Xie Zhiyi recorded a short video for later use, and then strolled back to school.

    The strength value is really easy to use, but the effect of the blackening value is not as good as the long-term card used on the target character.

    In the original text, Shangguan Chen went on to sing songs every night, the standard old tyrant Yiye Qijirou, but now he is crying and sorrowful every day—

    his efforts have provided thousands of blackening values, but recently there is a tendency to decrease. . The quantitative of the next card has improved a lot, and Xie Zhiyi has to continue to think of ways.

    Moreover, Wang Yiyun may still have a bit of backlash. Recently, Shangguan Chen looked at her with weird eyes…

    Walking, Xie Zhiyi met Xie Weilan.

    After the last game, her words may have played a role, and Xie Weilan quickly adjusted back to his previous state. At this moment, when she saw Xie Zhiyi, she hurried over.

    “Sister, you’re fine! You scared me to death—” She grabbed Xie Zhiyi.

    “What’s the matter?”

    “You know, Yujie treated me…so he saw me losing the game a little bit extreme, I’m afraid he will trouble you.” Xie Weilan looked at her with a very embarrassed expression.

    Xie Zhiyi’s expression was a little subtle: “Oh, it’s okay.”

    Xie Weilan didn’t get the response he wanted, biting his lip and asking: “Sister, you don’t blame me.”

    “No,” Xie Zhiyi said, “but he might blame me. . “

    Xie Ripples:”? “

    soon after.

    The ambulance was parked outside the campus, and Zhu Yujie was carried out from the small road.


    Xie Weilan didn’t pay much attention to Zhu Yujie’s situation, after all, in her heart it was just a spare tire.

    She went to a high-end nightclub in the city center and reported Shangguanchen’s name at the front desk. This nightclub is under the name of Shangguan’s family, and the guests of Shangguan’s young master will be treated with courtesy.

    The Shangguan family’s industries range from white to black, covering all walks of life, which is why Xie Weilan is eager to marry into the Shangguan family. Among their peers, Shangguan Chen will definitely be the best.

    Xie Weilan decided to chain him as soon as possible, and must not be snatched away by Xie Zhiyi!

    In the box, Shangguanchen was drinking with a glass.

    He smiled when he saw her coming, “Weilan.” Xie Weilan smiled sweetly, “Brother Achen, why do you drink by yourself? I’ll accompany you.”

    Shangguanchen took the wine. The bottle was pushed to her, and the two of them exchanged cups in the highly concealed box. Soon, Xie Weilan leaned towards him drunkly.

    “Brother Achen, the ski resort in Nancheng is open, let’s go skiing together.”

    Shangguanchen did not refuse, and smiled in favor: “Okay.” The

    atmosphere was just right, and Xie Weilan offered red lips and confession: “Brother, I, I like you…”

    Shangguanchen lowered his head and looked at the beauty close at hand, don’t know why, thinking of another face. Not only now, there are many nights.

    Why? Obviously that woman’s love, he regarded it as a shoe.

    Shangguanchen frowned fiercely and let himself kiss, but when Xie Weilan wanted to go further, he stopped her.

    Xie Weilan was very unacceptable. She uncontrollably thought of what the big guy in the circle said to her-if you want to keep a man, you can find him, and you only need a drop to make people…

    Is it really going to find him?

    Shangguanchen lazily fastened his buttons, pushed her aside, smiled lightly and stood up: “Weilan, I’ll take you as my sister.”

    Xie Weilan squeezed the skirt, just about to ask something, Shangguanchen had already turned around.

    The smile on the corner of his lips was very cold, and he said: “It’s okay to go skiing, call Xie Zhiyi.”

    Xie Weilan’s eyes widened first, then he quickly remembered something and smiled.


    Xie Zhiyi’s person at home inexplicably received Xie Weilan’s three-hundred-point blackening value.

    “Isn’t it because Zhu Yujie was distressed?” Xie Zhiyi touched his chin.

    The harvest results in the recent stage are not low, and the total number of zero points has probably been brushed by nearly 10,000 points, but there is still a big gap between the final goal.

    So Xie Zhiyi took a test and thought that the dog blood plot was actually good for her to do the task. In a sense, the more bloody the male lead and the female partner, the more room she has to play.

    After a while, she received another message from Xie Weilan.

    The other party invited her to go skiing together and also stated the time.

    [Sister, don’t worry about wrestling or anything, I will teach you~ I must come~]

    Xie Zhiyi thoughtfully-Xie Weilan went out to play with his girlfriends, and he would definitely not call her. Most of these occasions are Xie Weilan wanting to show himself, so it is very likely that Shangguan Chen is also present.

    The two target people are there, and I still have to go, otherwise KPI can’t be completed.

