Xie Zhiyi knows that if the fire extinguisher is really hit, it may freeze him.

    So what she shot was under the crotch, and the white dry powder column hit the chair under the opponent’s bifurcated legs, and the effect was very immediate.

    Judging from Fu Jingyan’s expression, this is no longer a question of whether the thing is hard or not.

    It’s a question of whether it can be hardened or not.

    “The other party’s mood swings are monitored. Blackening value +700”

    Xie Zhiyi raised his eyebrows, thinking about it-after all, the little brother almost passed away, what a terrible thing for a man!

    Fu Jingyan’s face was frozen on a shocked expression, and there were scattered white spots on his face. Looking at this picture, it turns out that it’s not good who has defiled who.

    Xie Zhiyi put down the fire extinguisher, dialed the falling hair, and showed a friendly smile: “I’m sorry, I just want to explain that I am not the person you are looking for.”

    Fu Jingyan looked at her blankly.

    “Oh,” Xie Zhiyi added, “If someone told you that, then you are right to find her.”

    Fu Jingyan paused for a few seconds: “…oh.”

    He looked at Xie Zhiyi and thought: This Women are so contrived.

    She is different from the women outside!

    Love it.

    System prompt: “Blackening value +100”

    Xie Zhiyi: Huh?

    Before she had time to delve into it, there was a sound of angry footsteps in the corridor, and within three seconds, the door of the box was kicked heavily.

    At this time, Xie Weilan, who was in the box next door, heard the movement and hurried out with the camera.

    As a result, I saw that the expensive wooden door could not hold the Chi Lin three feet, so I kicked it open.

    Xie Weilan was overjoyed—this time should be enough for Jingyan to start. Now when you open the door, Chi Lin can see the two of them looking disheveled!

    Chi Lin furiously pulled the door open, and then saw a

    man collapsed in a chair with an unknown white object on his body.

    He is so far away from him, and the whole person is so free to thank you.

    Xie Zhiyi turned his head and spread his hands: “I didn’t do anything to him.”

    “…oh,” Chi Lin paused for several seconds before turning his face and cursing: “Fu Jingyan? Is it you? Are you cerebral palsy? You? “

    Only then did Xie Zhiyi know this perverted name, and he immediately reacted-this is an important male partner in the original book, an insider in the entertainment industry, and Shangguan Chen is a friend.

    He first had an entanglement with Xie Weilan, and then he fell in love with Xie Zhiyi, and his appearance made Shangguanchen very mindful, and further promoted the process of the male protagonist’s love for you and hurting you.

    The plot is all right.

    So the next thing is…

    Xie Zhiyi turned his head and took a look, just in time to see a camera secretly retracted.

    She smiled at the camera, and then the camera ran away quickly.

    From this height, Xie Weilan probably took the shot lying on the ground, which is a bit funny.

    Since Xie Zhiyi was actually fine and didn’t tell Chi Lin what Fu Jingyan was going to do just now, Chi Lin insulted him from head to toe and took Xie Zhiyi away.

    Xie Zhiyi glanced at the prince, and asked, “How about it, are we still eating?”

    Chi Lin’s face was not good.

    The first time I ate alone, I was disturbed by a fool! The place is dirty, bad luck!

    “Stop eating.” The prince sulked.

    Looking at the flow rate of the signal tower, Chi Lin is indeed very angry.

    Xie Zhiyi tentatively asked, “Why don’t I go back and make you a bowl of noodles?” I

    thought that the young master would be unhappy when he was sent off, but he didn’t expect that the aura of his whole body would magically converge, and the flow rate would increase instead of decreasing.

    The corners of Chi Lin’s mouth curled up, and his tone was casual: “Let’s do it.”

    Xie Zhiyi also smiled.

    Sure enough, no one could refuse the food she made! !


    “? Yan Fu King”

    , “? He will know how to thank EENOW” Shang Chen eyebrows furrowed,

    Xie Wei Lan look of concern, “I do not know …… but I heard the two of them spent a long time in the box alone.”

    If it were not Without a photo, she would definitely be able to hammer them both to death now.

    Shangguan Chen thought for a moment, then looked at her suspiciously, “Weilan, I remember that you know Fu Jingyan.”

