“Come on, Lan Lan, take this to replenish your body!”

    Mother Xie looked at Xie Weilan with a distressed look. Recently, I could faintly hear the piano in Xie Weilan’s room. The level was higher than before. I don’t know how much, which made her very much. pride.

    In their wealthy circles, elegant instruments like the piano are very popular. She plans to wait for Lanlan to finish the competition and take her to Shangguan’s house to perform a song. People from Shangguan’s house will definitely look at her!

    “Yes, Weilan eat more, don’t work too hard!” Xie’s father also looked kind, and the family of three enjoyed themselves.

    Xie Weilan was obedient and obedient. Yu Guang caught a glimpse of Xie Zhiyi’s figure, and quickly said: “Sister, come eat too, sister is also going to participate in the competition~”

    Xie Zhiyi casually raised his hand: “No need.”

    Xie’s father saw her walking towards the kitchen. I asked happily: “Zhiyi is cooking again?”

    I still remember the fragrance of her cooking last time, thanking my father, but I haven’t eaten it. It’s not a good taste to eat the dishes made by my aunt these days.

    Xie Zhiyi: “Ah, yes.”

    Xie Weilan looked at his father’s expression of expectation, and his mother looked back at what he wanted to hide, feeling a bit sad.

    This was the first time that her parents showed stronger expectations for Xie Zhiyi. The feeling of shifting her focus from herself to her sister made her very uncomfortable.

    Several people continued to eat absent-mindedly. As a result, the smell coming from the kitchen became more and more fragrant, and Xie’s father suddenly felt that the taste was gone.

    This time Xie Zhi intends to cook Sichuan cuisine, and I don’t know how she learned it. The spicy sauce is fragrant and vigorous, and with a strong aggressiveness, it makes people drool when smelling it.

    Not long after, Xie Zhiyi walked out of the kitchen door, and this time Xie’s mother took the initiative to greet him.

    Xie Zhiyi held the insulation box with a look of doubt: “What are you doing?”

    Mother Xie showed an awkward look. Xie’s father failed his second expectation and sneered: “I don’t know whose daughter it is. I take it to outsiders when I cook the food. I don’t have the slightest gratitude for this family.”

    Xie Weilan hurriedly said, “Don’t say that, sister. It’s just not accustomed to…”

    “What else is wrong with her?! It’s been three years since she came back, and the family has tried to make up for it, but she is still unfamiliar!”

    Xie Zhiyi raised an eyebrow and was not moved. In the three years before she walked away, she obviously wanted to be accepted by her family very seriously and wanted to blend in here, so she has been working hard to please them.

    But look-once the dull rabbit stops showing good to you, the past efforts will be erased.

    Xie Zhiyi had already completely ignored him, turned around and left Xie’s house more neatly. The Xie family will go bankrupt in the future, and she will move out sooner or later.

    Father Xie cursed a few words with an ugly face, no one responded to him, only the faint fragrance in the air.

    Xie Weilan soothed: “Don’t be angry, father, you still have me.”

    Looking at Xie Weilan, Xie’s father and Xie’s mother’s expressions all eased-this is the good daughter who makes them proud. They have spent 20 years developing it. My daughter, not a wild girl who can only do a la carte.

    “Your sister will also participate in the piano competition, right?” Father Xie said, “Lan Lan is like, let her feel the gap, so that she can know that what the family can provide is the best.”

    Xie Weilan nodded sweetly: “Don’t worry. Dad, I will definitely.”

    She can’t wait and wants to show everyone her strength!


    Xie EENOW carrying insulation box to the pool house, the pool sunny long ago at the intersection of welcome.

    Bluetooth automatically connects, Xie Zhiyi is very pleasing to see him.

    Now she comes to Chi Lin and Chi Xiangyang every other day, and even if Shangguan Chen gives him the blackening value every night, she can get 1,000 points a day in the most ideal state!

    Sichuan cuisine is so flavorful that the heat preservation box can’t stop it, and Chi Xiangyang drools while walking.

