Xie Zhiyi didn’t expect that the emotions on the other side were very strong, and she directly brushed her a few thousand points of blackening value, and it looked like it was really sad.

    But everyone didn’t return immediately, instead they repaired it in place.

    For people other than Chi Lin and Xie Zhiyi, this is undoubtedly extending the time for public executions.

    Because the prince is not only neatly dressed and in good condition, but he also likes to appreciate their miserable condition.

    After all, he is usually a decent person, it is rare to have such a scene, let alone his former rival in love.

    Why is it called “front”?

    The crown prince sat on a chair, leaning Erlang’s legs comfortably-of course, because with Shang Guanchen’s current respect, he could still appreciate it with ten heads that didn’t believe in Xie Zhiyi.

    “Why do you think they are doing such a dish?” Chi Lin poked at the side of Xie Zhiyi who was drinking water peacefully. “Can you starve yourself like this?”

    Xie Zhiyi: I know but I won’t tell.

    “Well… it may be bad luck?” Xie Zhiyi said.

    Hearing this, Shangguan Chen straightened his back immediately: “Indeed, our luck is indeed worse, and I was accidentally injured in the middle…”

    Xie Weilan immediately said, “Yes, can Brother Achen hold on to this? Now? It’s already very impressive!”

    Shangguanchen looked at her moved: “Weilan, it’s all because of you with me that I can come out?”

    Xie Weilan suddenly felt that she had suffered in the past two days. For nothing! She really opened Shangguanchen’s heart again!

    Xie Weilan snuggled into Shangguanchen’s arms: “Brother, because I know that we only have each other…”

    Shangguanchen hugged her with great emotion, and then Yu Guang slanted to Xie Zhiyi.

    She would be jealous to see how they share weal and woe and their true feelings.

    Xie Weilan was also in Shangguan Chen’s arms, implicitly wishing her sister to look over.

    ——As a result, I saw that Xie Zhiyi took out a small packet of melon seeds from his arms, opened it and gave it to the prince.

    At this time, all the people around you have the same voice:

    You fucking still have melon seeds! !

    I still keep the unfinished ones! !

    Damn it!

    Chi Lin’s palm was dumped with melon seeds like a small mountain bag, and he quickly turned back: “It’s too much, I’ll give you some more.”

    Then he knocked the melon seeds while looking up, looking at Shangguan Chen and? Xie Weilan, tut amazed: “You really don’t dislike each other with all the dirt and grass.”

    Shangguan Chen: “…”

    Xie Weilan: “…” The

    two silently let go of each other.

    Xie Zhiyi almost laughed to death.


    the bus on the return journey was unusually quiet.

    If it’s just two days of suffering, it’s okay? But the problem is that someone is eating, drinking, and having fun while I’m suffering, so I can’t calm my mood!

    In the end, most people returned to the city with their eyes open.

    Shangguan Chen was really tired, from his body to his heart.

    As a result, when he got out of the car and saw Fu Jingyan leaning on the door of the car and waiting, his mentality broke even more.

    He is a dignified official, but he is always seen by his love rivals and his embarrassment! This must be God’s jealousy of him!

    When Fu Jingyan saw Shangguanchen, he was taken aback for a moment before he curled his lips.

    For some unspeakable personal reasons, he did not participate in this camping. But doesn’t it mean that he is not good? Surprising.

    Now that Shangguan Chen has been tortured in this way, he is even more looking forward to seeing? Thank you.

    Taking advantage of her weakness and embarrassment, stepping forward and asking for warmth will definitely bring the two closer together – and this time, Shangguanchen is obviously not better than him.

    Fu Jingyan passed by Shangguanchen, smiling? Asked: “

    Where are you for your knowledge?” Shangguanchen stretched his lips and showed domineering eyes: “Don’t want to hit her attention!”

    Fu Jingyan spread his hands: “This is not something you can stop. “

    He walked to the door of the car with great anticipation, and watched the tragedy of everyone in turn . When he saw Xie Weilan, he raised his eyebrows and smiled narrowly.

    Finally, he saw the quiet and calm Prince Chi family.

    After the two people came from the private kitchen box, they have not met directly, but because of the intuition of the man, they saw the hostility in the eyes of the other party for the first time.

    Chi Lin glanced at him indifferently, without saying anything, turning around and handing him a hand into the car.

    Xie Zhiyi took his hand naturally, and then jumped out of the bus a few steps high.

    Then two people together? Looking at Fu Jingyan.

    I don’t know why, at this moment Fu Jingyan suddenly felt a strong sense of xenophobia, okay? It’s completely unnecessary for him to be here.

    Chi Lin raised his eyebrows and tugged at two to five to eight million: “It’s you again? Something??”

