Fu Jingyan chose this private hospital because of its privacy.

    Think of him as the sexiest man in the circle. This kind of problem appeared on his body. It is absolutely impossible to be known by anyone!

    The doctor told him today that there seems to be no cause for his diarrhea, so he should keep a light diet and feel comfortable. Because of the long-term high-quality service, Fu Jingyan did not take into account the issue of privacy leakage at all.

    But by the way! Met by Chi Lin!

    It’s the fuck at the door of the department? ? ?

    Fu Jingyan maintained his calm complexion, smiled and nodded: “Oh, I have a friend who has a problem with this aspect.”

    Chi Lin’s irritability has disappeared, and he is very interested. Nodded: “Oh, my friend——”

    Fu Jingyan remained silent: “Yes, I didn’t expect this? I happened to meet Chi Shao, is it my body? What’s uncomfortable?”

    He didn’t finish. The male assistant hurried over with the receipts from behind: “Boss, you still need your signature here!”

    Fu Jingyan: “…”

    The blue veins on his forehead were twitched.

    Chi Lin almost wrote “I laughed at you as a stupid” on his face.

    He looked at Fu Jingyan’s face with a strong smile, showing a considerate look, “Oh, your friend still has you to go? Sign it, go?”

    Fu Jingyan reluctantly said: “Chi Shao, go slowly. “

    Chi Lin was indeed walking very slowly, and he swaggered out? After raising his hand, he gave Xie Zhiyi a call.

    When dealing with rivals in love, this is the way to kill them all!

    “Guess who I met just now?” the prince asked proudly.

    Xie Zhiyi was replying to fans on Weibo, casually asking? “Who?”

    Chi Lin said mysteriously, “I was in the hospital and met Fu Jingyan. Guess he is going? See? What?

    ” Huh?” Xie Zhiyi raised his head, “You go to the hospital? What’s wrong with you?”

    Chi Lin was stunned.

    The other end of the phone is also quietly waiting for a reply.

    For a while, there was only a slight electric sound in my ears and vague breathing.

    Chi Lin recovered for a while, and suddenly felt like he had eaten a candy, sweetening from the tip of his tongue.

    “What’s wrong with me? Ah,” he said? Yin couldn’t help but smile, “I’m fine.”

    Although Xie Zhiyi was walking on the road of “kidney failure and death”, she was stunned by Chi Lin’s body. The situation is more worrying, after all, Chi Lin’s reaction after the last sports meeting was a bit unexpected.

    “Then you go to the hospital?” Xie Zhiyi asked.

    Chi Lin: “Let me go? See? Old man, he said to—” The

    voice stopped abruptly, and Chi Lin suddenly realized that he told Xie Zhiyi that the arrangements at his house seemed to be bad.

    After all, he didn’t intend to obey the arrangement.

    “—Nothing?,” Chi Lin turned the subject back, still having unconcealed pride in his tone, and deliberately asked? She: “What are you? Don’t care about Fu Jingyan at all?”

    Xie Zhiyi yawned: ” Why

    do you care about him .” Chi Lin thought to himself, not caring about him, but caring about me.

    He felt like he was about to fly.

    The prince coughed twice, and decided to suppress the rival to the end: “I see? See him in the anorectal department, see? There is a problem in this area.”

    “Ah?” Xie Zhiyi only raised it. beginning.


    She quietly asked the system: “Semi-permanent card meeting? How? How?” The

    system objectively replied: “Maybe it will affect part of the body, body, and function.”

    Xie Zhiyi’s conscience was condemned to a certain extent.

    She decided to observe Fu Jingyan’s behavior again. If he can be a good person, then this card is not unrecoverable.

    “Surprised?” Chi Lin’s triumphant voice came from the phone, “I am also surprised.”

    Xie Zhiyi: “Surprised, surprised, indeed surprised.”

    Chi Lin: “So stay away from him in the future.”

    Xie Zhiyi: “Okay, okay.”

    She hung up the phone, and she pondered for a while. With the character of Fu Jingyan, a coquettish male partner, she felt that things shouldn’t be so simple.

    …Anyway, he continued to do things.

    Then continue to see? Anorectal department.



    Due to the recent Shang Chen and Xie Ripples reconciled, then resumed again Shang Chen Xie visits home, this is a good signal for commercial dying Xie.

    Xie’s father and Xie’s mother directly regarded him as a guest of honor, wishing the whole family? Someone would come and serve him-of course, they couldn’t help but thank Zhiyi for cooking. So the family banquet can only be ordered from the hotel and delivered to the home.

