“Blackening value Bluetooth has been connected! Current flow rate: +4/h (real-time change)”

    Xie Zhiyi sat a seat away from the pool Xiangyang, feeling very happy.

    Chi Xiangyang bowed his head and chuckled and slammed his phone after sending a text message to Chi Lin. He looked up and introduced himself: “Hi, hello, my name is Chi Xiangyang!”

    “Thank you Zhiyi.” Xie Zhiyi smiled very friendly, thinking that this little villain is comparable to Chi. Lin is much more cute-

    Chi Xiangyang is dizzy.

    He looked at the smile on Xie Zhiyi’s lips and almost wanted to shout: Sister, please immediately! immediately! Play with my feelings-

    fortunately, his reason drew him back. After all, she just sat around her, without any further action, maybe just to hide from the greasy man just now.

    But, it’s still fun to sit with a beautiful woman in class! This may indicate that love is coming!

    Xie Zhiyi felt his fluctuating flow rate up and down simultaneously. Although the blackening value provided by Chi Xiangyang was not as high as Chi Lin, the victory was steady and constantly touching.

    If it was Chi Lin, it would be impossible for her to sit next to him for a whole class. Xie Zhiyi is already very satisfied with this and feels that this class is not in vain.


    Because it is the first class, the class is mainly about easy adaptation. The teacher talked about the course content, examination system and score ratio, and then issued a paper.

    “Don’t be nervous, this paper is just to test the level of the students, it is not included in the final grade. Everyone feels the difficulty, and you can choose whether to continue.” The

    paper was distributed, Zhao Xinyue laughed as he passed it on: “Teacher really Intimate, this paper is simply prepared for some people to let them know what it means to do within their means.”

    Xie Weilan glanced worriedly in the direction of Xie Zhiyi, “I’m so worried about my sister.”

    Xie Zhiyi took the paper very calmly, bowed his head and started answering the questions.

    Since childhood, Chi Xiangyang was afraid of exams, scratching his head when he saw the papers, but didn’t want to show it in front of Xie Zhiyi. His anxiety has successfully increased the “Internet speed”, and the entire test has been steadily and efficiently outputting the black value of Xie Zhiyi.

    Xie Zhiyi is very happy, so much so that I write papers more carefully.

    As soon as Zhu Yujie finished writing, he leaned forward to Xie Zhiyi’s table and looked down and saw that Xie Zhiyi had closed the paper, thinking that she had just given up.

    “How about? Which one won’t, I will teach you.” Zhu Yujie’s voice pretended to be gentle, and Chi Xiangyang retched secretly next to him.

    The other girls in the classroom were very excited. Zhao Xinyue filmed this scene from behind and sent it to the large group in their circle: [Do you want to bet how long will Zhu Yujie succeed~] The

    first person who returned to her was Tang Beiqing , who was abroad: [This girl sees He has a good profile, who I don’t know? ]

    Zhao Xinyue: [Puff, thank you Zhiyi. Can’t you recognize it? It’s done well]

    Tang Beiqing: [It’s done? Which hospital? Recommended recommendation]

    Zhao Xinyue looked at the phone: “…” Men are really superficial animals.

    The Tang family is rich and powerful, and Tang Beiqing himself can do whatever he wants. He can play with him anywhere in the circle, and he is one of the few people who have a good relationship with Chi Lin. Zhao Xinyue dare not provoke him.

    Seeing that the topic was getting crooked, she hurriedly pulled back: “Why don’t you care how often she gave up Achen and embraced Zhu Yujie? ] The

    rest of the group are all present at the moment.

    Pan Ziyan: [It won’t be long, this kind of plastic surgery girl loves vanity the most, not to mention Xie Zhiyi hasn’t seen anything in the world. ]

    Shao Peng: [bet, I bet you can win a package]

    Fu Wenbo: [I bet a bouquet ha ha ha ha, Zhu Yujie not, then I will do]


    Don’t talk about them, Zhu Yujie thinks so too. He felt that he would be stable if he sent a bouquet of flowers and bought another bag at most.

    However, Xie Zhiyi didn’t actually care about Zhu Yujie in front of him. She stepped back and moved away from him.

    Just now her detector moved again, and there was no beep, that means…

    Zhu Yujie looked at her face with itching, and simply put it more bluntly: “Seriously, you can consider staying with me. Together, I can still give you pocket money every month—”

    His words were interrupted by the sound of “Bang!” opening the door.

