That day, the publicity scene of the Kimberlyton Piano Competition was not too enthusiastic.

    Many people came here because of Shangguan Chen’s admiration, and then remained silent in the crowd.

    Many girls whispered: “What’s wrong with Shangguan senior…”

    “I have never seen him like this.”

    “Is it too stressful?…”

    Xie Zhiyi also stood in the crowd, she was here to check the results. By the way, get information about the game. Seeing Shangguanchen who was gradually reluctant to smile in the center of the square, she gave a knowing smile.

    In the original work, Shangguanchen seemed to shed tears only after she died, and the line was “In this life, I have only cried for you.” Because the author is the mother of the male protagonist, Shangguan Chen will hardly be saddened, and there is only an overwhelming confidence in his heart.

    Therefore, Wang Yiyun really suits him Shangguan Chen. Xie Zhiyi decided to let him use it for a long time and manually teach him to be a soft person!

    At this time, a drop of cold sweat was dripping from the “soft” Shangguan Chen’s forehead. For the first time in his life, what he saw in the eyes of others was not praise, but hesitation and hesitation.

    Moreover, when he saw Xie Zhiyi’s face in the crowd, he felt a dull pain in his heart.

    Do not. He would never allow a woman like Xie Zhiyi to influence him!

    Xie Weilan was standing next to Shangguan Chen, worried in his heart. Ever since Guan Chen ignored her ambiguous WeChat message last night, she felt a little uneasy.

    The organizers, represented by Xie Weilan and Shangguan Chen, promoted the rewards of this piano competition. After all, Kimberlyton is an aristocratic school with strong funds, so the prize money for the winners is also very generous. The champion of the piano competition will become the focus of everyone’s attention, and will also serve as the spokesperson for many school activities in the future.

    Shangguan Chen explained one by one according to the requirements of the organizer.

    The crowd is still whispering:

    “I don’t know why, I didn’t feel the charming temperament of Shangguan Senior Master today.”

    “…Me too.”

    “Look and see, isn’t that Chi Lin!”

    “Ah-I suddenly regretted the school grass before. I voted for Shangguan senior!”

    Chi Lin and Chi Xiangyang passed the square together and saw the crowd gathered.

    Chi Xiangyang has always liked to join in the fun. He stretched his neck and looked into the distance. At a glance, he saw the most beautiful one in the

    crowd—”Hey, isn’t that Sister Yi!”

    Chi Lin suddenly moved his gaze over.

    Chi Xiangyang scratched his head: “She seems to be smiling at Shangguan Chen?”

    Chi Lin frowned.

    He followed Xie Zhiyi’s gaze and saw that Shangguan Chen didn’t know what was going on today, he looked like a fucking frog.

    Chi Lin suddenly became so angry that he didn’t know who to fight.

    Shangguan Chen has grown to be like this, is she still in love? ?

    Is it not only Shangguan Chen who cooks for him and gives him biscuits?

    Chi Lin turned his face back. Suddenly he realized that he was unnecessary.

    Even if he brought Xie Zhiyi back to this world and felt that he was obligated to her in his heart, he shouldn’t have so much rubbish emotions because of her.

    Shangguanchen didn’t fart in his eyes.

    “Let’s go.” Chi Lin said coldly.

    “Oh—” Chi Xiangyang followed, “Brother, don’t you have another class?”

    Chi Lin was in a bad mood: “No more.” By

    the time the two left, the publicity activities had come to an end.

    At the gate of Kimberlyton, they happened to meet Shangguan Chen on a narrow road.

    Chi Lin squinted slightly.

    Shangguan Chen didn’t know what his psychology was, and raised his chin to respond domineeringly.

    It’s a pity that his eyes are too swollen, and his aura is completely crushed by Chi Lin.

    The two were originally the strongest commercial competitors, and the heirs were about the same age. Although they didn’t say anything about it, they were always divided into two groups in the school, and they were dissatisfied with each other.

    Shangguanchen laughed first, pretending to be casual: “I heard that Xie Zhiyi also made you something to eat recently?”

    The word “Ye” is very painful. The subtext is that he has already enjoyed this kind of treatment, and it is no longer rare. . Xie Zhiyi just gave Chi Lin something to eat on a whim.

    There were ten thousand swear words in Chi Lin’s heart, and he didn’t show the slightest expression on his face. He smiled: “You heard it very quickly, didn’t you ask?”

    Shangguanchen’s face sank, and then he smiled freely and said: “Thank you for doing it.” The taste of things is average, but they are more intentional.”

    Chi Lin raised his eyebrows and suddenly realized that what Shangguanchen had eaten before might not be so good at all.

    He suddenly forgot what he said in his heart ten minutes ago that “it is unnecessary”. The eagle’s wings fluttered twice in the air.

    Pool Pro deliberately look of puzzled look to pool sunny, pointing to the Shang Chen asked: “He really eaten Xie know it is intended to do the dishes?”

    “Yes, Yes, strange meaning sister do the dishes much better than my home chef! That’s awesome,” Chi Xiangyang was very cooperative, covering her mouth and whistling, “Oh, she has never done a good job for Shangguanchen?”

    Shangguanchen: “…”

    Chi Linxian made up for the knife: “It’s pitiful.”

    Shangguanchen: “…”

    At the same moment, Xie Zhiyi received the system prompt.

    “The male protagonist’s mood swings are monitored, and the blackening value is +70.”

