“Shangguanchen’s mood fluctuated

    greatly after monitoring.” “Blackening value +1080”


    Xie Zhiyi thought , the male protagonist ‘s dignity must have been severely hit. Looking at that lonely figure from a distance, it is indeed a bit unlovable.

    Worthy of being the heroine halo, the effect is really good, increasing the ups and downs of the bloody plot.

    Xie Zhiyi pondered for a while, and ruthlessly felt that he could hurt a second time.

    At this time, the people came back to their senses and exclaimed. Among them, Xie Weilan felt the most sincere, heart-piercing as if Shangguan Chen had disappeared.

    “Brother Achen! Are you okay!”

    ” Are you okay?! Hurry up and dial 120!”

    “How could he suddenly fall down with such a good skill?!”

    Everyone agreed that there was a problem on the snowy road. They were all spoiled and rich children, and no one dared to take the risk to see Guan Chen’s situation at this time.

    Xie move a little-known Italian ski intend to slide down and suddenly heard the sound of the pool Pro indifference: “You have to save him?”

    Xie intended to look back and know, just to see the young master and his face was dark all right.

    Chi Lin was very upset.

    Doesn’t this woman dislike Shangguan Chen anymore? Why are you going to save it?

    Xie Zhiyi understands—Chi Lin should now consider her as someone on his side, so he doesn’t want her to save Shangguan Chen.

    Xie Zhiyi was very touched, I really didn’t waste the dishes and snacks she made!

    “I can’t save,” Xie Zhiyi explained, “I’ll laugh at him.”

    Chi Lin:?

    When everyone was in a stalemate, Xie Zhiyi slid out lightly.

    Xie Weilan turned pale when he saw this, and immediately rushed down.

    She must not be allowed to save Brother Achen first!

    The two flew by on the snowy road. Xie Weilan was very confident at first, but she was shocked to find that she couldn’t even slip Xie Zhiyi!

    Not only her, but everyone at the top has a better vision.

    Xie Zhiyi was almost a professional posture, with light and smooth movements, like a floating snow.

    Xie Weilan was so resentful in his heart that he rushed to Shangguan Chen with all his strength.

    Shangguan Chen was slowly getting up.

    At this moment, a wind passed by, and he saw Xie Zhiyi galloping forward.

    The mood suddenly wasn’t that bad.

    “Come here, help me.”

    Shangguan Chen endured the pain. Just sitting up, he saw that the inner blade of the man’s snowboard cut precisely across the slope.

    Then he pressed his body sharply to the left.


    She shoveled Shangguan Chen’s face with snow.

    Shangguanchen: “…”

    “Blackening value +380”

    Xie Zhiyi smiled with satisfaction, bypassing the obstacle of Shangguanchen, and happily all the way through to the end.

    The people above were shocked when they saw this scene.

    “Fuck, Xie Zhiyi is very tugging?!”

    “What does she mean?”

    “I didn’t say, she wouldn’t really dislike it, right?”

    Zhao Xinyue was the most uncomfortable in it, and she yelled, “Damn, She is ill!”

    Chi Lin just withdrew his gaze from the person who was safe to the end, heard the sound, and glanced at her diagonally.

    Zhao Xinyue’s heart was beating.

    This is the first time Chi Lin is looking at her, her voice lowered, “I mean, she is too dangerous like that, what if Shangguan Chen is injured again…”

    Everyone also realized the existence of the prince. None of these people at the scene can compare to the Chi family, and the only one who can compete is still pouting underneath.

    None of them dared to speak.

    The prince raised his chin slightly, his jaw line was sharp and sharp, and his handsome facial features showed a three-point fierceness because of his lack of expression.

    This is a very exciting face, and Zhao Xinyue’s heart beat faster.

    Then she heard Chi Lin speak.

    “It’s your shit?”

    Zhao Xinyue’s face paled .

    After Chi Lin finished speaking, he glanced at everyone and sneered: “Worry about Shangguanchen, go down by yourself.”

    Everyone’s faces turned pale now.

    Grandpa, is this… helping Xie Zhiyi speak? !


    The skiing activity of the day ended with Xie Weilan crying and sending him to Guanchen in an ambulance.

    Shangguanchen, the proud son of heaven, fell into autistic state.

    The whistle of “Yi-O-Yi-O” went away, and everyone couldn’t help but fall into contemplation:

    From Zhu Yujie to Shangguanchen, why have so many people been carried away by ambulances recently?

    The system that looked on through the eyes of the host: “…” I

    don’t know why, it thinks there may be many more things like this in the future.


    VIP Ward of the Central Hospital.

    Xie Weilan opened the door and walked in.

    I don’t know if it was a real faint or a false faint. Anyway, Shangguanchen hadn’t opened his eyes since he lay in the ambulance.

