Xie Zhiyi didn’t dare to move.     Here, the ambiguous breath became the substance, and it fluttered around her, touching the hands of Chi Lintou.     His hair is not waxed, but it is actually very soft and very dark. Hooking her hand, it also looks like a hairy paw.     Xie Zhiyi thought in a daze: other ways? WhatContinue reading “ATBHANHEV: Ch 35”


Xie Zhiyi doesn’t know the effect of the male Deca after loading, but she is really amazed by the auxiliary functions of the system.     “Speaking of male virtue is really male virtue     card ?” She asked the system, “what is the specific function?” The system explained: “This [male virtue card] belongs to a long-term personal card. HoldingContinue reading “ATBHANHEV: Ch 31”


 “Do you know Yuan Feng, an investment producer.”     “It seems to have heard that he invested in the popular TV series a while ago—”     “How come you mentioned him suddenly?” The     luxurious box on the 19th floor of the nightclub, Master The ladies sat and chatted together.     Shangguanchen is still sitting in the main seat,Continue reading “ATBHANHEV: Ch 30”