Scene suddenly became a little weird.

    Chi Lin looked at Shang Guanchen, who was holding his wrist in pain on the opposite side of Wangzi, without expression, “…” For the

    first time, he didn’t show the look of an idiot, but rather had some doubts.

    what happened? Why did he chirp?

    Could it be that my serve was too strong? Haha, Shangguan is silly and realistic.

    He couldn’t help but glanced at a spot in the auditorium.

    In the auditorium at this time, the audience was also very confused. Among them, there are many friends around the male protagonist.

    “What’s wrong with Achen?”

    “Is there a wrist injury? Oh my heart hurts!”

    “Even if I have an injury, I still insist on participating in the competition. You deserve to be a man who can represent Kimberlyton!”

    Under the halo of the male lead People soon came up with a reasonable explanation for Shangguan Chen.

    They began to cheer for him loudly:

    “Shangguan, senior, you are the best!” “Come on!”

    “Don’t give up! We will always be with you?!”

    Xie Zhiyi was wrapped in the crowd, already feeling the mood swings of the male protagonist. The blackening value of, so she also clapped with a smile on her face.

    Shangguan Chen, who found that something was wrong with his body, was about to retire: “…”

    A drop of cold sweat slowly dripped from his forehead.

    Male dignity prevented him from retiring.

    Shangguanchen had to shook his wrist, pulled up his messy hair, and grinned at the audience and opponents.

    “Excuse me, I was a little slippery just now~” His voice was soft and whispering, which made people feel like spring breeze.

    The audience had a strange feeling inexplicably. Shangguanchen has always been a very attractive person, but today…this charm seems a bit unusual? ?

    Chi Lin raised his chin to Shangguanchen, “Are you? Can you do it, you?”

    Shangguanchen sneered–there’s no problem in the man’s dictionary!

    The game restarted.

    Xie Zhiyi is very pleased-she appreciates Shangguanchen’s unyielding character!

    How much? Give her the blackening value for a long time~

    The atmosphere in the court has become serious, and everyone is looking at Shangguan Chen expectantly.

    He stared at the ball like a falcon, watching Chi Lin’s movements closely.

    Chi Lin’s sturdy arm raised, and the racket waved.

    “Shoo-” The

    tennis ball came through the air again, and Shangguan Chen moved!

    His lithe figure is like shining light, once again attracting everyone’s attention!

    “Come on! Senior Shangguan!”

    “Smash back hard! Come on!”

    Shangguanchen’s arm raised, and his racket hit the ball-

    but at this moment, his feet tripped on each other without warning. , And then the whole person’s direction turned around-

    Paji fell to the ground.

    “Ah~~” Shangguan Chen couldn’t hold back, and let out a second painful cry.

    The audience was silent.

    Xie Zhiyi came to understand.

    For Shangguan Chen at this time, the most terrible thing was not [The Weakness of the Heroine’s Aura Liu Fufeng Card].

    Rather, it has been a long time since the [Female Lead Halo of the Flat Land Falling Card], and it?

    -Stack! add! NS!

    “The mood swings of the male protagonist are monitored. The blackening value is +2500.”

    At this time, Shangguan Chen, with both the feminine and weak characteristics that a female protagonist has, appeared so helpless and so pitiful on the court.

    Xie Zhiyi rubbed his forehead and sighed: “This looks really unbearable.” The

    system asked: “Will the host take back the skill card?”

    Xie Zhiyi: “No.”

    System: “… As expected. You!”


    the tennis match that day was completed very quickly.

    Chi Lin won the game without even sweating.

    He played very upset.

    I don’t know why? In the process of fighting with Shangguan idiots, he always had the illusion that he was fighting a woman inexplicably.

    ——It’s like I’m bullying people. Chi Lin thought uncomfortably.

    After the game was over, he turned his head and looked for someone in the audience. Just to meet Xie Zhiyi’s smiling eyes, she shook her fist and cheered him silently.

    Originally Chi Lin only accepted the game for the bet, but at the moment, looking at the smile on Xie Zhiyi’s lips, I don’t know why?… He suddenly wanted to win her a trophy back.

    Xie Zhiyi doesn’t know why? Seeing Chi Lin wins, she is kind of happy.

    Maybe it’s because I taught it myself? Or is it because the male lead is not pleasing to the eye?

    In short, very happy.

    She and Chi Lin smiled at each other across the noisy crowd.

    At this time, the system made a long beep.

    Xie Zhiyi saw that the real-time flow rate was so fast that it almost caught up with the physical contact!