    Xie Zhiyi digs out an old pair of double boards from home. I don’t know who discarded it. Anyway, Xie Zhiyi has no equipment. There is also a set of ski suits, helmets and goggles that are not very good-looking.

    …Almost enough.

    Xie Zhiyi replied to WeChat: [Okay. ]

    Xie Weilan received WeChat and smiled disdainfully. Xie Zhiyi has never played this kind of sport, so I must be longing for it. It’s a pity that novice players are good to not be stupid.

    She just waited to make a fool of herself.


    The news of skiing spread among the friends. I heard that Shangguanchen had reserved the venue, as well as the recent concern about Xie Zhiyi. Many people came to join in the fun.

    Tang Beiqing, who was abroad, interrupted a few words, then quit, and clicked on someone to chat privately.

    [Where is the young master]

    [Shangguan’s family is very

    popular recently] It took a long time for Chi Lin’s news to come back. [Hmm]

    Tang Beiqing picked up his mobile phone and got cold

    expression : “…” This world can be so right. He still has no choice but to estimate that the prince is the only one.

    He couldn’t think of anyone like Chi Lin would be good to anyone in this life?

    Chi Lin sent another WeChat message: [rest assured, he also took his head] The

    tone was arrogant, but Tang Beiqing knew that Chi Lin was right. Chi Lin had contact with the family business earlier than all of them, and he was extremely talented. Shangguan Chen in front of him is indeed a younger brother. So is he himself.

    So even if Chi Lin had such a bad temper, he had to befriend him. Tang Beiqing will return to China soon. In the future, the Chi family and the Shangguan family will compete in several big projects. The two factions will definitely have a team, and the Tang family will meet by chance.

    The two chatted a few words, exchanged some information, and then Tang Beiqing switched back to random mode.

    [By the way, you won’t go skiing? ]

    Chi Lin’s reply was simple and rude: [No]

    Tang Beiqing: […There are things you don’t know]

    Chi Lin: [Cold]

    Tang Beiqing: “…” My fucking chat with you is also quite cold.

    He decided to return another voice to end the cold conversation.

    [Hahaha I would go if I was in China, and I heard that the eldest daughter of the Xie family would also go there. I saw the photos look pretty good. Okay, are you busy——]

    Chi Lin:?

    Chi Lin exited the dialog with Tang Beiqing and opened Xie Zhiyi.

    After touching his hand that day, the woman gave him a tart made by herself.

    In private, I didn’t delay going to Shangguan Chen to play!

    Chi Lin smoked in place: This scumbag!

    ten minutes later.

    Chi Lin sent a WeChat message to Chi Xiangyang: [Go skiing. ]

    Pool sunny seconds back: [ah? ]

    [Brother, do you know how? ]

    Pool Pro: [go or not? ]

    Pool sunny: [go. ]

    Although he can’t skate, Xie Zhiyi certainly can’t. He wanted to go because he was afraid that Xie Zhiyi would be laughed at by Shangguanchen’s friends again.

    Moreover, Xie Zhiyi took the initiative to hold him.

    They are in a group, right.

    …… The

    ski resort is in the outer suburbs, so you must leave early in the morning.

    On the same day, the sky was light, and a luxury car parked in front of the Xie’s villa.

    Shangguanchen got out of the car wearing sunglasses and leaned against the door.

    Xie Weilan quickly came out of the house: “Brother Achen, I’m here!”

    Xie Zhiyi walked out unhurriedly behind her, carrying a pair of boards and a backpack, but Shangguanchen immediately cast his eyes on her.

    -Didn’t even look at him? This woman has been playing hard lately.

    Shangguanchen stood up, opened the trunk of the car, and looked at the two sisters: “Get in the car.”

    At this moment, another luxury car drove over and confronted Shangguanchen.

    The car door opened, and the Chi family prince came out with top equipment and looked at Xie Zhiyi.

    At this distance, the two signal towers have been connected, and the blackening value has steadily increased. Although Xie Zhiyi didn’t know why Chi Lin came, she looked at the other party with a sincere smile, “Morning.”

    System: “Current flow rate: 200/h” is

    pretty fast.

    Xie Weilan didn’t expect this situation, and said blankly: “Chi, Chi Shao…” The

    two men faced each other in the dim light in the early morning, and the undercurrent surged.

    Chi Lin was actually a little nervous.

    He knows that Xie Zhiyi likes Shangguan Chen, although he has been a little bit weak recently…

    but he is not sure whether Xie Zhiyi will get in his car.

    Shangguanchen smiled crookedly, his confident and domineering gaze swept to Xie Zhiyi, “Get in the car.”

    Chi Lin paused, and said, “Xie Zhiyi.” Xie Zhiyi, who was

    sandwiched between the hero and the villain: “?”

    Of course she is. —

    “I’ll go with you.” Xie Zhiyi smiled and walked towards Chi Lin.

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