With the contributions of Shangguanchen and Fu Jingyan, there are only a few thousand quantifications left before the next skill card.

    With the auxiliary function of the system, this skill card will definitely be very helpful for the next camping activities, thank you very much for looking forward to it.

    She ignored Shangguan Chen and Fu Jingyan, turned and walked into the box, where the professional teacher’s explanation had already begun.

    Xie Weilan and Zhao Xinyue sat in the front row, their dresses were not the same as before, a little more charming. As soon as someone came in at the door, her eyes chased her, but she saw that it was not Shang Guanchen, and her disappointment and jealousy could not be concealed in her eyes.

    Shangguan Chen just heard that Xie Zhiyi was coming, and he left after waiting for a while! How does this make her? Can not lose.

    However, seeing Xie Zhiyi walk in, and behind him? Without Shangguanchen, Xie Weilan’s heart suddenly became more comfortable. Looking at her sister holding two pockets of vegetables in her hand, she suddenly covered her mouth and smiled.

    “Sister, come sit down!” She greeted her in a low voice, and turned her head again to appease Zhao Xinyue, “Don’t you mind, Xiaoyue?”

    Zhao Xinyue’s expression was a bit unnatural: “I don’t mind!”

    She was early I forced myself to forget about Taekwondo? What happened when I was kicked in the game?

    Xie Zhiyi saw that Xie Weilan was in good spirits. It seemed that the business was developing very smoothly, and socializing with the circle was restored, so he selectively forgot the vigorous social death incident.

    Xie Zhiyi was very pleased and found a place in the back row to sit down and listen to the lecture.

    Not long after, Shangguan Chen also returned, and his eyes stopped on her for a few seconds.

    Xie Zhi thought for a while, although it is quite annoying for the male lead and male partner xjb to compete, but at least? Fu Jingyan does not expect to participate in this camping.

    One is that he is busy at work, and the other is that he can only urinate and urinate anywhere.

    …And you have to urinate and urinate frequently.


    Camping activities are indeed held in earnest. Although they are funded and sponsored by Shangguan family, they are not something that wealthy children come up with to entertain their boring lives.

    The registration fee is 10,000 yuan, and the contract will be signed after registration. The event party has a special car to send participants to a forest that is completely undeveloped.

    Before entering, everyone will be searched. Except for the official survival tools and a little drinking water, they are not allowed to bring anything. Participants need to snatch rare materials to survive for two days and one night.

    Besides, the specific rules will be explained in detail before entering the forest. Today’s training is mainly to enhance everyone’s knowledge of survival in the wild. Xie Zhiyi listened with great gusto. They are indeed very practical skills.

    After the explanation is over, many people have already retreated. After all, they are the rich second generation of eating, drinking and having fun. Who wants to really suffer in the woods?

    Zhao Xinyue was secretly speechless. She had just been brought up and had the psychological and physical damage caused by Xie Zhiyi, and she could not help but shiver at this moment.

    “Weilan, are you going?” she asked.

    Xie Weilan nodded? and said: “Of course I want to participate. I will join the crew to film in a few days, and I may not be able to participate in this kind of activity.”

    Zhao Xinyue and some of his girlfriends all showed envious expressions: ” It’s great? I can still contact celebrities. It must be super handsome.”

    Xie Weilan smiled slightly and promised to take photos of them for autographs, retrieving the feeling of being sought after as goddesses.

    She must participate in this camping activity! Although there is a certain danger, it is precisely because of this that it is possible to share tribulations with Shangguan Chen.

    Shangguan’s family will soon choose a daughter-in-law. Since Shangguanchen has reconciled with her, then she still has hope. She wants to seize this opportunity, okay? Good? Cultivate feelings!

    Xie Zhiyi isn’t too much? Shake, she thought it was very interesting, and she exchanged a few questions about survival in the wild with a professional teacher, and then she was ready to go home to make porridge for Chi Lin.

    She and Xie Weilan went back to Xie’s house. Today, both Xie’s father and Xie’s mother are here.

    Recently, the Xie family’s industry is still in a downturn. It can be seen from how many servants have been fired from the family.

    Therefore, when Xie’s father and Xie’s mother saw Xie Weilan as the culprit, they inevitably felt resentment in their hearts. Also? I heard that Xie Weilan has recently developed into the entertainment industry, and the circles he has been in contact with are not as simple as before. Comparing the two daughters, the one who was picked up from the countryside is now more pleasing to the eye.

    Seeing Xie Zhiyi coming back with food today, both Xie Zhiyi and Xie’s mother showed a satisfied look: “Zhiyi is really getting more and more virtuous. In the future? No matter where you marry, you will definitely like it.”

    Xie Zhiyi didn’t want to comment. This kind of values ​​does not say anything?

    Recently, the chef at home was also fired. Thinking of the smell of Xie Zhiyi’s usual cooking, Xie’s father swallowed and agreed very kindly, “Indeed, with knowing craftsmanship,

    he will definitely satisfy her husband.” I think my attitude towards my eldest daughter may be a bit harsh. After eating the dishes I thanked Zhiyi today, I must praise and encourage a few more words, so that after I thank you, I can cook them for them every day.