    Xie Zhiyi can understand why he appeared here. After all, the struggle between the male lead and the male partner is still going on.

    However, she is very calm-what Xie Zhiyi is not worried about right now is Fu Jingyan. After all, the semi-permanent card will play a long-term role, and it is not like Wang Yiyun, etc., which will have antibodies for a long time.

    With that thought, Fu Jingyan is also quite miserable.

    Fu Jingyan didn’t see the frail and awkwardness he imagined, so he looked between the two of them: “It seems?, Master Chi has taken care of Zhiyi very well?.”

    Chi Lin: “? Are you fucking good?

    Ca n’t speak human words.” What kind of tone is this? ? Good point? As if Xie Zhiyi belonged to their family?

    Fu Jingyan smiled? Smiled?: “Isn’t it.”

    Chi Lin hummed a smile? With a condescending sense of superiority: “She takes care of me.”

    Xie Zhiyi was silent for a moment, thinking, I will testify, this is. real.

    Fu Jingyan was silent after listening.

    He suddenly regretted not signing up for this event.

    Can Xie Zhiyi personally take care of…

    Damn, it’s so sour.


    This camping activity ended successfully.

    Except for the three female students who withdrew initially, the rest of them all persevered. Although people’s moods are quite different, they all received refunds from the organizers.

    Xie Zhiyi is very satisfied with this.

    “Dip-the skill card [portable space] has expired, and the host has lost the right to use it.”

    Xie Zhiyi was quite reluctant to give up the seven or eight square meters of space, but before the deadline, she bought everything she bought. Moved out?.

    “At the same time, congratulations to the host for successfully reversing the plot and completing the dungeon mission. The system automatically increases the reward of 50,000 black points~”

    Xie Zhiyi: Thank you, thank you.

    This time the camping activity is really worth it, which is equivalent to how she didn’t spend much money to play for nothing, but she got the blackening value that she usually can’t get out for a month, and she also got two skill cards.

    However, the so-called reversal of the plot only cancels the occurrence of the male protagonist’s choice between the female and the female protagonist, but in essence it will not affect the subsequent development of the plot.

    If Xie Zhiyi remembers correctly, then the Shangguan family will formally promote the marriage, and for this reason they also held a feast for the rich. In layman’s terms, it is to choose a concubine.

    Xie Zhiyi was speechless.

    What age is it, and are you still engaged in the selection of concubines? Is there really a throne in the family to inherit?

    However, it cannot be denied that the characters in this world are generally well-adapted to this. For example, her sister next door is eager to get out of the camp through the camping expo. While dreaming of the entertainment industry, she strives to marry into the Shangguan family. Be a wife.

    In the original plot, although the ancient male protagonist has already fallen in love with the female protagonist in his heart, he did not refuse other temptations at the same time. Especially the relationship between Xie Weilan and Xie Weilan has been heating up all the way, leaving her as the daughter of her nominal fiancée in grief and pain.

    But in this situation, the female lord still chose to save Shangguan Chen when he was in danger, and then staged the male lead misunderstanding that he was a female? He was worthy of saving, and finally repented and found out that it was a female lord— —Wait a dog-blood plot.

    ——Of course, none of these can happen. In other words, it won’t happen in this way.

    What Xie Zhiyi has to do is to actively change the plot, earn one million points as soon as possible, and then be able to release himself and enjoy the old age.

    System: “The blackening value increment of this copy is being liquidated for you.”

    After the first night, thank you for knowing that it will be a terrible number. Later, she and Chi Lin were watching the scenery and playing for more than a day, and she did not pay attention to the data anymore.

    The system has been stuck for a long time, spit out the result: “In this mission, the total increase provided by other characters’ mood swings and the increase provided by the villain’s signal tower adds 170377 blackening points.”

    Xie Zhiyi lay flat.

    ——Thank you, thank you! Millions of missions are not a dream!

    She was moved for a while, and suddenly remembered? Ask the system: “By the way, when Chi Lin and I were camping, there was obviously no physical contact, but sometimes the real-time flow rate would be higher than physical contact. What is the principle? “The

    system was silent for a moment, “In fact, there is indeed a faster way of physical contact.”

    Xie Zhiyi: “What? There is more direct than physical contact?” The

    system guided: “Yes, from the perspective of interpersonal communication, it is still Is there anything deeper than physical contact?”

    Xie Zhiyi touched his head, “Fighting?”

    System: “…” The

    eldest girl? Master Shuangwen’s emotional line pulls her hips! Sure enough, it deserves its reputation! !

    Xie Zhiyi thought that the system couldn’t explain it, so he just thought about something else.

    She now has two skill cards, and the specialty cards that can be filled in have yet to be studied with the plot? In comparison, the fire-breathing card is more interesting.

    Next? The plot will develop in a more bloody and adult direction. Spitfire…what else needs to be used? Mouth?

