Before the camping registration was about to end, Chi Lin paid the registration fee.

    As the sponsor of Shangguan’s family, it was natural to learn that the prince of the Chi family was also involved in this event.

    In the commercial field, the competition between the Chi family and the Shangguan family has become increasingly fierce. Especially because during this period of time, Shangguan Chen’s body has repeatedly experienced problems, and Chi Lin’s performance has been even more outstanding.

    Shangguan Chen snorted coldly, and it was Chi Lin again.

    They were all men, and they knew everything about each other. Although Chi Lin won the championship in the last tennis match, he and Xie Zhiyi did not make any progress.

    No wonder he? Didn’t dare to fight with himself? Bet on who can get Xie Zhiyi’s kiss-Shangguan Chen hooked his lips and smiled, because Xie Zhiyi only regarded him as a friend from beginning to end.

    Whether it is Chi Lin or Fu Jingyan, these men around Xie Zhiyi cannot enter her heart! He was the only man who opened the door to her heart.

    This camping is a great opportunity…

    … the

    activity is approaching.

    Xie Zhiyi’s favorite thing to do recently has become? Purchasing.

    [Portable Space Card] Of course, she chose to use it for her own use. After the system was loaded successfully, she opened it and opened it. It was about seven or eight square meters in size.

    Because we are about to face a more extreme environment, storage becomes a very pleasant and reassuring thing in this situation.

    Although the registration fee for camping is 10,000 yuan, because 80% of the people are unable to persist because of lack of materials every time, so if the person who can persist for two days and one night wins, the registration fee will be fully refunded!

    Coupled with the blackening value reward for this mission, Xie Zhiyi is even less distressed about the money.

    Eat and drink, buy! The first is meat, char-grilled sausages, instant ham, and vacuum-packed duck legs. Sweets must also be prepared. Butter cookies, biscuits, and plums are arranged. To drink, prepare drinking water and happy water. You can buy delicious Pepsi, as well as milk tea and coffee jelly.

    If you want to stay in the forest for one night, you have to buy moisture-proof mats and sleeping bags. Oh, tents must also be bought. Buy two-and prepare the prince’s. There are also spare assault pants and quick-drying pants. Although I don’t know the specific size of Chi Lin, Xie Zhiyi still arranged a copy for him.

    In view of the outstanding contribution of the prince prince to her, Xie Zhiyi decided to take care of Chi Lin as if he had participated in an outdoor tour.

    On the day before the camping day, Xie Zhiyi looked at the dangdang supplies in the portable space and felt very relieved.

    Autumn Tour, I’m here


    On the other hand, Chi Lin is also frantically preparing.

    He knows the camping rules. You can’t bring any supplies into the forest. All food, drink, and use must be searched in the forest. If you can’t find it, you can only endure it.

    It’s okay for him to be a man, but it’s so cold at night, Xie Zhiyi must not be able to stand a girl.

    Chi Lin intends to see if he can smuggle something.

    When Chi Xiangyang came back, the registration was closed, and he was crying.

    “Why! Why don’t you take me to play!”

    Chi Lin sneered, “What do you take you to? Eat when you are hungry.”

    “…” Chi Xiangyang dared to look at him without words? Brother, after a long while Then he said bitterly, “I think you and Sister Yi have a little secret behind me!”

    Chi Lin paused and gave him a sideways glance.

    Chi Xiangyang immediately persuaded: “I, I’m talking nonsense.”

    This? Two people? No one can’t afford it!

    But? Unexpectedly, after listening to what he said, his brother’s fierce face showed a strange smile.

    Chi Lin touched his chin, thinking about this? Is it obvious?

    …In a

    blink of an eye, it was the day of camping.

    Said it is camping, in fact, it is more appropriate to call it survival in the wild.

    When a group of wealthy children walked out of the house with various things they had stolen, they couldn’t help but give birth to a hint of withdrawal.

    But they all followed Shangguanchen, and Shangguanchen did not retreat, so they are not easy to give up. Among these people, Xie Weilan has the most positive attitude and has always supported Shangguanchen’s various decisions. Everyone got

    on the bus at the location designated by the organizer, and the bus was already waiting for them.

    Many spoiled brothers and eldest ladies showed dissatisfaction, but because of Shangguanchen’s presence, they couldn’t say much.

