Chi Lin’s whole person? All stupid.

    His first reaction was not to blush and heartbeat, but to think: Why is she speaking so calmly and smoothly? Did you talk to others before? ? ?

    A shy, annoyed, and suspicious look flashed across the face of the prince’s grandfather, so wonderful that he could go to make a movie.

    Xie Zhiyi didn’t expect Chi Lin to react this way. After all, she felt that she was completely out of socialism? Brotherhood, and she was really afraid that the prince would be frozen outside, so she made this suggestion.

    Because she had prepared a tent, she knew very well that it was small and the quality of the tent was also very good. It was more than enough to sleep two people. In addition, there are moisture-proof cloth and inflatable cushions inside, even if it is not as good as the Prince’s home level, but it is absolutely no problem to sleep comfortably in the wild.

    Even if Chi Lin didn’t doubt it?, she could still go back to “picking up” two more pillows.

    But think about it and forget it, how can everything go well when you are away from home. Xie Zhiyi sighed?.

    She persuaded Chi Lin: “I think this tent has its own sleeping bag, and you just found one, so that it should not be cold at night-by the way, do you not snore when you sleep?”

    Actually, snoring does not matter. She even brought sleep earplugs.

    Chi Lin said in a daze: “No, don’t fight…”

    “That’s good!” Xie Zhiyi said, “Don’t worry, I won’t fight either!”

    Chi Lin: “…Okay.” It

    took a few seconds to react. ? Come on-

    no, this is the fucking problem of snoring or not? !

    “——You are a girl, I am a man!” Chi Lin said almost gritted his teeth.

    Xie Zhiyi blinked and said, “In this case, even if we are two men, we have to sleep together?”

    Chi Lin almost got angry? Go crazy: “Do you really treat me? Don’t you? A little wary?!”

    Or did he not treat him as the opposite sex at all? ?

    Thinking of this, the prince fell into extreme discomfort.

    Xie Zhiyi looked at him with a frank tone: “I have someone! Although I believe in your character, if you really plot something wrong? I won’t let it go.”

    She said. Raised his fist.

    It’s okay to punch one to death.

    Chi Lin: “…” Okay.

    It really seems impossible to refute it.

    Thanks to Zhiyi’s strength, really don’t worry.

    His inexplicable breath? Finally dissipated from his chest and sank, turning into an indescribable irritability.

    “Well, that’s all right.” Chi Lin’s gaze drifted away.

    Xie Zhiyi was relieved? So he also smiled: “Then let’s set up a tent!”


    On the other hand, Shangguan Chen and others? are also actively looking for supplies for sleeping.

    In order to make a fire, they collected firewood and found flint and steel. But a group of sons and daughters have no one? Know how to use it, and in the end there was no fire, so they could only look for sleeping bags in the tent, shivering.

    I haven’t eaten much at first, and my anger and temperature are still low. How many girls are already crying.

    “All cheer up.” Shangguan Chen issued instructions.

    “As long as you can take a break tonight and recharge your energy, you will definitely find more food and water tomorrow.”

    Zhu Yujie and others? Their faces are not pretty.

    Food and water?

    There is not much in this damn forest!

    Even if you find them, they are hard to swallow compressed biscuits! This kind of day has just passed? It’s a day!

    Xie Weilan, who supports her the most, has no strength? He reluctantly agreed: “Brother Achen is right!” The

    top priority is indeed to find the sleeping bag in the tent, otherwise they will freeze to death here at night. A group of people searched around and finally found two tents and five sleeping bags.

    Although it’s still not enough, I can still make it through? Tonight.

    Shangguanchen arranged the distribution of materials, and then stood in front of the tent, looking at the dark forest in the distance, which was repeatedly cannibalistic, and the corners of his lips slowly evoked a mocking smile.

    These supplies were only found by ten of them, but Chi Lin and Xie Zhiyi were two of them. Maybe they couldn’t even find the sleeping bag.

    In the middle of the night, Xie Zhiyi might cry tremblingly and beg him.


    … the

    tent is set up.

    The sturdy quadrangular shape looks quite spacious and resists wind. It makes people feel safe in the cold jungle.

