Chi Lin gradually recovered amid the prolonged applause.

    There was still a residual shock in his expression.

    Xie Zhiyi is so good at playing the piano? Have you been practicing in the country? He had seen villagers in that small country, it really didn’t look like he would buy a piano… and she had a master’s level.

    Chi Lin looked at Xie Zhiyi on the stage and bowed slightly, clearly feeling that she was shining.

    I don’t know why, but the feeling of seeing her at the first sight rushed into my heart again. The feeling that

    I have never known each other, but seems to have finally met, makes people’s heart …-I’m not right. Chi Lin thought.

    But when he turned his head, he saw that Chi Xiangyang was more wrong than him.

    “Fuck! Niubi! Too awesome!”

    “Sister Yi, I love you oooooooo!!”

    “…” Chi Lin was silent for two seconds, suddenly a kind of worry arose. He will graduate in one year, and Chi Xiangyang has three years left. What the fuck…?


    The result of the game that night was not unexpected, and the winner was Xie Zhiyi.

    The teacher of the judges praised Xie Zhiyi, and even after the end, he went to talk to her for a few words, and asked if he would like to work together in the future.

    The trophy was awarded by the principal personally, with a prize of 10,000 US dollars, which Xie Zhiyi gladly accepted.

    She checked her current bank card account. To be honest, she was really short of money. It seems that using her old bank to make money is not a problem.

    Xie Weilan also won the award-the best style award, presented by the judges teacher.

    “Be happy, come, let’s take a group photo and laugh!” The judge teacher patted her on the shoulder.

    Xie Weilan faced the camera and pulled the corners of his lips very reluctantly.

    When Xie Zhiyi was performing, she had been watching Guan Chen. For the first time, Shangguan Chen watched Xie Zhiyi so intently, and lost consciousness the whole time.

    This time, she did not compare to Xie Zhiyi in everyone’s hearts, her sister who came back from the country!

    After receiving the award, Xie Weilan tore the ridiculous certificate in his hand and threw it into the trash can.

    Turning around again, I saw Xie Zhiyi looking at herself subtly.

    Thanks to comprehensive considerations, Xie Zhiyi believes that in order to achieve sustainable development and long-term use of the black value from Xie Weilan, it is necessary for the other party to maintain a certain degree of confidence and not to collapse the mentality.

    Xie Weilan resisted the jealousy: “My sister is so amazing. Did you practice it before? Why didn’t you hear it?”

    Xie Zhiyi walked over with her skirt and said sincerely: “You tell me, I always follow. I came here following your footsteps.”

    Xie Weilan was still thinking about the brand of her dress. He was stunned when he heard this sentence: “What, what?”

    Xie Zhiyi: “I know you are very good, so I set you as the target. Work hard. I can have today’s results, and the person I should be most grateful for is you!”

    System: “…I believe it.”

    Xie Weilan returned to his

    mind for a long time: “This, this is what I should do…” Xie Zhiyi His pupils are dark, and when looking at people, people will have a serious illusion, “Thank you, sister.”

    -Give me a blackening value of more than a thousand.

    Please take care of it in the future.


    Weilan : “You’re welcome…” When Xie Zhiyi turned and left, Zhu Yujie walked to Xie Weilan and said in a bad tone: “Is that woman Xie Zhiyi here to show off to you?”

    No, just the opposite.

    But Xie Weilan lowered his eyelashes slightly and said in a low voice: “My sister plays the piano well, she is right…”

    When Zhu Yujie saw her fragile appearance, he felt very distressed. To Xie Zhiyi was simply a new and old account.

    “Weilan, don’t be sad,” Zhu Yujie said gloomily, “she is so arrogant, she will be cleaned up.”


    Weilan narrowed his eyes, and said softly, “I don’t want my sister to have an accident.” Zhu Yujie crooked. Smiled: “It won’t happen.” It’s

    just a bit of a pain!


    Xie know after the Italian costume change down, clearing system is almost finished.

    Taking into account the mood swings of the audience, and the extremely volatile Shangguan Chen and Xie Weilan, Xie Zhiyi harvested nearly two thousand black points in total.

    Xie Zhiyi is very satisfied.

    System: “But there is one thing that needs to be reminded to the host.”

    Xie Zhiyi: “You said.”

    “According to system observations, because of your outstanding performance, you have entered the male protagonist’s heart in advance. The emotional line of this article has been opened, ancient times The male lead is about to join forces with the female partner to inflict harm on you.”

    Xie Zhiyi:? Isn’t it cheap?

    In the original plot, after the ancient male protagonist began to be tempted, in order to tie Shangguanchen’s heart, Xie Weilan didn’t hesitate to drug him, and even put the matter on Xie Zhiyi’s head, making Xie Zhiyi even more despised by everyone.

    And during this period, Xie Weilan would be entangled with many big guys, and these big guys would eventually make Xie Zhiyi trouble, and finally rob her with the hero.

    It’s all a terrible plot, it’s hard to see.

    “There is also good news. The host is almost ready to draw the next skill card at 37 points of blackening value.”

