This scene is an epic scene, destined to be included in the history of Kimberleyton school.

    Because Fu Jingyan is holding the microphone and Kimberlyton’s audio equipment is very good, so at this moment his long hiccups can be called vibrating! deaf! send! deaf!

    The mood of the audience fluctuates one after another, directly giving Xie Zhiyi a wave of blackening values.

    Xie Zhiyi is very satisfied.

    In the past, Fu Jingyan’s social death only happened in front of Chi Lin, and was known by Xie Zhiyi through Chi Lin’s mouth. It was only a small injury within a small area.

    But he didn’t admit defeat, didn’t he give up, and had to do things in a crowded place-then he could only die in a crowded place.

    ——”Errrrrrrrrrr.” “Hiccup is special”-refers to

    the meaning of burp especially long.

    Xie Zhiyi appreciated the strength after being strengthened by the system. Not only did she sigh, it was really awesome.

    And Fu Jingyan in the center of the stage, under the spotlight, felt that he was crazy.

    ——He doesn’t? Know why this happens!

    Reason? Wisdom was divided into two halves, and half roared: Stop! You are destroying yourself!

    But the other half can’t? Control his own strong desire to express-look! I have a long hiccup! Ha ha!

    Everyone in the audience was dumbfounded.

    Chi Lin took the lead in reacting, applauding and shouting “True Reality? Feeling” “Awesome!”

    With his cry, the scene began to heat up, and people praised him for being worthy of being on the Guinness World Records. Become the man with the longest hiccup in the world!

    The school leaders and directors in the audience were sweating like rain, so they wiped their sweat? The veil was wet, and they could only applaud with an awkward smile.

    Regarding the fact that the rivals made a fool of themselves, Shang Guan Chen and Chi Lin reacted unanimously. He clapped and walked out from the other side of the stage, acting as if he only hated himself? There was no bouquet of flowers.

    In Fu Jingyan’s comparison, he didn’t ski roll over and lost his tennis racket at all? What a big deal!

    “Mr. Fu’s strength in this area, indeed, he is very talented, I admire you!” Shang Guan Chen grinned to the audience, and immediately led to a new wave of applause and cheers.

    Fu Jingyan showed a very subtle and complicated expression.

    Xie Zhiyi took a look, and the system hasn’t given a prompt, indicating that the time limit of the special card in time has not passed. As the person closest to the scene, she could see it–Fu Jingyan had the urge to come back again.

    In the audience, Tang Beiqing turned his head in amazement and laughed violently when he saw the prince curling his lips.

    Chi Lin laughed while standing on the stage, thanking Zhiyi——Fu Jingyan hiccuped and diarrhea, it is best to escape to other countries to live incognito overnight.

    Chi Xiangyang: “I can do it, too, burp errrrrr-Huh?”

    He scratched his head: “What’s the matter? How did he fight? That’s so long? That’s awesome!”

    Tang Beiqing : “…”

    Chi Lin: “…”

    Chi Xiangyang, the only person in the audience who really thinks it’s awesome.

    It’s also pretty awesome.

    At this time, Xie Weilan, who was preparing for the next dance show, was frightened.

    No? Knowing why, she also remembered the fear of being dominated by mysterious powers.

    So when she danced, she didn’t dare to do anything out of the ordinary, for fear that she would tell her heart again, or she would die on the spot like Fu Jingyan.

    When Xie Zhiyi and Chi Lin were walking out of the hall, the system popped up with a “ding–” message.

    “Immediately effective [Specialty Card] has expired!”

    “Fu Jingyan’s mood swings were detected, and the blackening value increased by 6787 points in total.”

    Xie Zhi was happy.

    Brilliant √


    After this battle, Fu Jingyan disappeared briefly.

    People don’t show up anymore, and they don’t do things anymore. It is estimated that they will not be able to completely heal their wounds in a short period of time.

    However, this incident also has a side effect-that is, the male protagonist’s self-confidence has risen again.

    As if to confirm the fact that everyone can be ashamed, Shangguan Chen regained his confidence and became extremely inflated-the direct manifestation was that the grand banquet hosted by the Shangguan family was extremely grand.

    Moreover, it is well known in the circle that this dinner is for the “selection of concubines” for Shang Guan Chen, and there are still countless people rushing to it, which is enough to reflect Shang Guan Chen’s dignity.

    Naturally, Xie Weilan received the invitation letter for this grand dinner. Thanks for the joy of his father and mother, he began to prepare evening dresses for Xie Weilan, and even wanted to invite a styling team-

    now Xie Weilan has become the family’s hope again! If you can defeat the daughters of other families and marry into the official family, then the Xie family’s industry will surely be able to make a comeback!