    Xie Zhiyi fell into deep thought.


    after the end of the camp back to Kimberley Dayton, everything is business as usual?.

    See you in the cafeteria after class.

    “Really? Did you really find melon seeds?”

    Chi Xiangyang was not able to participate, so he was really good for camping? He was so curious.

    Tang Beiqing also listened to him, “I heard that this event has always been famous for lack of supplies? I think they are all madly complaining and crying, why are you two so good? Luck?”

    Xie Zhiyi smiled? .

    Sitting next to her like Uncle Chi Lin, his tail raised to the sky: “The one who is chosen by heaven is that kind of Europe.”

    Tang Beiqing swept around between them, slowly showing a meaningful smile.

    Okay? It looks like something is different.

    Chi Xiangyang didn’t realize it, and continued to ask? Asked: “Then then, did you still

    bake sweet potatoes?” “Yes,” Chi Lin said with a smile, “Now dig and bake, sweetly cry the child next door.”

    Chi Xiangyang whimpered that I was the kid next door.

    “Isn’t this? It’s an autumn tour! So? Camping is so interesting! Oh, I must participate next year!”

    Xie Zhiyi raised his head and stopped talking.

    Child, no, it’s not like that.

    Chi Lin sneered?: “If you go? Not necessarily, maybe like Shangguanchen, you can’t eat enough after you smashed your butt.”

    Chi Xiangyang: “qaq?”

    Xie Zhiyi continued to eat at ease and put down his chopsticks after eating. Just as soon as he raised his hand, Chi Lin pulled the paper from the side very naturally and handed it to her.

    Xie Zhiyi also took it very naturally? Wiped his mouth.

    Together? I spent almost three days in the deep mountains and old forests, and I had to help each other up and down the river, so doing this now is extremely natural.

    Tang Beiqing on the opposite side looked at their invisible tacit understanding, thinking that I had previously risked being killed by the prince and told Xie Zhiyi that he was sick? It was really not in vain.

    Tang Beiqing coughed twice, “So in those few days? Are you together?”

    Xie Zhiyi’s expression was calm: “Yes.” The

    prince’s sharp and handsome eyebrows were all unconcealable triumphantly, “Yes.”

    Damn, what’s the matter with this inexplicable husband and wife? ?

    Tang Beiqing felt blinded by the flash.

    He couldn’t see Chi Lin’s glorious spring breeze, so he changed the subject: “Christmas is coming? It’s coming? Everyone, the Kimberleyton Christmas party is very grand? Oh, don’t you plan to perform a show?”

    Chi Xiangyang is very positive. “I can, I can rap for a while on the spot!”

    Tang Beiqing smiled? Passed him, and turned to the two opposite people: “You two–no, where are you two?”

    Chi Lin hugged his arms, showing no interest. , Xie Zhiyi is also the same emoticon.

    Tang Beiqing looked at Xie Zhiyi encouragingly: “I haven’t heard you play the piano live, come on? One? One-or have any other specialties that can be used freely?”

    Xie Zhiyi was originally lacking in interest. Hear? What happened to the word “specialty” suddenly came to mind.

    She poked the system and asked: “How do you use the special skill card that can be filled in?” The

    system replied: “[Specialty___] card. If you choose to hold it for a long time, you will get the special skill you filled in by the host? Weak. Choosing a short-term card with immediate effect can greatly strengthen this specialty and become a specialty that cardholders will inevitably display and be proud of on certain occasions.”

    Xie Zhiyi: Oh~~ I understand.

    Just in time, at the entrance of the cafeteria not far away, Xie Weilan and Shangguan Chen walked in with him.

    After the death of the broadcasting agency, this is the first time the two have appeared in public view together, and it seems that they have sent some kind of signal.

    Xie Weilan walked? In Kimberlyton, once again feeling the gaze coming from all directions, he shuddered with excitement.

    She will definitely become the focus of the crowd again! Seize every opportunity to make an appearance and let the image of a goddess penetrate into the hearts of the people again!

    “That’s right—I heard that Shangguan’s family is going to be selected for marriage in the near future.” Tang Beiqing also glanced over there, then turned around and blinked at Xing Zhiyi, “Your sister must come on—even though Shangguan Chen is also going to ? So, but there are many people who want to marry the Shangguan family.”

    Xie Zhiyi smiled softly?.

    She will definitely contribute to the love between Xie Weilan and Shangguanchen.

    ……What specialties can I give this time?

    Chi Lin was not interested in the two of them at all, he was thinking about another question.

    When Tang Beiqing and Chi Xiangyang left, Chi Lin fell behind, glanced at Xie Zhiyi, and coughed twice.

    Xie Zhiyi knew he was coughing? He had something to say, so he stopped.

