Xie Zhiyi really can’t understand.

    How can someone as straightforward as Chi Lin become the villain of the full text?

    Although Xie Zhiyi is also the first time to develop on the path of a villain, in the world she has been with, her opponent’s villain is either very scheming or good at disguising, how is it not such an arrogant personality like Chi Lin so conspicuously.

    The system explained: “The villain is also a character set by the author and has its own development context. At present, Chi Lin is indeed judged by the system as the person with the highest blackening value in the book, and can be used by the host to gain experience points.”

    See this meaning, Chi Lin’s story line should not be simple. It is a pity that after her death, the author seemed to find no one to abuse her. The plot was very unconcerned, and many details were unknown.

    However, the system authentication cannot be faked, and the increased blackening value is also very pleasant. Even if Xie Zhiyi had a bad relationship with Chi Lin in the past, she is now very willing to re-establish a friendly relationship with Chi Lin for the sake of her kidneys.

    Just… the person on the other side looked offended.

    Chi Lin’s expression was disgusting, but his head was stunned-

    at such a distance, what he was thinking about was: She seems to be whiter than before?

    Her face is as big as his fist, and her eyelashes are still huge. How can she look so much better after removing a scar? ? But in fact, back then…

    Chi Lin thought about it a lot, and then felt that it was not because of his brain being stuck with shit?

    What does Xie Zhiyi’s good looks have to do with him? He just took her back to Xie’s house, so he felt that he was responsible for her.

    Chi Lin came

    back to his senses and deliberately looked at her condescendingly: “Who do you think you are?” Xie Zhiyi withdrew his hand with regret, thinking it was not that easy.

    Fortunately, regardless of Chi Lin’s attitude towards her, at least the blackening value has been rubbing against her.

    Chi Lin watched her put her hands away, her expression became more stinky, and then she saw the other party took out her phone from her pocket and said, “–Why don’t you add a WeChat?”

    Xie Zhiyi thought, and got along with the boys. The first step in a relationship, it’s always right to talk more, right?

    Who knows that Chi Lin is even more angry.

    He shouted angrily: “I have your WeChat!” There was this

    three years ago! !

    But you never sent a message! ! !

    Xie Zhiyi: “…”

    He looked at Chi Lin turning and striding away like an angry bird, and     raised his hand with some regret: “Hey–“

    “Beep–the connection has been interrupted.”

Xie Zhiyi sighed.

    As we all know, the main heroine Shuangwen’s relationship line has always been very hip. Xie Zhiyi has never been in a serious relationship in the past few worlds. I don’t know men very well either.

    She guessed that the prince was angry just now because she didn’t cherish his WeChat, right?

    The system has completed the liquidation at this time and prompted: “Total increase in blackening value +12.383 points”

    Because the flow rate changes in real time as the mood of the pool changes, the value is zero and even. In any case, it is indeed the biggest shortcut that can be reached with just a few words.

    Moreover, according to observations, when Chi Lin offered to shake hands just now, under the emotions of irritation, unhappiness, etc., the blackening value flow rate would suddenly skyrocket.

    Xie Zhiyi thought without emotion, if it’s really not good…

    he can be mad at him.



    On the first day of nothing Scheduling, mainly for fellow students share feelings and information.

    The Kimberleyton course schedule is not tight, and many courses that meet the status of a “high-end school” have been added, and even skiing is available.

    Based on the known information, Xie Zhiyi first formulated a small plan-trying to figure out Chi Lin’s class schedule. Because she remembered that even though Chi Lin was already a senior, she didn’t have enough credits. This semester theoretically had to make up some lessons with the lower grades.

    In this way, if you take the same class as him, you can connect to the “net” by sitting a little closer.

    After returning home, Xie Zhiyi found that Xie’s father and Xie’s mother, who were often socializing outside, were both at home and dressed very solemnly.

    Looking at it again, it turned out that Shangguanchen was sitting in the dining room of Xie’s house.

    “The last time Wei Lan was hospitalized, thanks to A Chen’s care, you see, this is something that happened in our family, and I have to trouble you.” Xie’s father looked at Shang Guan Chen with admiration.

    Shangguanchen smiled and said, “It’s all I should do, uncle.” The

    Xie family and the Shangguan family are family friends. Although the Shangguan family’s industry has developed much better than the Xie family’s, after all, the two still have a marriage relationship.

