“Mr. Chi?, do you want to eat this?”

    Chi Lin glanced at the orange that the male guest handed over, and reluctantly took it.

    All his facial expressions were recorded by the camera, and they were delivered to the audience watching the live broadcast.

    ——This file, which has a high degree of attention on the whole network, has been officially launched today. After several groups of guests get to know each other, there will be some collective interaction activities. In addition, the time is when the couples live and live in their own villas. The audience can freely choose which pair of live broadcast rooms to watch.

    Among them, the well-known blogger Xie Zhiyi and her boyfriend Chi Lin, who are super sweet online? “Linyi” cp, after just a few hours of live broadcast, the filter was broken.

    ——Not to thank Zhiyi, but to Chi Lin.

    There have been people who have come out of this life experience for a long time. They are the heirs of the wealthy Chi family in City A. He is a well-deserved prince and his background is indeed prominent. But if you bring this kind of expensive energy into the show, it won’t be so pleasing.

    For example, the xx actor greeted him out of being friendly, and Chi Lin’s expression was very casual and impolite. The actor’s girlfriend from outside the circle took the initiative to help, and Chi Lin also looked like he didn’t respond.

    In just a few hours, Chi Lin began to accept black fans, actor fans, and show fans? Concentrated firepower.

    After all, Xie Zhiyi fans are Xie Zhiyi fans. After seeing Chi Lin’s true character, they immediately regretted the sugar candy they had eaten before, and even began to worry about whether Xie Zhiyi would be bullied with him.

    Chi Lin didn’t know about it—to be frank, even if he knew it, he wouldn’t change it.

    The actor deliberately or unintentionally inquired about Chi’s family. His wife was not a fuel-efficient lamp. It would be nice if Chi Lin didn’t directly put a face on the camera.

    These few years have really cultivated a lot of self-cultivation, Chi always thought blankly.

    Then he sighed, don’t know how many times? He looked at? Thank you Zhiyi for their collective activities.

    What? When does it end? Oh shit?.

    At this time, the female guests are making island-style summer drinks together.

    In front of the camera, everyone behaved very virtuously, and Xie Zhiyi stood on the outer edge of the camera without arguing.

    But-in the

    end, it was hard to ignore the appearance, the extremely prominent cooking skills, and the deserted but friendly personality, which became a big fan on the live broadcast platform.

    And her partner is totally inactive, uncooperative, and even stubbornly like “I am your father”.

    In the sharp contrast between the two sides, it was the individual who was thinking-Damn?, is this? The man is still relying on? The family is rich and good-looking! Otherwise, how could it be possible to get thanks? ! !

    So from morning to afternoon, the barrage was almost always scolding Chi Lin.

    Xie Zhiyi couldn’t answer the phone in front of the camera, but the agent’s text message had been sent over as if he was urging his life. The basic idea was to ask Mr. Chi to cooperate more and not to be so stingy.

    ——Xie Zhiyi replied “know” in the text message, but turned off the phone and did not intend to let Chi Lin cooperate.

    The contract did not stipulate that the guest should set up a personal setting for himself-Chi Lin is Chi Lin, and he is not an actor, so why should he act in front of the camera?

    Finally, the event for the female guests was over. Xie Zhiyi took a look at the fruits that were not used up for drinks, and took the ones that Chi Lin liked to eat.

    The female guest next to her covered her mouth and smiled: “Did you bring it for your boyfriend? You love him so much!”

    Xie Zhiyi didn’t deny it, but also smiled.

    Another female guest fanned the wind with her hand, thinking that Xie Zhiyi would be good at cooking?, the boyfriend was also said to be a chaebol, so she consciously or unconsciously said, “It’s still the sweetest feeling to go in both directions~ Everyone is in love. Are they all equal?”

    Xie Zhiyi raised his eyebrows slightly without saying much. Everyone dispersed, returned to their villa to rest, and began to show their affection.

    However, in terms of real-time data, Xie Zhiyi has the highest number of viewers in the live broadcast room. Because of this, the audience has been dissatisfied for a long time.

    Look? Xie Zhiyi took the fruit back, and the barrage became even more aggrieved:

    [This? Where can I find a good wife? ! ! ]

    [Chi must be paralyzed and let Xie Zhiyi serve him tea and water]

    [I guess he will have a long mouth and wait? Eat it]

    [Beautiful women? They are all good, but they are too bad to pick men]

    ? Yes, they There is no wrong guess.

