Xie Weilan was stunned, and Xie’s father and Xie’s mother were also stunned.

    In fact, Xie Zhiyi was also taken aback.

    “So there are people in this world who can naturally distinguish green tea?” She asked the system quietly.

    System: “After all, it’s a big villain, an unusual existence.”

    System: “Dee-Skill Card Object: Xie Weilan, successfully loaded!”

    Xie Zhiyi touched his chin, but he was quite curious about the effect of the card.

    Shang Chen already a sense of temporary pools to appear unhappy, listening to his words ???, is tightening his brow:? “?. Pool Pro, why do you say what ?? Ripples has not done anything wrong”

    pool Lin showed the same look in the eyes of a fool.

    Xie Weilan made it clear that he poured dirty water on Xie Zhiyi, can her parents and Shangguanchen believe it? The Xie family really couldn’t stay.

    Xie Zhiyi for him in the future? I can raise it.

    And Xie Weilan looked at Shangguanchen’s side face, his heart filled with sweetness.

    Although she is hurting now, Achen’s brother will protect her even more after getting close! Now that the two people have a close relationship, Shangguan’s family will not sit idly by, she will naturally become Shangguan’s daughter-in-law, so Xie Zhiyi can no longer compare to her!

    She wiped away the teardrops from the corners of her eyes, her voice was gentle.

    Xie Weilan said: “It’s okay, Brother Achen, I just don’t cry.”

    Shangguanchen heard: “If you don’t cry, you won’t cry. Anyway, everyone loves me instead of my sister.”

    “…?” Shangguanchen was right. Her sudden change of painting style hesitated for a while, and nodded: “Yeah.”

    Thanks to Chi Lin’s presence, Xie’s father and Xie’s mother couldn’t continue to criticize Xie Zhiyi for a while.

    “?? thing, and we will discuss Shangguan family. Now that has happened, do not you two have? What psychological burden. We are all enlightened parents, as long as you like each other, we are very supportive of.”

    Parents Looking at their most beloved little daughter, she really lowered her head shyly.

    “How can I have? A psychological burden! I am high? Excited to death!” As

    soon as the voice fell, the scene was a bit quiet.

    Except for Xie Weilan herself, everyone can hear her sincere voice.

    Xie Zhiyi raised his eyebrows, but didn’t expect the skill card function to be so simple and rude. She seemed to have expected Xie Weilan?? How many blackening points would she give her in a day.

    Father Xie coughed and came to the round: “Let’s go to school first, and I’ll investigate the matter thoroughly!”

    “Yes,” Chi Lin tugged and interjected, “Use your brain well. Check.”

    Father Xie: “You!”

    Chi Lin didn’t talk nonsense with them, and directly grabbed Xie Zhiyi’s wrist and left Xie’s house.

    Xie Zhiyi glanced down at his hand, and then at the real-time flow rate, it was so high as expected.

    Physical contact, it’s so sweet, so sweet.

    Chi Lin took the person directly into his car, then let go and secretly rubbed his fingertips.

    Then he told the assistant casually: “Go to school.” The

    assistant was stunned: “Master, don’t you go to the company.”

    Xie Zhiyi also turned his head to look at him, Chi Lin’s expression became a little unnatural, and said fiercely: “When did I say I was going to the company? Drive!”

    Assistant:? ? ?

    In the car, the prince was high and cold throughout, and he didn’t say a word to Xie Zhiyi.

    Of course, even if you don’t speak, Xie Zhiyi still brushes the black value, so there is no dissatisfaction.

    It wasn’t until after getting off the bus that she planned to find a classroom for class, Chi Lin stopped her.

    In any case, Shangguan fool and Xie Zhiyi’s sister are now locked, which is a good thing for Chi Lin.

    “If your broken sister does anything more, just find me.” Chi Lin looked domineering.

    I don’t know why, Shangguan Chen looked domineering and thanking Zhiyi, only feeling greasy. But Chi Lin’s domineering appearance is inexplicably? A little cute.

    She smiled and nodded: “Okay.”

    Chi Lin saw the curvature of her lips and her ears were a little hot, and then her speech speed accelerated unconsciously: “What are you laughing at! And?-I didn’t ask for it last time. , I will invite you to dinner at noon.”

    Xie Zhiyi: “Okay.” It happened to be settled in the school cafeteria, saving him money.

    The prince’s expression was very satisfied.