    Xie Weilan, who had just entered the door, heard these words, his face changed slightly.

    She has a sense of crisis. If the Shangguan family and the Xie family really resume their marriage relationship, the current parents will definitely choose her sister first.

    Xie Zhiyi didn’t care what they were thinking? She went into the kitchen, washing and cutting vegetables step by step, and she did not forget to take photos and edit them into recipes during the process.

    When the whole first floor is filled with a thick porridge fragrance, her Weibo is also edited, click to send.

    It’s just after work, I immediately popped out? Come on? Many comments: [Ahhhhhhhh, here I am! ] [What does Zheng Chou do today? ~ Yiyi is like my little angel~]

    Xie Zhiyi put away the phone, packed all the porridge and side dishes, and walked out of the kitchen.

    Then, the family members who passed by the restaurant waiting to eat, went out again.

    System: “The emotional fluctuations of Xie’s father and Xie’s mother are monitored. Blackening value +550”

    Xie Zhiyi raised her eyebrows . Compared with their previous data, the rate of return has increased several times.

    It seems to be really hungry.

    I won’t give it to eat either:)


    The Chi Family Villa not far away.

    Chi Lin was lying on the sofa alone, covered with a blanket indiscriminately.

    The whole villa did not turn on the lights, and Chi Xiangyang was also driven home by him, leaving only darkness and quiet.

    Chi Lin didn’t know? How long did he lie down, and when he woke up, he frowned and turned on the phone to check the time.

    There were a few new messages from his father in WeChat. He glanced at it and turned it off mockingly.

    The phone screen was dazzling, he squinted his eyes to adapt, and opened Xie Zhiyi’s Weibo to take a look.

    I updated one ten minutes ago. It is made of mushroom chicken porridge and lemon boneless chicken feet, with a small cold dish. The bottom is already good? Many comments, all kinds of fancy boasts.

    Chi Lin rubbed his head and hair, don’t know? Who did she make it for? It seemed quite a lot.

    It’s a bit uncomfortable.

    He slowly got up, took a sip of the cold water on the table, and then walked slowly towards the stairs.

    My head still hurts, and I have some tinnitus after sleeping for a long time.

    He vaguely heard the doorbell and thought he was hearing a hallucination.

    As a result, the door bell kept ringing? How many times.

    Every time Chi Lin gets sick, it’s the most annoying to be disturbed. The Chi family know this rule. At this moment, even if the Chi family came, what did he have to do? How did he come? Go back.

    As the door bell continued, Chi Lin’s irritability index continued to soar.

    Finally? He walked to the hallway with a frightening expression and slammed the door open: “Who the hell—”

    A warm smell of food poured into the nasal cavity.

    Xie Zhiyi stood under the steps and raised his head? He smiled, “Have you eaten?”

    Chi Lin: “…”

    He was dumbfounded.

    Three seconds later? The door slammed shut again.


    Didn’t wash your hair? Didn’t change your clothes hastily-

    Xie Zhiyi: “?”


    ten minutes later?.

    Xie Zhiyi sat in the Chi’s restaurant, looked at the water vapor on

    Chi Lin ’s head, and asked, “Aren’t you sick?” Chi Lin wore the newly changed clothes, clasped his arms, and wrinkled his eyebrows tightly. Who told you I was sick?”

    Xie Zhiyi looked at his obviously not very good face, and glanced at the medicine bottles scattered on the table in the distance. The bottles were all white, and I couldn’t see? What exactly? medicine.

    In my impression, Chi Lin’s physical problems were not mentioned in the original plot. Of course, the author is very unconcerned about the creation of the villain, otherwise he won’t let him disappear in the book after he finishes his role.

    Xie Zhi thought about it, it remains to be seen.

    She was so smart that she didn’t sell it? Tang Beiqing’s name changed the subject: “Drinking porridge?”

    Chi Linxian? Is already aware of the things she just posted on Weibo? It was made for him.

    Irritability and pain instantly? Missing.

    He felt like he was doing it again.

    Mushroom porridge is smooth and fragrant, the chicken melts in your mouth, and the lemon chicken feet with lemon are just right to be spicy enough to stimulate the taste buds without affecting the intestines and stomach.

    Chi Lin didn’t speak while eating.

    The last time he drank porridge when he was sick, it was already when he was a child?

    Xie Zhiyi didn’t say much, and he didn’t show the coldness and warmth of other people’s visits.

    She just cooked a hot meal on a very cold night, brought it over, and accompany him to finish the meal.

    Chi Lin felt that he had never been so warm before.

    Xie Zhiyi felt Chi Lin’s mood changes through the real-time flow rate. She thought, it was right to come here.

    Originally looking at Chi Lin’s attitude, when he was sick, he probably didn’t like being disturbed. But now it seems that not only Chi Lin has become better, but her mood has also improved inexplicably.