    Xie Zhiyi was very surprised: How? Will the network suppress the cloud during the day?

    The hero is very sad.



    Shangguan Chen asked the servant to get an ice pack and continued to apply cold compresses to his eyes.

    But as the night darkened, with the music, tears still couldn’t stop flowing…

    No one will stay the same forever. No matter how heartbreaking last night, the world is still full of voices when I wake up.

    The world is so good, I won’t come next time.

    When he got up the next day, Xie Zhiyi found that the hero had given her a blackening value of 670 points, and was directly shocked.

    “Shangguanchen won’t be blind if this goes on?” Xie Zhiyi asked the system.

    Although it doesn’t matter if the male lead is blind or not in the old days, the fact that the male lead can’t see will inevitably affect his mood swings, and then affect the blackening value task of Xie Zhiyi.

    The system responded: “Host, please rest assured that under the setting of this book, the male lead will have nothing to do. And the influence of the male lead due to the skill card will gradually weaken due to the increase in antibodies.”

    Xie Zhiyi: “Okay.”

    Then cry, because you can’t cry anyway √

    “To complete the next stage of the quantitative goal, you still need 888 blackening points, please continue to work hard.”

    Xie Zhiyi thought, the male protagonist will cry for two nights. Save it!

    This time is spared just to prepare for the piano competition a little bit.


    Two days later.

    In the small gathering box in the circle, everyone looked at the first low-pressure Shangguan Chen and did not dare to ask more.

    His flushed eyes and tired face can be seen almost 800 meters away.

    Xie Weilan didn’t know what to do. Shangguanchen’s emotions had nothing to do with her. She had to poke Zhao Xinyue to make her think of a lighter topic.

    Zhao Xinyue’s eyes rolled, and one thing came to mind: “Say something funny, you don’t know it, Xie Zhiyi also signed up for the piano competition hahahaha.”

    Speaking of thanks to Zhiyi, the atmosphere in the whole box seemed to be alive.

    Zhu Yujie took the lead in chuckles: “She? Why did she sign up? The focus is on participating?” In the

    past few days, Xie Zhiyi didn’t know what was going on. He actually got a lot closer to the Chi family’s prince, so that he could not find a starter. chance.

    But he will definitely teach this woman who doesn’t know the sky and earth!

    Xie Weilan was also startled, and asked, “Really? Sister’s words, the piano is a musical instrument…”

    She stopped talking , but everyone present could understand.

    “Yeah, can she be a hillbilly who grew up in the country who can play the piano?”


    n’t talk about the piano, other musical instruments are 80% good–” “Don’t say that, maybe people can whistle pee!”


    Hahahahahaha ” Xie Weilan looked helpless, concealing the smile in his eyes.

    Before Xie Zhiyi returned to Xie’s house, she had already grasped the twin sister’s information clearly. She couldn’t even touch the piano, an elegant instrument.

    I don’t know what Xie Zhiyi thinks. In order to compare her, I chose to make a fool of myself… Then don’t blame her for being rude.

    Zhao Xinyue is also very confident in

    Xie Weilan: “I’m going to submit a performance piece soon. Is Lanlan thinking about it?” Xie Weilan shook his head: “Since my sister is also going to participate, I will go back and take her to discuss it together.”

    “You Really kind!”

    Xie Weilan looked at Shangguan Chen with satisfaction and found that the other party was losing consciousness.

    It seems that Shangguanchen’s thoughts have gone far since the name Xie Zhiyi was mentioned.

    Xie Weilan squeezed his fist secretly, and a light of jealousy flashed in his eyes.


    School piano room.

    Xie Zhiyi had just hit the last key, and the cheerful sound of the piano seemed to surround the room.

    After a long time, the bird on the branch outside the window flapped its wings and flew away.

    System: “Host, you deserve it.”

    Xie Zhiyi touched the long-lost black and white button and smiled.

    The system dinged and dinged several sounds in the area. Xie Weilan and Shangguan Chen didn’t know what they were doing, and they provided a lot of blackening values.

    Counting the two days Shangguan Chen cried to her every night, she had already brushed enough for 888.

    “Ding! The blackening value increase has reached a quantitative standard. This drop skill-[Musical Instrument Master], this card attribute is also owned by long-term individuals. Using this skill, people can easily master an instrument and reach the realm of a master. “

    Xie known Italian raised his eyebrows.

    Things are good things, but they are of no use to her.

    She pondered for a moment, and suddenly a flash of inspiration: “You said that self-retained skill cards can be used indefinitely, and transfer to someone else can determine the other party’s expiration date, right?”

    System: “Yes, host.”

    Xie Zhiyi slowly revealed Smile—oh, she knows how to play again.

    “I choose to transfer to my sister.”

    System: “After the transfer is successful, Xie Weilan will have the highest piano level. The competition is about to begin, are you sure to transfer?”

    Xie Zhiyi smiled meaningfully: “Yes.”


    That night, Xie Weilan discovered My own hands are as divinely helpful.

    No matter how difficult it is, she can easily pour it out under her hands.

    ——This level is something she has never experienced before!

    Xie Weilan thought excitedly: With his current ability, it is not a problem to participate in world-class competitions!

    She resisted the excitement and did not speak to any vocals. Instead, she chose a world-famous song with great difficulty when submitting the competition track.

    When it’s time for the game, she will surprise the four and let everyone surrender for her!

    She wants to smash Xie Zhiyi’s face in front of everyone!

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