    After separating from Chi Lin, Xie Zhiyi met Xie Weilan downstairs in the teaching building.

    People are full of spirits at happy events, even if they fought for the night last night, Xie Weilan is still in good spirits now.

    “Sister!” She took the initiative to stop Xie Zhiyi.

    Xie Zhiyi looked at her with interest, “What’s the matter, sister.”

    Xie Weilan tried hard to suppress the smug mood, lowered his eyebrows, and said pitifully: “Sister, I know…you also like Brother Shangguan. But now we have… …Can you bless us?” The

    automatic translation of the system Jiancun card: “I robbed your fiancé~ What can you do, you can only cry and bless us~”

    Xie Zhiyi heard the words and showed a gratified smile: “I’m okay

    Yes , that’s…you have to explain to others more.” Xie Weilan carefully observed her expression, still not? Finding the strong smile in his imagination, he narrowed his eyes slightly.

    The gratitude is indeed not as good as before. Could it be… because you climbed Chi Lin, your mood is different from before?

    However, if Chi Lin liked her, he should have liked her three years ago, right? How can a wealthy family like the Chi family be able to get in because of the background of thankfulness?

    Xie Weilan’s lips curled up: “Thank you sister, I will.”

    Xie Zhiyi nodded, watching her approach to her girlfriends, licking dogs, and friends with a kind face.

    Zhao Xinyue was the best friend of Xie Weilan’s side. After Xie Weilan’s intentional or unintentional disclosure, she was the first to know what happened last night.

    She winked her eyebrows and pulled Xie Weilan, “How about? Young Master Shangguan can’t stop you?”

    Zhao Xinyue looked at Xie Weilan with an expression of embarrassment, but what she heard was: “Then I need to ask? Achen’s brother must have nothing in his heart. I am.”

    Zhao Xinyue has it? She was a little surprised and straightforward: “Huh?”

    Xie Weilan saw that her expression was wrong: “What’s the matter?”

    Zhao Xinyue shook her head, “Nothing, nothing.”

    Xie Weilan smiled softly, and then met face to face. Zhu Yujie and a few boys.

    The wealthy circles often exchange news. They have all heard that the Xie family’s parents visited Shangguan’s house early in the morning.

    The licking dogs can’t help but have some? Envy and sourness: “Weilan, you and Shangguanchen are not going to…”

    Seeing that the goddess is still pure and pure, he opened his mouth and said, “Yes, we are asleep!”

    Everyone: “? “

    It is difficult to maintain a pure image, but it only takes one second to break.

    Xie Weilan saw all the? People’s gaze was dull, and finally felt something was wrong: “Da, what’s the matter with everyone?”

    Zhu Yujie: “You, you guys are really that…?”

    Xie Weilan showed a weak expression, and then said, “Why are you asking me bluntly, are there any brains, idiot.”

    Zhu Yujie felt that he was pierced by thousands of arrows, and became irritated: “Why are you such a person!”

    “Yeah,” Do you look down on us when you climb up to Shangguanchen?”

    “I’m really blind!”

    Zhao Xinyue quickly said, “Weilan definitely didn’t mean that!”

    Xie Weilan was also panicked. This is the first time for her suitors. Talking to him with this attitude, she quickly looked at Zhao Xinyue.

    “Why don’t you know how to say a few more words for me? What use is it for you?”

    Zhao Xinyue: “…?” Damn.

    Wen Zhiyi just passed by and heard a conversation.

    “Goddess?” Wen Zhiyi looked exaggeratedly surprised, “Goddess, how do you speak?”

    Seeing all the questioning, angry, and proud gazes of all the people, Xie Weilan started to panic and felt cold all over. It seemed that something happened quietly-but only she didn’t know!

    And Xie Zhiyi walked into the teaching building leisurely, and had already begun to receive the blackening value Xie Weilan gave her.

    Whee. ?? The day has just begun.


    following morning, the joy Xie Weilan had just received from Shangguan Chen disappeared.

    She realized what despair is.

    Those little sisters and suitors who often surrounded her showed disappointed and angry expressions.

    Xie Weilan held back the irritability in his heart and tried hard to say good things to them, but the reaction of those people was even stronger!

    –Can not! She is the goddess of Kimberlyton!

    In Kimberlyton, no one dislikes her!

    Xie Weilan was in a bad mood. After class was over, he saw Shangguan Chen’s figure and immediately leaned in pitifully.