    Xie Zhiyi raised his eyebrows. I knew I had just said a few words with Xie Weilan.

    She turned her head and looked around, and suddenly saw Chi Lin’s figure.

    The prince didn’t know why, he didn’t leave after the game, and didn’t know what he was waiting for.

    Xie Zhiyi had an idea, holding the trophy and walking to Chi Lin, and stretched out his hand to him: “Thank you for your teaching that day, I can have today’s results, and the person who should be most grateful is you!”

    System: “…The host should be most grateful Isn’t there a lot of people here?”

    Chi Lin: “…Do you treat me as a stupid?” He couldn’t teach her level.

    This is the second time Xie Zhiyi reached out to him.

    Chi Lin’s fingers in his trouser pocket rubbed slightly.

    Xie Zhiyi enthusiastically shook his hand: “Let’s hold it.”

    Chi Lin took it out slowly, and Xie Zhiyi shook his hand.

    “System: Current flow rate: +1/s”

    Xie Zhiyi was disappointed when I heard 1, but when I heard the unit “per second”, I subconsciously grabbed Chi Lin’s hand.

    ——What kind of baby is this! ! !

    Chi Lin: “What are you doing!”

    The roots of his ears and the sides of his neck began to burn.

    Is this woman still a woman? ? How can you be so proactive? !

    Xie Zhiyi smiled, Chi Lin looked unnatural, and the two people looked at each other for 30 seconds. The scene was funny in the weird scene.

    ——”Ding! The increase in the blackening value reaches the quantitative standard, and the skill card is dropped.”

    Xie Zhiyi released his hand reluctantly, and said sincerely, “Thank you, thank you!”

    Chi Lin:?

    He returned his hands to his pockets with an unpredictable expression, and didn’t understand what Xie Zhiyi was thanking when he left.

    “The skill card you have drawn this time is [Thai Boxing Five Stages]. The attributes of this card are long-term personal possession, literally, and can directly increase the holder’s strength value.”

    Xie Zhiyi: Oh, no.

    “What is the level of the five stages?”

    System: “It is the highest combat power you need in this book.”

    Xie Zhi understands, “Then I will keep it myself.”

    “Skill card loaded successfully √”

    It is indeed a piece of strength. It’s a safe thing.


    Xie Zhiyi got the card, and suddenly remembered, since the plot is about to unfold, then Chi Lin’s role as a villain will be more prominent, right?

    How did he become the villain? Can’t it also be on the emotional line?


    After the piano competition, Xie Zhiyi has become a celebrity in Kimberlyton.

    Because the performance that night was so brilliant, someone would greet her at school.

    ……Oh, there is still this.

    Zhu Yujie stood in the middle of the road, which happened to be a small road outside the school with few people coming and going.

    Xie Zhiyi raised his eyebrows, and this is the story of the dog blood—Xie Weilan’s lackey came to her for trouble.

    “Thank Zhiyi,” Zhu Yujie looked at her and remembered his pain. He took care of it for a long time. “I need to apologize!”

    Xie Zhiyi looked strange: “No, I forgive you.”

    Zhu Yujie was mad. “I’m fucking saying you apologize to me!!”

    System: “

    Blackening value +20″ Xie Zhiyi waved his hand generously. As soon as she shot, Zhu Yujie reflexively stepped back-

    Damn it. Women shot too fast, and they hit people as soon as they shot!

    Xie Zhiyi almost made him laugh: “Don’t be nervous.”

    Zhu Yujie reacted and became even more irritated. “You wait, you could pass by an apology today, but it’s not that simple now!”

    Then he thought about it. Last time Xie Zhiyi was all unexpected moves, not really powerful. He asked how many people to join him this time. Isn’t she just crying?

    “Also, you are not allowed to bully Weilan in the future, otherwise I will see you to clean up once!” A

    few punks did not know where they came from, and surrounded them with an aura of thanks.

    “Oh, this little girl looks pretty good. After tidying up a

    few brothers hehehehe …” Zhu Yujie leaned aside leisurely and smiled trivially: “Whatever you want.”

    This is the consequence of Xie Zhiyi’s rejection of him!

    Be afraid! Shake it!

    Kneel down and beg him to forgive her!

    “Bang!” “Bang!” After

    two muffled physical clashes, Zhu Yujie smiled and looked over.

    I saw two gangsters fell to the ground, and only one boss was still standing.

    But soon, Xie Zhiyi directly hit the opponent with a double kick, and Zhu Yujie even saw the nosebleed ejected by the boss.

    Xie Zhiyi solved it all, thinking that the system didn’t lie to her, this skill was already sufficient.

    She clapped her hands, glanced over the three punks lying on the ground, then gave Zhu Yujie a pointed look, smiled pityingly, and turned to leave.

    The gangster’s boss got up from the ground and wiped his nosebleeds: “Your mother Zhu Yujie! Do you dare to lie to me?”

    Zhu Yujie: “No, no, big brother, let me explain…”

    “Ordinary female student? Huh? Me? His mother will let you know what an ordinary is today!”

    “!! Ah ah”

    “Brother I was wrong ah -!”

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