Kimberlyton’s? Forum posted a hot post.

    [One said, should it be time for the campus goddess to change? ]

    1l: Yesterday, Xie Weilan’s large-scale agency? The scene of the death, also? Does anyone know?

    2l: Being there, I’m all numb…

    3l: I surrendered myself. I had a crush on her for two years, but now I am completely dead.

    4l: Pat the brother upstairs. There is a saying that Xie Weilan’s current? Quede is not worthy, so the question is, there is no new? Campus goddess? Is there a suitable candidate?

    5l: @4l, you are reasonably suspicious of pretending to be stupid, don’t you? Have you met Xie Weilan’s sister


    10l: Is it the piano competition? That champion?

    11l: Come to think of it, that young lady is really beautiful! But it feels like she didn’t do anything except that time? What else? I showed it, and I heard that the origin… The

    post is gentle? Should I send it out? With rhythm?, she has been squatting in the building after sending it. Sure enough, public opinion is now very unfriendly to Xie Weilan, and the topic? My heart is gradually leaning toward Xie Zhiyi.

    Indeed, Xie Zhiyi does not like to show up like Xie Weilan. But some people, even if they walk in the crowd, can hardly conceal her light.

    She tapped her finger and replied: [Then next? Wait and see. ]

    … The

    impact of the death of Xie Weilan’s large-scale community is not limited to the campus.

    Shangguan’s house.

    Patriarch Shangguan Wentian stood in the hall, angrily smashing an expensive glass.

    “Bold! Xie’s? Girl, how dare to give medicine to my son?!”

    Mrs. Shangguan looked distressed? Sitting next to her son, nervously? Asked: “Chenchen, no? Is there any discomfort? Are there any side effects? Do you need to call a doctor? See me at home?”

    She Yes? My baby son recently didn’t know why, but every few hours he would meet the need to see a doctor. I was inexplicably depressed a while ago. Not long ago, I skied over, walked and wrestled inexplicably, and now I have been drugged!

    Shangguan Chen rubbed his temples, only feeling very, very ashamed.


    okay , mother.” “Anyway, we and the Xie family? All cooperation? Suspended!” Shangguan Wentian angrily issued an order, “And the Xie family? Marriage will also be discussed!”

    Shangguan Chenshen Shot: “Father, I…”

    Shangguan Wentian raised his hand domineeringly: “No need to say more! My son, Shangguan Wentian, must be the best? To be worthy?”

    Shangguan Chen’s eyes gradually revealed after hearing this. Same as father? Domineering.

    Yes? Wrong, is he Shangguan Chen hesitated because of the love of his children? People? !

    Even if Xie Weilan made him lose his face in front of the whole school this time, he is still the proud son of heaven!

    Soon he will be in the eyes of everyone worshiped again, to wash away his taint from the skiing incident, and prove himself!


    Soon, the Xie family’s industry was directly affected.

    Xie’s father, Xie’s mother, was so distraught that he was busy repairing his relationship with Shangguan family, and trying to save Xie’s company. He was suffocated with fire, even the most beloved one? His daughter was not pleasing to the eye.

    “I think you are mad! The family has raised you for 20 years, so they taught you these methods?!”

    “Want to blame? Your sister, then you are hiding!”

    “You run away by yourself !” Tell the world on the radio! Stupid!”

    Xie Weilan has always been the pride of his parents. For the first time in his life, he was reprimanded like this, and his mentality collapsed again.

    Xie Zhiyi raised his eyebrows blankly when he heard these remarks when he was passing by the living room.

    She is too lazy to care about the partiality and stupidity of her parents.

    It’s just that with this incident, the bankruptcy process of the Xie family is destined to speed up, and the plot of the dog’s blood will become more and more splashy.

    At this stage-in addition to personal skills, thanks to the dual effects of skill card blessing and villain signal tower assists, Xie Zhiyi has brushed a total of 100,000 black points.

    Ten hundred thousand is one million.

    Xie Zhiyi bypassed the living room where he was jumping around, and quickly determined what he would do next.

    First, before the Xie family went bankrupt, she wanted to find a way to make money. The second is to continue to explore new methods in the next?


    ? When Xie Ripples social event dead heat fading, a new hot topic sweeping the Kimberley Dayton?.

