Chi Lin’s life is actually a smooth wind.

    After he was born, he was the orthodox heir of the Chi family. The father above was a rubbish, and there was not even a competing sibling underneath.

    As long as he grows up smoothly and doesn’t stretch his hips too much, his life will be worry-free and precious to the naked eye.

    He did grow up like this.

    So arrogant, arrogant, and defiant.

    But at the end of his life…why did he become like this?.

    Not being with the person I like, or even surviving, but becoming a remnant of consciousness in the head of another person.

    Also? It’s really hard to explain in a word.

    Chi Lin looked at his own body that became more and more transparent. He knew that even this strand of remnant soul was about to disappear completely.

    Every day, he can hear the rustling sound.

    As his consciousness dissipated, the voice became clearer

    and clearer-“The catastrophe of your life began on the day you met Xie Zhiyi.”

    In order to be happy for the whole life of Xie Zhiyi, he took the initiative to become a ray of remnant soul.

    Watch her grow up, watch her be loved, watch her get closer to another self, but after all, it’s not him.

    Chi Lin smiled and shook his head. This is the outcome of his own choice.

    The meaning of his life, too? It started from meeting Xie Zhiyi.

    But the voice continued.

    “You are not great.”

    “What are you pretending to be selfless?”

    “Are you still jealous?”

    “Quietly? Leave completely, are you self? Am I moved?”…

    The mixed sounds poured into the ears like a tide.

    Chi Lin shook his head, feeling that he became more and more transparent.

    He was about to disappear, those emotions…probably? Not important anymore.

    ——”But they are getting married.”

    Finally, the voice told him like this.

    Chi Lin suddenly stopped.

    He lowered his head and glanced at his own increasingly transparent fingers.

    Marriage… Is that happiness in his lifetime? Unmatched happiness.

    To this world of gratitude, he was…somewhat greedy after all.


    Chi family. night.

    Since that night when the island proposed to marry him, Chi Lin began to seriously prepare for the wedding-related matters.

    In order to make everything grand and perfect, he does most of the things by himself. So Mr. Chi, who is already busy, is tired every day.

    But this sense of exhaustion makes people feel full, like stepping on a piece of soil, he knows that a flower is taking root.

    It is a sense of happiness that is gradually becoming clear.

    Xie Zhiyi is also busy, and they all need to make themselves more determined before entering a new stage of life.

    “It’s been too busy these days.” She saw the blackness under Chi Lin’s eyes, and raised her hand to touch his face.

    Chi Lin put his palm against the back of her hand and laughed, “Busy to marry you.”

    Xie Zhiyi also laughed, and then urged him to go to rest earlier.


    Chi Lin fell asleep very fast today.

    But his dream is not heavy.

    In the dream, he suddenly recalled the scenes that had appeared in his dreams.

    That was the pain he hadn’t really experienced before, but he knew that those life and deaths had happened in real time…

    The emotions in the depths of his consciousness were fluctuating.

    In his sleep, he heard the rustling noise in his mind.

    It was his own voice vaguely, some distant, some vague, but it was impossible to ignore.

    So Chi Lin opened his eyes in his dream.

    Then he saw another himself.

    It was the man who had appeared in his dream, who was almost transparent at this time, as if he would disappear at any time.

    “It’s you…?” Chi Lin looked at him with some surprise.

    The person on the other side also looked at him with a subtle and complicated expression.

    For the first time, Chi Lin of the two worlds faced each other in a dream.

    It’s just that one is in the dream, and the other is a residual consciousness in the dream.

    Chi Lin subconsciously grabbed the messy hair that he was sleeping, and wanted to make himself look more solemn, “I… occasionally can feel you.”

    The man looked at him for a moment and said, “I am about to leave. a. “

    pool Pro looked up:” ah …… “

    he does not know himself what kind of attitude with?. But he knew… Xie Zhiyi must be sad? If he left here.

    The two have the same fate, and any loosening of Chi Lin’s consciousness can be immediately felt by the other party?

    That person couldn’t help but laughed?: “Are you letting me get sovereignty?”

    Chi Lin said sternly: “You and she have the right to see each other.”

    That person is almost transparent, but the color of his pupils is pretty clear. Deep black: “Aren’t you afraid that I will take everything?”

    Chi Lin was silent for a long time before he said, “I’m afraid she is sad.”

    The man’s expression was startled, and he was silent.

    Then he became a light source and disappeared in place?

    This time Chi Lin remained in consciousness.

    He looked down at the light source and smiled.

    “I’m afraid she is sad, I know you too? The same… because I am you, you are me.”

    We have the same bottom line.

    It’s called Xie Zhiyi.


    big bed.

    Chi Lin opened his eyes.

    He seemed to be at a loss for a while, then raised his hand, adjusted to his body again, and then sat up slowly.

    This is their bedroom.

    Chi Lin breathed gently, feeling the smell of gratitude in the air.

    At this moment, the bedroom door was gently pushed open, as if he was afraid of disturbing the sleeping person.

    Chi Linxia? Consciousness held his breath. At a certain moment, that calm and powerful man turned out to be like a thief who had stolen something and was about to be discovered by his master.

    The door opened, Xie Zhiyi walked in lightly, but unexpectedly saw the person sitting on the bed.