    At this time, Xie’s father looked at Xie Weilan, who was nestling with the little bird next to Shangguan Chen’s body, and his mind became active again. Naturally, the baby relatives that the two married over a decade ago have long since been counted, and Xie Zhiyi’s name as “fiancee” has also existed in name only. However, Xie Weilan moved Shangguanchen during the previous camping activities. The two of them have had such experience…

    Xie’s father smiled kindly and asked Shangguanchen: “I heard that your father, Mr. Shangguan, has been looking for you recently. A good helper, a grand dinner will be held–I wonder if Achen has someone he likes?”

    Shangguan Chen paused slightly, beside him, Xie Weilan showed expectant eyes.

    A complex expression flashed across his face, and said: “

    Yes .” Father Xie strikes while the iron is hot. “Our Xie family has been slow in development recently, but as long as we get a little help from the Shangguan Group, we will be able to repay it a hundredfold! I hope Achen can do this. Pass it to Mr. Shangguan.”

    Shangguanchen’s eyes showed a slight mockery. The downturn of the Xie family has gone through? It is difficult to recover, but he hasn’t broken it.

    “I know, uncle.”

    Xie’s father and Xie’s mother suddenly smiled happily, and a meal was considered a pleasant one.

    After the meal, Xie Weilan left Shangguan Chen and handed him a Christmas gift carefully prepared by him.

    “Brother Achen, along the way, we have experienced so much, so much. Here are the gifts I picked for you, and my handwritten letters, which are filled with what I want to say to you.”

    Shi To this day, Shangguan Chen has already believed that Xie Weilan is the woman who loves him most.

    But I don’t know why? But he couldn’t be satisfied, perhaps because of a man’s inferiority. He was just right? Experienced? Unreceived love? With a heart…

    Xie Weilan looked? Seeing him distracted , he lost his voice and said: ” Doesn’t my brother like my gift?”

    Shangguanchen returned to his senses and smiled dozingly: “Fool——I was thinking, the gift I prepared for you, would you? Would you like it?”

    Xie Weilan suddenly revealed sweetness and surprise. “Really?”

    “Of course.” Shangguan Chen smiled evilly.

    Xie Weilan immediately put on red lips, and the two quickly kissed each other.


    That night.

    As soon as Xie Zhiyi opened the door and came out to receive water, Xie Weilan’s door opened in the distance.

    It just so happened that it seemed to have been waiting for her to come out.

    Xie Weilan wore a delicate nightdress on her body, with silky sleeves, which fell as she raised her hand to fiddle with her hair, revealing the bracelet between her wrists.

    Because this action was too deliberate, Xie Zhiyi looked at it casually.

    Xie Weilan caught her gaze instantly, covered her mouth and smiled: “Yes, this is a Christmas gift from Achen brother, a Van Cleef & Arpels bracelet~”

    Xie Zhiyi: “?”

    Xie Weilan smiled happily, and then it seemed not. Intentionally asked: “Master Chi must have prepared a gift for my sister, right? Your relationship is so good.”

    Speaking of this, the last time Chi Lin asked about her gift, she seemed to ask him to introduce him to work. Never mentioned it again.

    So Xie Zhiyi told the truth: “Really? I don’t know.” When

    Xie Weilan heard it, he felt a sense of superiority.

    Tomorrow? It is Christmas Eve, and someone with a heart has already prepared a gift, and she has already got it. Now~

    “Sister, don’t be sad, or I will give you that Chanel necklace!” Xie Weilan said kindly with his watery eyes open.

    Xie Zhiyi looked at Xie Weilan, felt the familiar breath of white lotus, and felt relieved.

    very nice.

    Xie Weilan regained his confidence.

    Then you can help her get a good blackening value again.


    next day, Xie Zhiyi walked into Kimberlyton and felt the obvious Christmas atmosphere.

    Decorations are hung on the trees in the school, and the girls wear reddish dresses. They also wear some Christmas tree and gingerbread man headdresses.

    Tonight is Christmas Eve, and the performance of the show will be tomorrow, which is Christmas Day. At that time, the whole school will participate, and the scene is very lively.

    Of course, Xie Weilan, who has regained her confidence, will not let go of this opportunity to perform, but she is very self-aware, avoiding the piano and choosing dance to show.

    Xie Zhiyi seriously thought about the feasibility of giving her the skill card.

    Zhengsi? After taking the test, I ran into Shangguan Chen.