    The annual sports meeting is coming?

    As an aristocratic school, Kimberleyton’s sports programs are completely different from ordinary colleges and universities, and they all play high-end games. Conventional? There are tennis, fencing, billiards, etc., and unconventional? There are rock climbing, racing and so on.

    The event will also attract sponsors from outside the school, and focus on major competitions, or competitions with highly popular players, and there will be media to watch and report. It is indeed a sports event.

    The official provides an online registration system, each project is not limited to grades, everyone can register.

    In other words, the registration form is completely open, and the “persons of the wind” here are particularly eye-catching.

    When the registration system was opened, Xie Zhiyi was with Chi Lin and the others.

    Chi Xiangyang gave full play to his role as a small follower, blowing his brother’s rainbow fart, “Just these items, my brother swept through the freshman year!” Although he was not here at all at that time.

    Chi Lin had an indifferent expression on his face, but he squinted at Xie Zhiyi secretly, and he couldn’t hide his eyes.

    Xie Zhiyi was looking at the competition and nodded, “I can imagine it-still? There is a racing competition.”

    Three years ago, the crown prince could play racing in the mountains. Isn’t it in this kind of competition? Steady win?

    Obviously, Chi Lin also thought of what happened three years ago.

    He turned his head and was facing Xie Zhi’s clear black eyes, with a tacit smile.

    Chi Lin stopped breathing.

    Is that only they know the details? What belongs to the two of them?

    Xie Zhiyi smiled and said, “Will you participate in this year’s competition?”

    Chi Lin quickly turned his head.

    He was originally too lazy to participate. His company is busy with a lot of things, and it is difficult to get enough classes in school.

    But the prince coughed a good fortune, and his eyes turned to one side: “Will you watch if I participate?”

    Xie Zhiyi naturally? Nodded: “Of course, I will cheer you on.”

    Chi Lin’s lips curled up. The tone of voice is casual: “Oh, then I’ll report a car. Hurt! At this level of competition, I don’t even bother to participate.” At

    that time, he will directly crush the audience and sling everyone. Xie Zhiyi might be like goodbye. Like girls, cheering and screaming for her.

    Chi Lin was already excited.

    Xie Zhiyi looked at the real-time flow rate, and wondered if this is really a boy. It’s so exciting to mention something that he likes?

    It’s strange? Love it.

    But she lowered her head and swiped it down, and saw that at the bottom of the registration system, a line of small characters was added:

    *Due to the maintenance of the racing venue, the racing competition this year was unfortunately suspended.

    Xie Zhiyi was silent for a while, and read out?.

    Chi Lin: “…”

    Is it possible to go to school? ?

    He thought quickly in his mind besides racing? Which event can he be sure of? To win the championship and fencing? I think he has a better grasp, but-wearing a fencing uniform? His mother can’t show it?, handsome to? Who sees? ? ?

    The prince’s eyes could be seen? He was irritable.

    Xie Zhiyi felt his mood swings, and was about to soothe him, when he met a familiar figure.

    In just a few days, Shangguan Chen’s eyes seemed to have become deeper, from the original three-point ridicule and three-point coolness to a very complicated content.

    When Chi Lin saw him, it was like seeing a gleaming idiot in the middle of the road, and his expression became very mocking.

    The two groups of men and horses meet each other in a narrow way.

    This is a place with a very dense flow of people in the school. The appearance of two handsome Kimberlyton guys, plus the recent concern of many people? Thank you, this picture immediately attracted a lot of people to stop and watch.

    Shangguanchen looked at Xie Zhiyi and hesitated for two seconds before he said: “What happened before…I misunderstood you.”

    There is no word for apology in the dictionary of the bossy president. Chen is already the greatest degree? Concession.

    However, when Shangguan Chen knew that the medicine was not the result of Xie Zhiyi, there was a hint of disappointment deep in his heart.

    Is it, really? I don’t like it anymore…

    Xie Zhiyi was staring at him? It was a bit disgusting.

    System: “Do you use skill cards?”

    Xie Zhiyi: “Wait a minute.”

    She didn’t speak, but Chi Lin all upset the ambiguous atmosphere he deliberately created.

    Chi Lin: “Can you believe that kind of nonsense means you are cerebral palsy. Is there any problem?”

