News of Tang Beiqing’s return to China soon spread back to China.

    The wealthy circle is faintly divided into two factions. The group of people headed by Guan Chen above and the relatively independent Prince Chi family, although they are still peaceful on the surface, the business competition has become increasingly fierce.

    Logically, Tang Beiqing had a good time with the people everywhere, and the circle of rich children around Shangguanchen wanted to win over the young master of the Tang family. But because Shangguanchen people are in the hospital, their legs are still not good, and they are not so good.

    So Tang Beiqing settled down and went to Chi Lin.

    The main reason is that he is really curious-with his keen sense of smell for many years in love, Chi Lin definitely has a problem. God knows that he thinks that people like Chi Lin are born with emotional defects, and only work will make him serious.

    “Ding Dong.”

    Tang Beiqing rang the doorbell of the Chi family mansion.

    It took three full minutes before he ushered in the prince’s unhappy expression: “What are you doing?”

    Tang Beiqing blinked and found that Chi Lin had scratched his hair with hairspray.

    Looking down, the clothes are also matched.

    With his already pretty face, he is really handsome.

    …Is too handsome.

    Tang Beiqing asked, “Why are you so handsome at home?”

    Chi Lin’s expression was a little unnatural: “You care.”

    Tang Beiqing rolled his eyes, cleared his throat, and raised the file bag in his hand: “I have business to come to the door. Talking to you.”

    Chi Lin hesitated for a moment, but frowned and let the door open.

    “Come in, get out after talking.”

    Today, Xie Zhiyi made him something to eat, so that Tang Beiqing could leave before she came.

    Tang Beiqing followed the door in good faith, and decided that he would not leave today.

    Absolutely tricky!

    Chi’s family only has Chi Lin and his cousin. Chi Xiangyang is not here today, and the whole villa is very quiet. Tang Beiqing sat on the sofa in the lobby and chatted with Chi Lin about the project at hand. In many ways, the two of them fit together.

    Chi Lin looked at the watch twice, then looked up: “Okay, my assistant will send you the rest of the information.”

    Tang Beiqing remained motionless, and smiled and took out another document. “Let’s talk about this again. “

    pool Pro:” …… “

    with the meal points approaching, more and more irritable temporary pool. Just when he was about to violently expel Tang Beiqing, the doorbell rang.

    Tang Beiqing, the dog’s eyes lit up instantly: “Who is it?”

    Chi Lin looked at him blankly: “…” I killed you.

    He stood up and threw Tang Beiqing in the living room, and walked over to open the door.

    Xie Zhiyi is cooking Hunan cuisine today, and the large food boxes are also delicious and attractive.

    Chi Linju gave her a condescending look and said, “Let’s go out to eat.”

    “Huh?” Xie Zhiyi reacted and realized that Chi Lin’s house might not be convenient.

    Although she was a little reluctant to bear the signal tower in front of her, she was still very empathetic: “It’s okay, then I will put things down and leave.”

    Chi Lin was anxious: “! Wait.”

    Xie Zhiyi looked puzzled: “?”

    Chi Lin The stinky face made a decision between “divide Xie Zhiyi’s dishes in half” and “Xie Zhiyi will not eat with me”, and still compromised.

    “Come in.” He turned and let the door open.

    “Oh.” Xie Zhiyi doesn’t matter.

    But as she followed Chi Lin to the living room, she suddenly heard the long-lost beep from the system detector—


    The volume is very high, at least much higher than Chi Xiangyang.

    Xie Zhiyi’s eyes suddenly lit up-the new comrade villain!

    When Tang Beiqing stretched his neck and looked over, he ran into such a pair of eyes.

    The eyes are slightly pointed, clear and translucent like water-soaked glass, with a certain glimmer of hope, and they look over.

    Tang Beiqing: Damn it.

    He covered his heart, it was too beautiful.

    Chi Lin said with a stinky face, “This is Tang Beiqing.”

    He didn’t speak well at all, and he swallowed his voice fast. Xie Zhiyi almost didn’t hear the name.

    Fortunately, she had read the original plot, and she quickly corresponded to this person-Chi Lin’s business partner, Tang Beiqing, the young master of the Tang family. Obviously, his involvement in the plot is much higher than that of Chi Xiangyang, and the flow rate is second only to Chi Lin.

    Baby number two! Xie Zhiyi’s eyes were filled with hope.

    Tang Beiqing will join hands with Chi Lin for commercial cooperation. Because Chi Lin is the villain of the full text, Tang Beiqing has also been put into the villain camp by the system.

