Chi Lin’s mouth is cocked all the way.

    The driver was in front, Chi Xiangyang was blasted onto the co-pilot, Chi Lin and Xie Zhiyi sat in the back seat.

    The scenery outside the car window flashed quickly.

    The distance inside the car is moderate, the temperature is suitable, the signal tower signal is stable, and the corners of Xie Zhiyi’s mouth are always tilted.

    If it goes well, you can draw a new skill card today.

    “So why are you here too?” she asked.

    Chi Lin leaned on the seat with his arm in his arms, pretending to be forced: “It’s been a long time since I’ve been here. Activities.”

    Chi Xiangyang: “?” The uncle of the police had someone pretending to be a cup.

    He was more simple, turning his head and holding his seat to ask: “Sister Yi, do you know how to ski?”

    Chi Lin thought, nonsense, he certainly wouldn’t.

    Since Xie Zhiyi returned to Xie’s house, he had never heard of her going to skate.

    Xie Zhiyi knew that everyone must think so, and she didn’t know the skiing level of Chi Lin, so she just said modestly: “I learned it on the Internet.”

    “Oh—” Chi Xiangyang said, “That’s great. , My brother and I—no! I won’t be able to slip, we will help each other when that happens!”

    Xie Zhiyi smiled and said, “No problem.”

    Chi Lin intervened in the conversation and raised his chin preciously: “I’ll give You brought ski equipment.”

    Xie Zhiyi turned to look at him.

    Chi Lin quickly glanced at her from the corner of his eye, then turned his face back indifferently: “This is the reward for the egg tart.”

    Xie Zhiyi laughed: “It’s too polite, Master.” He had already overpaid the reward.

    Chi Lin frowned, not satisfied with her politeness.

    But thinking that she had chosen herself between herself and the Shangguan fool, Chi Lin felt better again.

    I’m not stupid enough to know when I’m lost.


    More than an hour later, the car stopped at the Nancheng Ski Resort.

    Several cars stopped one after another, opened the doors and walked out many insiders.

    They were all regulars to watch equipment, carrying professional ski bags, and surrounding Shangguan Chen and Xie Weilan.

    Many of them are looking for Xie Zhiyi. Since Xie Zhiyi won Xie Weilan in the last piano competition, her attention in the circle has increased day by day. Of course, everyone thought she was for Shangguan Chen.

    Otherwise, why do you have to compare with your own sister? It’s not to improve the status in Shangguanchen’s heart.

    Many people were teasing and teasing, but when they saw her following Chi Lin, they all fell silent.

    Zhao Xinyue originally looked surprised when he saw Chi Lin, but now she has a bad face, and she grabs Xie Weilan, “When did Xie Zhiyi catch up with Chi Lin?”

    Xie Weilan whispered, “I heard that my sister often makes things for Chi Shao recently. Eat…”

    “Damn, isn’t it annoying for her to use the same trick for everyone?” Zhao Xinyue was sour. I knew she would cook for Chi Lin too! Xie Zhiyi didn’t do much well.

    Isn’t that woman just relying on a little fate with Chi Lin back then? She didn’t look at Chi Lin’s identity, how could she be regarded as a plastic surgery monster!

    It used to be Shangguan Chen, now it is Chi Lin. Xie Zhiyi still finds the best people. It’s really disgusting!

    Xie Zhiyi completely ignored the gaze of the group of people, as well as Shangguan Chen’s implicitly angry gaze, and steadily followed his two signal towers, one large and one small.

    Outside the entrance of the ski resort is a ski shop. Chi Lin walked to the door and stopped. He turned his head and said “wait” to Xie Zhiyi and Xiangyang.

    When he came out again, his face was expressionless, but he carried a pink butt pad with a soft bounce tortoise shell in his hand and threw it to Xie Zhiyi.

    This was used to prevent falling, Xie Zhiyi was silent for a second, and still accepted the kindness.

    “Don’t you need it?” Xie Zhiyi asked.

    Just as

    Chi Xiangyang wanted to say that I want it too, he heard Chi Lin sneer: “No need.” Chi Xiangyang:? Really, brother.

    Xie Zhiyi originally thought that since Chi Lin was confident, he would go to the high-level track together, until he switched to the double board and watched them dragging hard on the snow——

    “…” Xie Zhiyi paused, revealing A simple smile: “Let’s go to the Junior Road.”

    Chi Lin looked casually: “It’s up to you.”

    Xie Weilan was wearing a pure white snow suit with rabbit ears on his helmet, and he maintained the image of a goddess in the snow. When passing by them, Xie Weilan smiled and waved the snow stick, “Sister, do you need me to teach you~”

    Xie Zhiyi was noncommittal: “Let’s wait .”

    Xie Weilan gave her a light smile, then turned to find Shangguanchen. . Sister, she can’t be on the same track with herself.

    Xie Zhiyi and Chi Lin put on the magic carpet one after another, and then stood on the snowy road. This one is very flat and the slope is not steep, but the three of them stood there and fell silent.

    Chi Lin actually learned the basics, but he didn’t practice it because he was afraid of the cold. He cleared his throat, leaned forward, pressed his legs against the snowshoes, and prepared to speak.