    Chi Xiangyang: “That’s right! No? There is a problem!”

    Shangguan Chen’s face was angry, and the blue veins on his forehead jumped, and then the corners of his lips curled up. A sneer.

    “Since Young Master Chi speaks badly, why don’t we compare ourselves in the sports meeting?” There

    was an uproar around!

    The two handsome guys on campus are about to face Gang! It’s just exploding news!

    Xie Zhiyi frowned and looked at Shangguan Chen. The male protagonist is the heart of the world, the author’s own son, in order to take care of the male protagonist’s force, the male protagonist will definitely defeat the villain.

    The hero is awesome, but she also has a skill card in her hand.

    If he has to hit him, don’t blame her for being rude.

    Standing next to Xie Zhiyi, Chi Lin must not be able to persuade him.

    The corners of his lips provoked a sneer? Smile, slightly raised his chin, arrogant and expensive, “Better than what?”

    Shangguanchen smiled slightly: “Tennis, how about it?”

    Chi Lin sneered ?: ” Okay.”

    Shangguanchen With a satisfied smile, “Then Young Master Chi, see you on the court.”

    Before leaving, Shangguan Chen took a deep look at Xie Zhiyi.

    Even if you are next to another? Man, I will tell you again, who is the most dazzling? Exist!

    Xie Zhiyi frowned. She vaguely remembered? It was written in the original text that Shangguan Chen’s tennis game was very good, and she fascinated all the girls in any game.

    Deliberately picking one’s own strengths to declare war, is it true? Shameless!

    She turned her head and looked at Chi Linying’s straight face. “Can you play tennis?”

    But Chi Lin was lowering her hair. Xie Zhiyi was caught off guard? She caught a glimpse of the four words “Tennis Coach”.

    Xie Zhiyi: “…” Ah this.

    Chi Lin quickly sent the “Help me find a tennis coach” message to the assistant, then threw the phone back into his pocket, and said nonchalantly, “Well, there is no problem at all, Shangguan Chen is just—”

    Xie Zhiyi grabbed his arm and said, “It doesn’t matter, I teach you.”

    … a

    man’s desire to win is a very magical thing.

    Before Xie Zhiyi went to teach Chi Linzhi, Chi Lin had already arranged all the days for private lessons from today to before the game.

    Of course, it would be even better if all these lessons could be given to him.

    The supporting facilities in the villa area are complete, and there is a tennis court not far from the pool house. Xie Zhiyi changed his sportswear and walked to Chi’s house. Chi Lin has also changed his equipment.

    The young and tall prince, with a hair band tied on his forehead, the ridged black hair is scattered slightly, how much more casual.

    He handed Xie Zhiyi a white racket, the black one he used, the same brand model.

    “You use this.” Chi Lin pretended to be casual.

    But Xie Zhiyi waved his hand: “No, you won’t fight with me.”

    Chi Lin frowned, “Then who should I fight with?” Damn? I won’t pay it back today? Have light bulbs.

    Xie Zhiyi pointed to the back of the tennis court: “Play with the wall.”

    Chi Lin: “?”

    Say okay? How can you teach me? ?

    Since knowing Xie Zhiyi’s piano and skiing skills, Chi Lindu is no longer surprised what skills she shows now.

    Xie Zhiyi started with the most basic batting action.

    “You have to relax a little bit. Keep your eyes on your own ball. Don’t look at the ground or the wall. Make your shots fully. Don’t become messy just because the ball is flying over. You should finish it. Introducing, swinging, and closing? This is the process.”

    Xie Zhiyi cooperated with each movement to make a demonstration. Chi Lin watched it very seriously.

    No? Not to mention, people with other athletic talents will get started with a new exercise faster.

    Soon, Chi Lin mastered the essentials.

    After several times too hard to catch the ball, Xie Zhiyi had to run to the other side to help him pick up the ball, Chi Lin quickly realized it.

    He slowly learned the power to control the ball, and the height of the ball hitting the wall, the swing motion became more and more complete and smooth.

    After catching the ball, Xie Zhiyi smiled and applauded, “It’s amazing.”

    Chi Lin’s sweat slid into the hairband, and the corners of his lips couldn’t stop curling upwards.