    After Xie Zhiyi entered the door, Chi Lin was indeed paralyzed like an uncle –

    but he was paralyzed with Xie Zhiyi.

    Just now in front of the camera, no one looked like a bird? People, the whole person was rubbing in the neck of Xie Zhiyi, rubbing and complaining: “How come back? Did they let you do this and that!” The

    barrage: 【? ] [? ? ]

    Xie EENOW look of frustration: “No I doing?.”

    Pool Pro is that she has been involved in outside, a thank-known Italian took the hands of fruit, orange to work out a skin carefully stripped, then? Put it back into her hand.

    A piece of barrage: [? ] [? ? 】【Why do you think it is different from me? ? ]

    Xie EENOW broke off a feeding him: “Give your belt.”

    Pool Pro suddenly laughed.

    When he smiled, his sharp face softened a bit, bringing out the gentleness that he hadn’t seen in front of others. He opened his mouth and took the orange away, and then kissed his knowing fingertips, “It’s so sweet.”

    In front of the camera, Xie Zhiyi was embarrassed, and ran away after squeezing the oranges into his mouth.

    Chi Lin has a handsome face, his cheeks are bulging with oranges?, still giggling.

    The barrage fell silent.

    It broke out after silence.

    【no! Then xxx gave you just now? Orange, why do you look disgusted? ? 】

    【You can’t be a double standard! ! 】

    【Cool domineering outside, dragging home and acting like a baby with his wife? ? ! 】

    This? What is the large-contrast double-standard scene? ?

    The audience don’t believe it, Chi Linneng has always been like this-acting?! They must all be acting?!

    Then Chi Lin used practical actions to tell all the audience that he really? Is such a double standard.

    Do activities outside: I don’t care. Fuck me. Climb for the Lord.

    Go home to accompany his wife: to kiss. To hug. While hugging and holding tea to his wife, there is no one else.

    At the end of the day, the national audience was numb.

    That is a strong sense of contrast that is indescribable.

    Yes… the whole world is in front of my eyes, and I only care about how you feel alone.

    When the live broadcast arrives at night, the wind direction of the barrage is not the same:

    [Sorry brothers, I’ll turn to the side first, so damn sweet]

    [Woo, woo me? It’s too sweet] The

    people are irritable and picky. The queen is acting like a spoiled devil + a cold big beauty, and his girlfriend is full of strength and the spouse.

    Damn? It’s so sweet.

    On that day, the program group bought hot searches, and several topics were exploded in a row, and one of them was the most popular: the

    hot search terms were very simple, just a few words-#临意甜#.

    Concise and concise.

    Just so good.


    huge waves on the Internet, but the two in the center of the storm did not feel anything.

    At the end of the first day of shooting, did it feel like nothing was done? Xie Zhiyi and Chi Lin held hands and walked towards the villa together, blowing in the hot wind, they felt like traveling in a trance. The difference was just one more follow pd.

    Wait? Back to the villa, the time has passed eight o’clock, the first day of live broadcast is over. After Xie Zhiyi entered the door, Chi Lin stopped her and didn’t let her go inside.

    “Tired?” Chi Lin asked, lowering his head.

    Xie Zhiyi shook his head: “I’m not tired.” I even thought it was too good to make money.

    Chi Lin’s lips bend, “Let’s go then.”

    Xie Zhiyi: “Where to go?”

    Chi Lin: “Me? There is an island nearby.”

    Xie Zhiyi: “Huh?”

    Ah? ?

    …In the


    “Don’t be nervous, this? This is the development project of the Chi family here. I had to take care of it before I came.” Chi Lin stretched out his hand to touch the thankful face as he drove. Arrived.”

    Xie Zhiyi didn’t expect it at all, but watching the waves rolling in the distance in the night, she was slowly infected by this irritation.

    -Escape the show, escape the camera, elope to the uninhabited island.

    Chi Lin turned his head to look at her, curling his lips, with a natural wildness at the corners of his lips.

    The scenery outside the car window quickly reversed, and gradually, the outline of the island in the distance could be seen.

    When you really set foot on the island, Xie Zhiyi felt his heart beating.

    The islands are indeed under development, but there is no time for them.

    Chi Lin took her hand, and the two walked in the sea breeze.

