This large bouquet of high-profile flowers attracted the attention of all the students around.

    The most eye-catching thing about the ancient school is this kind of romantic behavior. The girls around showed envy and jealousy.

    Zhao Xinyue was originally the same, but after hearing what he said, he laughed “poof”: “I thought I really wanted to thank you! Lan Lan, Wei Ning admitted the wrong person!”

    Xie Weilan smiled reluctantly. I really don’t want to talk to Zhao Xinyue, the pig teammate.

    She would rather Weining didn’t call her name! Isn’t this a disguised saying that her sister is better-looking than her? Only an idiot like Zhao Xinyue would be happy.

    Xie Weilan subconsciously turned his head to look at Shang Guan Chen, only to see that he was also looking in their direction.

    At this time, Shangguan Chen’s mouth was filled with a disdainful smile.

    It is well-known that Xie Zhiyi likes him, and his nominal fiancée can be regarded as obedient to his words. Although Xie Zhiyi became pretty a little bit scheming, after all, it was to be worthy of him, and Shangguan Chen didn’t care about it.

    As for Wei Ning, heh—Xie Zhiyi likes him. How could he still see these people in his eyes? Without even thinking about it, she would definitely refuse her words so as to show her loyalty in front of herself.

    As he was thinking, as soon as he looked up, he saw Xie Zhiyi smile at Wei Ning, “…”

    She smiled, her transparent face was more vivid, and Wei Ning was obviously dumbfounded.

    Shangguan Chen suddenly narrowed his eyes, “This woman… really doesn’t know what to do!”

    “The male protagonist’s mood swings have been monitored.”

    “Blackening value +30”

    Xie Zhiyi heard the system sound, but didn’t pay much attention to the male protagonist and sister at the moment. The blackening value provided-the prompt sound just rang violently for a few times and then suddenly stopped, and then it never sounded again.

    Xie Zhiyi turned his head and looked for the villain. He didn’t see any suspicious objects, but saw Chi Lin among a bunch of unfamiliar faces.

    The prince was standing far away, staring at her with a look of stupid eyes. That posture seemed to be afraid of getting involved with such a stupid scene.

    Chi Lin was like this a long, long time ago. He hated her to please her family, and her words were very bad. The relationship between the two people was also very bad, and I hardly saw each other later.

    But now that I think about it, Young Master Chi sees that everyone is stupid, indicating that he is the only normal person in this ancient article. So Xie Zhiyi felt a touch of kindness inexplicably when he saw him.

    Here Chi Lin caught her sight caught off guard, and quickly raised his head in the other direction.

    Chi Xiangyang had a question mark beside him. Just now the big beautiful senior sister over there was offered flowers, his brother just rushed over there a few steps, and then suddenly stopped, saying “it’s my shit” and walked back indifferently.

    He asked anxiously: “Brother, are you going to see beautiful women?” I want to see if I don’t go!

    Chi Lin was expressionless: “Where is there a beautiful woman?”

    Chi Xiangyang pointed to Xie Zhiyi: “That’s it! I can meet such a beautiful senior as soon as school starts. This must be God’s hint that I will be beautiful during college. In love…”

    Before he finished speaking, he suddenly felt cold.

    I saw his brother’s handsome face, who usually looks like a volcano, and it’s as cold as a glacier at the moment: “I will personally choose courses for you this semester. I will tell grandpa if it is less than ten.”

    Chi Xiangyang: “qaq??” What did I do wrong? ? ?


    Finally, the farce on the square ended with Xie Weilan himself.

    Wei Ning was very embarrassed to deliver the flower to the goddess, but when he followed Xie Weilan, he looked back at Xie Zhiyi for several times.

    At this time, on the other side, Shangguan Chen also just rejected the love letters handed over by a few girls. He raised his head and saw that Xie Zhiyi had gone far by himself, and his eyebrows folded unconsciously.

    ——After a woman becomes beautiful, she really loses her mind?

    Zhu Yujie had been onlookers just now, leaning close to him and tentatively asked: “Brother Chen, I think Xie Zhiyi was quite happy just now. Do you think she will change her heart to you?”

    Shangguan Chen smiled domineeringly: “She changed her mind. No, what does it have to do with me?”

    Zhu Yujie was relieved.

    I have to say that Xie Zhiyi is really too attractive now. And not only did he think so, but there were also many people who were just about to move, and Wei Ning was not willing to take his eyes off her face just now.

    Besides, Xie Zhiyi and Xie Weilan look so alike, but they are definitely better than Xie Weilan. After all, I haven’t seen anything from the small place. I’m so happy to send a bunch of flowers. Can I get it if I just follow it?

