan head-on.

    Fu Jingyan embraced him subconsciously, and the two looked at each other.

    Fu Jing Yan Zhengleng a few seconds, it said: “how do you …… become beautiful?.”

    Shang Chen: “????”

    just to see this picture came from outside the pool of temporary, since blind eyes can not wait .

    “Are you fucking disgusting?”

    The author has something to say: Prince prince: The rival is digested internally? ? ?

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