    Xie Weilan trembled, and quickly showed aggrieved expression: “Brother Achen, I have been here for the past few days. The hospital makes soup for you at home, just hope you can get better soon.”

    Shangguanchen paused, then his expression calmed down, “Weilan, you have worked hard.”

    “I’m not working hard,” Xie Weilan held Shangguanchen’s hand. “Brother hurry up, so that he can prove himself again in the next sports meet. I will always believe in you!”

    Shangguan Chen smiled, regaining his self-confidence and domineering.

    “And my brother released from the hospital came to our house it,” Xie Ripples lowered her eyes, blocking the light Mouzhong, “Mom and Dad are very worried How about you.”



    thank intended to sort out a bit to know the story, the idea that there will be recent The plot climax appears.

    The heroine who was loaded on the heroine’s halo fell on the ground. During this time, she brushed her a few thousand blackening points, and the results were outstanding. But if the development goes well, Shangguan Chen and Xie Weilan will work together to help her brush.

    Because Fu Jingyan, an important male partner, tried to grab a woman from the male lead, the male lead’s relationship progressed. In order to catch Shangguan Chen, Xie Weilan did not hesitate to give him medicine, raw rice and cook mature rice.

    Within two days, Xie Zhiyi went home from school and suddenly realized when he saw Shangguan’s car parked outside the villa.

    I’m coming.

    Shangguanchen was sitting at Xie’s house, Xie’s father and Xie’s mother were busy with him, and Xie Weilan sat aside virtuously.

    When Xie Zhiyi walked in, he raised his eyes to meet Shangguan Chen’s complicated gaze.

    She hadn’t seen this young man after she came back from skiing. At this moment, she recalled the glorious scene of his rolling on the snow road, and almost couldn’t help laughing.

    Shangguanchen suddenly became angry: damn woman!

    But why did his heart start to damn it for her? !

    Xie Zhiyi was not present at dinner either.

    She is now a transparent person at home, cooking and eating by herself.

    Shangguan Chen looked at the kitchen frequently, but did not ask questions with restraint.

    It didn’t take long until a very fragrant smell floated from the kitchen, which instantly covered the scent on the dining table.

    Everyone: “…” Suddenly there was no taste.

    After eating dryly, Xie’s father and Xie’s mother offered to let Shangguan Chen stay overnight.

    “We have treated you as family for a long time, and there is a room in the house that is reserved for you!”

    Xie Weilan also echoed: “Yes, Brother Achen, it’s not too early, let’s leave tomorrow.”

    Shangguan Chen didn’t know why. The reason, even agreed.

    Xie Weilan’s heart was pounding and he began to implement his plan.

    After tonight, everything will be different!

    Shangguan Chen walked into the room prepared for him by Xie’s house. He was indeed very sincere, and all the layouts obviously followed his preferences.

    He walked over, and there was a glass of water on the bedside.

    Shangguan Chen drank it, and after a long time he gradually felt a little strange.


    Xie Zhiyi did it by himself, eat and drink enough, and sat in the room religiously after taking a shower.

    In the dead of night, there was a rustling sound in the corridor of the villa.

    When I reached the end of the room, the sound of footsteps disappeared.

    Shangguanchen was turning around on the big bed, his face flushed red.

    Xie Weilan was holding the fruit plate eagerly, his heart beating as he walked over, “You, what’s wrong with you…”

    Shangguan Chen opened his eyes and saw a face faintly in his body.

    It is the one he has been trying to forget but lingering for a while!

    “Xie Zhiyi…!”

    Xie Weilan bit her lips tightly and said nothing.

    Shangguan Chen threw her on the bed suddenly, and the fruit plate fell to the ground, which was indescribable overnight.

    …In the

    remote room, Xie Zhiyi sat cross-legged, happily watching the system prompt her.

    It seems that Shangguanchen and Xie Weilan’s emotions are very intense, and I don’t know why, their emotions are still related to her.

    In the original text, Xie Zhiyi really likes the male protagonist, and she is Shangguanchen’s nominal fiancée. This kind of incident is a big blow to her soul and face.