    Xie’s father patted Xie Weilan on the shoulder and asked her to pour wine to Shangguanchen. Xie Weilan leaned forward gently. The whole scene was so happy that no one thought of the daughter of Xie’s family who was really married to Shangguan’s family.

    The past thanks to Zhiyi may work hard to integrate into it, for example, by cooking a few more dishes, so that there will be more topics. But now she looked at her biological parents and twin sisters, and she had no feeling in her heart.

    Recall the plot. In fact, in the near future, the Xie family will go downhill due to the failure of the project, and this will promote a series of dog-blood incidents of snatching the family property and chasing after me. Shangguan Chen also constantly wanders between the two sisters of the Xie family. .

    While enjoying the superiority of being contended for, while using a hurtful way to test who he really loves-the old male protagonist deserves to be you, indeed a big idiot.

    “Ah~ My sister is back!”

    Xie Weilan was the first to discover the existence of Xie Zhiyi. She deliberately didn’t tell her sister what Brother Achen was coming tonight, and greeted Xie Zhiyi nonchalantly.

    Her gaze was a little teasing-now everyone in the circle knows that Zhu Yujie wants to thank Zhiyi. Although her sister likes Shang Guanchen, Zhu Yujie’s family background is not bad, and she looks good. Xie Zhiyi has never been chased. It should be difficult to refuse…

    Xie father is a little unhappy: “Achen is coming, and it’s so late to come back!”

    Xie Zhiyi raised his eyebrows slightly, and Xie Weilan quickly said: “Brother Achen won’t blame my sister-sister quickly sit down Let’s eat!”

    Xie Zhiyi glanced and saw that everyone was eating almost, “I’m not going to eat it on the road.”

    Xie Weilan expressed regret: “Ah…Today’s seafood is delicious.” When

    Xie Zhiyi left, Shangguan Chen suddenly said: “Isn’t she allergic to seafood?”

    Xie Weilan’s face became stiff, and Xie’s father and Xie’s mother suddenly appeared embarrassed, and several people quickly turned the topic off.

    After the meal, Xie Weilan went to Shang Guan Chen.

    “Brother Achen,” she gently pulled the corners of his clothes, her eyes wet, “I heard that Zhu Yujie is going to chase my sister…you, don’t you mind?”

    Shangguanchen’s brows were unsearchable. Zhe, then scornfully smiled: “Of course I don’t mind.”

    After all, he didn’t believe it, and the woman who loved him still looked up to others.

    Xie Weilan grinned, and then leaned closer, and said with an aura: “What about me? Brother, do you care.”

    Shangguan Chen held her waist, but said: “Weilan, I will take you as Sister.”

    After finishing speaking, she turned around and got into Shangguan’s car.

    Xie Weilan stared at his back idiotically.

    This man is always so charming… She will definitely make him his own!

    Xie Zhiyi, who was standing by the window and accidentally saw this scene, closed the curtains sadly.

    …Spicy eyes.


    a few days, elective classrooms.

    This session is IELTS speaking training, and Xie Weilan reported them all for this session.

    Xie Zhiyi didn’t need to take this kind of class. In the early years when she worked with overseas teams to make discs, she had already practiced her English very well. But I thought that Chi Lin might be taking this class, so I came to listen to it.

    As soon as she entered the classroom, several eyes were cast on her.

    Zhao Xinyue laughed with a “pouch”: “Oh, I really dare to come to any class, I think Zhu Yujie has a show–” After

    she finished speaking, the few little sisters around laughed tacitly.

    Xie Zhiyi heard the meaning from her words and raised his eyebrows slightly.

    She is not afraid of trouble now. After all, these people are all leeks that she uses to harvest the blackened value—but Zhu Yujie, she remembers being ranked in the middle and lower reaches of her contempt chain, and Xie Zhiyi is not very interested in playing with her.

    “Sister, don’t worry! Sit with me. In this class, the teacher often asks questions and leaves homework.” Xie Weilan paused and lowered her voice intimately, “It’s all in English.”

    The volume is just enough. Not many people in the classroom heard it.

    Shangguan Chen on the other side also raised his head.

    They all know that Xie Zhiyi is a child from the village that Xie’s family picked up. His English may be at a junior high level. It is indeed overwhelming to come to listen to the IELTS class.