    Obviously thank you for exaggerating? It’s normal, and yet? It’s a bit subtle, but I don’t know why, it is much more useful than other people’s? Rainbow farts. It’s like drinking a can of sweet? Soda.

    “Alright? It’s not what I do best? Exercise.” Chi Lin looked stinky.

    Xie Zhiyi nodded understandingly, “I will practice more on the wall in the future, practice fine-tuning the footsteps, and have a turning reaction, it should be possible to do a good job.”

    Chi Lin looked at her and said nothing.

    He could clearly feel that Xie Zhiyi was on her side.

    Suddenly, Chi Lin asked Xiaoji: “Then if…Even if I practice hard, still? Have you won?”

    Xie Zhiyi raised his eyebrows.

    “It’s okay, even if you can’t beat it, you still have me.”

    Your plug-in is with you √

    System: “Real-time flow rate, +6/s”

    Thanks to Zhiyi? It feels very wonderful. Just as Chi Lin helped her out at Xie’s house, she could also think that Chi Lin did something-this kind of mutual assistance? The friendship could happen to her and Chi Lin, really? It’s amazing.

    And Chi Lin’s heart beats wildly.

    Suddenly he felt that winning or losing is not so important? It is necessary.

    In the men’s fight, Shangguan Chen had already lost.


    practiced for a long time that day, and in the end Chi Lin’s hairband was completely soaked.

    After she vaguely expressed her own “plug-in”, Chi Lin’s speed was soaring, and she brushed a blackening value of five thousand sixty-six through the teaching process. She couldn’t be more satisfied.

    After playing the ball, the two walked back together.

    Chi Lin asked: “Are you doing everything? Yes.”

    Xie Zhiyi said modestly: “Also? Good.”

    Chi Lin glanced at her: “Then you want to participate?”

    Xie Zhiyi nodded: “I’ll decide, too. “

    There is a competition? The women’s group has very few registrations. In order to encourage participation, Kimberlyton set a very high bonus. It’s even comparable to the bonuses for projects like racing rock climbing.

    Moreover, she was able to display her strength very much.

    Chi Lin was very interested: “Reported? What?”

    Xie Zhiyi clasped his fists.




    Kimberlyton, the principal’s office.

    “Mr. Fu, this is your sponsorship fee for sports drinks, billboards, promotional posters, etc.? Expense details, please go through it.” The secretary handed it respectfully.

    Sitting on the leather sofa with Erlang’s legs upturned, Fu Jingyan glanced at the secretary’s exquisite figure, and then looked away from the lack of interest.

    He doesn’t know what’s wrong lately, most women don’t know what’s wrong, and they always feel that something is missing.

    He also sponsored the Kimberlyton Games before, because many good seedlings can be excavated here.

    Fu Jingyan clicked on the expenditure details, looked at it casually, and then asked the secretary: “You are in your sophomore year, there is a classmate named Xie Zhiyi?” The

    secretary didn’t react for a while.

    “What event did she apply for?” Fu Jingyan asked.

    Secretary: “Oh-please wait a moment, I’ll check it for you.”


    Maybe it was because he didn’t get it last time. Even though he almost lost his body, he let him again. He… had an inexplicable sexual excitement towards her.

    Secretary: “I found it, Mr. Fu.”

    Fu Jingyan excitedly licked his lips: “What is it?”

    He must go to the scene to watch the game, and even use his sponsorship to call her and self. ? Has played a friendly match. At that time… the

    secretary respectfully said: “It’s Taekwondo.”

    Fu Jingyan: “?”

    … The

    online registration system has been filled up one after another.

    Among them? The most popular? All kinds of ball games.

    The most open? The taekwondo competition. More lonely than the Taekwondo competition? It is the Taekwondo women’s team.

    The school originally had to give up. Even if the bonus was increased, only one or two people participated in the competition. Doesn’t it mean giving away money for nothing.

    But after a long time, the registration form was updated, and a very familiar name appeared in the Taekwondo Women’s Team!

    Xie Zhiyi-Successful registration

    √Beauty and Fist. They all have a strong sense of impact.

    This suddenly became a hot topic.