    Pool Pro stood up, clapped his hands, and brushed off his pants, and finally looked at the moon, said: “You sleep, go to sleep.”

    Xie EENOW nodded: “You too.”

    Pool Pro:. “…… ah”

    because ? To find enough water, two people? Even simple wash.

    Xie Zhiyi was all packed, and opened the curtains of the tent to get in. Chi Lin watched nervously, and suddenly said: “I… go to the bathroom again?.”

    “Yeah, otherwise you get quite cold in the middle of the night.”

    Xie Zhiyi entered the tent and tried the inflatable cushion. Feeling? I feel quite comfortable. And without the cold wind blowing on the face, people soon warmed up.

    She took advantage of Chi Lin’s absence to open the portable space? After looking at it, she salivated at the fragrant and soft pillow inside, or gave up.

    Xie Zhiyi chose the breakfast for himself and Chi Lin tomorrow morning, added up what he had quietly buried all around, and then got into the sleeping bag with peace of mind.

    She closed the entire zipper, only half of her face came out, lying on her back peacefully.

    When Chi Lin came back and bent over to get into the sleeping bag, what he saw was this picture.

    She is like a silkworm, showing a pair of clear and beautiful eyes.

    Chi Lin couldn’t hold back, and laughed out loud.

    “What’s the matter?” Xie Zhiyi looked up.

    This is more like a squirming silkworm.

    Chi Lin clenched his right hand to cover his mouth, laughing too hard. This is so fucking cute.

    Xie Zhiyi looked confused: “Aren’t you sleepy?”

    Chi Lin coughed: “Sleepy.”

    Although the tent is not small, the space is also very limited. Spread out the two sleeping bags, the middle is only one leg’s distance apart.

    Chi Lin quietly calmed his breath, then unfolded his sleeping bag casually, laid it out, and got in.

    Xie Zhiyi glanced at the real-time flow rate provided by the system, but was not sleepy.

    Why is it so high? ?

    This was the first time she was camping for a long time. She was alone with Chi Lin. In fact, she maintained a high flow rate during the day. From the beginning of Chi Lin’s tent, the flow rate soared directly to +10/s, and it was very stable.

    She calculated it, if she kept this flow rate and slept for two hours, she would be able to get…72,000 blackening points? ?

    Higher than the system’s task reward?——!

    That being said, no matter which way to brush the blackening value, is there no way? Sleeping with the prince (no) came quickly!

    Xie Zhiyi stared at Chi Lin with his eyes outside the sleeping bag, almost trying to spot him.

    Chi Lin just lay down in the sleeping bag, and hit her eyes, suddenly nervous again: “What’s wrong.”

    Xie Zhiyi shook his head: “Nothing is nothing.”

    Look at the rare animals.

    Chi Lin was uncomfortable, wanted to turn over and escape, moved a bit, but was not willing.

    The cold wind roared outside the tent, echoing deep in the forest, howling like wild animals.

    The tent was warm and quiet, with only two people breathing shallowly.

    Chi Lin put his nose down very slowly and slowly, and after a long time he asked softly, “Where did you learn so many things?”

    Whether it is piano, fist, culinary skills, etc…

    It was only a few years since I met in the countryside that year. Where did you secretly grow??, where did you secretly learn?

    Xie Zhiyi was startled.

    Not only because Chi Lin’s style of painting at this time is not the same as usual, but also because it seems that after returning to this world, this is the first time someone has asked her seriously.

    Regarding her transformation, the younger sister was busy with jealousy, and the male protagonist was busy conquering… But Chi Lin was asking her how did she grow up?

    There is an unspeakable feeling.

    It’s as if she ran away for ten years, and when she came back, no one found it.

    The flow rate was growing silently, Xie Zhiyi didn’t care.

    “It’s probably in a dream.” After a long time, Xie Zhiyi closed his eyes, “Good night.”

    Chi Lin also said good night.

    After a long time, Xie Zhiyi had a long breath over there, apparently asleep.

    Chi Lin opened his eyes again.

    The vision was dim, but he could vaguely see the outline of the gratitude.

    Indeed, many things have changed, but there have been no changes at all.

    From the time I met, to this time alone.

