After Transmigrating Back As The Heroine of an Abusive Novel, Had a HE with the Villain

Title: 穿回虐文女主和反派HE了

Author: 赵史觉

Status: Completed (40 chapters, 5 extras)


What should an expert talent do when transmigrated back as the female lead of an abusive dog-blood novel?

Xie Zhiyi: Thank you for the invitation.

Of course, the greasy tyrant and the white lotus female partner were tortured first.

In addition to the above operations, in order to brush up to the one million blackening value specified by the system, the villain can also be used as a signal tower to absorb points.

So Xie Zhiyi found the villain who she had a bad relationship with in her previous life – the prince of the Chi family.

The villain had a fierce face: “What’s the matter.”

Xie Zhiyi stretched out her hand: “Is it okay?”

The man who was still Bking in the last second immediately had red ears: “Who said you could touch my hand?”

Through physical contact with the villain, the absorption flow rate can be as high as +10 points/sec.

Xie Zhiyi pondered: Wouldn’t it be faster to hug him?

Since Chi Lin didn’t allow contact, she should go find someone else 🙂

But then someone saw that the new goddess of the academy was stopped by the prince.

Chi Lin looked fierce, but lowered his head in front of her:
“There are faster things… want it?”

[Mo’s emotionless sand sculpture beauty x explosive tsundere jealous every day, secret love, is going to die biking]

#It turns out you are fast#
#I’m not that fast! ! !#

Note: Bking: someone who does cool things effortlessly; everything they do is cool

Table of Contents

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