    What is this? The principle?

    However, she did not have time to delve into this issue because Shangguanchen was taken away by hospital ambulance again after the race, and it was not even a month since the last skiing incident.

    But because the ski rollover time is relatively short, Shangguan Chen has clenched his teeth for so long this time, and brushed her a full eight thousand blackening points.

    Xie Zhiyi is very grateful. Thank you thank you!



    vip recuperation area.

    Zhao Xinyue was sitting in a wheelchair and looked at the scenery outside the window with a look of resentment.

    After the taekwondo competition, she is indeed red! But what people spread everywhere is the moment when she was kicked into the air!

    As if that became the highlight of her life! !

    Zhao Xinyue was recuperating while being angry, so that the corners of her mouth were blistering. She also received text messages that Xie Weilan cared about. Comparing the two, she felt that Xie Zhiyi was even more hateful!

    If it were not for Xie Zhiyi, she should now shine in other projects! Or cheer for other little brothers! Instead of just staying in the hospital.

    At this moment, a voice came from the end of the corridor, and it sounded like there were a lot of medical staff, as if they were big people.

    Zhao Xinyue pushed the wheelchair to one side, and soon, the mobile hospital bed in the distance approached.

    As soon as she raised her head, she caught sight of the patient on the bed unexpectedly.

    Shangguan Chen: “…”

    Zhao Xinyue: “…”

    What a coincidence.

    They are all people who have been swiped by the sledgehammer of fate.


    Pool Pro tennis tournament successfully entered the finals, before also can step up to the next wave of training?.

    Frankly speaking, after eliminating the opponent Shangguan Chen, the remaining players did not stand out in particular. With Chi Lin’s talent and effort, he might be able to get the top three.

    And the prince is really working hard.

    Xie Zhiyi went to teach him every three times, and by the way, he rubbed a wave of blackening values. Chi Lin also played a game with her on the school tennis court today after class. The strength cannot be underestimated.

    Chi Xiangyang and Tang Beiqing were blowing rainbow farts beside them.

    “The goddess, it’s so seductive!”

    “Suddenly I think we are getting in the way~ Brother, you? What do you say?”

    “The same is

    true of others? Do you think~~” Chi Lin’s ears are a little red, and his eyes are a little floating, I don’t know. Who is scolding: “What are you trying to force?!”

    He was inexplicably bright.

    Now that Xie Zhiyi is mentioned, no one will think of Shangguan Chen. She and Shangguan Chen never had anything to do with each other, and instead often stood side by side with him.

    In the face of the ridicule, Xie Zhiyi was very calm, and sincerely praised him: “I think it’s great.”

    Chi Lin pressed the smile of his lips, feeling that his wings had been flapped, and he was about to take off.

    “I will get the prize.” He said to Xie Zhiyi with a foul face.

    Xie Zhiyi laughed: “Okay, I believe it.”

    Several people finished training on the tennis court and walked outside the school together.

    This combination is very conspicuous on campus, and people keep their eyes on them.

    Noble princes like Prince Chi’s and Tang Beiqing were originally high-profile existences, but now they are still standing next to them, thanking for their knowledge-in the

    past few days of the Games, probably no one in Kimberlyton has ever seen a blow in the Taekwondo arena. Lore, forums and chat groups have gone crazy.

    Moreover, the video was put on the Internet by the media. After several big marketing accounts, it became popular. Douyin and Weibo have tens of thousands of likes! This is not just a matter of thanking Zhiyi himself, but also winning glory for the school by the way!

    Finally, when the Kimberleyton students found out that she was the young lady who played the master level at the piano competition in the school, it became even crazier.

    ——The hand can play the piano, the foot can kick the flying man! Oh sister!

    What else? Are you not? !

    Xie Zhiyi said: Yes.

    Although not much? (Tan Shou)

    It was commonplace for her to become popular on the Internet. In the world she used to hiccup, she could be on the hot search physique. However, the atmosphere of the whole Kimberleyton is indeed different from before. After the highly sought-after Xie Weilan and Shangguan Chen overturned one after another, people’s aesthetics seemed to be much more normal.

    Wen Zhiyi liked to hear about this situation. She had expected that Xie Zhiyi would slowly show off. Of course, she did not expect Xie Zhiyi to be so strong. It was a big surprise.

    Alas, she likes beautiful women who have beauty, strength, and good character the most!

    As for the last goddess Xie Weilan, now there is nothing even about her death in the broadcasting agency? People are talking about it.