    It’s just that Xie Zhiyi remembered that the Tang family did not end well. After all, the author is the mother of the male protagonist, and the male protagonist’s halo is too dazzling, and the Tang family ends in bankruptcy. And although the book does not clearly say that Chi Lin will end up, Xie Zhiyi can probably predict that it will not be too good.

    “Blackening value Bluetooth is connected! Current flow rate: +30/h (real-time change)”

    “Blackening value Bluetooth is connected! Current flow rate: +20/h (real-time change)”

    Both signal towers are connected, black The value began to rush. Xie Zhiyi decided to do his best to protect her comrades in the future.

    Tang Beiqing had already got up from the sofa and leaned forward in a romantic manner, “You are thankful for Zhiyi, right?”

    Xie Zhiyi nodded: “That’s right.”

    Tang Beiqing thought that his mother was not 10,000 times more beautiful than her sister Xie Weilan, and the photos couldn’t show the temperament of a real person at all! And which eighth-wife said that they had plastic surgery on their face, and there is no trace of plastic surgery on this face, okay? !

    As he opened his mouth to say something, he was pulled aside by Chi Lin and manually opened the distance between them.

    Xie Zhiyi was very friendly and raised the food box in his hand: “I made a lot of dishes, let’s eat together.”

    Tang Beiqing looked intoxicated: “You are so beautiful and can cook. It’s really so…”

    Chi Lin His face was dripping with water, and he squeezed him over, “If you don’t eat, you will roll.”


    Beiqing was kind enough to say : “You can eat.” He smiled and followed to the restaurant, while looking at each strand of the prince’s hair. They are all in a state of anger.


    What a rare wonder of the world!

    Tang Beiqing originally thought that Xie Zhiyi grew up like this, and everyone would be excited until he talked to Xie Zhiyi and tasted the dishes she cooked–


    “This is too delicious! What kind of hands can make it? It’s so good!”

    Xie Zhiyi thought, although the villain No.2 has a lot of nonsense, after all, it is still easy to get along with, and you can get along more in the future.

    Chi Lin whispered in silence, waited until Tang Beiqing was forced to finish before picking up vegetables, and found that the prince had finished eating.

    Tang Beiqing:…Damn it!


    After the meal, Chi Linhu left Tang Beiqing, and then sent Xie Zhiyi back.

    “It’s really not necessary for these few steps.” Xie Zhiyi looked at the flow rate and falsely declined.

    I don’t know why, the flow rate of this meal pool is fast today. There are several jumps in the middle to calculate by second, and the two signal towers have given her a blackening value of a thousand points in total.

    “It’s okay.” Chi Linren Gaoma stood beside her, squinting at her, “I’ll eat.”

    Xie Zhiyi secretly overjoyed: “Well, then , let ‘s do it.” The

    two people walked to Xie’s house and walked to Chi Lincai. Biechu word, “how do you like Don Beiqing?”

    Xie EENOW pick eyebrow, “fine ah.”

    pool Pro smelly face, “where is the good?”

    Xie EENOW see him unhappy expression, thought, after all temporary pool It’s the first-level signal tower, and now there are only two of them, and it doesn’t matter if you step on it.

    So she said sincerely, “But he is not as good as you.” Really.

    Chi came in for a while.

    Her voice is not high, and her voice is clear, wrapped in the evening breeze, and delivered to his ears.

    Chi Lin’s ears seemed to be itchy, he raised his head and rubbed it, wondering why it was still a little hot.

    Does this woman naturally know how to attract people? !

    Chi Lin was both upset and upset, and finally overwhelmed the upset, and smiled at the corners of his lips: “——You can go home when you are done! I will take you to a private kitchen tomorrow.”

    Xie Zhiyi said, “Huh?” But the prince turned and strode away after the appointment.

    Like an eagle flapping its wings.

    But Chi Lin seemed to be in a good mood, walking this part of the road gave her enough of the rest of the quota.

    “Ding! The increase in the blackening value reaches the quantitative standard, and the drop skill-[Tool Card], this card is a one-time card, use this skill, you can get any tool to resolve the crisis.”

    Xie Zhiyi raised an eyebrow, good thing, in the future Use it.


    Xie Ripples seen in the windows of the room Pool Pro to send thank-known Italian came back, I think of the new moon Zhao told her, and help her sister speak temporary pool thing.