    His appearance looks very normal. The nets at night and night are suppressed, falling on the ground every day, and Liu Fufeng is intermittently weak, as if he did not leave a trace on his face.

    Worthy of being a man loved by the author, that’s how he resists creation.

    “Merry Christmas.” Shangguan Chen looked deeply, thanking Zhiyi.

    Two people know that they are not far apart, but they seem to be so far, so far away.

    Shangguan Chen felt a sting in his heart.

    He took out the gift he prepared for Xie Zhiyi from his pocket and opened the exquisite and luxurious box.

    Xie Zhiyi took a look? Good fellow, isn’t this the same bracelet in Xie Weilan’s hand? ? The only difference is that the one that Shangguan Chen gave her was full of diamonds.

    “…” Really? All right, the hero.

    Shangguan Chen looked at her silently, and the corners of her lips curled up with a clear smile: “Am I the first to give you a Christmas gift? Woman, are you moved?”

    Xie Zhiyi: dare to move.

    I dare to move you now.

    She just squeezed her fist, and suddenly heard an exclamation in the crowd?

    I saw a familiar luxury car openly drove into the square in Kimberlyton and stopped in front of Xie Zhiyi in a high-profile manner.

    The man in the driver’s seat walked out, slammed the car door coolly, saw the gift in Shangguanchen’s hand, and laughed suddenly.

    Shangguanchen’s face is ugly?: “Fu Jingyan, what are you doing in our school again?”

    Fu Jingyan smiled: “Of course it is for the same purpose as you.”

    The system “tick”?: “The male lead, female lead male partner, three corners, Shura field is open~”

    Xie Zhiyi: “…”

    Fu Jingyan’s eye-catching sight fell on Xie Zhiyi’s body, then opened the trunk, and suddenly, The crowd onlookers once again set off an exclamation.

    Xie Weilan and the others happened to be nearby, and they heard the movement one after another.

    “Weilan, look? What are you doing over there?”

    “It seems that someone confessed, let’s go over? Look? Look?!”

    I saw Fu Jingyan’s trunk full of roses, surrounded by an expensive bag. Kimberlyton has no shortage of rich people, and someone suddenly recognizes it with screaming.

    “Wow! It’s a rare leather from the h family! You can’t buy this color at all!”

    “I admire it!!”

    Xie Zhiyi looked back and glanced, Shangguan Chen was gone.

    Xie Weilan in the crowd watched? When Shang Guanchen left, he was still holding a gift box with the same bracelet in his hand. Looking at Xie Zhiyi in the center of the crowd, his face suddenly became a little distorted.

    Zhao Xinyue was beside her, looking sourly at the center of the square, “Fu Jingyan is really generous.”

    Xie Weilan couldn’t control his jealous gaze. Ming? Ming? She was also interested in Fu Jingyan at first, but now she can be so generous with Xie Zhiyi!

    Fu Jingyan walked to Xie Zhiyi step by step in the amazement of all the people, and bowed his head and said, “Are you happy to receive this gift? You are now the envy of all the girls in the school.”

    Xie Zhiyi looked at him blankly.

    “Merry Christmas~ For you, I sponsored your school’s Christmas activities, but you don’t need to be moved.” Fu Jingyan leaned close to Xie Zhiyi’s ear, sounding temptation, “Because you have a more important gift, that is, Me.”


    “So handsome! So sexy!”

    “Suddenly I am so envious of Xie Zhiyi!”

    Fu Jingyan let out a low chuckle, looking at Xie Zhiyi’s face close at hand, even if there is no expression, it is so fascinating-he couldn’t help but say something. Dry tongue.

    “Baby, why? Not talking? Was it too pleasantly surprised.”

    “No.” Xie Zhiyi finally spoke.

    She had been thinking about whether to use skill cards, such as letting Fu Jingyan breathe fire on the spot.

    But she changed her mind to think that the current quantitative standards are gradually getting scaryly high. Taking the real-time flow rate provided by Chi Lin as an example, it takes at least a whole day to be with the prince’s body before the next card can be swiped.

    To solve the current situation, a simpler method can be used.

    Xie Zhiyi raised his eyes, learning Fu Jingyan’s low mute voice, and said: “I’m thinking, you go to the anorectal department to see? Are you okay.” It

    only takes a second.

    Fu Jingyan stays in the same place as Yang. Wei.

    After Xie Zhiyi turned around in the shock of everyone’s eyes? Leave, Fu Jingyan recovered, and gritted his teeth and muttered silently: Chi, Lin! ! !

    You want her? I just want to take it away!