    At this time, Xie Weilan was also at school. She dared not show her face in the past few days. Even at school, she had to wear a mask to cover it.

    She saw Xie Zhiyi walking with the few proud men of heaven, and she also saw the people around her pointing to Xie Zhiyi.

    But people are no longer talking about Xie Zhiyi’s background from the country, or she is holding onto their thighs without her own strength-everyone’s eyes are admired and admired!

    If this continues, things will really become like in the dream-Xie Zhiyi becomes the beloved winner of life, and she has nothing?

    Xie Weilan walked to a place where there was no one on the side and took out his cell phone to make a call to Fu Jingyan.

    “Hello?” Fu Jingyan’s voice was lazy, sounding very casual.

    Xie Weilan bit his lip, “You? You said that the producer who took me to meet, I…I agree.”

    Fu Jingyan was sitting on the leather sofa and sneered: “Xie Weilan, you? I haven’t heard about the school, and I can give Shangguanchen medicine. Now, how about playing the pure goddess?”

    He hasn’t seen how many times he has seen in the entertainment industry? Shao Xiao Bai Hua Xiao Bai Lian, Xie Weilan for this. Daoxing is not enough to see.

    Xie Weilan’s face suddenly paled.

    Fu Jingyan ridiculed a few words, and then his voice changed again: “Fortunately, Producer Liu is still very interested in your appearance. Please find a time to come over with me.”

    Xie Weilan lowered her voice: “Okay.”

    She was right. When I wanted to hang up the phone, I heard Fu Jingyan speak again: “Right, you? Live with Xie Zhiyi? Are you? What do you do with your sister? Yeah.”

    Xie Weilan bit her lip, “I don’t know… Strong, I don’t like me very much in life.”

    “Oh,” Fu Jingyan lost interest, “I can see it.”

    He hung up the phone, and remembered Xie Zhiyi’s face again.

    What is unavailable is always in commotion.

    He was in the referee’s bench during the Taekwondo competition, and he could see more clearly. The harsh, precise, and calm aura, coupled with that flawless face, is really unforgettable.

    Now under the marketing promotion, Xie Zhiyi is also considered Xiaohong as an amateur. This kind of traffic is definitely explosive for an ordinary person, and the fancy rainbow farts on the Internet can easily dazzle amateurs. At least this is what her sister Xie Weilan dreams of.

    Taking this opportunity, Xie Zhiyi pointed out a way that is more beautiful, richer, and easier than going to school… Fu Jingyan touched his chin excitedly. He believed that Xie Zhiyi would be moved.

    He cocked Erlang’s legs and called the manager of Kimberlyton.

    “Well, it’s me. The sports meeting went well recently, right?… That’s good.”

    “… By the way, the kid who won the championship in Taekwondo last time, I want to talk to her about development plans and find a chance. Call her here.”

    Fu Jingyan showed a slightly excited smile after hanging up the phone.

    This time, he won’t let her go.


    Two days later, Xie Zhiyi and Chi Lin had dinner together in the cafeteria.

    It may be that she usually cooks so deliciously that the canteen she recognized has also been recognized by the young masters.

    As for why she? I also like to eat with Chi Lin, Tang Beiqing and Chi Xiangyang.

    Xie Zhiyi shed tears.

    The three signal towers are linked together with a luxurious top configuration, and one meal can save a thousand points.

    It’s so fragrant.

    This meal is so fragrant.

    She grabbed her mobile phone while eating.

    The Xie family’s situation is not good recently. Xie Weilan seems to have started to develop a side business in the entertainment industry, and she has to develop a way to make money as soon as possible.

    Opposite Tang Beiqing saw her open Weibo with sharp eyes, and asked enthusiastically, “Do you want to claim that video of you? Now the popularity is still quite high~”

    Tang Beiqing is handsome and rich, relying on her face and studying abroad. vlog attracts fans, and there is a large number of millions of fans on Weibo.

    Xie Zhiyi has also run Weibo with a high number of fans, but she knows that as an amateur, it is not easy to monetize traffic.

    However, the self-media direction is not a bad choice. Xie Zhiyi pondered for a while and opened his Weibo homepage. She applied for this account many years ago, nothing? Photos, only some of the mood records that can only be seen by herself.

    Xie Zhiyi edited the photos taken during the last cooking while eating, and quickly made a recipe, tagged with the name of the dish and the food, and posted it.

    Before long? Several comments came up.

    [Wow, the po master made it looks so delicious! ] [Want to ask why? Put the vinegar first? ]

    Xie Zhiyi didn’t reply and put away the phone.