    “By the way, Sister Yi, I heard that you will also participate in the school piano competition?”

    Xie Zhiyi asked: “How do you know?”

    “It’s said on the forum,” Chi Xiangyang said, “This school is mostly idle like me. People who fart, just discuss this and that when you have nothing to do. A good-looking person like you will definitely be paid attention to.”

    Xie Zhiyi thoughtfully.

    This is a good thing in the game, and the increase in attention is not a bad thing-at least it can more arouse Xie Weilan’s desire to win and lose, and then intensify her sense of gap.

    When they walked to the door of Chi’s house, Chi Lin opened the door.

    “What are you talking about?” His face was stinky.

    Chi Xiangyang said: “I’m talking about Sister Yi’s participation in the piano competition.”

    Chi Lin frowned. Haven’t heard that Xie Zhiyi can play the piano? Do you need him…

    Xie Zhiyi didn’t explain, and went to the restaurant to open the insulation box, because it was not far away, and the food was still steaming hot now.

    Chi Lin and Chi Xiangyang started the robbing session again. Xie Zhiyi sat aside very leisurely, watching the blackening value rise in real time, feeling calm and happy.

    “That’s right,” Chi Xiangyang said vaguely while eating, “Sister Yi, if you want to play, I can let my brother teach you–“

    Chi Lin’s movements to eat instantly.

    Xie Zhiyi is at this level, it is already difficult for anyone to teach her, but she still smiled and asked: “Oh?”

    Chi Xiangyang: “My brother also learned the piano since he was a child, and he has played well!”

    Xie Zhiyi turned to look. Xiang Chi Lin was a little surprised: “Really?”

    Chi Lin didn’t say a word.

    What kind of tone is this? He thought, why this person’s eyes are still shining.

    Xie Zhiyi watched the flow rate of [200/h] instantly, tentatively and encouragingly said: “Can I see it?”

    Chi Lin quickly picked up the last piece of boiled pork in the heat preservation box, and then held it up with a paper towel. He closed his mouth: “In return for your inviting me to eat.”

    Xie Zhiyi smiled and nodded and said okay.

    She wanted to say what kind of return is needed. You are paying back to me by sitting here and not moving—

    but she won’t refuse, after all, she can still spend more time by Chi Lin’s side, and stay away from nothing.

    Chi Lin’s home has a piano, and Xie Zhiyi knew it was not a mortal thing at first sight.

    The crown prince sat down proudly, naturally only sitting on one-third of the piano bench, with long legs folded, and his feet habitually spaced apart. Xie Zhiyi looked at the way his hands were hanging on the keys, and knew that he could indeed play.

    Chi Lin glanced at her and raised his chin: “Sit.”

    Seeing that he really wanted to teach, Xie Zhiyi didn’t refuse, and walked over to the piano bench he was sitting on.

    The length of the piano bench is limited, and when she sits down, the knees of the two are gently rubbed together.

    Chi Lin tightened instantly.

    He cleared his throat, dropped his slender and white fingers, and quickly played a tune.

    System: “Dip-current flow rate: 500/h”

    Xie Zhiyi was shocked. Chi Lin did not exceed this flow rate even with the dishes she cooked with her heart.

    She quietly asked the system: “What’s the principle?”

    Is it because Chi Lin is so annoying her that the flow rate soars? That’s not enough.

    The system replied: “The principle of physics-the host and the villain have touched physically, which is equivalent to receiving his blackening value more directly, and the flow rate will naturally be faster.”

    Xie Zhiyi: There is such a good thing! !

    She pondered for a while, and seriously thought: Then if she beat Chi Lin, wouldn’t this physical contact be more?

    System: “…” Is this the legendary Shuangwen heroine?

    Have you never thought that your women can still hold hands with men? ? ?

    Chi Lin had finished playing the small half of the song, stopped, and asked her slantingly, “Is there any fingering you can’t do?”