    [Fuck, is she going to play the piano? Is she hitting people with her hands? ]

    [The upstairs said it was wrong, it is also possible? Could it be beaten. ]

    [Ahhhhhh, I don’t want to see beautiful women being beaten! ]

    [Does the Internet have any memory? Is it? Don’t you remember? She beat a greasy man before]

    [Fuck! The upstairs said that, I suddenly remembered?…]

    So, Zhu Yujie’s reaction to Xie Zhiyi’s entry for the Taekwondo competition is the biggest.

    This is tantamount to sprinkling salt on his wounds. Every time people talk about Xie Zhiyi’s taekwondo, they will drag him out and whip the corpse once!

    Oh shit?!

    At the small circle gathering, Zhao Xinyue comforted Zhu Yujie: “It’s okay, don’t think too much.”

    After going crazy last time, Xie Weilan offended all their friends. Although they are still apologizing and restoring. But the position has plummeted. This makes Zhao Xinyue, who has always been second only to Xie Weilan, and his position has risen sharply.

    Especially in the girlfriend circle, there is a faint tendency to regard her as the center, which makes Zhao Xinyue very pleased.

    Zhu Yujie’s complexion is still? Isn’t that pretty, the other girlfriends next to him turned off the topic.

    “By the way, why do you think Shangguan Chen and Chi Lin fight?”

    Zhao Xinyue: “They don’t like each other.”

    The girlfriend hesitated for a moment, “Is there any? Is it possible? Yes, they are the ones who thanked Zhiyi…”

    Zhao Xinyueji? The voice immediately rose: “

    What are you kidding?” Why is Xie Zhiyi? Is she worthy? !

    Zhu Yujie is the most active in insulting Xie Zhiyi?, “That is, stop talking nonsense, Xie Zhiyi is not worthy of them, okay?”

    Zhao Xinyue said that, but? It was the thought of Xie Zhiyi on the snow road. The way she talked… She looked at the registration form. The name of the Taekwondo Women’s Team thanked Zhiyi, and she moved a little.

    She has also learned Taekwondo, and her level is not bad. If she defeated Xie Zhiyi in front of Chi Lin, would Chi Lin be able to see her? See her…

    “Yu Jie, before you… Is Xie Zhiyi hitting people really? Very powerful?” Zhao Xinyue asked.

    “Awesome shit!” Zhu Yujie didn’t want to recall the fact that he was beaten up at the beginning, and he automatically ignored the past that Xie Zhiyi turned three punks on his own.

    “That woman? Just walked down the three roads, damn sneak attack! I was careless, no flashes! That’s why she got her hands?!”

    “So? That’s the way…” Zhao Xinyue revealed. Smile, “Taekwondo emphasizes educating people first, and athletics second. Xie Zhiyi really has no education.” But

    surely, she hasn’t learned taekwondo systematically! At all times, the arena must be full of loopholes!

    Zhao Xinyue clicked on the registration system and wrote her own name in the Taekwondo Women’s Group.

    Ha ha.

    Wait and see~


    Thank you for knowing it ? Have you really learned Taekwondo?

    But she Muay Thai five-stage.

    Still? Not talking about martial ethics.

    Compared with Taekwondo, Muay Thai’s actual combat performance is much higher. Taekwondo emphasizes the use of the legs, while the elbows and knees used in Muay Thai. In other words, the fighting ability of Taekwondo is much lower than that of Muay Thai. Most girls just learn it for self-defense.

    The system told her at the beginning that this is the highest combat power she needs in this world.

    Therefore, Xie Zhiyi is not at all worried about what opponents he will encounter.


    After the kick-off ceremony, the sports meet has finally officially started.

    And the taekwondo match came earlier than the tennis match.

    On the day of the competition, Shangguanchen, Chi Lin, Tang Beiqing and other figures of the world all came and directly drained the taekwondo stadium. More and more people came to watch the game, and the stadium was actually crowded with people. Wen Zhiyi even opened a post on the forum to broadcast it.

    Not only that, but there is also the presence of the media!

    Fu Jingyan sat in the referee’s bench, watching people coming and going in the hall.

    The men’s competition is still more exciting, there are roughly seven or eight groups of players, but there are no stages divided by kilograms. Round after round of competition? Finally, the champion, runner-up and third runner-up were divided.