    After eating, several people walked out of the canteen.

    A secretary who walked up to the school manager, stopped in front of Xie Zhiyi, and asked, “Is it Miss Xie?” Before Xie Zhiyi

    spoke, Chi Linxian frowned, and slightly blocked Xie Zhiyi from his side, and asked, “What? What’s the matter? “

    Aristocratic schools like Kimberlyton also have a lot of pickles in the board of directors. How can they find thanks for the good ones?

    The secretary was very respectful towards Prince Chi’s: “That’s it, because Miss Chi performed well in this sports meeting. Combined with her performance in the piano competition last time, the school would like to discuss some publicity work with you. “

    Chi Lin’s face is stinky, don’t know why? There is no intuition? Good thing.

    Xie Zhiyi is much more calm than him? She looked at the secretary and asked: “paid?” The

    remaining three rich people: “?” The

    secretary obviously didn’t expect anyone to ask such a question about “give or not”? Fresh and refined, he smiled after a pause: “That’s natural. Kimberlyton never treats students badly in this regard.”

    Indeed, thanks to Zhiyi, the biggest income in the bank card now is still the game bonus.

    When he came, he settled, Xie Zhiyi made a decision quickly, turned around and waved to a few people, and then left with the secretary.

    No sloppiness.

    Tang Beiqing watched her leave, “I just like the rusty look of Yiyi.”

    Chi Xiangyang: “Woo, so handsome.”

    Only Chi Lin frowned.

    ——He just thinks something is wrong!

    … The

    secretary took her into the magnificent office building and stopped outside the office.

    This floor is very quiet, as if nothing? People are working.

    The secretary gestured with a gesture: “Just go in.”

    Xie Zhiyi glanced at her and opened the door.

    She stood at the door, looked inside, and there was no school manager.

    The secretary’s expression suddenly became a little subtle.

    Xie Zhiyi didn’t make it difficult for her. She combined the plot and recent events, and felt that the most likely cause of all this was Fu Jingyan’s perversion.

    The matter of fueling her in the last game hasn’t been settled yet, and this unscrupulous thing is coming again.

    So Xie Zhiyi didn’t go in, and stood outside, shouting “Hello” toward the inside of the door.

    The air is silent.

    Xie Zhiyi was very calm.

    About five minutes later, the secretary of the school board had already sneaked out of embarrassment, and the talents in the room finally came out gracefully.

    Fu Jingyan saw her and said in surprise: “It’s you, what a coincidence—”

    Xie Zhiyi nodded, and closed the door back after he walked up to him.

    “Bang! —”

    There was a scream from the door.

    “Dip-blackening value +500”

    line, it seems to be quite painful.

    Xie Zhiyi was relieved, turned and walked out of the office building, passing by the secretary of the school board, not daring to stop her at all.

    ——What are you talking about? A joke! Who hasn’t seen that kick kick!

    As soon as Xie Zhiyi walked out of the building, he suddenly saw the prince holding his arms and waiting under the tree opposite.

    Xie Zhiyi raised his eyebrows in surprise and walked over and asked: “Why are you here? Are you waiting for me.”

    She asked, and Chi Lin subconsciously denied: “Why am I waiting for you?”

    “Oh,” Xie Zhiyi didn’t mind, and beckoned, “After the chat, shall we go?”

    Chi Lin straightened up and glanced upstairs, “Why is this? Hurry?”

    Xie Zhiyi didn’t plan to tell him about Fu Jingyan, no. Know why? I always feel like he will blow up.

    “I refused it because I didn’t want to talk too much.” Xie Zhiyi glanced at him, a little understanding, and smiled: “Are you? Worried? What are you afraid of? I’m very powerful.”

    Chi Lin thought for a while, indeed.

    — “But I’m still afraid of you? I’m hurt.” After

    speaking, both of them were quiet.

    Chi Lin suddenly reacted—fuck! How do you say it!

    His ears were red.

    Xie Zhiyi blinked, and after reacting, couldn’t help but smile.

    This feeling of being worried is really good.

    Chi Lin seemed to have feathers burned by the fire, so he sent her to the school gate and screamed to go back to practice tennis and left in a hurry.

    Xie Zhiyi has time to take a look at the system’s accounting. I don’t know why? Recently, the real-time flow rate of the pool is very high. Seeing that the amount of the next skill card from the distance is enough.

    Xie Zhiyi touched his happily beating heart, thinking strangely, there is no physical contact.


    At night.

    The entrance of the nightclub.