    His heartbeat has not changed.


    good night’s sleep.

    Xie Zhiyi woke up, when he came here, the whole person was stretched out.

    When you are tired, you sleep soundly!

    Before falling into sleep last night, she conservatively calculated how much blackening value she could get in one night.

    “Check the data.” She knocked on the system very happy.

    Although the peak traffic is difficult to maintain, can you stay at least tens of thousands by staying next to the signal tower?

    The system was cleared for a long time, and it was stuck for a while before spitting out the prompt sound: “Ding! The increase in the blackening value reaches the quantitative standard, and the drop can be filled in? Skill card: [Specialty___], this card attribute can be held for a long time?/ It takes effect immediately, and the content can be filled in at will.”

    Xie Zhiyi raised his eyebrows. It is another skill card that has a lot of room to play. It can be stored with the previous one for emergencies. But since I swiped another card, maybe I swiped fifty thousand points this evening?

    She rubbed her hands in excitement.

    The system finally figured it out: “Congratulations, the host has increased a total of 100,120 blackening points so far!”

    Xie Zhiyi: “!!!” When

    Chi Lin, who got up a step earlier, came back with the newly found materials, I saw Xie Zhiyi eyes. With tears.

    The prince was taken aback and rushed over, “What’s wrong with you?!”

    Xie Zhiyi waved his hand, looked at Chi Lin, and patted him on the shoulder with emotion.

    “There will be more time to sleep in the future!” she said.

    Chi Lin: “…?”


    This night, a total of ?3 people? gave up and pressed the red button to be taken out by the coach.

    Everyone who gave up will be notified by a loudspeaker to those who are still in the camp. This time all three are girls, who were carried out crying and crying when it was cold at night.

    After listening to Xie Zhiyi, Shangguan Chen Xie Weilan and they are still insisting, which is not bad.

    Although Shangguan Chen is still facing a shortage of supplies, the alternative plot in the original plot will not appear.

    I hope that he and Xie Weilan can develop well, if Xie Weilan can become the heroine of this ancient dogma, then she will be even more relieved.

    On the other hand, Shangguan Chen’s situation is not optimistic.

    The cold all night, coupled with the empty stomach, caused them not to sleep well all night.

    But a new round of material search has begun again.

    Xie Weilan can’t care about her image anymore. Her hair is messed up, and the makeup on her face has long been lost. Without foundation and lipstick, her complexion is not very good.

    The only thing that gave her a little bit of psychological comfort was that the girls around her were not in good condition, and those few last night were even more of a loss of demeanor.

    Where can the single sister be better?

    Thanks to Zhiyi, the situation there must be much worse than them! Although I still insisted on not giving up, if I could meet him today, I would definitely see her embarrassed!

    And she was by Shangguanchen’s side, sharing his adversity with him, and now he definitely valued himself a little bit more in his heart.

    Shangguan Chen on the side looked deep into the forest with deep eyes.

    Although Xie Zhiyi chose Chi Lin once again, he could not care about it. After all, Chi Lin couldn’t protect her comprehensively. At this time, Xie Zhiyi should regret it in the cold and hunger.

    ——Thank you at this time.

    Sitting by the creek, guarding a fire, roasting sweet potatoes in Hechilin.

    Yes, roasted sweet potatoes.

    “You can even dig sweet potatoes here, it’s amazing!” Xie Zhiyi sat cross-legged.

    Chi Lin was also shocked when he found the sweet potato.

    Then he found milk and biscuits around.

    Now the two of them are surrounded by the fire, the sweet smell is permeating, and the food is all around, it is almost like a spring outing.

    “Maybe… it’s our luck? Good.” The prince said uncertainly.

    Xie Zhiyi nodded quickly: “Hmm.” I

    finally believed it!

    The spring outing can officially begin!

    The two of them finished the roasted sweet potatoes, and one of them drank a bag of milk and continued to walk deep in the forest.

    The stream is very clear, reflecting the shadows of the trees on the shore. The air in the mountains is also sweet, and everything becomes comfortable.

    The two of them looked for resources as they walked, and then turned to skittles, chocolates, and even a small self-heating hot pot.