    “Brother Achen!” The voice was extremely aggrieved.

    After all, it was the person who had been intimate all night last night. Shangguanchen treated her a little more tenderly, bowed his head dozingly, “What’s wrong, Wei Lan?”

    Fortunately, Brother Achen is still the same as before! As long as she has Shangguanchen, she has everything!

    Xie Weilan showed a sad expression: “Everyone squeezed me out today. They might think that I and you… are some bad methods I used.”

    Shangguan Chen said: “I know?? has nothing to do with you.”

    “Then. Good!” Xie Weilan showed moved eyes.

    —— “Brother really? That’s a lie!”

    Shangguan Chen suddenly raised his eyes when he heard this sentence: “What are you talking about?”

    “Nothing!” Xie Weilan didn’t know him? Why did he change his face and still babble: “Even if I lied to you, and I am the one who loves you the most! Just now I saw Chi Lin and my sister coming together, she has changed her heart to you! Now I am your woman!”

    Xie Weilan raised his head and pouted, writing with eyes full With admiration.

    However, what she was waiting for was not Shangguanchen’s kiss, but a face that contained a storm.

    “Xie Weilan, I never thought that you were such a woman!”

    Xie Weilan hugged him in fear: “What, what’s the matter, brother.”

    Shangguan Chen pushed her away: “Don’t touch me!”

    Xie Weilan wholeheartedly People are stupid.


    “The cardholder Xie Weilan’s mood swings have been detected.”

    “Blackening value +1000.”

    Xie Zhiyi was on the way to find Chi Lin for a meal and raised his eyebrows when he heard the prompt.

    ?? Almost four thousand points have been brushed intermittently throughout the morning. The volatility just now must be the hero’s credit.

    Xie Zhiyi is very satisfied with this progress. In the future, the blood level of the plot will only increase more and more. Only by brushing the black value and drawing more cards can you better complete the indicators and fight the plot.

    Xie Zhiyi saw the tall and slender figure of the prince before he went far.

    She walked over happily and pointed to the front: “Let’s go.”

    Chi Lin didn’t react for a moment, and subconsciously followed a few steps obediently, before remembering and asking, “Where to go?”

    Xie Zhiyi: “Eat.” “

    Chi Lin looked at the Kimberlyton campus cafeteria not far away: “…”

    Lao Tzu is not talking about this kind of eating!

    It’s a high-level! Revolving restaurant! Flower candle holder! Kind of! ! !

    Xie Zhiyi turned his head and smiled: “How is it? I want to eat curry from stall 7.”

    Chi Lin: “…Yes.”

    After talking for a few seconds, he thought of regret.

    Damn, I can’t make a decision while she is smiling in the future…!

    In all fairness, the standard of Kimberleyton’s canteen is no worse than that of the restaurant outside, and it’s all passable at the professional level of Xie Zhiyi. So although Kimberlyton has many rich people, there are also many people in the daily cafeteria.

    As soon as Chi Lin and Xie Zhiyi walked into the canteen, they immediately attracted eyes from all directions.


    I saw the prince in the cafeteria for the first time in four years


    ” I heard that the Xie family is going to marry the Shangguan family, so if you marry the Chi family again, then it’s simply…”

    Standing next to Xie Zhiyi, Chi Lin felt that everyone was whispering. For the first time, he didn’t feel irritable, and he was even a little bit refreshed.

    He? The corners of his lips are slightly hooked, with a kind of aura that I will buy you the whole canteen, and ask Xie Zhiyi, “What do you want to eat?”

    Xie Zhiyi was three meters away and waved at him wildly: “Come on. Come, or else there will be a long line!”

    The prince who has never lined up for a meal in his life: “…”

    Just as Xie Zhiyi stood at the end of the line, there was a boy in line behind him.

    Chi Lin’s unhurried pace suddenly accelerated, like riding a rocket.

    After the boy finished the line, he realized that the girl standing in front seemed to be the champion of the previous piano competition, that hugely beautiful young lady! He blushed suddenly and hesitated to add WeChat.

    “—Hey.” Chi Lin said in a bad tone.

    As soon as the boy looked up, he suddenly saw the dark face of the prince.

    Pool Pro is very unreasonable to lift his chin, “The next point?”

    The boys: “Well, good ……”

    Xie intended to look back and know, there are points to go back a little funny, “The students you forward -“?