    Fu Jingyan wearing a mask and Xie Weilan wearing a mask met, and the two did not recognize each other for a while.

    Xie Weilan was stunned and asked, “You? What’s the matter?”

    Fu Jingyan touched the bridge of his nose, and said, “Nothing?

    -Go in. ” He was still suffocating.

    Xie Zhiyi didn’t give him a chance to speak at all, this fierce woman…but

    it’s damn, so fascinating!

    Fortunately, the dinner in the evening went smoothly. Xie Weilan was obedient and the producer was very satisfied.

    Xie Weilan was also a little obsessed with such an environment.

    Here, all the people’s eyes are still on her, telling her nicely, telling her that she will be very popular in the future, and those men can’t afford her.

    Xie Weilan drank more and more drifting.

    In the middle of the night, Fu Jingyan also drank too much wine, his eyes dimly over the smoke, glanced at Xie Weilan’s face, and looked at him in a daze.

    He took Xie Weilan away.

    Xie Weilan leaned back in his car, met Fu Jingyan’s deep gaze, and couldn’t help feeling proud-even you? Are you obsessed with me?

    When Fu Jingyan approached, she did not refuse, but in the next moment she heard another person’s name.

    “Thank you, I will definitely get you!”

    Xie Weilan’s face twisted for a moment.

    The second time! It was Shangguan Chen for the first time, and now even Fu Jingyan is-

    thanks, know, and willing!

    At this time, when I was at home, Xie Zhiyi, who had edited several recipes and prepared to post on Weibo, sneezed inexplicably.

    Then the system popped up a prompt. She didn’t know why Xie Weilan had gone, but she brushed her more than 800 blackening points out of thin air.

    “Ding! The increase in the blackening value reaches the quantitative standard. You can fill in the skill card when dropped: [Semi-permanent___]. The attribute of this card is a long-term physical card. The host can fill in it at will. As long as the logic is self-consistent, the cardholder will enjoy it for life. “

    Xie Zhiyi raised his eyebrows. This time his skill card was not very directional, but his playing space was obviously increased a lot?.

    If it is a semi-permanent or semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo on the body? Semi-permanent beauty?

    It sounds weird and a bit wasteful.

    So Xie Zhiyi began to think in the opposite direction—in an instant, there were more possibilities? A lot? A lot? A lot?.

    The system felt her possibility: “…”

    Xie Zhiyi smiled peacefully: Then it’s up to whoever hits the muzzle.


    Two days later, a very high-profile luxury car stopped at the gate of Kimberleyton School.

    The car window rolled down, revealing the giant rose bouquet inside—

    “Wow, it’s so romantic!”

    “I don’t know which girl is so? Lucky!”

    —Lucky Xie Zhiyi received the call.

    Fu Jingyan didn’t know where he got the number. When Xie Zhiyi heard his sexy voice, the sleepiness of getting up early disappeared.

    “Last time you escaped too fast, we haven’t had time to have a good conversation.” He lowered his voice, his voice seduced, “Aren’t you? You are not curious, what can I bring for you?…”

    Xie Zhiyi took the phone A little further away, he asked, “What do you bring?”

    Fu Jingyan laughed dumbly, looking at the car window? The women who came and went, with eyes full of envy.

    “You? That video made you a little famous, now I must be thinking about how to become more popular? Only I can help you? Give you? You? Unexpected, fame, wealth.”

    “And I can give you? Ultimate happiness, I can …… let you? Addictive.”

    “Do not want to feel it, ah?”

    “……” is probably the real deal disgusted, thank EENOW suddenly have skills card Inspired.

    ——Semi-permanent 【Yang. Wei】!

    It’s so suitable for this man who is full of his head!

    The system “beep”: “Warm reminder, impotence is a sensitive word that involves personal attacks. After the system is filled in, it is likely to be blocked and lose the effect.”

    Xie Zhiyi was a little disappointed.

    On the other side of the phone, Fu Jingyan felt that she was about to be hooked, and threw the last sentence:

    “So, woman, do you want to get in my car?”

    Xie Zhiyi thought, indeed, impotence is not anxious enough.

    She thought of something better.

    The system asked: “What do you want to fill in?”

    Xie Zhiyi entered a few words.

    ——Semi-permanent [diffusion].

    System: “…As expected of you!” A

    few seconds later, the luxury car in the distance snorted and drove away.

    Looks very anxious.

    Xie Zhiyi stood there and waved.

    Don’t pull your pants pocket!

    The author has something to say: Come on! Fat more served!

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