    He will definitely come back!


    happened in the square that day was naturally put on the forum by ?po, and someone posted a post.

    [Not moved by the money offensive, it’s not too much to say that it is the goddess of the school? 】The

    main building is a few photos. Fu Jingyan’s famous bag and roses were taken, and then Xie Zhiyi’s back was taken calmly.

    1l: 666, I’m sure I can’t walk if I change it.

    2l: There is a saying that this big guy is very handsome, so how can I catch up with xzy? Wait online.

    3l: @2l, here is the suggestion to dream faster?

    4l: 3l+1

    5l: I love to drag sister! !


    Chi family.

    When Tang Beiqing retelled this post to Chi Lin, he thought that the character of the prince would definitely be furious.

    After all, Fu Jingyan not only rushed to give gifts in front of him, but he was also so high-profile and playing so big.

    But I didn’t expect Chi Lin’s expression to be very calm and very leisurely.

    Tang Beiqing was shocked, so he became even more curious.

    It stands to reason that they haven’t made it yet? And according to his observation, Xie Zhiyi is straightforward, what else can the prince know? When can he catch up.

    “Aren’t you worried about Fu Jingyan?” Tang Beiqing couldn’t help asking?.

    Chi Lin smiled, smiling very meaningfully.

    “Don’t worry.” He said, “It’s not enough to be afraid.”

    Tang Beiqing: “Why? Huh?”

    Chi Lin: “You don’t understand.”

    He had an unspeakable concealment. God knows, knows, I know, thank you, know, know.

    Xie Zhiyi doesn’t? Like him.

    Tang Beiqing: Damn, I want to know too.

    He endured it for a while, still couldn’t help asking? “So, what are you going to give away? Huh? More ruthless than the hundreds of thousands of bags?”

    “–Then you just leave it alone.” Chi Lingi He threw a bag of things.

    Tang Beiqing opened the bag and pulled out a bunch of colorful decorations, “What did you do?”

    Chi Lin already moved to the living room with the Christmas tree and Santa Claus Christmas stockings, “Of course it’s the arrangement – otherwise, why are you calling you over here? Christmas?”

    Tang Beiqing sighed as he watched Chi Xiangyang, who was thrown a bag of things just after entering the door.

    No matter, they are all instrumentalists on the road of the Prince’s love.


    At night.

    Various social groups are congratulating Happy Christmas Eve, and there are many presents in the circle of friends, which is very festive.

    Thank you for business as usual. I wanted to make a “Longyin Apple”, but unfortunately there is no such thing as a liquid nitrogen kettle and a low-temperature full-boiler in the kitchen, so it is a bit difficult.

    So she spent a little time making apple pie with crispy outer layer and sweet inside.

    As soon as the tutorial was posted this time, there was an enthusiastic response.

    [I’m coming, I’m coming! ! ! ]

    [Waiting for Weibo every day! As if I had eaten it all by myself! ]

    [Ah ah ah this look? With Terrific ah! ]

    Unknowingly, the account has accumulated tens of thousands of followers, and the previous tutorial has also been popularized by the marketing account. The number of merchants looking for her to promote has also increased, but Xie Zhiyi has never accepted it.

    After all, at present, it is still based on sharing and account maintenance, and more consideration is needed to promote commercialization.

    She responded to a few comments and posted a happy Christmas Eve. Just as she was about to put her phone away, she received a message from Chi Lin.

    Chi: [Come over] The

    two are already very familiar with each other. Xie Zhiyi just happened to want to deliver this apple to him, so after installing it, he walked to Chi’s house.

    When I walked outside the villa, I found that the dark inside was not turned on, and the door was cracked.

    Xie Zhiyi raised his eyebrows, why? It feels like a thief.

    She opened the door very cautiously, feeling the black and carefully looking for the light switch.

    At this moment, both hands suddenly grabbed her wrists——

    It was too late to say that it was fast, Xie Zhiyi’s Muay Thai five-stage instinct came into play immediately, and he directly buckled the opponent’s hand and pressed it against the wall with a “bang”: “The thief caught you!”

    “…” The

    scene was full of scenes. Silent.

    After a long while, Chi Lin’s voice came faintly: “It’s me.”

    Xie Zhiyi: “…oh.”

    She let go of her hand, a little embarrassed? “Does it hurt?”

    Chi Lin sighed.

    What the fuck? Isn’t it the same as he expected? ? ?

    Over there, Xie Zhiyi took a look at the system, and said in surprise: “Hey, you didn’t lie to me, the real-time flow rate is really fast during a fight.”