    As long as Shangguan Chen doesn’t mind, then he is ready to take action.


    Xie Zhiyi looked around within the range of the detector’s radiation that day, but didn’t find the short-lived villain.

    She was a little helpless about this, “There are so many characters in the book, it’s a bit metaphysical to find teammates by fate.” The

    system replied: “Please rest assured that as the plot continues to become bloody, the conflict continues to deepen, and the villain will definitely be among them. It works. As the heroine of the world, you will inevitably have a relationship with the villain. Sometimes, it’s just a little fate.”

    Xie Zhiyi also understands. It’s great to take a shortcut, but it certainly won’t be so easy.

    She remembered another important thing, “What about the skill card just now?”

    The “quantity” of the skill card was obviously increasing, and the increase was not small. This means that the difficulty of drawing a skill card will increase gradually in the future, so every opportunity should be cherished.

    The system happily said: “Congratulations to the host, the skill card you got this time is [Not talking about Wude card].”

    Xie Zhiyi:? What the hell.

    “The attributes of this card are long-term personal possession. With this card, when someone else does

    something to the holder, the holder will succeed as long as he takes the action (sneak attack/attack).” Xie Zhiyi tasted it. The rules, unexpectedly felt so refreshing.

    “I chose to keep it for myself.”

    After all, although she was full of various useful skills, the force value was really almost meaning, and this card could obviously make up for the shortcomings.

    “Dip-the skill card was loaded successfully!”

    Xie Zhiyi: The strange power has increased. jpg

    She just walked to the public display board of the campus at this time, saw the poster posted above, and there were many activities to promote. Among them, there are many activities such as camping, horse racing, dressing ball and so on that are only available in aristocratic schools.

    Xie Zhiyi’s gaze stayed on the poster of the piano competition, where an elegant image of the spokesperson for the event was printed, with a sweet smile on his face wearing a crown.

    Xie Zhiyi looked at his sister’s familiar face, and after thinking about it for three seconds, he scanned the QR code at the bottom of the poster.

    Sign up.

    She doesn’t know Xie Weilan’s piano level, but she knows her own c-place debut with a musical instrument.

    Um. In Kimberlyton, talent is more important than face.

    Xie Zhiyi stood there and filled out the personal information, then turned around and planned to leave.

    As soon as he turned his head, he saw a familiar face again.

    She raised her eyebrows lightly, thinking it was a coincidence.

    Chi Lin was standing on the distant steps at this moment, frowning on the phone. His black hair is fringed, his profile is very sharp, his eyebrows are frowning, and his whole person is fierce.

    Today’s Xie Zhiyi certainly won’t conflict with Chi Lin anymore, but as soon as she was about to change direction, Chi Lin finished the call and stared at her like a falcon when she raised her head.

    He glanced at the poster board behind her, and suddenly shouted from a distance: “Fuck, you like that idiot Shangguanchen so much?”

    Xie Zhiyi looked back and found that there was a publicity poster next to Shangguan. Chen’s photo.

    The Chi family and the Shangguan family are the two wealthiest giants in the city. Chi Lin himself is a person with a higher eye than the top. He doesn’t like Shangguanchen, and of course he doesn’t like people who like Shangguanchen.

    Xie Zhiyi didn’t need to explain to him that this was a misunderstanding, just waved his hand in the air.

    The other party was angry, and took two steps toward her fiercely: “No, your face is all right, why didn’t you treat your brain and eyes?!”

    Xie Zhiyi looked at him vigilantly. She thought she wouldn’t speak martial ethics if he did it.

    Unexpectedly, at this moment, the detector that had been silent for a long time suddenly made a beep.

    Xie Zhiyi:?

    Chi Lin walked a few steps toward her like a furry lion, and the system prompt “dididi” became louder and louder.

    Xie Zhiyi’s expression gradually became subtle.

    My mood gradually becomes complicated.

    Until Chi Lin walked to a position not far from her, the sound of the detector ceased and replaced by a long beep.

    “Ding-the location of the big villain is detected!”

    “Blackening value Bluetooth is connected! Current flow rate: +10/h (real-time change)”

    Xie Zhiyi seriously, moved.

    Chi Lin stared at her with a foul face: “What kind of a ghost expression is

    that– ” Before he finished speaking, the person in front of him suddenly stretched out his hand, palm up, looking soft and tender.

    Xie Zhiyi’s eyes were full of sincerity: “Shake hands and make peace.” The

    flow rate instantly jumped up and became [+38/h].

    Chi Lin’s ears turned red, and he yelled: “Who, who the hell told you that you can touch my hand!?”

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