    Many spectators were yawning, and at this time, the women’s competition finally started!

    The women’s team has a total of two groups of players. Xie Zhiyi was looking at the list of matches when he saw Zhao Xinyue also signed up.

    Chi Lin, they come? Look at her backstage.

    Tang Beiqing: “Come on, Xiaoyi, you must be fine?”

    Chi Xiangyang: “Come on, come on, Sister Yi! You are the best kicking opponent!”

    Chi Lin sullenly, he couldn’t say such a thing.

    Finally suffocated? One sentence: “I believe you.”

    Xie Zhiyi smiled: “I see.”

    In the first round, Xie Zhiyi was against a girl with a slightly fat body.

    The other person looked at her thin body, and was a little bit ashamed, “I’m sorry, I took advantage of you…”

    Xie Zhiyi smiled gently, “It’s okay? I will try my best, we all? Come on.” The

    girl was stunned. Stayed, didn’t you think that this overly beautiful person in front of you would be so gentle.

    In fact, from the moment she entered the field, countless lights focused on her.

    The loose white robes are tied with a black belt, and you can see the slenderness of the waist. Her face is really impeccable, and it is also impeccable and beautiful under the media’s “spear and cannon”. The flashing lights in the stadium are crackling?

    At this moment, someone picked up the microphone, and Jiyin came out of the speaker: “Then this beauty’s game will be explained by me~”

    Xie Zhiyi tilted his head and saw Fu Jingyan’s evil charm s face. She unconsciously glanced at his crotch under the table.

    Fu Jingyan got even more excited. He stood up coolly and seductively? Looking at Xie Zhiyi: “Does this beauty have something to say? Any request? Can you please mention it to the sponsor -“

    Xie Zhiyi:… …The card in her hand can’t be pinched anymore.

    System: “Do you use a skill card?”

    Xie Zhiyi glanced at him and weighed the pros and cons.

    Now the bonus for drawing a card is 8,000 points, which is very expensive.

    This card was used on Fu Jingyan, with little benefit. Still? I’ll clean him up next time.

    In the first game, Xie Zhiyi was mainly a customary rule. And the girl who competes with her? This girl is also very gentle, she doesn’t want to play? Too fierce.

    The referee issued an instruction, and both sides stood at attention and bowed to each other. Then the referee called a second instruction, announcing the start of the game.

    The two people’s style of play is very peaceful, you come here, I will get points for each other, not for the purpose of hurting each other.

    Sitting in the audience, Chi Xiangyang was anxious: “Does Sister Yi

    know how to fight?” Tang Beiqing pays more attention to Yan He figure: “If you don’t know how to fight, you won’t be able to fight. Just look at your face. What are you dissatisfied? “

    Chi Lin? Did you speak, staring at Xie Zhiyi with his arms? Every movement.

    In comparison, the one that was going on at the same time was much more intense.

    When Zhao Xinyue saw so many viewers and media, he knew that he had made the right choice.

    Is this famous for World War I? A good opportunity!

    Now Xie Weilan is not a campus goddess, who said she can’t become a new goddess?

    She is going to step up on Xie Zhiyi!

    So Zhao Xinyue tried very hard, forcing the girl on the opposite side to retreat steadily, and even pierced her neck with her nails.

    Finally the girl cried and ended the game.

    After Zhao Xinyue finished the fight, he looked at Xie Zhiyi’s side and smiled suddenly.

    “Children play house?”

    Xie Zhiyi fought peacefully with her opponent for three rounds. In the end, the girl was exhausted and she scored the lead and won the victory.

    She walked over and hugged her opponent, “

    Thank you.” The girl also hugged her: “Are you really? Very good, I hope you win the championship!”

    Xie Zhiyi smiled: “Okay.”

    She has completely mastered the rules. Can you use your fists.

    “Congratulations to our classmates? Thanks Zhiyi?! Successfully entered the finals–“

    “So who can win the championship? Medals!–” The

    champion will compete between Xie Zhiyi and Zhao Xinyue?.

    After a short break, the two finally faced each other on the arena.

    Zhu Yujie shouted: “Crescent Moon! Hold steady and you can win!” Thank you for killing!