    Xie Zhiyi looked at the very valuable young master in front of him and blinked.

    Low EQ: I heard you made three mistakes.

    High EQ: You have played well.

    Xie Zhiyi said sincerely: “I have benefited a lot.”

    Chi Lin pursed the corners of his lips, and his wings flew behind him: “Cough cough. Play it casually, I didn’t perform well.”

    But he was a little worried-Xie Zhiyi obviously couldn’t hear it. The question he played was also a little cautious in front of the piano, it seemed that he was really not good at it.

    Of course, Chi Lin wouldn’t feel that she was not qualified to compete.

    The prince thought reservedly that he would also be there on the day of the piano competition.

    If Xie Zhiyi is temporarily stage fright, it is not a problem if he helps her play. After all, the responsibility lies.

    … the

    day of the piano competition.

    Kimberlyton attaches great importance to this kind of elegant artistic activities. The venue is selected in the high-end concert hall funded by the school manager, and the scene is magnificent.

    The contestants in the competition are all dressed very formally. Some wealthy young masters and daughters even dressed up and dressed like celebrities.

    The most conspicuous of these is naturally Xie Weilan. She spent a lot of effort to make the styling, in order to be able to crush everyone from appearance to strength, especially to stamp Xie Zhiyi on the ground.

    Wen Zhiyi was the person in charge of taking pictures of the event today. She took a few photos of Xie Weilan and turned to look for Xie Zhiyi’s figure.

    The big drama of the sisters’ fight has been spread on campus. To be honest, Wen Zhiyi felt that Xie Zhiyi did not do well in this move. After all, with her background, her training in the previous ten years was at a disadvantage compared to Xie Weilan.

    Finally, she saw the unhurried figure of Xie Zhiyi, who was dressed in regular clothes before the other party changed clothes.

    Although Wen Zhiyi had to admit that she didn’t make any styling and beat many players, but she didn’t want her to lose to Xie Weilan! Even if the piano is not comparable, at least it must be beautiful!

    “Have you brought a costume?” Wen Zhiyi was very worried about the beauties.

    Xie Zhiyi: “Oh, I brought it.” I

    bought it online, it’s not expensive, and it just arrived today.

    “Then you go and change it!” Wen Zhiyi heaved a sigh of relief, and raised the camera, “Don’t worry, I will take you the most beautiful tonight.”

    Xie Zhiyi laughed: “Thank you, then.”

    Music There are more and more people in the hall, and the seats are gradually full.

    Xie Weilan holding the luxurious skirt corners, walked towards Shangguanchen in the front row, bending slightly, “Brother Achen, thank you for watching my game today, I will work hard.”

    Shangguanchen’s eyes are no longer so swollen, just a look. Slightly tired, “Come on, Weilan.”

    Xie Weilan was full of confidence.

    She hasn’t seen Xie Zhiyi yet. I wonder if she has the courage to be on the stage today?

    Because it is an intramural competition, the competition system is very simple. The contestants will take the stage to perform their own selected repertoire, which will be comprehensively scored by the professional judges and teachers.

    Xie Weilan’s No. 5 pick was ahead of the center. The performances of the players in front of her were mediocre. Xie Weilan was excited and felt that this was simply a godsend opportunity.

    Think of Shangguan Chen, who is watching her under the stage, and Xie Zhiyi, who doesn’t know where to hide at this time. She smiled confidently and walked onto the stage gracefully.

    Zhao Xinyue said in the audience: “This is the princess, right? It’s too beautiful!”

    Zhu Yujie: “It’s a goddess, I won before I started playing .” Heh

    , Xie Zhiyi, that crazy woman, how dare to compare with her? !

    At this time, Xie Zhiyi had just changed his clothes, and in the background, the host heard the name of Xie Weilan’s contestant, and calmly tidied the skirt.

    System: “Warmly remind the host that Xie Weilan still holds the instrument master card.”

    Xie Zhiyi said: “I know.”