    Xie Weilan thought the same way, so she didn’t forget to flirt with Shang Guan Chen while filming, because the two had been intimate, and she is no longer going the pure line, so the conversation between the two is getting more and more. Stimulating, often make people blush and heartbeat.

    Men are all thinking animals in the lower body! Xie Weilan’s eyes flashed with the light that he was sure to win, and he was about to show off at the rich dinner party!

    In fact, Xie Zhiyi also received this invitation letter, and there are also words written by Shang Guan Chen himself.

    Xie Zhiyi didn’t read the specific content. She has been developing her own “Christmas gift” most recently.

    Doesn’t it? Say, the kitchen that Chi Lin arranged for her is really sweet.

    Not only in the design? Very reasonable? It can fully assist the chef, and all the equipment and utensils are readily available. In Xie’s kitchen, Xie Zhiyi’s cooking skills can reach 50%, while in Chilin, she can perform 99%.

    “No? I seriously suspect that you just want to eat it directly.” Xie Zhiyi joked. After all, the Xie family can’t smell the smell of her cooking the most.

    Chi Lin is leaning against the kitchen with his arms, watching Xie Zhiyi’s apron and lowering his head to adjust the temperature of the oven, and the corners of his lips are uncontrollable.

    The lines on her profile seemed to be drawn with a brush, and every inch was just right. It was clearly the same as when I saw it at the beginning of the year, but it seems to be very different.

    In short, it’s so good-looking? Isn’t it? No? No matter how hard his mouth is, no matter how duplicity he is, he is also pretty? No? Got it.

    “That’s right,” Chi Lin said with a smile, “No? Is it okay.” What

    he said? It was a bit of pampering and arrogance, and even the prince himself didn’t notice it.

    Xie Zhiyi put the finished part into the oven, closed the lid, glanced back at him, and smiled: “Yes.” The

    atmosphere was very peaceful, but it was indescribably moving.

    Chi Lin looked at her and opened his mouth: “Thank Zhiyi,

    I— ” “Ding Dong—Ding Dong—” The

    door bell? Just then it rang.

    Chi Lin: “…”

    Xie Zhiyi waved his hand while busy preparing the materials: “Go and open the door.” The

    prince was called, so he had to open the door obediently.

    Tang Beiqing held the camera, half of his face appeared from behind the lens: “Hi!” The

    prince slapped his hand on his lens?: “Hi, your mother!”

    Tang Beiqing put away the camera aggrievedly.

    “Is it Xiao Yiyi, please ask me to take pictures!” He closed the door easily.

    ——Of course, he also wanted to taste what Xie Zhiyi did.

    Xie Zhiyi is playing today? Let me show you how to make a high-end Longyin strawberry-after all, Chi Lin has liquid nitrogen kettles, sugar shaping devices, etc., which ordinary people don’t use for eight hundred years of cooking? Give them all the things they get? She arranges? Now, it’s a pity to use it.

    As a self-media celebrity, Tang Beiqing suggested from a professional point of view that she can take a video to record the process of making things-although the recipes taught by Xie Zhiyi are very good, but now fans are more willing to follow people.

    As far as he knows, no big beauty bloggers have appeared in the food court. And Xie Zhiyi’s face can actually be slapped? 95% of the people on the entire channel will be attracted by fans as long as they appear on the camera.

    “Hello baby~”

    Tang Beiqing rushed into the kitchen like a gust of wind. Behind him, the prince’s furious voice sounded: “You fucking pay attention to your words!”

    Xie Zhiyi raised his head and smiled: “You are here.”

    She told Tang Beiqing. There is no objection to the arrival. After all, it is the second signal tower.

    “Well, you are busy with you~” Tang Beiqing raised the camera and became a photographer very voluntarily.

    Chi Lin hurried over and snatched his camera. Tang Beiqing could only protest silently, and the protest was fruitless, and finally recorded it with his mobile phone pitifully.

    Chi Lin was originally annoyed by Tang Beiqing’s existence, but suddenly he realized that looking at Xie Zhiyi from the camera, it turned out to be very different.

    His sight was frozen by the viewfinder, focused and not disturbed. He videotaped her, as if recording every minute and every second of her movements. And Xie Zhiyi is meticulous and patient, as if dealing with artworks.

    Tang Beiqing on the other side was inexplicable? He felt that he was superfluous.

    Don’t? Know when the atmosphere of the two of them has become xenophobic? ?