    Xie Zhiyi was looked at by various eyes, and his expression was still very calm.

    Her face was so pretty again, Zhao Xinyue and the others laughed dryly, and gradually they couldn’t laugh anymore.

    Xie Zhiyi was about to speak when a voice suddenly intervened: “How can Xie Weilan help others? Your own English is not good.”

    Xie Zhiyi’s gaze moved over and saw a girl with a very public appearance.

    Xie Weilan froze, then immediately showed an injured expression.

    Zhao Xinyue immediately said, “Wen Zhiyi, what are you talking about?!”

    Wen Zhiyi was not afraid of her, and rolled his eyes: “Dog leg.”

    Every day, it seemed like the whole school had to hold Xie Weilan. How did she look at sister Xie Weilan? Much longer than her?

    “Xie Weilan’s mood swings are monitored, and the blackening value is +3.”

    Xie Zhiyi looked around with interest, thinking that this girl was quite interesting, and assisted her in disguise.

    It’s a pity that Chi Lin didn’t come to this class. Xie Zhiyi was about to withdraw. The class song suddenly sounded and she was pushed forward by one hand.

    Zhu Yujie was waxing his head, showing a very confident and charming smile as if imitating Shangguan Chen: “Why are you still standing? Come on, sit with me.” The

    good show finally opened, Xie Weilan and they put aside the little episode. , Have looked over. Zhu Yujie blinked at them and laughed.

    Xie Zhiyi glanced at the teacher who had already stepped onto the podium. He ignored Zhu Yujie and found a seat by himself.

    The blackening value of the harvest point can also be left.

    “Oh, I’m still taking Joe.”

    ” I know how to pretend–“

    Shangguan Chen looked at it, three points of sneer and three points of carelessness in his eyes.

    Zhu Yujie is also psychologically prepared for Xie Zhiyi’s indifference-after all, Xie Zhiyi is also a real big beauty now, because beauty always takes Joe, not to mention Shangguan Chen also attends this class.

    He kept smiling and sat next to Xie Zhiyi.

    When Chi Xiangyang stepped on the tail of the lesson song and sneaked in from the back door, he saw this scene.

    That day the beautiful senior lady was chased by a man who looked very greasy and sat with him, and he almost vomited.

    Today’s class was chosen by his brother. Chi Xiangyang naturally took out his mobile phone and broadcasted it to his brother:

    [Wow, the beautiful woman who was given flowers at the opening ceremony also took this class! ]

    At this time, Chi Lin is also looking at his mobile phone.

    Looked over and over.

    Someone asked him to WeChat, but after so many days, the WeChat dialog box still looked like a dead one.

    NS. What handshake to make peace? It’s a lie.

    Chi Lin was about to throw away his phone when he suddenly saw Chi Xiangyang’s WeChat and stood up.

    Chi Xiangyang lowered his head and banged and sent WeChat.

    At the same time, the system in Xie Zhiyi’s mind suddenly made a “di-” sound.

    “Ding-the location of the villain is detected.”

    Her eyes lit up.

    The sound was not as loud as I saw Chi Lin last time, but Xie Zhiyi looked back and quickly saw the person standing next to Chi Lin at the opening ceremony that day.

    If Xie Zhiyi’s guess is correct, he can also “connect to the Internet” because he belongs to the villain camp with Chi Lin. It’s just that the distance is too far to connect.

    Zhu Yujie was still watching her frequently. Xie Zhiyi raised her head and glanced. The teacher was turning her back to write on the blackboard, and she stood up immediately.

    Chi Xiangyang lowered his head and poked his WeChat: [There is a thief and greasy man sitting next to her, my God, now why all the beautiful women are being licked! When

    he raised his head, he saw Xie Zhiyi stand up and quickly lowered his head to continue the fight.

    [Oh, fortunately, the beauty stood up and left by herself! When

    Chi Lin received this WeChat, he was already at the door of his house.

    After reading it, his sullen face eased.

    As a result, immediately after the next one, Chi Xiangyang’s WeChat jumped out very lively.

    [Then she came towards me! ]

    Chi Lin:?

    [Fuck she seems to be sitting next to me? ! ]

    [Fuck it, don’t talk about it, brother, I want to listen to it! Thank you for choosing the course for me. Do you love you! ]

    Pool Pro: “……”

    your mother? ? ?

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