    The crown prince completely accepted the fact that there are actually a lot of resources in the camp, and began to stroll around the courtyard to see the scenery.

    …And the people in the scenery?.

    And the other side.

    The crowd led by Shangguan Chen walked to the creek just now.

    Zhao Xin? Yue was hungry and fainted, and sniffed, “How do I smell the roasted sweet potato…”

    Zhu Yujie also shook his head: “I can smell it too!” How

    many people? Suddenly went crazy and started to go around. Plan the soil.

    Xie Weilan walked by worryingly, “Don’t waste your energy at home, I still have some compressed biscuits…”

    “I want to eat roasted sweet potatoes!”

    “I want too!!”

    Decentness is not worth mentioning in front of hunger.

    When they were tired and didn’t find the roasted sweet potatoes, they finally lay on the ground and cried.

    Zhu Yujie: “I’m the fucking never coming again… Why is it so hard for me to just want to eat a baked sweet potato?” But

    now give up, he is the first man to give up?! How to mix up in the future!

    He can only drag his heavy legs to continue walking. The lunch was not settled, and the group was filled with despair.

    At this moment, someone? suddenly shouted: “Wait, look over there–“

    Everyone? Tired eyes moved away? Go–

    “That seems to be chocolate pie!!!”

    “Fuck! “Don’t move!”

    “I saw it!”

    “I saw it first!!”

    Everyone? Suddenly fell into a frenzy.

    Xie Zhiyi didn’t think that the food she left behind would cause a worse chaos.

    Because of the process of feeding her to the prince, he pondered for a while, and decided not to be too double-labeled, and leave some food for the people behind.

    The result was such a situation.

    Finally, Zhu Yujie, their noses and faces were swollen, crying while gnawing on the broken chocolate pie.

    Shangguan Chen scolded: “Look at you, what do you look like!”

    Everyone? Silence.

    Shangguan Chen walked past the stones, his face was cold: “For a little bit of food, I forget myself or an individual? Not an animal, I am very lost to you—”

    He didn’t finish his words , but his feet were on the stone. The block went up for a while, and my heart screamed badly!

    The problem of flat-bottom wrestling and motionlessness before? Strength?

    Shangguan Chen “ah~” fell to the ground.

    In this case, the injury is terrible!

    “Shangguan! Are you okay?” “Are you okay?”

    “Should you give up? I’ll press for you—”

    “No!” Shangguan Chen gritted his teeth and waved away everyone?.

    Chi Lin is still in the camp, did the broadcast? Tell him to quit, how can he quit at this time? !

    This is a matter of man’s dignity!

    ?? Even if Chi Lin withdrew, he has to hold on! Because? To thank Zhiyi, he will come back pitifully for help, that’s when he regains his glory!

    “But you…” Everyone? He looked at him hesitantly.

    To be honest, if you bring an injured one, it will affect them even more…

    At this moment, Xie Weilan crossed the crowd, and said firmly: “Brother Achen, I will help you!”

    Shangguan Chen looked deeply. She: “Wei Lan!”

    “Don’t worry about the family, I will take good care of Achen’s brother, and will not affect the family.”

    This scene was truly moving and shocked everyone. ?.

    Didn’t they choose to participate in this camping for the purpose of tempering their will and enhancing their feelings?

    “Come on! We must be able to!”

    “Chong, maybe there is more to eat!”

    “Come on!”

    Chi Lin and Xie Zhiyi saw them from a distance once, and found that they seemed quite energetic.

    “It seems that I found something to eat.” Xie Zhiyi said.

    Chi Lin dangling a lollipop, looked from a distance, and sneered: “Shangguan fool is lame again.”

    Xie Zhiyi also saw it, and she also saw Xie Weilan helping him go. She was almost crushed. NS.

    Xie Weilan is supporting it all with one breath now. She didn’t eat much, and she had to bear part of Shangguan Chen’s weight. The whole person was about to ascend to heaven.

    Only the last day left!

    As long as through the early morning, everything is over.

    Not only will Shangguanchen respect her again, but friends will respect her again! Shangguan’s parents will also re-examine her personality! All these sufferings were worthwhile—the

    next day, they cut down trees, made fires, and looked for food.