    Hearing the movement of the door opening, Shangguan Chen finally opened his eyes.

    Xie Weilan just showed a caring expression when he saw a trace of disappointment in his eyes.

    “Weilan, I’m fine.” Shangguan Chen said.

    Xie Weilan paused, clenching his fist unconsciously.

    “Brother Achen, take a good rest, this is the nourishment I brought you.” She smiled cleverly.

    Shangguanchen nodded: “I see.”

    Xie Weilan turned and left the hospital, asked the driver to take her to a private club, and entered the room number that the person told her.

    “Is it really that useful?” Xie Weilan asked, holding the small bottle away.

    The gentle man sat on the sofa and smiled: “As long as one drop, this man will only have you in his heart.”

    Xie Weilan was moved, and Shangguan’s family will soon officially choose a daughter-in-law. She must not let Shangguanchen’s heart fall on her sister. .

    She picked up the bottle and thanked it softly. As she was about to leave, she was suddenly pulled into her arms.

    “I want to run if I take something? Did Shangguanchen teach you that?” Fu Jingyan raised her chin, “you have a good face. If you want to enter the circle, stay with me and I will give you resources.”

    Xie Weilan’s face turned pale. Although she wants to be a star, she also wants to marry a rich family! Shangguanjia will not accept an innocent girl!

    She rolled her eyes, and whispered: “I have a twin sister.”

    Fu Jingyan raised

    her eyebrows: “Oh?” “She looks like me 80%, and she wants to be popular.”

    … the

    ski rollover incident caused Shangguan Chen stayed in the hospital, and Xie Zhiyi took this opportunity to analyze the rhythm of the plot.

    In the original text, the male protagonist was also injured and hospitalized. That period of time was a period of warming up between him and his female partner, and it was also a prime time to abuse the female protagonist. Although they can’t call themselves anymore, there is still a high probability that they will cause her trouble.

    If the plot is indeed advanced, there will be a chain reaction of drug, kidnapping, imprisonment and a series of old-fashioned plots. And, there are some important roles that will appear on the stage.

    Xie Zhiyi stroked his chin. Hmm… there are brushes.

    By the way, she summarized her achievements at this stage.

    After several big heads of blackening value, plus piecemeal harvest, the blackening value of more than 20,000 has been brushed out. Although it is still far from the goal, after all, time has not passed.

    According to the auxiliary functions of the system, there will be more props or ways to help her get the black value in the future.

    The most celebrated thing at this stage is that she finally reached a friendly relationship with Chi Lin. This means that she can more smoothly gain experience around the villain in the future.

    Chi Lin is really a good person. I just don’t know how he turned into a villain in the later stage.

    … After

    Shangguanchen was hospitalized for wrestling, news soon came that he heard that he would fall when he walked for some reason.

    The Shangguan family searched for famous doctors all over the country and gathered at the city hospital to see the noble son of Shangguan.

    Chi Lin leaned against the bedroom window and called the assistant, “I will make an appointment with the project managers

    recently and find time to chat.” Although Chi Lin’s time to school has increased greatly recently, the assistant has been assisting the prince. When dealing with company affairs, he naturally knew that he was talking about the project that competed with Shangguan’s family. Now that Shangguanchen is hospitalized and Shangguan’s family is distracted and worried, it is indeed a good time.

    After Chi Lin explained the matter, he coldly glanced at the direction of Xie’s villa.

    That woman probably didn’t go to see Shangguan Chen, he thought.


    Why don’t you come to see me? ?

    Chi Lin closed the window with a foul face, and then received Tang Beiqing’s WeChat.

    The news spread a lot, and it has completely changed when overseas:

    [Huh? I heard that Shangguan Chen was lame as Liu Neng? ]

    Chi Lin frowned: [Liu Neng? ]

    Tang Beiqing: [Rural love! Liu Neng is lame.jpg]

    Chi Lin: [……]

    Chi Lin: [Are you stupid? Seriously]

    Tang Beiqing paused for a few seconds: [The timing is so good, I will go back to China soon]

    Chi Lin: [Well]

    Tang Beiqing is very irritable, and sends a rippling voice.

    “I want to see if my sisters love me or not~”

    “Do n’t worry about Xie Weilan, she only has Shangguanchen in her heart. Oh, I have seen her sister’s photo too, it looks better than her!”

    Chi Lin snorted coldly: [um]

    “I heard that she also likes Shangguanchen? Really?”

    Chi Lin suddenly exploded and replied with a voice: “How many do you like! Would you inquire?”

    Tang Beiqing was silent for a minute, then I sent a WeChat message:

    [Prince Prince]

    [You are not right]

    Chi Lin: “…”

    Fart, fart!

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