    However, the ancient hero believed that the more painful she was, the more she loved him, so she became more intensified after that.

    But now, Xie Zhiyi only feels that according to the description of the original seven times a night, the blackening value brushed out the next day will be very impressive.

    So she fell asleep happily.

    Early the next morning, a scream cut through the entire villa.

    “Why, how could this happen!”

    Xie Weilan held the quilt, blocking his traced body, tears falling down.

    “Ah, Brother Achen, you, I…”

    Shangguan Chen also woke up from the indulgence at this time, and was immediately stunned when he saw the scene in front of him.

    why you.

    Soon, things spread to Xie’s house.

    When Xie Zhiyi has enough sleep and wakes up, he has a look at the system-

    good guy, the blackening value is directly brushed 13 thousand!

    thanks, thanks! Modo Modo!

    The system was turned off by her in sleep mode, and then the alert sound was turned on.

    “Ding! The increase in the blackening value reaches the quantitative standard, and the drop skill——[Jiancun Card (Instant Shooting Version)], this card is a one-time card, and the use period is one day. Using this skill, everyone can understand the card holder. People’s true thoughts, per capita is a master of appraisal.”

    “?” Xie Zhiyi said, “You directly report Xie Weilan’s ID card and finish it.”

    This system really has auxiliary functions (confirmed)

    when Xie Zhiyi walks down the stairs, you will see it. Xie’s father and Xie’s mother are gratified with an expression of dissatisfaction-Oh, gratification is for Xie Weilan, dissatisfaction is for Xie Zhiyi.

    “Zhiyi, how can you do such a thing!” Xie mother stood up first.

    Father Xie slapped the table with an angry expression: “Who taught you these messy methods? If it weren’t for Achen, you almost ruined your sister!”

    Xie Zhiyi looked at them, looked at Xie Weilan’s pear blossoms with rain, and then looked at Shangguanchen’s extremely complicated expressions, and understood.

    “Why can this fall on me?” she asked leisurely.

    at the same time.

    The door of the Chi’s garage opened and Chi Lin was about to go to the company. When passing by Xie’s house, he habitually glanced at it.

    Then I saw a familiar car with a very recognizable logo, which was foolish by Shangguan.

    Chi Lin was immediately upset: “Why did Shangguanchen go to Xie’s house early in the morning?” The

    assistant glanced at the rearview mirror, and then said politely, “Well… the car was there last night.”

    “What? ! “

    pool Pro, and instantly, he explodes.

    Shangguan stupid slept at Xie’s house all night?

    Where do you sleep? !

    “Park me!”

    “Hey, master! —” In the

    living room, a crusade was being staged.

    Xie Zhiyi decided to lift everyone’s emotions, and then use the skill card, so that the blackening value will be higher.

    Xie Weilan cried and said that he just wanted to send fruit, Shangguan Chen said with a complicated expression that you were such a person, and his parents comforted Xie Weilan distressedly, and then looked at her with anger.

    At this moment, the door of Xie’s house was suddenly opened.

    Someone walked in rampantly, with a stinky face, and stood behind Xie Zhiyi.

    Xie Zhiyi looked back, “Chi Lin?” The

    prince looked at Xie’s family arrogantly, “Passing by, it made me noise, come in and have a look.”

    Xie Zhiyi almost laughed.

    Xie’s father and Xie’s mother didn’t dare to bomb him, but Xie Weilan took the opportunity to cry – she had already got Shangguan Chen, but she didn’t want Xie Zhiyi to get Chi Lin!

    “Sister, she… She just, just, and I…” in order

    to be with Achen brother…” She spoke intermittently and cried, but described the incident in a meaningful way.

    Xie Zhiyi frowned.

    For some reason, she somehow didn’t want Chi Lin to hear this. Probably because… Chi Lin was a friend she finally made.

    She still didn’t want Chi Lin to think of her like others.

    Xie Zhiyi tapped the system: “Use the skill card.”

    System: “Received, now I will load it for you–“

    But before the sound of the successful loading, she suddenly heard a sneer behind her.

    He looked at Xie Weilan’s weak and helpless tears sarcastically.

    “Didn’t you eat? Cry louder.”

    Xie Zhiyi: “?”

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