    System: “…”

    I didn’t say it! ! !

    Chi Lin sighed and took Xie Zhiyi’s wrist again. This time the other party was behaved, and the two walked to the living room together.

    The Christmas tree was shining in the dark, with many decorations hanging on it. There are dolls and gift boxes under the tree.

    The entire living room has also been decorated, although it looks crooked, but the atmosphere is very warm and warm.

    “Wow.” Xie Zhiyizhen? Feeling surprised.

    Chi Lin coughed twice, then went back to plan the plot many times, and restrained his nervousness.

    “Well, happy Christmas Eve, I hope you are safe every year.”

    He didn’t know where he changed a bunch of flowers. There were lights on the flowers, which looked dreamy and beautiful.

    Xie Zhiyi took the flower and looked up at the Eye Pond Lin. He was contoured by the Christmas tree and the lights on the flower. His expression was a bit tight and nervous, but her eyes were very focused.

    “I hope you will be safe.” She said.

    Today, one after another, she was given strange gifts by strange people, and it was not until this moment that she really felt like a holiday.

    Chi Lin took her hand that didn’t hold the flower, and walked aside?, “And the gift I gave you.”

    They walked to a door and pushed it away-

    Xie Zhiyi blinked.


    Chi Lin leaned against the door and smiled triumphantly: “I gave you this kitchen, and I bought all the kitchen utensils you might need. I also signed a contract to give you the right to use it forever.”

    Xie Zhiyi walked in? After looking around, I found that everything is brand new, even the latest products on the market, all available, it is a paradise for culinary lovers.

    What is this? An unexpected gift.

    Even Xie Zhiyi is outside? For so many years, I have never received such a gift.

    “Of course, it doesn’t mean that I want you to cook? Since it’s a hobby, it depends entirely on your mood.” The prince added, “So, do you like it?”

    Xie Zhiyi turned around and smiled at him: “Like it.”

    Chi Lin’s heart pounded.

    He is going to ask today? Two sentences like.

    Now the first sentence is there.

    Xie Zhiyi walked out of the kitchen and found that the real-time flow rate had soared to a new high. She thought it was such a happy thing to give someone a gift. She knew she had brought the gift.

    Chi Lin covered his heart, coughing hard?, looking diverted? To what she held in her hand, “Is this the Christmas present you gave me?”

    “Ah,” Xie Zhiyi was stunned.” No, I left your Christmas present at home. This is my apple pie.”

    Chi Lin relaxed a little. He pretended to take the bag in her hand easily, smelling the sweet scent and opening the bag, only to see a pile of scum. “?”

    Xie Zhiyi: “…Then it was broken when I hit you just now.”

    “…” Chi Lin paused, “It’s okay.”

    He pulled Xie Zhiyi back to the living room again, standing in front of the Christmas tree, taking a deep breath Take a few breaths.

    Xie Zhiyi raised his head, waiting intently for him to speak.

    Chi Lin felt that his heart was beating to his throat, and he said, “Thank Zhiyi, I actually…” The

    flow rate was still going up. Just when Xie Zhiyi started to worry about Chi Lin’s heart, the doorbell suddenly rang –

    “What about people.” Why? Don’t turn on the lights! Asshole, I know you are here, open the door!”

    Chi Lin’s face was suddenly darkened to the bottom of the pot.

    Old, head, son! ! !

    When Xie Zhiyi heard the sound, guessing it was the elder of the Chi family, he immediately understood it very clearly: “You go now? Open the door, I walk through the back door to avoid misunderstanding? I will bring you your gift tomorrow! ——”

    Chi Lin: “Wait——” The

    door bell? One? Than one? Fierce, Xie Zhiyi waved his hand to let him go, and helped him turn on the light while walking.

    The living room is bright.

    People have already gone.

    Chi Lin listened to a loud doorbell.

    Make a sound? A huge “grass”.


    up to face the next day, the smell was not a stranger Taizi Ye closer.

    Even if he received the high-end tennis racket given to him by Xie Zhiyi, it was difficult to calm his anger.

    –Oh shit! So? Good time! So? Good atmosphere! In the past? There is no more!

    What did the old man bring? Baby Beibei came over, and Chi Lin was blasted away.

    “Be happy, Fu Jingyan is watching? How about you.” Tang Beiqing said quietly.

    Chi Lin suddenly sat upright, raised Erlang’s legs and looked arrogant.

    Resolutely can’t let the rivals see?

    Although his confession was unsuccessful, his successful gift was still much better than Shangguan fool and Fu fool.