    His eyes met, the man didn’t say anything, but Xie Zhiyi’s expression gradually changed.

    “Is that you?”

    Her voice sounded in the dimly lit room.

    How many Xie Zhiyi? I recognized him in an instant, with the tip of my finger trembling lightly, and asked again: “Are you….”

    That year, when she was desperate, she walked into her space. Accompanying her to travel through time and space, and lost her life to beg her to get what she wanted…Chi Lin.

    Chi Lin lowered her eyes and saw her trembling hand, resisting the urge to reach out and hold it, and a bitter smile appeared on the corner of her lips: “Is…Are you afraid?”

    He said? Ever? Reluctant to let her. Sad? So I sacrificed myself to return that Chi Lin to her.

    So see now? Is he afraid of losing everything now…?

    The rustling sound in the ear suddenly became louder, and it turned out to be like a demon.

    “You have never been loved?.”

    “You gave up everything for her, but in the end you have nothing.”

    “Still you ? Am I moved? Poor person.”

    “What’s the hope that you and Chi are present.” Together, Chi Lin will always love you’ is just a lie? That’s it.”

    Chi Lin couldn’t help closing his eyes.

    Suddenly he clearly? realized? that those voices were all right.

    But Xie Zhiyi didn’t blink? After looking at him for a long time, his eyes turned red, but after a long time he slowly approached.

    Then reach out.

    Hugged him.

    “Long time no see.” She whispered?.

    Chi Lin froze.

    This was the first time he embraced Xie Zhiyi in his life, from birth to death.

    At that moment, all voices stopped abruptly, and the world was calm.

    It seems that his whole life? Stopped at this moment.

    I don’t know how long it took, Chi Lincai slowly dropped his hand and hugged her preciously.

    “Long time no see.”

    Xie Zhiyi’s voice had a nasal tone, “I often…think of you.”

    Chi Lin lowered his eyes, and only after a long time he smiled gently, just like before.

    “I see? You… have a good time.” He said.

    Xie Zhiyi nodded, “I love Chi Lin very much.”

    Even though it has been a long time since, but this sentence? Hearing in Chi Lin’s ears, like a dull bell, shaking his blood vessels, it also flowed from the meridians of his limbs. Bitter.

    He knows that it is not him that Xie Zhiyi loves Chi Lin.

    He finally realized that he had been patrolling for a long time with a ray of remnant soul, lingering to this day, and it turned out that he was… after all.

    He has the meaning of being difficult to pacify in his heart…

    Because knowing is in his heart.

    “…Don’t? Worry.”

    He slowly let go of his thanks, and smiled still mildly, “I’m just going to… look at you again, and then the Chi Lin you love will come back.”

    His deep eyes It fell on Xie Zhiyi’s slightly startled face, as if she was about to engrave her facial features in her heart.

    It’s just that “goodbye” didn’t say anything, but Xie Zhiyi held his hand.

    “It’s you!-Chi Lin.” She said?.

    She has also been growing up over the years, growing up in the world that I laid out for her in Chi Lin.

    At this moment, she finally realized his heart, and realized the humbleness he had born in love—even if consciousness occupies the dominance of the body, never thought of it? Just like this Things you can have.

    Even he never imagined that he was loved as well.

    “I love you, there is no difference between you and Chi Lin?” Xie Zhiyi said quickly.

    She stretched out her hand to hold Chi Lin’s hand, and Chi Lin was stunned.

    “It’s me, not you,” Xie Zhiyi seemed to be afraid of him disappearing, saying that he was getting faster and faster. “It was me who came back from a ten-year absence and met Chi Lin and liked Chi Lin. If I went there at first It’s your world, the one I love is you, do you know that?”

    Chi Lin opened his eyes wide.

    At that moment, the youthful spirit suddenly appeared, and it was clear that he was the one who Xie Zhiyi loved.

    She was late. Chi Lincai? Became what he was after.

    That year Chi Lin said?, envious that Chi Lin can be liked by her.

    That year he also said? Thank you for your presence, which is a kind of fulfillment for me.

    Today, Xie Zhiyi has long known that Chi Lin is the Chi Lin she loves. The “variable” that changed the world was her own, and Chi Lin was Chi Lin.

    The same? Love her.

    It is also worthy of her love.

    The man in front of him was stunned for a long time.

    After a long time, a transparent light gradually appeared in his body, and in the halo, he laughed.

    The worry of a lifetime is over, Chi Lin gently looked at her, “I really want to see her again this time.”

    The tears in Xie Zhiyi’s eyes finally fell, and she couldn’t help pulling the corner of his clothes again.

    Just like that year before he walked into the space without hesitation, she cried and held him.

    But Chi Lin still smiled softly, and said her name again.

    “Xie Zhiyi…I know it’s white.”

    “As long as you are still in this world, on the ground, and alive, then everything in my heart can be calmed.”

    Xie Zhiyi’s teary eyes were hazy.

    “I really love you.”

    Chi Lin lowered her head and touched the corner of her tear-soaked lips.

    Then his consciousness completely dissipated, and finally disappeared into the light.

    “Chi Lin loves you forever, isn’t it a lie?”

    The author has something to say: Jue Tsai hopes that this story is completely sweet, so everyone

    has one last big wedding

    extra ~ Good night treasures!

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