    Xie Zhiyi waited for a while before seeing Chi Lin’s figure. Compared with other people’s private goods, Chi Lin looked calmer. Like Xie Zhiyi, he just wore a warm and waterproof jacket.

    The prince passed the gazes cast by everyone, walked to Xie Zhiyi, and looked at her: “How are you, are you nervous?”

    Xie Zhiyi shook his head: “Not nervous.”

    Autumn You, what’s so nervous.

    Chi Lin knew that she wouldn’t speak out even if she was nervous, so she said, “It’s okay, anyway, you just follow me when you get in.”

    Xie Zhiyi nodded quickly: “Okay, okay.” That’s great!

    When Shangguan Chen passed by them, upon hearing these words, he showed a slightly mocking confident smile.

    After entering, only Chi Lin is the only one, Xie Zhiyi to follow him? I will definitely starve to death.

    After driving out of the city, the bus gradually bumped.

    Zhao Xinyue and other girls soon became a little unbearable, muttering, “Will the driver drive?”

    The coach who was in charge of picking them up did not say much, because he knew that this would be the best time for these people.

    When they really enter the forest, they will never have the strength to complain.

    And Xie Zhiyi is very leisurely and comfortable-her signal tower has been successfully connected, and will start transmission for dozens of hours next.

    It’s so cool.

    After about three more hours of driving, the scenery outside the window was very “wild”.

    There are dense forests everywhere, because it is winter, so the forest sea reveals a kind of loneliness and depression. Thinking of spending two days and one night in such a place next, many people are already wailing in their hearts.

    After getting out of the car, everyone gathered in an open space, listening to the coach explaining the rules, and the staff handed out communication bracelets one by one.

    “This? This bracelet is used for life-saving at critical moments. When you get lost, cannot find food, or are in danger, click the red button above, and the bracelet will immediately send us your location. Please keep it. Calm down.”

    “There are no large wild animals in the entire camp, but the drinking water, food, and daily necessities we provide to everyone are also extremely limited. We need to actively search for and distribute them reasonably. We encourage everyone to help each other, and of course we encourage everyone to be courageous. Explore…”

    In addition to explaining the rules, the coach repeated the basic skills of survival in the wild. At this time, many people were already impatient.

    “Then before entering the forest, we have one last link.” After the

    coach finished speaking, a staff member came forward to search.

    “We are not allowed to bring personal belongings in this camping. In order to strengthen our faith and temper our will, please strictly follow the rules. If you have any discomfort, you can withdraw in time.”

    Zhao Xinyue and others showed their faces, and even Xie Weilan, who had always been very active, bit his lip.

    ——The food is okay, the key is that her powder and lipstick will also be confiscated? !

    At that time, I can’t take a shower in the forest, and I’m looking for food and drink. There’s no way to put on make-up, don’t you have to be ugly in front of Shangguanchen? !

    As the staff searched their bodies, the snacks, drinks, energy bars, and even game consoles that people had stolen were taken away and stored.

    Xie Zhiyi waited for the body search very frankly.

    ……I feel a little guilty of being magnanimous.

    She turned to look at Chi Lin and asked, “Do you have anything you want to hand in?”

    Chi Lin copied pockets with both hands, glanced at the things that others had taken away, and sneered: “What can I bring with those things? “

    Xie Zhiyi nodded. She has them anyway. If Chi Lin needs it, she can find a way to “change” it.

    The body searcher walked over to them, first checked Xie Zhiyi, and found that she did not bring anything, so they only took the phone.

    When I arrived at Chi Lin, I did not find any objects.

    Until I opened the inner pocket of the jacket, there was a “crash”—a

    few warm babies fell.

    There is also a pink piglet printed on it.

    Chi Lin: “…”

    Xie Zhiyi: “…” The

    staff took away the warm baby without changing his face. Xie Zhiyi hesitated to ask: “Are you… afraid of the cold?”

    The sleeping bag she bought is made of cotton, it is true. Can’t give him a cover quilt?

    Chi Lin was angrily: “No!”

    Me? Mom brought it for you! ! !


    After the body search was over, all of them looked different and walked towards the entrance of the forest.

    The instructor took the calling machine and made a gesture: “Good luck everyone.”