    At this time they are sitting in the Kimberley Town Hall, and today is a Christmas performance.

    It was Xie Zhiyi who asked Tang Beiqing to reserve a place for himself and come over when he was finished. After all, this kind of large-scale performance scene is the best time to play that special long card, she can’t miss it.

    Because Xie Zhiyi was coming, Chi Lin agreed to come.

    Fu Jingyan retracted his gaze and continued to look for Xie Zhiyi’s figure in the venue. As a school partner, he sits in the first row. He has watched the program list just now, and there is no thank you for the program.

    He leaned over? Called the host, whispered a few words, and the other party said there was no question.

    Fu Jingyan leaned back in his chair, showing an elegant smile again.

    The activity officially began, with a few sketches and musical instrument performances in front.

    When Xie Zhiyi walked into the venue from the back door, it happened to be Shangguanchen’s show.

    He chose a piano piece, raised his eyes during the performance, and met Xie Zhiyi’s gaze, very affectionate.

    Thank you for your thoughts: Well, alternative number 1.

    Then Xie Weilan swayed past her and went backstage to prepare.

    Alternative number 2.

    Who do you give the skill card to? Xie Zhiyi had no inspiration for a while.

    “Specialties can be filled in at will, right?” she asked the system.

    System: “Yes. But it’s worth reminding that special talents need to be special talents.”

    Xie Zhiyi fell into deep thought.

    At this moment, Shangguan Chen had already finished his performance. She was about to sit down with them in Chi Lin first, but at this

    moment , the host on the stage suddenly said- “The sound of the piano just now is really intoxicating. I believe everyone must still be interested! Then let us turn our eyes to Kimberley. The piano queen of Paton-Miss Xie Zhiyi!”

    This sudden link directly confuses everyone, but the chasing light directly hit Xie Zhiyi’s head as if it were premeditated.

    Although all the people did not know what they were doing, they immediately began to cheer.

    Xie Zhiyi: “??” What? Situation.

    At this moment, another elegant and calm voice came from the microphone: “I have long heard that Miss Xie Zhiyi plays the piano first-class. I don’t know if I have the honor to sing for you?”

    Across half of the hall, Xie Zhiyi met Fu Jingyan’s greasy smiling face.

    …The fate is you.

    “Fu Jingyan–“

    “He just gave Xie Zhiyi a famous bag yesterday, look? It’s about to be won!”

    “It’s so romantic, who can resist this offensive?

    Fu Jingyan carried it handsomely and chicly. He raised his hand.

    Shangguanchen and Chi Lin were both at the scene, and he wanted to show them that he could perform on the same stage with Xie Zhiyi, and be so right!

    Is it true that Xie Zhiyi? He walked over to the stage?.

    Passing by Tang Beiqing , he could n’t hold it. Chi Lin, she pressed her hand soothingly.

    Look? Mine:) As

    she walked onto the stage, she asked the system: “Is it okay to fart? “It

    takes effect immediately and is extremely enhanced, making it a specialty that cardholders must display and be proud of.

    But the system said: “It’s a pity that it’s not possible. Farting is not a specialty.”

    Xie Zhiyi stood on the stage and sat down in front of the piano.

    Fu Jingyan also walked up with the microphone, and gracefully put one hand on the piano cover, his eyes fell seductively on Xie Zhiyi’s face, “You play, I will sing.”

    Xie Zhiyi was greasy.

    The inspiration finally came.

    [Special? Long___], as long as it meets the filling specifications.

    “I know what to fill in?” Xie Zhiyi said.

    System: “It needs to be logically self-consistent.”

    “Very self-consistent.”

    Xie Zhiyi ignored the underscore at the back of the special length, and instead wrote a “hiccup” at the front.

    [Hiccup special? Long], reasonable.

    “…” The system stuck for a few seconds before issuing a prompt sound: “Dip-the skill card was loaded successfully. Subject: Fu Jingyan.”

    Xie Zhiyi also smiled and tapped a soft accompaniment with his fingers.

    Fu Jingyan’s mouth was close to the microphone, ready to make a charming sound, but he came out unexpectedly.

    Then, “errrrrrrrrrrr——” The

    scene was silent? Only thanks to the accompaniment and hiccups that lasted for a full minute.

    “Errrrrrrrrrrr——” The

    sound of the piano stopped, and Xie Zhiyi stood up? Bowed to Fu Jingyan.

    Up and down.

    This person is really smooth! [Thumb]

    author has to say: Fu Jing words: tired, the War

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