    Chi Xiangyang was not to be outdone: “Sister Yi Yi, you are the best!” “Even if you don’t win, you are the most beautiful?!” In the

    audience, a group of relatives and friends cheered on. Fu Jingyan played rhythm in the microphone, and the atmosphere was climaxing.

    Zhao Xinyue is very confident now, she feels that the bright moment in her life is about to come.

    “Friendly remind you first,” Zhao Xinyue covered her mouth and smiled, “Isn’t it applicable to Taekwondo and the country’s head-scraping?”

    Xie Zhiyi nodded: “Okay?.”

    Zhao Xinyue thinks that she must be scared.

    The referee issued an order and the game officially began-

    Zhao Xinyue was very active? Start attacking!

    She slid forward and matched the upper body movements. She looked very professional.

    Kick forward! Side kick! Cross kick!

    Hack! Whirlwind kick! 360 spin kick!

    The operation is as fierce as a tiger!

    ……I just didn’t get a point.

    Xie Zhiyi’s figure is very flexible, and his expression is also very calm. There is no active offense, but there is a sense of energy that is waiting for an opportunity.

    Zhao Xinyue became a little anxious, and severely scratched the opponent’s skin with his nails, trying to confuse her with various fake actions.

    “Hit!” “Shoot!”

    “Kill her!”

    “Xingyue, come on!!!”

    In this atmosphere, Zhao Xinyue became more and more fierce, so he made a desperate move and kicked it in the face.

    At this moment, no one could see the path of Xie Zhiyi’s shot, and even when Zhao Xinyue reacted, her foot had already kicked beside her own head.

    Is that a beautiful and fierce? High whirlwind kick.


    kicked her off the track.

    ——The audience is still.

    Then everyone came back to their senses, and began to cheer wildly!

    “Fuck, fuck, did someone record it??!”

    “How did that just do it??! How can she fly??”

    “Help, ah, sister, shark, me!! Too sassy——”

    Fu Jing Yan was extremely excited, and Shangguan Chen’s eyes were also astonishing.

    Chi Lin touched his own heart, and felt it jump fiercely.

    Zhao Xinyue lay motionless on the ground. The referee and the medical staff rushed up together, and finally announced Xie Zhiyi’s victory.

    Xie Zhiyi bowed to the audience.

    Cheers off the court like a tsunami.


    Xie Zhiyi went to the backstage and saw a lot of people approaching oneself.

    At the front? Chi Lin and Shangguan Chen.

    The two people looked at each other with bad eyes, and finally stopped in front of Xie Zhiyi.

    “Congratulations.” Shangguanchen spoke first.

    Chi Lin was robbed first, with an unhappy expression on his face: “I won’t congratulate you, go back and invite you to dinner.”

    Xie Zhiyi smiled and said, “Okay.”

    Shangguan Chen held back his displeasure and looked at her deeply, “Then , Our game, will you come? Watch it?”

    Chi Lin was angry: “She’s coming? She’s also watching me. She has a relationship with you?”

    Shangguanchen turned his head and said, “It’s better than we make a bet.”

    ——”Who wins, can get it? Thanks for knowing? Kiss, how?”

    Xie Zhiyi:?

    The man’s fight was brought to light.

    Chi Lin’s neck and ears were red, so angry.

    “You idiot, Shangguanchen? Xie Zhiyi is what you used to bet? What?!”

    Shangguanchen’s lips curled up with a cool arc, and raised his hand to Xie Zhiyi, “See you at the game tomorrow.”

    Xie Zhiyi: ” ……”


    If you can’t kill it, you count me as a loser.

    She was so angry that she had blown up her hair. The prince shunned her hair, “

    It’s okay , I believe you. You can definitely win against Shangguan Chen.” Chi Lin shook his wings.

    He is better again.


    the same day, the school went viral thanks EENOW blow lore of video, meaning to know Xie bit straight up???. Even through media operations, many people on the Internet have posted this video, which has countless fans.

    The atmosphere of the Games is unprecedented? Fiery.

    The next day was a tennis match, and the fiery atmosphere continued to spread.

    What the school is most concerned about? Fengyun breaks the head, is coming soon?-A head-on confrontation between the Prince Chi family and the Prince Shangguan family!