    Xie Zhiyi heard the system prompt: “D-the dungeon task has started? Start, please try to reverse the plot and win the black value rewards. ~”

    Of course, they all know this? No effort is needed anymore. Because for Xie Zhiyi, the scarce thing that Shangguan Chen chose to give Xie Weilan would not constitute a turning point in the plot.

    Although it is a bit colder in winter, it is not completely bad, at least they do not have to be bothered by mosquitoes.

    The surrounding trees were tall and there were a few birdsongs. There seemed to be the sound of running water coming from the depths of the forest, like a stream. The road under your feet is full of gravel, which is not easy to walk, but it is indeed an undeveloped original ecological appearance, with the natural wildness of nature.

    Xie Zhiyi was completely in the mood to watch the scenery, and looked around, but was pulled back by Chi Lin.

    “Don’t run around!” The prince said with a sullen face, “What should I do if I lost it!”

    The warm baby brought in from Chi Lin thoughtfully was confiscated, and he already felt anxious-in case he? Find a place and tools for Xie Zhiyi to sleep. What if she freezes at night?

    Xie Zhiyi obediently returned to the radiation range of the signal tower in Chilin.

    Shangguan Chen is already instructing the people to divide the work, looking for supplies, exploring the way, etc., and stipulates that the supplies must be handed in after they are found, and then everyone will be uniformly distributed.

    Xie Weilan looked at Shangguanchen with admiration: “Brother Achen, I feel safe to be by your side~”

    Shangguanchen smiled domineeringly: “Don’t worry about everyone.”

    After finishing speaking, his eyes fell in the distance. Xie Zhiyi.

    Most people choose to follow the group after entering an unfamiliar environment. But Xie Zhiyi was not far from Chi Lin’s side. Although the two people were in the field of vision, they just felt separated from them.

    Shangguan Chen smiled coldly—when

    they were too hungry, they would naturally come to him for help.

    Knowing that there are very few resources in the forest, and the space is so large, everyone tried their best to start looking for supplies in order not to be hungry.

    Zhao Xinyue was lucky. She had just turned over two big trees and found a dust bag under the root of the tree. After opening it, there was a small strip of compressed biscuits inside.

    She was about to turn her head to tell her companion, but the voice didn’t come out of her throat, and suddenly stopped.

    If the materials I found, if they were taken back and divided equally, would there be so many?

    Zhao Xinyue subconsciously hid the compressed biscuits in her sleeves?

    But she turned her head and found that Zhu Yujie, who was far away from her, seemed to be hiding something secretly.

    A certain atmosphere has spread quietly.


    Xie Zhiyi and Chi Lin are also working very hard to find supplies.

    Although the coach will not disclose where the supplies are stored, they have given them a general direction. Chi Lin judged the direction while searching along the road. After searching for about an hour, he finally touched a dust bag with a small bottle of 200ml of drinking water inside.

    He? He handed the things he found to Xie Zhiyi, “Drink when you are thirsty.”

    He didn’t save her a drink, or remember to keep some for him.

    Xie Zhiyi looked at the sweat on Chi Lin’s forehead and asked, “Aren’t you thirsty?”

    Chi Lin turned his head and continued looking, “You are not thirsty, you drink.”

    Xie Zhiyi paused and watched the prince open it? The big stone went to look for it. Unpalatable compressed biscuits, an indescribable feeling surged in my heart.

    She carefully stored the bottle of water in her pocket, and then followed it up carefully.

    Camping sounds exciting, but when the physical strength is consumed more and the harvest is not much, people’s patience is gradually consumed.

    From entering the forest to the evening, Shangguanchen collected only two bottles of water and three compressed biscuits, not counting Xie Zhiyi and Chi Lin. Ten of them wanted to eat.

    Zhu Yujie looked at these things and had no appetite: “I’m not eating anymore.”

    Xie Weilan said worriedly , “Everyone should eat some, after all, next…”

    Two days and one night actually meant Starting today, it will not end until the early hours of the third day. The time after this is still very long.

    Each person was assigned to the finger-sized biscuits, Xie Ripples took his piece and handed? Shang Chen, “Chen Ah brother, I’m not hungry, you command a hard day, and eat a little.”

    Shang Chen can not help but have A little moved, he pushed the biscuit back: “You eat it yourself.”