    “Happy–” Chi Lin’s voice was wrapped in the sea breeze and the night.

    Xie Zhiyi laughed: “Very happy—”

    Finally they stopped on an uninhabited beach, and a house stood on the cliff.

    “This? This? This was an old house. I asked someone to redecorate it. I kept it here to blow air. Now I can live in it.” Chi Lin took the hand of Xie Zhiyi, smiled? Turned around, “I said before. I’m going to an island with no one…”

    Of course Xie Zhiyi remembers.

    She also remembered what Chi Lin said he was going to do on the island with no one? He blushed at the time.

    Waiting for everything to be true before her eyes, she found that she could not resist this madness.

    Chi Lin hugged her waist, lowered his head and kissed, “Baby.”

    “…I’m here.” Xie Zhiyi raised his head and kissed back.

    Chi Lin let out an uncontrollable groan in his throat, hugged the person directly, and asked Xie Zhiyi to hook his neck and walk up the cliff.

    There is also a kiss with hair in it.

    The enthusiasm of the island is finally overwhelming.

    Xie Zhiyi felt that he too seemed to be indulged in this secret, unmanned romance.

    They walked into the small house and listened to the waves close to each other.

    She raised her arm to hook Chi Lin, kissed it lightly, and sighed, “What should I do, I will work tomorrow…”

    Chi Lin pressed? Dark? Pupils: “I? Restrain a little.”

    Xie Zhiyi Shuddered slightly.

    sea ​​breeze.

    Bright moon.

    Good night.

    So gentle.


    ten o’clock the next day, the show continued.

    A large number of viewers poured in excitedly, and at this time the live broadcast barrage was completely different.

    Because of the continuous explosion of hot searches, Linyi’s cp fans skyrocketed overnight, and their previous old videos were turned out and mad, and the previous Amway edited videos have also doubled their playback volume.

    [My mouth opened! Sugar smash me! ! 】

    【Don’t tell me? Today is to see Mr. Chi’s online double bidding?】【Me? So too! ! 】

    However, President Chi at this time–

    because he is satisfied and energetic, but he is extraordinarily good at talking, and he is not so mean to other people.

    In the event, he even took the initiative to cooperate.

    On the contrary, I thanked Zhiyi, and looked a little sleepy. After returning to the villa at noon, he directly broadcasted a nap.

    The audience has long been keenly aware of the error:

    [Help, why am I full of yellow waste? I bet 50 cents they did that last night! ]

    [Yes! ! Look at Mr. Chi’s expression! I? Don’t believe what he didn’t do? 】

    【Oh beasts! I am so envious! ! ! ]

    Xie EENOW fact is no longer tired, she wanted to know a good pool of temporary work, it is very convergent?. It’s just that I slept less and the sun was enough, so I was a little sleepy.

    After finishing the morning group activities and returning to the villa, Xie Zhiyi went straight to the bedroom. Just Chi Lin went out to make her a drink? After a while, Xie Zhiyi was already asleep in the bed.

    The audience watched the beautiful women sleeping online, and they were all very excited.

    And at this time, the only “living creature” in the entire villa, Chi Lin, is even more eye-catching. After all, Mr. Chi’s acting style is indeed unpredictable.

    I saw him walk in with a glass of drink, his mouth just grinned into a “baby”? Mouth shape, and then fell silent for a moment, then walked over gently and squatted down-the

    audience thought that it was just like this. Personality, may be sweet and sweet to cover his wife with something?-After dessert, may secretly kiss and thank you.

    But no one thought, Chief Chi, after he squatted down.

    Really? Just squatted down!

    Squatting down, without blinking, watched his wife sleep.

    The audience screamed: [This? What the hell is there between us? What is the difference——! ! ! ]

    Chi Lin didn’t care about the audience’s reaction outside the camera. He just watched? Xie Zhiyi fell asleep, and recalled the last night, so attractive, but now he is asleep? He looks so good.

    I really like it. Really? I like it.

    He thought…Can you look at it like this for a lifetime.

    Chi Lin watched it for a long time.

    Then I found out that Xie Zhiyi’s fair-skinned? There was a little red dot on his neck—that was not what he had grown? Little strawberry.

    Taking into account the work of the next two days, he also paid great attention last night that he didn’t leave any traces where his clothes could not be covered.