    When How dare the boy daring to see the prince, he quickly withdrew “no need, no need”.

    The two people stumbled, and Xie Zhiyi inadvertently fell over—

    then, crashed into a strong chest.

    She raised her eyes and saw a rolling Adam’s apple. In order to prevent her from falling, Chi Lin put his arm in her back waist.

    Rounding, the posture is similar to holding together.

    Chi Lin froze.

    The beating of the heart seemed to suddenly become faster, he? He wondered blankly: Why doesn’t she hurt at all when she hits it?

    Chi Lin stretched his face from his chest muscles to his abdominal muscles. He lowered his head and asked, “Is it all right?”

    System: “Drops-current flow rate +5/s”

    ?? Is the highest flow rate reached so far!

    Xie Zhiyi was so excited that she almost shed tears: “I’m fine!”

    Chi Lin quietly took a deep breath, trying to look chic: “Then you…what are you shaking?”

    Xie Zhiyi: “I didn’t?”

    She didn’t feel embarrassed to rub for too long after all , Stood up straight and glanced at Chi Lin.


    why are you blushing?” Chi Lin said fiercely, “…Neither did I!”

    The boy who was squeezed to the front: “…”

    No, I dare not look back!


    finally buying the rice, Chi Lin returned to his normal state.

    The two went to find a corner position together and sat down face to face.

    I have eaten many meals together before, but the meal was not made by Xie Zhiyi, and there is no Chi Xiangyang next to it, so I feel quite novel.

    Chi Lin raised his head and glanced at the person opposite, then retracted his gaze and cleared his throat.

    “Oh~~?? It’s not our Young Master Chi~~” A familiar voice came in.

    Chi Lin’s expression suddenly felt like stepping on shit.

    Don North-holding a glass of ice American, suave sat down next to Xie known meaning, “Beauty Long time no see, I think you – ah Ow!”

    His foot was almost stamped Taizi out, quickly corrected himself:? “- do dishes ! “

    Xie know just intended to connect the signal tower II, a conservative estimate ?? meal can brush two thousand + blackening value, so a very good mood:”?. OK, ah, next time you do that. “

    Chi Lin: “?”

    A woman! !

    Actually in front of him? Said to make something for others to eat!

    Do you still put him in your eyes? !

    The crown prince roared fiercely in his heart.

    Then I heard Tang Beiqing chuckle and ask: “What’s the right thing—I heard that your sister and Shangguanchen were asleep? You don’t feel anything? You don’t feel anything?” The

    prince stopped roaring and raised his ears.

    He? Also want to know.

    Xie Zhiyi blew the curry, took a bite, his face was very calm: “No feeling, no feeling.”

    I wish you were locked up! Thanks!

    After she finished speaking, all the irritation on Chi Lin’s face disappeared, and the corners of her lips rose uncontrollably.

    The eagle spread its wings and can take off at any time.

    Tang Beiqing squinted to see Chi Lin’s expression, coughed, and decided to help the prince for the future of the Tang family, “Oh, I don’t like it anymore-what type do you like now?”

    Chi Lin: “! “

    ? he came up the upper body, is Shuzhaoerduo, etc., but also a familiar voice spoke into to -?? “

    meaning brother sister Wuhu ~ “!!

    pool Pro irritable Turn the tables:” Wu your mother! !”

    Chi Xiangyang shuddered in fright.

    “I, I just want to say,” He? Yes? A little wronged, “Who, that sister of Sister Yi is on the radio station. Why do I think she seems to be wrong?”

    Xie Zhiyi raised an eyebrow, the radio station?

    Xie Weilan wants to broadcast today?

    …How big is it to play?


    Kimberleyton’s broadcast covers almost the entire campus.

    Usually used to play music, you can also spend a lot of money to confess. Xie Weilan is the name that is often mentioned in confession, and she herself often releases her sweet voice on the radio station.

    When everyone walked out of the cafeteria, they could hear the broadcast.

    “Hello listeners friends, today, the topic of our “Kimber Voice” is love! We are fortunate to have invited the goddess of Kimberlyton, Miss Xie Weilan~”

    Xie Zhiyi looked at the loudspeaker on the square and silently gave Xie Weilan a point. A candle.

    Although many people are aware of Xie Weilan’s abnormality, most of the people in the school did not have direct contact with Xie Weilan. Hearing this familiar name, I remembered that pure and elegant figure, and stopped one after another.