    He? He couldn’t help but look at the two people in the distance.

    They were not far away. Shangguan Chen had been paying close attention to their movements. Chi Lin had very bad luck and only found a bottle of water.

    The corner of Shangguanchen’s mouth provoked a smile.

    He? He walked over with a half-pack of compressed biscuits and glanced at Chi Lin: “Are you hungry? Join us to divide the food. Don’t be so confident here.”

    Chi Lin didn’t say anything, but Xie Zhiyi was unhappy.


    Half a pack of compressed biscuits, who will give it? Your confidence?

    With Chi Lin’s temper, he must have scolded him on the spot.

    But? Unexpectedly, Chi Lin didn’t scold him, but turned his head to look at Xie Zhiyi: “Are you hungry?”

    Xie Zhiyi was stunned.

    Chi Lin said calmly, “Eat when you are hungry.”

    Shangguanchen smiled triumphantly.

    ——In this round, Chi Lin gave in!

    Xie Zhiyi looked at Chi Lin and understood what he meant. He didn’t find food, but he wouldn’t let her go hungry because of dignity or face.

    Xie Zhiyi couldn’t tell how she felt, she realized that the flow rate was soaring again inexplicably.

    After a three-second pause, Xie Zhiyi suddenly grabbed Chi Lin’s hand.

    “I don’t want him?”

    Chi Lin’s eyes suddenly widened.

    Xie Zhiyi directly took Chi Lin to a farther place.

    Shangguan Chen stayed in place, his eyes filled with incredible color, and he crushed the compressed biscuit in his hand.

    “Brother Achen–” Xie Weilan walked over, “They failed your kindness, so don’t care about them anymore.”

    Shangguan Chen snorted and turned away.

    Woman, since you don’t know what is good or bad.

    Then I can only cry and beg him?!


    At this moment.

    The nerves of Chi Lin’s whole body were concentrated on his hands.

    Xie Zhiyi is pulling him?.

    Holding his?’s hand.

    They have been rummaging around just now, they have been pulling around, so they have dirt on their hands.

    It’s very dirty.

    But Chi Lin didn’t want to throw it away at all.

    He? He just thinks that Xie Zhiyi’s hands are so small and soft.

    How does this kind of hand strike? Human?

    He? After thinking about it a lot, he realized that Xie Zhiyi stopped.

    Xie Zhiyi only realized the power of physical contact at this moment. She pulled Xia Chi Lin’s hand on the impulse, and she actually brushed more than a thousand blackening points.

    She even heard the system “tick”, but this is not the point at the moment.

    “Are you hungry too?” Xie Zhiyi asked.

    Chi Lin didn’t even

    notice that his hands had been released, and said in a daze: “What? I’m very supportive.” Xie Zhiyi: “…” It’s

    over, I’m hungry and stupid for the prince!

    Chi Lin shook his head, woke up, and coughed twice.

    Then he realized that the two of them still had no food, and finally fully awake: “No, if you can’t find food at night, you will be hungry…”

    Before she finished speaking, Xie Zhiyi suddenly took out a packet of yellow from her arms. Orange things.

    “I just didn’t tell you,” Xie Zhiyi said, “I found this one on the road.”

    Chi Lin’s eyes straightened.

    Fragrant French buns.

    “So we don’t have to bite that compressed cookie.” Xie Zhiyi patted him on the shoulder.

    Chi Lin reacted for a long time: “…oh.”

    Two people sat on the big rock, opened the small bread, and one person ate three.

    Chi Lin swallowed the sweet bread and looked back.

    There are only gravel and grass on the road.

    He? He? Why didn’t mom see the bun? ?

    Chi Lin felt annoyed.

    After eating the buns, Chi Lin became angry and vowed to find better food than the buns. And night is approaching, there must be equipment for the night in the forest.

    Once it gets dark, it’s even harder to find. At that time, the fire will not start, and I am afraid it will freeze to death in the forest.

    At the same moment, Shangguan Chen and others also thought of this question.

    “Everyone will act when they are full! I am afraid that it will be dark in one hour. If we can’t find tents, sleeping bags or fire tools, then everyone will not be able to survive this night.”

    Xie Weilan actively responded to Shangguan Chen’s command. : “Brother Achen is right!”