    So, there is only one truth, there are bugs in this room!

    So next, the audience in the live broadcast room watched a full hour of silent film: “Hit the Mosquito”.

    Performer: Mr. Chi, who is worth more than 100 million yuan.

    With an electric mosquito swatter in his hand, Chi Lin closed the door, closed the screens, and then started looking for mosquitoes all over the room, noting that there was no sound.

    Judging from the picture, it is a handsome guy jumping up and down.

    [Damn?, I? I cried sweetly]

    [I? I also want to have a handsome boyfriend give me when I slept? Hit a mosquito woooo]

    [Woo me? I don’t know who to envy anymore]

    On that day, #池临打 Mosquitoes# rushed to the hot search again.

    After waiting for Xie Zhiyi to wake up in the afternoon, he received a text message from his agent.

    This time, her tone was very pleased and even a little excited—[I don’t know how you told Mr. Chi?, Mr. Chi behaved really well! Many brands have come to negotiate business, come on! ]

    Xie Zhiyi:?

    What is Chi Lin doing?


    This is how the show is being filmed, and the fan base continues to expand.

    Although there are group activities, neither Chi Lin nor Xie Zhiyi are too active.

    For several days, they were actually just “living”.

    Other guests are attracting fans, showing off their affection.

    And the two of them: work during the day and elope at night.

    Or is it carrying? The kind of national audience. Very exciting.

    Now that work is about to end, and they are about to return to their previous life, both of them are still a little trance.

    This kind of feeling is like…A small piece of utopia has been drawn in the busy life, and it is very sweet when lying in it.

    Wait until the last night before the end of the work, after eight o’clock, Chi Lin went out again with his thanks.

    This time he was not so crazy.

    On the way there, I subconsciously watched Xie Zhiyi many times.

    Xie Zhiyi closed his eyes and leaned in the driver’s seat, feeling the island about to leave.

    But this time when I went to the island, it was dark all around.

    Even their little house is dark?

    Xie Zhiyi was a little surprised and teased: “It seems that the development is not in place, Mr. Chi? The infrastructure needs to be improved.”

    Chi Lin also laughed, “Indeed.”

    He was nervous when he came, and his palm came out slightly sweat.

    What does he want to do? This? It’s very important. He has been wondering if there is anything that hasn’t been done well, and will it not work well…

    But under the stars and in front of the sea, what he wants to say? It’s not difficult to say something inexplicably. .

    Probably because I have practiced it many times in my heart…for many years.

    Chi Lin took Xie Zhiyi’s hand and kissed him, “I? On purpose.”

    Xie Zhiyi raised his eyes: “Huh?”

    “Now the people all over the country know that we are locked up,” Chi Lin let go of her hand. Back slowly, “I? Should I be famous?”

    Chi Lin smiled.

    The waves hit the shore, shattering the sky? Stars and dots.

    Chi Lin slowly knelt down in front of him.

    Xie Zhiyi was stunned.

    “? I designed this scene mean -?”? Pool temporary one knee, looked up, smiling eyes reflected the shadow of Xie known meaning, “Even if the world’s dark, and you will always be my light?.”

    On After he finished speaking, time reached a certain preset node.

    A sea of ​​light lit up behind him, illuminating the entire beach.

    Holding a small box in his hand, the central diamond is shining.

    “——And I am willing to be your light.” Chi Lin said with a smile against the halo.

    Xie Zhiyi stared at everything in front of him, his eyes seemed to be scalded by the light, and even his breathing became hot.

    Chi Lin didn’t urge her, and only smiled after a long time? Asked, “So, are you willing.”

    Xie Zhiyi finally understood.

    Escape to the island of no one, no one to follow, not for show.

    Chi Lin was so real in front of the camera, always harsh to others, but took out all the tenderness in his body that could be pieced together, to give her a lifetime? Unforgettable? romance.

    Xie Zhiyi curled his lips and smiled.

    The smile gradually enlarged.

    At last he couldn’t control his smile, shaking slightly?, slowly raised his hand.

    “I? Yes,” she said.

    Of course I do.

    They have so many for life? Unforgettable.

    Then spend the whole life together?

    The author has something to say: The next episode is Heihuachi, it will not be long, and it will not be very abused. The sweet text writer feels like it is perfect~ It

    is expected that the full text will be over in two chapters!

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