    The final product is finished, the fresh cream strawberry is deconstructed and reorganized, and finally it becomes the shape of a strawberry, but the inside has become a delicious cream dessert, which looks delicate and delicious.

    Chi Lin was not willing to move the fork at first, and took a lot of photos with his mobile phone three hundred and sixty degrees before allowing others to speak up.

    And Tang Beiqing directly edited a 15-second short video of the material in the phone just now, with a fresh bgm, and sent it to Xia Zhiyi.

    Xie Zhiyi clicked on it and looked at it. The editing was very clean, and there were not many faces. So he put a finished product on the cover and posted it on Weibo.

    [Fuck, today is the video? ! 】

    【As expected it is you! Make the strawberries look like I can’t eat them! ]

    Suddenly a few videos popped up on Weibo, first made a few comments on the cover, and then people opened the short video.

    Then, not long after, they finished watching the video and the comment area exploded.

    [Fuck! Out of the picture! ! What did I see! 】

    【Fuck blogger is really a beauty! ! ! 】

    【Help, you can feel the beauty just by looking at the side face? I am beautiful! 】

    【Renmei knows how to cook and can kick people flying with taekwondo! ! ! What kind of fairy is this, I’m locked up! In

    just one afternoon tea time, Xie Zhiyi gained thousands of fans on his face.

    Chi Lin was a little surprised, but Tang Beiqing said that this is normal.

    Tang Beiqing brushed her comment area, and saw someone asking who the photographer was. I really envied the photographer—

    he raised his head and looked at it naturally. Xie Zhiyi poured tea and handed it over to the prince.

    His face is sharp and angular, his complexion is cold and white, and his facial features are three-dimensional and deep, which are rare in small meat nowadays. He is clearly a master who can eat on his face.

    Tang Beiqing looked at Xie Zhiyi, and then at Chi Lin, and thought to himself, what is the increase in the number of fans now.

    ——If these two people can start a couple blog, can he promise to do it directly?


    Tang Beiqing easily posted this short video he made to Moments. Has anyone seen it from the media leaders and expressed interest in Xie Zhiyi.

    On the other side, there was also a wave of explosions in the wealthy social circle.

    Zhao Xinyue and their young girlfriends are discussing in the group, and the topic is “Thank you for knowing it? Do you want to be an Internet celebrity”.

    [Never before? Know that Xie Zhiyi will do this? After? To secretly learn it]

    [can not see? Out she also stars heart wanted red, I see her Weibo account was also a bit fan of the]

    [@ Ripples, but here we can have a serious actor it ~ ~]

    Introduction The implication is that filming is much more noble than being an Internet celebrity.

    Xie Weilan also went to see Xie Zhiyi’s account. Although she was jealous of Tang Beiqing’s support, she was proud of what the sisters said.

    ——Yes, she’s an actor, she’s all celebrities! Now she knows more and more big names in the circle, and her future is bright!

    Maybe her sister is afraid that she will become popular in the future, so she also wants to accumulate some popularity, so as to increase her value,

    huh ~ [Right, right, have you heard of it? It seems that the Chi family intends to be with the Chen family…]

    [I said why I saw Chen Beibei with the old man of the Chi family that day! ]

    [Hahahaha, this time someone’s abacus can be used? Empty ——]

    Xie Weilan looked at the news in the group, and gradually showed a triumphant smile on his face.

    It seemed that my sister gave up on Guan Chen’s choice of Chi Lin, and made the wrong move…

    that night.

    After Xie Zhiyi returned home, he ran into Xie Weilan, who took the initiative to greet him.

    “Sister, I saw your Weibo. Congratulations, you also have your own fans~”

    Xie Zhiyi said politely: “Nothing, how can I compare with

    my sister .” It seems that my sister also understands this truth? Xie Weilan can’t bear it? Live comfortably pursed his lips.

    “My sister joked. I have just started my career. How popular is this popularity? How about you.”

    She forced a few more polite words with her, and then suddenly she thought of something, “Right,” Sister, don’t you? You know, Chi Lin

    he— ” Xie Zhiyi raised his eyes: “What’s the matter?”

    Xie Weilan saw that she cared about Chi Lin, and he was even more proud.

    The person you care about will soon have other women~

    “It’s nothing, I don’t? It should be such a gossip!” Xie Weilan stopped short, covered his mouth and smiled, “Good night sister~”

    It seems She wants to hold on to Shang Guan Chen quickly, she must take some measures!

    In the future, thank you for your knowledge and regret it, and come to shake the heart of Shang Guan Chen again!

    Xie Weilan left two plausible words, and then swayed back to his room.

    Xie Zhiyi: “?” What’s


    After so many years of strong winds and waves, Xie Zhiyi had already reduced his useless curiosity to its lowest level.