    But? The others are obviously not so positive.

    Say you are full, just a damn compressed biscuit, full ass?

    They are all brains full of hot hot pot, greasy barbecue, juicy steak…

    Soon, someone shouted in the forest: “I found a piece of chocolate!”

    Suddenly, he ? Attracted everyone’s attention.

    chocolate! That’s not 10,000 times better than compressed biscuits!

    ”     Give me a bit!”

    “I want a corner !” “I want a corner

too! Leave some for me!”

    Even Shangguan Chen couldn’t hold back a look, but it was because of the lack of face. Voice.

    A small piece of chocolate was divided up in a few seconds.

    After Zhu Yujie finished eating, he smashed his mouth and said: “How do I feel that I have a meaty taste…”

    “I also feel…”

    On the other side.

    Xie Zhiyi called Chi Lin over.

    “Then what,” she took out her pocket, “…Do you eat meat.”

    Chi Lin: “??”

    She was holding four vacuum-packed sausages wrapped in peppers.

    Chi Lin looked at Xie Zhiyi with a dull gaze.

    Xie Zhiyi: “Haha, I can’t think of it.”

    Chi Lin: “…”

    Is this? He? Who can think of it! !

    So when everyone was snatching a piece of chocolate, the two of them sat on the big rock just now and divided them into four spicy sausages.

    The grilled sausage is still crispy, wrapped in fragrant chili noodles.

    …It’s so fragrant.

    As night fell gradually, the temperature in the forest became lower and lower.

    Chi Lin hurriedly finished eating, “I’ll go look for it.”

    If you really can’t find the equipment, at least Mr. Lightning. Even drilling wood for fire is fine.

    “Okay.” Xie Zhiyi also got up, and suddenly heard a prompt sound from the system:

    “During this mission, the host has already swiped up to 10,000 blackening points, and randomly dropped the skill card [Spitfire]. This card has free attributes and can be used. Later, you can get the fire-breathing ability.”

    Xie Zhiyi: “?”

    This? The auxiliary function is pretty wild.

    The system asked: “Host, do you use the skill card to make a fire?”

    Xie Zhiyi silently took out a lighter from the portable space: “What did you say?”

    System: “…” Excuse me.

    Xie Zhiyi saved this card first.

    It can be used in other scenarios in the future. Breathing fire… Maybe you can burn something else.

    When Chi Lin returned with a pile of firewood, he saw the lighter Xie Zhiyi had picked up.

    He? Finally convinced.

    Xie Zhiyi is simply koi.

    He is numb.

    What about the good news? Give everything you say? How about her? ?

    People in Chi Lin are dead.

    But the fire light brings a sense of security to people, even if night falls, they are no longer afraid.

    Chi Lin lit the torch and searched around, and finally found a sleeping bag covered by a moisture-proof cloth.

    The prince let out a sigh of relief.

    There is only one sleeping bag! it’s fine!

    He? You can let me thank you!

    He happily returned to the clearing they were looking for, and then saw that Xie Zhiyi was holding a big bag.

    “Tent, haha.” Xie Zhiyi said.

    Chi Lin: “…”

    He? Hardly said: “Where did you find it?”

    Xie Zhi pointed out: “The hillside behind.”

    Chi Lin struggled for a few seconds and finally gave up.

    “I found a sleeping bag. You can sleep in the tent, and I will guard it outside.”

    Xie Zhiyi was dumbfounded.

    There is actually a tent in her space. She originally planned to give this to Chi Lin, and then pretend to find one by herself.

    It’s so cold at night, it’s absolutely impossible to just put a sleeping bag outside.

    She said: “It’s okay, how lucky is it? I can definitely find another one.”

    Chi Lin glanced at the dark sky and held her: “Even if you are lucky, it is impossible to find one within this range. The second tent.”

    Xie Zhiyi: “It’s not…”

    Chi Lin held her down, his eyes lit up, and his tone was firm: “You sleep in the tent.”

    Xie Zhi was anxious.

    “Then you sleep with me?”

    Chi Lin, who just drank a sip of water, said, “Puff—”

    Wh, what? ? ?

    The author has something to say: The next day.

    Everyone was frozen into grandchildren.

    The prince’s face was ruddy and shiny.

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