    And the two people on the other side? Climbing trees, watching the scenery, and drinking Coke.

    Although they don’t know the other party’s situation, they are all waiting for the other party’s name to appear in the speaker first.

    But never?.

    They competed in secret. Every time Shangguanchen and Xie Weilan felt that they couldn’t hold on, they imagined Chi Lin and Xie Zhiyi now.

    Maybe the clothes are in tatters, and the person is also trembling? Maybe you are so hungry that your cheeks are sunken and your eyes are dull?

    Night fell again, with only the last few hours left before the end of the camping.

    Xie Zhiyi found a bucket and boiled water for the two of them to cook noodles.

    Usually her cooking skills are at the pinnacle level, but now in this uncomfortable situation, she is even more superb.

    Chi Lin almost ate the pot.

    After eating the noodles, the stomach is also warm.

    The night sky is clear and the sky is full of stars.

    Chi Lin turned his head and glanced at the people under the starry sky.

    Xie Zhiyi met his gaze, smiled, and asked: “Are you happy these days?”

    Chi Lin took a deep breath?: “Happy.”

    Xie Zhiyi said: “I am very happy too!”

    Chi Lin couldn’t help laughing.

    “Isn’t it because you chose to follow me.” The prince snorted from his nose.

    Xie Zhiyi nodded: “It’s true.”

    Chi Lin’s wings began to fan: “If you followed Shangguanchen, you would definitely not be so happy.”

    Xie Zhiyi humbly expressed his gratitude: “That’s right.”

    Chi Lin thought about it, “but The organizer is really friendly and put so many materials.”

    Xie Zhiyi: “…Yes, haha.”

    Chi Lin thought that Shangguanchen and the others could also collect so many materials. It was a little uncomfortable, but there was nothing. That’s it.

    On the other side, Shangguan Chen and the others, who are said to have “collected so many materials”, are guarding a box of peanuts.

    Take one in turn? Take one.

    When the fish belly gradually whitened in the sky, the horn in the forest sounded again.

    “Congratulations to your family! Successfully withstood the test and spent this camping! You are all victorious warriors!”

    “Now, please stand up slowly, follow the coordinates issued by the communication ring, and return to the forest entrance.”

    “We prepared hot water and food, waiting for home!”

    Xie Weilan supported Shangguan Chen and almost cried.

    it’s finally over! finally!

    A group of people walked toward the entrance unkempt and staggered. From a distance, they felt cordial when they saw the bus that they disliked when they came.

    They couldn’t wait to take the hot water and the bread, and ate them without image.

    Xie Weilan covered his face with messy hair, and asked the coach as he chewed the bread, “There are two others? How about they? They haven’t come out yet?”

    Shangguan Chen ate half of the bread and drank hot water. He found it again at this time. confidence.

    Although he looked embarrassed, he still showed confidence: “They left the team without authorization, maybe they are already too hungry to walk.”

    Xie Weilan showed a worried expression: “What should we do then, do we want to go? Looking for them?”

    She couldn’t wait to see her sister’s embarrassed and hideous look, so that Shangguan Chen would compare who is better!

    At this moment, the forest trail rustled.

    Everyone? Look back one after another.

    I saw two figures walking out of it calmly, revealing two clean, peaceful and peaceful faces.

    Then with everyone? Four eyes facing each other.

    Chi Lin only recognized Shangguanchen’s face after distinguishing it. The shock and disbelief in the opponent’s eyes was beyond words.

    He was still holding a torn bread in his hand and gnawed half way down. Xie Weilan next to it is the same style.

    “Have you picked up the tatters?” The prince looked confused.

    Xie Zhiyi didn’t stretch himself, almost laughed out loud.

    Shangguan Chen squeezed the bread tightly, and Xie Weilan immediately covered his face with his hair.

    And Chi Lin, who was not hungry or injured from start to finish, even drank two cans of Coke, was very puzzled: “–this is it?”

    “Why are you doing this virtue?” Chi Lin scratched his face, “Aren’t there a lot of supplies?” “

    Everyone? Holding the bread in their hands, they cried.

    Donima! ! !

    The author has something to say: Prince prince: Huh?

    Xie Zhiyi: (Wang Tian)

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