    Xie Weilan was sitting in the radio station, wearing headphones, and his heart trembled slightly.

    She could have refused this interview, but everything today disturbed her. So she wants to take this opportunity to confess, let everyone know that she and Shangguan Chen are inseparable pair!

    “Love?? A topic, it is indeed very beautiful~” A clear and sweet voice came from the speaker.

    Xie Weilan cooperated with the host and talked about his views on love. So far, it sounds normal.

    Then she began to perform: “In my heart, there is also? The one I love?.”

    There was an uproar in the square.

    “Are you going to confess?” “

    Fuck, you have caught up with the live broadcast!” The function of the Jianzhu card will be popularized by all people who can hear the voice of the cardholder.

    Xie Zhiyi folded his hands together: “Amitabha.”

    “The one I love is Shangguan Chen!”

    “Although he is my sister’s fiancé, I don’t think it is important.”

    “Even if the medicine is administered, I will turn him into my person!”

    There was a tsunami in the square.

    Everyone thought they would hear the sweet confession of the goddess, but they did not expect to hear the story of invincible dog blood!

    Tang Beiqing all sprayed: “?? Blew the truck?”

    Chi Xiangyang: “Fuck, awesome!”

    Shang Guanchen was standing on the outer edge of the square at this time, his face was ugly as a dead man.

    “—Miss Wei, Weilan, you—” The host tried to interrupt her.

    “It’s all my sincere words! I believe we will be blessed, right?” The

    square was silent.

    Chi Lin took the lead in applauding.

    As soon as he moved, Chi Xiangyang also moved, even bulging with Tang Beiqing and Xie Zhiyi.

    Finally, thunderous applause rang out from the entire square.

    Wen Zhiyi caught in the crowd and finished recording, and then applauded together: “If I buy a ticket to run away overnight.” The

    campus goddess seems to really want to change.

    She looked at the distance surrounded by a group of top-notch women and girls, but thanked her without showing any violation.

    I don’t know how much more light she can shine…

    Next is Kimberleyton’s annual sports event. She is very much looking forward to more surprises from Xie Zhiyi.

    In the distance, Xie Zhiyi applauded while thinking: The program is full of effects.

    So touching sister.


    Xie Weilan received the radio recording that afternoon.

    She fainted when she heard half of it.

    why! She obviously didn’t say that! Why does it become like this? !

    When I woke up, I read all the news of the group, they were all maxed out, and there were talks about her self-destructive dog-blood drama love and hatred.

    At the top of the message bar is Shangguan Chen, who she puts on top, and there is only one new message.

    [I will not marry you. ]

    Xie Ripples bolt from the blue, the mentality collapse into slag, and fainted.

    That night, she had a nightmare.

    In the dream, Xie Zhiyi became a winner in life and was deeply loved by Shangguan Chen. But father, mother, Shangguanchen, and the elders of Shangguan’s family all pointed at her and cursed. The disappointed and resentful faces made her weep bitterly.

    How she hopes that everything is just a nightmare! Wake up to return to the original state!

    One night later, Xie Zhiyi received a system prompt in the early morning.


    Dip-[Jianchuang Card] The expiration date, the function is cancelled √” “During the period of use, a total of 30228 points will be added.”

    It seems that both couples like to work at night and do not forget to check their experience while sleeping.

    Xie Zhiyi walked out of the room with a touch of emotion.

    “Ding! The increase in the blackening value has reached a quantitative standard, and the drop skill-[The Weak Liu Fufeng of the Heroine’s Aura], this card has a long-term attribute. Using this skill can make the cardholder weak and boneless, and arouse pity.”

    Thanks. Zhiyi thought about the sports meeting in the near future, and thought about it.

    Good things good things.

    I have to say that, to a certain extent, Xie Weilan and Shangguan Chen are both her precious tools.

    It must be well maintained and will be effective for a long time!

    Next door at this time, Xie Weilan just woke up crying.

    The sky is blue and there are paper cranes on the water.

    After the nightmare is over, will the world be better?

    With her red and swollen eyes open, she suddenly saw her sister’s face stick out in a dim blur.

    His face is amiable.

    “It’s just a dream.”

    Xie Zhiyi said with a smile, “Be strong and don’t lose your mentality!”

    The author has something to say: Chi Lin’s Diary: My wife hugged me today.

    Xie Zhiyi:?


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