    Soon, the dignified and majestic piano sound quickly spread throughout the concert hall, and the extraordinary level immediately made the scene. Everyone raised their spirits–

    “When did Weilan’s piano level be so great?!”

    “She is shining!”

    “So beautiful!” “Goddess!!”

    Xie Zhiyi heard Xie Weilan’s choice in the first few notes. Song-Rachmaninoff’s Second Piano Concerto, I really want to show off my talents.

    “Let her think that she can do it first, and then tell her that you can’t. This is the first emotional roller coaster.” Xie Zhiyi said.

    The system had already understood the host’s intentions at this time, but couldn’t help but feel a little anxious: “Host, don’t you take it back?” On the

    stage, Xie Weilan was getting better and his fingers flew.

    System: “Host, it’s too late!”

    At this moment, Xie Zhiyi issued the command: “Recover the skill card.”

    System: “Dip——Recovered successfully! [Instrument Master] Card has been scrapped.” On

    stage, Xie Weilan was about to pop up the whole song. The most exciting string of syllables, the audience’s expectations have also been suspended to the highest point——

    Then she, gorgeously, made a mistake.

    The magical power suddenly pulled away from her, and Xie Weilan’s own level was not enough to support her to play this song. Under the panic, her fingering became a mess.

    Xie Weilan’s gorgeous skirt was soaked in cold sweat.

    And Xie Weilan harvested a blackening value of 100 points.

    The audience collectively felt a sense of emptiness of “take off their pants and look at this”. When Xie Weilan barely finished playing, the applause seemed weak.

    Xie Weilan stepped off the stage, his face pale, Zhao Xinyue and others hurriedly greeted him with comfort.

    “Already great! Weilan!” “From a comprehensive perspective, you are still the best!”

    Xie Weilan was comforted by them for a while, and his mind was a little settled-

    although her performance was abnormal, Xie Zhiyi was definitely worse than her!


    At this time, contestant No. 6 walked onto the stage.

    She was wearing a velvet black dress, which was tightly wrapped. But I don’t know why, obviously there is not too much skin exposed, but there is an indescribable noble temperament lingering around his body, making people unable to look away from his gestures.

    Chi Lin in the corner and Shangguan Chen in the front row all raised their eyes. Wen Zhiyi frantically pressed the shutter in the audience, Zhu Yujie and Zhao Xinyue were stunned.

    “This, this is Xie Zhiyi?!” The

    crowd whispered:

    “It’s so beautiful…”

    “This seems to be…Xie Weilan’s sister?”

    “Damn, with this face, I can listen to her even if she is blind. “

    Xie Weilan heard the voices in the crowd, saw Shangguan Chen’s frustrated face, and comforted herself: It doesn’t matter, even if she looks good, she doesn’t

    know how to play the piano… Xie Zhiyi walked into the spotlight and felt all this. familiar.

    The system asked: “Host, what song do you choose?”

    Xie Zhiyi: “Xie Weilan’s song.”

    System: “…Shrimp pig heart!”

    Xie Zhiyi smiled: “The second wave of emotional roller coaster: You can’t play, I can play. “

    She lifted her hand gently and dropped it-

    the syllables flowing from her fingertips were clean and neat, without any fancy processing, but it seemed to ring the death knell of an era with her fingers. Majestic, heavy, and exquisite fingering. Even without symphonic cooperation, a person is like an army.

    The concert hall was quiet and silent, until the sound of the piano stopped for a long time, and then there was thunderous applause in hindsight.


    “Is this something you can hear without spending money?!”

    “I love what kind of god this is——” The

    tinkling system prompt sounded , Xie Zhiyi was waiting for the big head.

    Xie Weilan’s face was earthy, and his mentality collapsed.

    The system finally issued a “ding” reminder:

    Xie Weilan brushed a thousand blackening points to the power of the superposition of the two emotions.

    Xie Zhiyi stood up in applause and bowed sincerely to Xie Weilan.

    Thank you~

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