    I don’t know if it’s God’s will or the organizer’s deliberate action. The two were opponents in today’s group match, so that the tennis court was full, and many people were crowded out of the iron net to watch.

    Before going on the court, Chi Lindu was still practicing.

    Xie Zhiyi sent him to the court and said sincerely, “Your current level is already very good.”

    Chi Lin gets serious? Really? I’m afraid that she can reach this level in a short time. It was a level that she could not reach at all at that time.

    But he is still a little nervous.

    Before playing, he glanced back.

    Xie Zhiyi met his eyes and smiled.

    I don’t know why, at that moment, Chi Lin suddenly gained confidence.

    The two handsome guys walked into the tennis court, and there was a fierce cheer in the four weeks?



    “It’s so hard to choose!”

    “It’s a male god

    woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo oo oo oo oo ——” Shang Guan Chen was wearing a sportswear, his eyes locked on Xie Zhiyi’s position.

    Then he stretched out two fingers and nodded his lips.

    “Ah ah ah good sexy -“

    ?! “I was hit,”

    “Who kissed his lips?!”

    Xie EENOW no longer put up with: “…… skill card ready.”

    System: “drops, finally? ——”

    Shangguan Chen waved his own racket and smiled contemptuously at Chi Lin.

    “I forgot to tell Chi Shao. I have been in tennis since I was ten and once won prizes in national competitions.”

    This time, he will never play abnormally like he did when skiing.

    This time there are more witnesses, he will surely win? Thank you for the kiss!

    Chi Lin squeezed the racket tightly and sneered?: “Don’t force it.” The

    referee’s whistle sounded, and the game began–

    Along with the whistle, there is also a systematic loading tone.

    “Dee—subject, Shangguan Chen, [female host halo? Weak Liu Fufeng] successfully loaded √”

    Chi Lin began to serve.

    It can be seen that he is a bit tight, but the ball speed is still very fast.

    Shangguan Chen smiled domineeringly, showing his calmness and confidence.

    Then he ran?

    He went to catch the ball.

    His body is like a spring breeze, very delicate.

    His arms are like spring willows, very graceful.

    The tennis ball came through the air, Shangguan Chen waved the racket—

    “Bang!” In the middle of the racket.

    Then-the racket flew.

    “Ah~~” Yiji? Anguished.

    Shangguan Chen clasped his wrists, frowning.

    It hurts, I can’t hold it!

    The author has something to say: Here comes the fat chapter! Now let’s make up the red envelopes that we missed in the last chapter~ This chapter is still sprinkling red envelopes too!

    Because it will be on the shelves on the night of the 15th, so the 15th cannot be updated. The qaq chapter has worked hard and long, and the next one will be on the night of the 16th, touch everyone!


    Tweet the high-score ending article~

    “I’m wrong with the paranoid male protagonist Bai Yueguang”

    Chu Yin only realized after his death that he was Bai Yueguang in the rich man’s essay.

    The paranoid male protagonist fell in love with her at first sight when he was young, and then took control of the chaebol. Chu Yin was tortured by his crazy possessiveness, desolately died early.

    Opening her eyes again, she returned to the day before she transferred to school and met Lu Zhen.

    “Ding~ The learning system is bound! The host can change the junk script through learning!”

    [If you do complete homework, you can change one word of the original text! 】

    【Exam first in the next grade, you can fix the original sentence! 】……

    【Won the top prize in the college entrance examination, you can make your own ending! Get rich! famous! Do whatever you want! ]

    That night, Chu Yin finished his homework all night and got the permission to change the word √ In the

    original text, “On the day of the first encounter, Lu Zhen walked into the school, and the sky was light rain.” The

    next day, Lu Zhen walked into the school-a knife suddenly fell from the sky. .

    Juvenile Lu Zhen:? Someone dark shark me.


    whole school knows that the daughter of the Chu family from the countryside swept the first grade, and also took the throne of the school flower.

    But one day, the whole school went viral, saying that she somehow got into the big devil Lu Zhen.


    Doing bad things happened in the east window, Chu Yin was blocked in the corner, feeling a little guilty.

    Teenager in front of it, such as hedge, dark eyes frantically pressing two lifetimes: “? I wanted my life”

    . “- take”

    [x white moon is beautiful listless play bad life almost gone chaebol Master 】

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