    After he finished eating, Xie Zhiyi put his chin on and asked, “Are you full?”

    Chi Lin ate all the things, so it seemed that there was only one person present, and only him and Xie Zhiyi were left.

    He was in his own home, inexplicably awkward, “support…support.”

    Xie Zhiyi nodded. Although I was a little reluctant to see the current flow, I still stood up and stopped disturbing: “If you drink the porridge, go to bed earlier, okay? Okay? Rest for a few days.”

    Chi Lin quickly got up: “That–what do you want? ?Gift?”

    Xie Zhiyi turned his head?, looking at him with a puzzled expression.

    Chi Lin licked the tips of his teeth and said, “Repay you for your meal-and, this, this is not Christmas soon.”

    Xie Zhiyi touched the corner of his forehead, right? ?

    “It’s okay? You’ll be fine these days? Okay? Let’s take a break, the gift is fine.”

    Besides, she didn’t come in vain. The energy of the number one signal tower is not just for fun.

    Chi Lin was in a complicated mood. He sat down again and realized that he was asking very stupidly.

    How can a boy ask a girl what he wants? A gift? Shouldn’t I buy it directly? ?

    “And I won’t be able to make food for you in two days. Take care of yourself? Yourself.” Xie Zhiyi said.

    Chi Lin instantly? Raised his head?: “Where are you going?”

    Xie Zhiyi: “Go and join the camping.”

    Chi Lin: “?”

    Tang Beiqing also told him about the camping. This event is held every year, and Shangguanjia will come out. ? Money sponsorship. Prince Tang couldn’t bear this suffering, and Chi Lin naturally wasn’t interested.

    However, it would be different if Xie Zhiyi wanted to go.

    In that kind of environment, a girl will definitely encounter a lot of troubles and problems. In case the Shangguan stupid takes advantage of the situation… and then supports each other because of the difficulties, the old feelings are rekindled-the

    prince made a decision immediately: “I want to go too!”

    Xie Zhiyi glared at him: “You should raise your body first? Let’s talk about your body.”

    Originally, there was no part of Chi Lin in this plot. Chi Lin in the previous life would only think she was stupid. Now, because they are already very close friends, he would want to join in the fun.

    But looking at Chi Lin’s current state, Xie Zhiyi didn’t really want him to enter that environment.

    In the original plot, the protagonist group failed to find too many supplies in the forest, and they were almost hungry all day when they entered. Finally? Among the few people was only a compressed biscuit in Shangguanchen’s hand. Two girls present, Shangguanchen chose to feed Xie Weilan the food.

    This is an important point of the plot.

    The heroine’s pain, regret, struggle, and gratitude are completely unconcerned, but the environment during the camping process is so bad that a compressed cookie has to be grabbed-she has a task, and Chi Lin? No.

    “I’m okay?” Chi Lin paused and said, “I have experience.”

    He thought for a while, and he can accompany Zhiyi throughout the whole process, and in this environment, see the truth in adversity, isn’t it?

    What? There is only one mouthful of water left for her to drink, and only one biscuit for her to eat.

    How damn touching, there is no such opportunity in normal times!

    The more the prince thinks about it, the more excited he gets.

    Xie Zhiyi looked at it and saw the flow rate soaring directly to +10/s. For a moment? I thought about it uncontrollably. If I could maintain this flow rate by Chi Lin for two days and one night…

    that would be a very terrifying number.

    Xie Zhiyi touched his conscience with difficulty, and found his reason: “No, no, after I go? I don’t know? What is it? What? The situation, in case you really didn’t eat or drink…”


    Just then , The system prompt suddenly jumped out.

    “The increase in the blackening value reaches the quantitative standard, and the drop skill [Portable Space? Card]. The card is valid for three days, and the holder can use the space indefinitely? It will not be noticed.”

    Xie Zhiyi: “!” is here.

    Accessibility! It’s too fragrant!

    She suddenly realized that with this card, what else to grab? Drinking water, what to share? Compressed biscuits!

    If you want to drink Kuoluo drink Kuoluo, you want to eat sunflower seeds, you can eat duck necks in the forest at night!

    Even if the prince comes, she can take care of him? He!

    At this time, Chi Lin was still persuading her: “You don’t need to worry about it anyway, I will definitely adjust my state before camping…”

    Xie Zhiyi suddenly said? “It’s also…it’s not impossible.”

    Chi Lin was stunned, and then changed . Excited: “Don’t worry about it. Since I decide to participate, I will definitely be able to protect you.”

    He coughed twice, “When the time comes, if I take a sip, you will have a bite.”

    Chi Lin finished speaking. I feel like my grandfather, like some kind of suggestive declaration, so that I dare not read Xie Zhiyi’s reaction.

    And Xie Zhiyi roughly calculated how much he could brush with Chi Lin in two days? The blackening value, the whole person fell into a happy trance.

    “Okay? Thank you in advance.” It

    must be popular for you! Spicy!

    The author has something to say: Chi Lin before going: I want to touch her!

    Chi Lin after the meeting: My wife and thief pet me.


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