    Anyway, if something happened, Chi Lin would tell her directly, she didn’t need to listen to the prince who was said by others.


    mind — seeing Xie Weilan’s happy spring breeze, he thought about the most recent plot.

    Under the influence of her human intervention and various skill cards, the original plot has undergone a great deflection, but it is undeniable that the smell of dog blood in the original text has never changed.

    At this stage of the plot, there should be some dog-blood incidents…

    Xie Zhiyi sitting on the bed cross-legged, combing through the plot from top to bottom, and then suddenly

    she realized it– she remembered it!


    next day, into the night.

    A magnificent and luxurious hotel suite.

    Someone in the bathroom is taking a shower, the frosted glass reveals a vaguely graceful figure, and the room is filled with an ambiguous fragrance.

    Shang Guan Chen was wearing a bathrobe with his chest wide open, revealing his sexual pectoral muscles, and sitting alone by the high-rise window drinking.

    It is difficult for Huahua World to get into his eyes, and the sadness of love makes him a little more melancholy.

    The invitation letter that he carefully designed for Xie Zhiyi fell to the ground.

    It’s like that woman’s love for him, gone without a trace.

    So love will disappear right?

    After taking a shower, Xie Weilan walked out tightly wrapped in a bath towel very contemplatively, and walked over with a blushing face, “Brother Achen…” Go

    ? Guan Chen’s eyes revealed a complicated look–why did he accept Xie Weilan again and again? Even he himself did not dare to admit his invitation.

    It was because of those similar eyebrows…

    His mobile phone dialog box stayed on the interface of Xie Zhiyi, but the message was not sent out for a long time.

    He really wanted to ask, don’t you really know my heart?

    I’m with other women, don’t you? Will it hurt for me? Don’t you? Are you jealous and crazy for me?

    Shang Guan Chen took a sip of wine, and the wine fell into sorrow.

    Perhaps, he should indulge and sink!

    While going to Guan Chen to go to the bathroom, Xie Weilan secretly opened the phone of Shang Guan Chen and saw the dialog box of Xie Zhiyi.

    Because of jealousy, her face was distorted for a moment-he was in the same room with himself, but he was thinking of his sister!

    Xie Weilan was indignant for a long while, then his heart moved. She took a picture of her bag and legs and posted it.

    No one tonight? Can grab on? Guan Chen’s heart!

    She was ready, if she succeeded tonight…On the

    other side, Xie Zhiyi received a WeChat from Shang Guan Chen.

    After opening it, she realized it again.

    It’s tonight!

    An important bloody node in the original plot-Xie Weilan! ball! run!

    During her adult activities with Shang Guan Chen, she was pregnant with Shang Guan Chen’s child. She waited until the fetus was unable to induce labor before she made it public, and immediately caused an uproar in the Shang Guan family and even the entire wealthy circle. –

    that parade as she was pregnant with the first child of the dragon as concubines?.

    And because of Xie Weilan’s running with the ball, Xie Zhiyi brought a series of troubles, including but not limited to igniting the attention of bigwigs in the circle to Xie Zhiyi, or to blame Xie Zhiyi for the investigation of the Shang official? ……Etc., etc.

    This promotes the process of the male protagonist’s abuse of the female lead. It is only when the female lead is sad and crying that the male lead feels that she is loved by her… After

    Xie Zhiyi recalled this story, she only felt that she was speechless.

    Compared with this plot, she cares more about the innocent child.

    Run with the ball, what run? Think you are a fugitive princess?

    Are you responsible for your children? ?

    She absolutely can’t? Let this story happen.

    My child, you should go find a reliable mother, don’t you be used as a tool of the wealthy family to be born, best not to come to this ancient world of dog blood.

    Xie Zhiyi said to the system: “Load the skill card.”

    System: “Host, your current skill card is only [Fire Spitfire] card.”

    Xie Zhiyi puts his hands together: “Really, that’s it.”


    hotel bed Xie Weilan’s passionate red lips spread from Shang Guanchen’s handsome face, to his chest and abdomen, all the way down-in the

    dimly lit room, there was a blushing and heartbeat sound.

    At the key point, Xie Weilan raised his face, paused shyly and charmingly, and then opened his mouth—

    the male instincts of Shang Guan Chen had all been stimulated, and he looked at Xie Weilan excitedly.

    “Skill card loaded successfully √”

    Xie Weilan’s red lips: “Wow–” The

    fire light illuminates the dark room.

    It also illuminates his chicken. Chicken.

    Author has to say: # # fire small penis

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