    Chi Lin rushed to the classroom just before the end of class.

    His gaze swept somewhere, and his face was not so pretty and he greeted the teacher: “I’m late.”

    Teacher: “…”

    The prince of the Chi family, who dares to control. Even if he is here for a minute, he must be allowed to go.

    As soon as Chi Lin appeared, he immediately took away the sight of others falling on Zhu Yujie.

    “Why did Chi Lin come?”

    “Is he going to take this class?”

    Zhao Xinyue immediately sorted out her hairstyle, and took a peek at Chi Lin.

    “Chi Lin is about to graduate soon, do you think I can ask him for WeChat?”

    “If you dare, you have to send it to me when you arrive!”

    Although Kimberlyton recognized the school as Shangguan Chen, in fact, Chi Lin also has a lot of High popularity, but because he is too fierce, he has never given girls a good face, so he ranks lower in girls’ hearts than Shangguan Chen.

    Chi Lin walked down the stairs and walked in front of Zhu Yujie, “Get out of the way, you’re in the way.”

    Zhu Yujie didn’t dare to confront Chi Lin at all, and quickly stepped away from Xie Zhiyi’s seat.

    Without squinting, Chi Lin walked to Chi Xiangyang and sat down. Before Chi Xiangyang opened his mouth to ask, he blocked his back: “Shut up.”

    Chi Xiangyang: “…oh.” Why does his brother seem to be angry Yazi.

    The picture changed to Xie Zhiyi, Chi Xiangyang, and Chi Lin sitting in a row, revealing a little weirdness.

    Zhao Xinyue withdrew her gaze a little bit sourly: “I said why I would like to thank Zhiyi for rushing over to sit there before class.”

    Knowing that Chi Xiangyang and Chi Lin knew each other, she had just sat there just now.

    Xie Zhiyi turned his face and looked at Chi Lin who was unhappy.

    Chi Lin looked at the blackboard without squint, and thought to himself: What to look at? Why is she still watching?

    Fuck, did he come here a little deliberately?

    Xie Zhiyi looked back for a while, and thought to himself: Living Bodhisattva.

    ——Since he sat down, she connected two lines at the same time, so the blackening value began to skyrocket.

    So that Chi Lin’s smelly expression brought a ray of Buddha light in her eyes. [Hands put together]

    After class, the system was liquidated. Among them, the blackening value provided by Shangguan Chen Xie Weilan and others’ mood fluctuations increased by 310 points in total. The most once.

    Xie Zhiyi seriously pondered how to maintain a good and stable relationship with Chi Lin. Among the things she is good at, it seems that making good food is a thing that can bring closer relationships…At this point, she is still very confident.

    Before class ended, Zhu Yujie slipped away because of lack of face.

    Because Chi Lin felt that he was too deliberate, he left the classroom with Chi Xiangyang after the class.

    Chi Xiangyang reluctantly compared Erkang to Xie Zhiyi.

    Xie Zhiyi waved to him, with a plan in his mind.


    After everyone left, Wen Zhiyi, the class representative, put all the papers away and handed them to the teacher.

    The first one above was Xie Zhiyi’s. She glanced at it and found that Xie Zhiyi’s choices were all the same as the answers. The handwriting of the composition was very beautiful after a glance, and the vocabulary and sentence patterns were also very rich.

    This level of English is not at all mocking the people of Xie Weilan, but Xie Zhiyi is not in a hurry to refute anything.

    Wen Zhiyi witnessed the whole process in the class just now. She didn’t know if it was an illusion. She felt that Chi Lin seemed to help Xie Zhiyi out of the siege – although with the rumored character of Zhong Chi Lin, this kind of thing is unlikely.

    There is another very interesting thing. Shangguan Chen has been paying attention to the direction of Xie Zhiyi, perhaps even he himself hasn’t noticed it.

    Wen Zhiyi didn’t care about Shangguan Chen, she just hated Xie Weilan’s green tea and white lotus mixture, and there were a bunch of dog legs around.

    But now she has a mentality of watching a good show.

    She had a vague hunch, Xie Weilan’s sister must not be that simple.


    the day after, Zhu Yujie like for like revival, a campaign was started chasing Xie known meaning.

    As a result, this matter has been escalating, expanding from the wealthy circle to the entire school.

    Xie Zhiyi is getting more and more attention.