    Chi Lin calmly asked her: “What gift do you want for Christmas.”

    Of course, it’s good to be able to give a general direction? But he can’t follow what Xie Zhiyi said? He will be fine by himself? Okay? Think.

    Where did he ask this, just secretly expressing his heart–after all, they all slept together? They slept! Give Christmas gifts alone, isn’t that? It’s that and that.

    Xie Zhiyi said “Huh?”, and reacted slowly?: “Oh oh.”

    Just thinking about the Christmas show? I forgot to exchange gifts with my friends. She can keep thinking about the gift she wants, but ask what gift she wants…

    Chi Lin stared at her a little nervously, “Huh?”

    Xie Zhi thought about it: ” Would you like to find me some work?”

    Chi Lin: “?”

    Did she not get it at all? Ah? ? ?

    System: “Yes.”


    On the other hand, Fu Jingyan is also thinking about what gifts can I get for Christmas? Thank you for your attention.

    He has never been so affectionate to a woman since he came.

    Probably it is the desire to conquer in a man’s bones! From Shangguanchen to the joining of Chi Lin, the situation has become more interesting.

    At least for now, Xie Zhiyi does not show any obvious preference for which one? Is it?

    Fu Jingyan called the secretary: “Go and book the latest limited edition bags from h’s house, and you can arrange the goods.” The

    secretary’s tone was surprised and envied.

    That’s right, which woman? People don’t like bags?

    He wants Xie Zhiyi to be the happiest woman?

    After hanging up the phone, Fu Jingyan curled up his lips excitedly.

    Before long, he picked up the paper again.

    …Run to the toilet?.


    ? Suburbs, a privately owned convalescent hospital.

    Chi Lin slammed the door and walked in with a stinky face.

    The medical nurse knew him and respectfully said: “Chi Shao.”

    Chi Lin waved his hand, “What floor?” The

    nurse said, “It’s still the cardio and brain department, VIP room 307.”

    Chi Lin walked without expression? Arrived outside the ward. , Push the door and enter.

    “Bastard! Don’t you know how to knock on the door?”

    The old man on the bed patted his thigh and scolded him angrily.

    Chi Lin sneered?: “Don’t

    fix these.” Old man Chi has to pretend to be sick five times a year. Every time something happens, he always goes here. It’s just that the department he stays in is different, so Chi Lin is used to it.

    Old man Chi pretended to cough twice, and said, “The kid from Shangguan’s family is getting married recently, and he is one year younger than you.”

    Chi Lin was impatient and frowned, “Fuck me. What?.”

    Old man Chi patted his thigh again, “You are twenty-two! This matter? I’ll take care of it, it’s better than your dad.”

    Chi Lin’s face is even more ugly. “He can’t control it either.”

    “Asshole,” said Old Master Chi, looking at his grandson, “The daughter of the Sun family? One year younger than you, came back from Cambridge. Her name is Beibei. Also pretty and well-behaved, I will help you make an appointment to see you the day after tomorrow.”

    Chi Lin directly stood up with a stinky face? Come?: “Beibei? I’m returning the baby, don’t go!”

    “You’re a shit!” Grandpa Chi looked at him. He squinted his eyes and turned his words: “I heard that you participated in the camping two days ago and stayed with the girl of the Xie family??”

    Chi Lin also narrowed his eyes, his eyebrows were sharp, with a sharp light.

    “It’s the one in the countryside…”

    Chi Lin was too lazy to chat with him to thank him, and went straight away, “I will do a good job at work? You don’t care about other things.”

    Old man Chi angrily scolded from behind: “Anyway, you give I’m going to see Beibei! Heard? Didn’t you! —”

    Chi Lin directly left him behind.

    The prince came out of the corridor of the Department of Cardiology and Brain, his expression relaxed, and he cursed the old man in his heart.

    I don’t know why, just? I really want to give Xie Zhiyi a call.

    But hesitated.

    Just this time, and then I looked up and saw a familiar figure.

    When Fu Jingyan saw Chi Lin, he suddenly thought that the bag he wanted to give to Xie Zhiyi had already been bought. Sales said that this limited edition is currently not available in China? The second one.

    So Fu Jingyan was very confident. He could definitely beat Chi Lin or Shangguan Chen in the matter of gifts.

    He showed a smug smile facing his rival, and Chong Chi Lin said hello.

    Chi Lin glanced behind him, showing a more friendly expression for the first time.

    “Come on,” the prince said.

    What Fu Jingyan was about to say was blocked back.

    Then he followed his gaze and looked back, only to find that he was standing under the sign of the department.

    A few big and clear words above.

    ——Anorectal Department.

    Fu Jingyan: “…” Grass.

    The author has something to say: Chi Lin: There is nothing to be afraid of.

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