    At this moment, a snowboard appeared between his skis, Xie Zhiyi’s hand pressed his back, and then adjusted the posture of his arms, “This way.”

    Chi Lin tensed in an instant.

    “Relax, don’t be nervous.” Xie Zhiyi saw his tightness and comforted him with one of his few empathetics.

    “The two boards are in a horoscope, leaning forward, you want to feel like you are embracing a ball.”

    Chi Lin started to get fever under the helmet and even his neck, “–I don’t need you to teach!”

    Xie Zhiyi stepped back, “Me too. I learned it all online.”

    System: “Current flow rate: +500/h”

    “1020 points are left before the next stage of quantitative standard.”

    Oh, no.

    Even if it is angry, as long as Chi Lin’s mood fluctuates sharply, the flow rate is fast. Maintaining this flow rate, two hours will be enough for brushing.

    Xie Zhiyi used the same method to teach Chi Xiangyang, pretending to endorse, and talked about plow brakes and how to deal with wrestling, and then encouraged them to try to slide down.

    Chi Xiangyang didn’t pay attention, and squeaked out as soon as the smoke slipped.

    Chi Lin didn’t even look at him. He kept his figure ready to slide down, and started to brake when he slid halfway. Although the speed had dropped, he could not stop.

    There was sweat on his forehead under his helmet.

    At this moment, there was a little wind around him, Xie Zhiyi was like a light wind, turning around and slipping smoothly in front of him, “Chi Lin, press down.”

    Chi Lin was in a daze for a moment and exploded: “You give I’ll be back!”

    -Wearing a tortoise shell didn’t really make you fall! !

    Xie Zhiyi knew that Chi Lin was afraid of her accident, just like the stupid tortoise shell tied behind her.

    The kindness is mutual, and she can’t help but raise her head and smile.

    “Don’t be afraid.”

    Chi Lin looked down at her while controlling the snowboard-

    Xie Zhiyi didn’t wear goggles, and the mask was not fastened. When she raised her eyes, the curved eyelashes outlined a beautiful shape, dark and translucent. There was a smile in his eyes.

    His shadow is reflected.

    Suddenly Chi Lin couldn’t scold him anymore.

    He suddenly realized that his emotions would be amplified in front of the person in front of him, and then violently fluctuated.

    But at this moment, Chi Lin felt a sense of familiarity, and it felt like a long-lost reunion…

    “Current flow rate: +3/s”

    Thanks for knowing:! One second plus three points?

    Is Chi Lin so angry? ?


    Five minutes later.

    As soon as Xie Zhiyi and Chi Lin set foot on the Intermediate Road, the system issued a warning tone.


    “The increase in the blackening value reaches the quantitative standard, and the skill card is dropped–“

    Xie Zhiyi was moved in his heart: Master Chi, I really have you.

    She was waiting for the system to explain the new card, and when she looked up, she just saw Shangguanchen and Xie Weilan also walking over the magic carpet.

    Shangguan Chen had been very unhappy since the morning, and now deliberately holding Xie Weilan’s hand. There were many friends around making a fuss, Xie Weilan leaned on Shangguan Chen shamelessly, his gaze implicitly triumphant.

    Chi Lin stood calmly next to Xie Zhiyi, saying nothing, and no one dared to step forward.

    “The drop skill card this time: Heroine Halo [Flat Wrestling Card]. This card attribute is long-term personal possession, and the holder will have the heroine halo bonus, flat-bottom wrestling, charming and lovely, arousing love.”

    Xie Zhiyi :…Is it really that cute?

    Shangguanchen glanced at Chi Lin, then at Xie Zhiyi, and said with a sneer: “Let’s play together?”

    Xie Zhiyi turned his gaze on him with a subtle expression.

    This is what you said.

    After a long while, the system was loaded, and a beep sounded.

    Xie Zhiyi moved over and was held by Chi Lin.

    The eldest master gave her a hand, and then immediately let go, his face was stinky, “Don’t compare with them.”

    Xie Zhiyi looked pleasing to him now, and smiled: “Don’t worry.”

    Chi Lin saw the curvature of her lips, and turned his head toward him again with a stinking face.

    Shangguanchen is everywhere the attention of the public. With a casual, elegant smile on his lips, he pressed himself down, ready.

    The track in front of him is not difficult, and he must prove it to Xie Zhiyi. In this world, he Shangguan Chen is the most outstanding one.

    She wants him to be jealous because of Chi Lin? joke!

    Xie Weilan blushed and led a group of people to cheer him.

    “Brother Achen is the most handsome!”

    “Come on!”

    “I’m already excited!” The

    entire ski trail was empty, the snow surface was smooth and flat, and the field of vision was broad.

    Shangguan Chen smiled and dived down with a “shoo”-ten

    meters later, with a loud “bang!” “slap!” the vigorous posture rolled down in a ball shape without warning.

    After a few laps, he lay down on the track and stopped moving.

    From a distance, there is only a bulge on the snow.

    It looks really naive.

    There was a dead silence at the scene.

    Xie Zhiyi poked Chi Lin next to him and asked, “Is it cute?”

    Chi Lin thought to himself: How many cute ones.

    “Cute,” he said.

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