    People like Chi Lin fell in love with her sister, and this recognition made her very uncomfortable. Chi Lin and Shang Guanchen are both the best people in the circle, but recently they seem to treat her sister…

    and she herself can’t hold anything in her hand. Xie Zhiyi has become her threat!

    The jealousy in Xie Weilan’s eyes became stronger and stronger, holding the “medicine” he got from Fu Jingyan, and secretly made up his mind.

    The next night, Xie Zhiyi really received the address from the prince. It seems that Chi Lin really wants to invite her to dinner.

    She was a little flattered, and a little touched-the flower of friendship bloomed in such an ancient dog-blood essay is so hard-won and gleaming!

    Xie Zhiyi rejected Chi Lin’s claim to pick her up, and when the time came, he got in Xie’s car.

    As soon as she left the house, Xie Weilan secretly got in touch with the driver and learned about the private restaurant in Xie Zhiyi’s destination.

    Xie Weilan first sent a message to Fu Jingyan: [The person you want is waiting for you in the xxx box. ]

    After receipt of payment made by the King, hook lip smile.

    He was very familiar with this club, so he made a call and asked people to arrange the boxes.

    Xie Weilan asked the driver to take more detours. He first took a taxi and then hid in other boxes and waited for the opportunity to take pictures.

    There are many ways for Fu Jingyan, and I am not afraid that he will not be able to accept a thank you.

    As long as the plan goes well… Not only Chi Lin, but also Shangguan Chen, will never look at Xie Zhiyi again!


    Xie Zhiyi went to the place and found that it was a private restaurant in the style of a private club.

    It was smooth all the way in, and opened the door of the box. There was no one inside, but this luxurious box turned out to have a bed.

    This is very strange.

    Xie Zhiyi decided to cope with the changes first. While sending a WeChat message to Chi Lin and reporting the box number, he walked in.

    Before long, dull footsteps sounded in the corridor.

    The door was opened, and a man with three buttons on the collar of his shirt walked in.

    When Fu Jingyan saw Xie Zhiyi, he raised his eyebrows and his eyes became a little playful.

    Xie Weilan didn’t lie to him…

    this is really beautiful.

    Although from the bottom of his heart, he doesn’t like these women who sell their bodies for red, but with this face, even if they don’t have any talent, they can be red.

    Only he understood the fragrance in the room, and Fu Jingyan looked at the beauty in front of him, his interest was high.

    “I started to get excited when I saw your face,” he said seductively.

    Xie Zhiyi showed the expression of an old subway man looking at his cell phone, “Are you in Hong Kong?”

    This big brother went to the wrong set?

    But she quickly felt through the detector that the person in front of her had a high rate of return for blackening, and she could rank upstream in her contempt chain.

    It seems that the Gou Xue plot has been quietly promoted, and Xie Zhiyi realized that the greasy man in front of him should be an important male match. At least in terms of style, it is very old-fashioned.

    Make good use of it, but also a tool for blackening value.

    Fu Jingyan, who was on the other side, took it for granted that she was trying to get caught.

    ——He is a man who is both generous and sexy, and he has a lot of resources in his hand. No woman can refuse him!

    Fu Jingyan walked over to sit on the chair, patted his legs, and smiled evilly: “Sit up by yourself.”

    Xie Zhiyi’s face was greasy , and he felt that Shangguan Chen was even worse than him.

    Just in case there is any misunderstanding, she decided to explain first: “You found the wrong person, I came to see my friend.”

    Fu Jingyan smiled, “Tonight, I will bring you happiness. friend–“

    Xie Zhiyi vomited, and began to think about using a tool card to turn a 40-meter long knife out to destroy everything-

    Fu Jingyan came to her and picked up the broken hair on Xie Zhiyi’s cheek: “The door is locked. Now, the burning incense will make you excited very quickly. Don’t be nervous, I will show you—”

    Thank Zhiyi for listening, good guys, and playing with flowers?

    She avoided a little bit and said to him: “I need props.” The

    man’s eyes were more excited, “I’ve got someone ready, do you want a nurse uniform? Or cat ears?”

    Xie Zhiyi turned around and reported the card to the system, and then He shoved Fu Jingyan who was trying to hug her.

    Fu Jingyan sat on the leather chair obediently, spread his legs, and smiled evilly: “I was ignited by you-a woman, I lit the fire myself, and extinguished myself.”


    “Dip! [Tool Card] Successful use–“

    Xie Zhiyi got what she wanted and turned around.

    She carried a flaming fire extinguisher and said to him: “There is a fire, right? I’ll put it out.”

    After speaking, she sprayed it “bang” under his crotch.

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