    Zhao Xinyue and others contributed to this, and even the Kimberlyton forum began to discuss this matter.

    Chi Xiangyang usually visits the forum very often, and if he sees it, he will share it with Chi Lin: [Brother, the forum is saying that Sister Yi will be chased]

    Chi Lin: [Who is Sister Yi? ]

    Pool Pro: [dry I Pishi]

    he irritably threw a cell phone, angry and wanted to laugh.

    I knew that Xie Zhiyi was blind before. If she really liked Zhu Yujie’s cerebral palsy stuff, he would really never give thanks again.

    Now Zhu Yujie will come to Xie Zhiyi’s class, send flowers from time to time, and always invite her out for dinner.

    Xie Zhiyi is very calm when encountering such a dead skinny person.

    She quickly discovered a good thing from Zhu Yujie—because he added too much drama during this period of time, and invisibly lifted himself up, so that the blackening value that he can provide that the system detector can perceive is also Much higher.

    So Xie Zhiyi treated him as a pig, and he could be slaughtered when he was fat. After

    class this day, Zhu Yujie blocked Xie Zhiyi in the middle of the road.

    Zhu Yujie looked at Xie Zhiyi up and down, and said, “I will take you to the mall today.”

    Xie Zhiyi looked around. He should have no room to float on the blackening value contempt chain, so he nodded: “Let’s go. “It’s

    better to hit the sun if you choose a day, so let’s kill the pig today.”

    Zhu Yujie’s heart was overjoyed: It hasn’t been lukewarm for the past few days. Isn’t it hooked to buy something for her?

    Sure enough, he is a bun who has never seen the world!

    At the same time, Zhao Xinyue photographed the backs of Zhu Yujie and Xie Zhiyi who had gone away one after another, sent them to the group, and spread quickly.

    “6666 is going to be done!”

    “I said Xie Zhiyi will definitely not


    able to hold it, right? It’s just a few days ago” “If my sister really likes Yujie, then I will bless them…” Zhao Xinyue was already overwhelmed with excitement. Xin, took Xie Weilan and the others and followed along there.

    Xie Zhiyi and Zhu Yujie walked outside the school gate, passing the small forest, Xie Zhiyi stopped.

    There is no one around.

    With only the two of them here, Zhu Yujie’s wretched mind immediately floated.

    Isn’t it the kind of hint to bring him here?

    “Trust me, I am definitely the best man you can meet,” Zhu Yujie walked to Xie Zhiyi and reached out to hug her shoulders, “You followed me. Tell me everything you want in the future. I will try my best to be satisfied. You.”

    Xie Zhiyi

    looked at him for the first time: “Then I’m not welcome.” When Zhu Yujie agreed, Xunxin, bowed his head and wanted to kiss her on the mouth.

    At this moment, Xie Zhiyi suddenly stretched out his hand and slapped his face with a slap.

    Zhu Yujie’s entire face was beaten and crooked, and he stayed for three seconds before yelling: “? Damn you–” Before

    he finished speaking, Xie Zhiyi followed his crotch with one foot.

    Snapped. Soon.

    Zhu Yujie was caught off guard and ascended to heaven directly on the spot.

    Obviously Xie Zhiyi used ordinary tricks, but why can’t he avoid it? ?

    The intense pain is directly converted into the blackening value, which has increased by several tens.

    Xie Zhiyi thought: Don’t talk about martial arts-the simplest way, the most extreme happiness.

    “Don’t bother me again.” Xie Zhiyi raised his fist and threatened calmly.

    Zhu Yujie wanted to fuck your mother’s mad woman, I will put you on the forum when I go back and ruin you.

    He clutched his crotch

    and shrank : “I’m sure I won’t provoke you anymore, don’t worry…” When Xie Zhiyi turned to leave, Zhu Yujie immediately raised his leg to kick her.

    Xie Zhiyi easily avoided and turned around.

    Look down at him again.

    Zhu Yujie really felt a trace of fear this time, and his lips trembled, “No, no, I’m going to play…”

    Xie Zhiyi punched again.


    When Xie Weilan, Zhao Xinyue, and even Wen Zhiyi, etc., a crowd of people watching the show arrived at the scene.

    Xie Zhiyi just stopped, and Feng Qingyun stood aside calmly.

    And Zhu Yujie lay on the ground and cried.

    “Damn, you, you are immoral…”

    Everyone: “…?”

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