Chi Xiangyang was admitted to Kimberlyton, he moved over to live with his brother.

    Because there are only Chi Lin and servants in this mansion, it’s strange to be deserted, and to accompany him more is also the meaning of the Chi family.

    Although his brother has a bad temper, he is actually very good to his relatives. He is much more comfortable living in his brother’s house than in his own home.

    Moreover, Chi Lin is a person who knows everything. He is quick to get started with company affairs. Chi Xiangyang can learn a lot by his side. He is very willing if Chi Lin asks him to run errands or whatever.

    As soon as he walked out of the room that day, he saw Chi Lin looking at him coldly.

    Chi Xiangyang scratched his head: “What, what’s up?”

    Chi Lin said, “Your dad called you to go home for dinner.”

    Chi Xiangyang was dumbfounded: “My dad went out on a business trip?”

    “…” Chi Facial expressionless: “It’s wrong, it’s your mother.”

    Chi Xiangyang: “My mom doesn’t cook?”

    Chi Lin lifted his back neck and walked toward the back door: “Anyway, you go home and take a look. Get out. “After

    pushing him out, Chi Lin went back to the room and smashed his hair.

    Chi Xiangyang crouched aggrievedly at the back door, and suddenly remembered that his cool aj was in the shoe cabinet at the front door, so he quietly opened the door and slipped back, put on his shoes and walked out from the front door.

    When Xie Zhiyi carried the lunch box and walked over, he saw Chi Xiangyang stepping on two groups of greens. The system had automatically connected the net, and the blackening value began to rise steadily.

    Xie Zhiyi waved at him, “Come to pick me up? No need.”

    Chi Xiangyang wanted to answer, and the tip of his nose rose to a scent: “No-Sister Yi, what are you talking about?”

    Xie Zhiyi: ” The dishes I made are for you to eat.”

    Chi Xiangyang suddenly said, “Really! Then I’ll go home after eating!!” The dishes made by the beautiful lady must be eaten!

    After a few minutes.

    The doorbell of the mansion rang.

    Chi Lin opened the door with a cold face, “Why don’t you go so fast?”

    Outside the door, Chi Xiangyang’s big brilliant face: “Brother! Sister Yi brought us food!”

    Chi Lin: “… “At

    this distance, Xie Zhiyi smiled contentedly.

    “Blackening value Bluetooth is connected! Current flow rate: +10/h (real-time change)”

    “Blackening value Bluetooth is connected! Current flow rate: +50/h (real-time change)”


    Xie Zhiyi looked at Chi Lin: “Take it for you. They are all freshly made.

    Eat while it is hot.” Chi Lin frowned immediately: “You won’t eat?”

    Xie Zhiyi was a little surprised: “Do you want to eat with me?” “

    She asked this very calmly. After all, their relationship is really bad. Every time Chi Lin meets her, she is not in a good mood. She originally didn’t want to affect his enjoyment of food.

    Chi Lin’s expression was a bit unnatural for an instant, turned his head, gritted his teeth and said: “Of course not—”

    Chi Xiangyang happily inserted: “Think about it! Why not! Sister Yi, I’ll get you slippers—”

    Chi Linsong said Tone.

    …Chi Xiangyang, this little fool is not useless at all.

    He turned around and walked to the restaurant first: “Come in.” As

    soon as Chi Lin left, the signal deteriorated, and Xie Zhiyi quickly changed his slippers to keep up.

    The layout of the Chi family is different from that of the Xie family villa. It has a larger area and more luxurious decoration. It is a pity that there are not many people living in such a large space, and it is terribly quiet.

    Xie Zhiyi scanned several medicine bottles scattered on the marble slate tabletop under a picture frame.

    Who of them takes medicine? Xie Zhiyi changed his mind and didn’t pay too much attention to the privacy of others.

    Put a few insulation boxes on the table, Chi Lin pulled out the chair and asked casually: “Why do you think of it for me—we’re cooking?”

    Xie Zhiyi hadn’t thought about this question. After thinking about it for two seconds, he said dryly. “Oh, after all, you are my nobleman.”

    Chi Lin: “…” What the hell is the nobleman. It’s been three years since your capital is expensive and only do it now? ?

    He held his arms in a restrained manner, with the prince of the Chi family’s arrogance, “Anyway–you can count on it. It doesn’t matter whether it is delicious or not, there is no need to stress.”

    Chi Xiangyang can’t wait to open it. Lid-the

    fragrance is overwhelming.

    The level seems to be okay? Chi Lin thought.

    He took a bite with chopsticks, chewed and swallowed.


    But Chi Xiangyang was already snorting and snorting, and he was still vaguely “Fuck! Fuck! It’s so fragrant! This is the chef’s level!”

    “…” Chi Lin instantly speeded up his eating movements.

    Xie Zhiyi saw that the flow rate of the blackening value doubled, thinking that it seemed that his old line of business was still passing the test.

    Chi Lin silently grabbed food while thinking: before Shangguanchen pretended to eat such delicious food? Oh shit.

    System: “Current flow rate: 200/h”

    Xie Zhiyi is unclear. So: Well, why is it suddenly fast?


    A meal, it will be resolved within twenty minutes.

    Chi Xiangyang tried to finish the meal and even wanted to lick the plate. Obviously they are all home-cooked dishes, why is it so delicious when Xie Zhiyi makes them? Is this the power of beauty?

    Xie Zhiyi was still unfinished at this time: this meal gave her a blackening value of over two hundred.

    Ah, it deserves to be the food I made-

    she was picking up the lunch box slowly, and looking at Chi Lin, she also felt a little fidgeting when she saw him.

    Xie Zhiyi decided not to disturb others anymore, after all, today he has gained a lot. She packed up her things and stood up, “Ah, yes.”

    Chi Lin raised her head: “What’s wrong?”

    “Well, I want to ask what class you take every week.” Xie Zhiyi said.

    Chi Lin thought: What do you mean? What do I do in class?

    Xie Zhiyi has already figured out the answer to this question, and said solemnly: “I realize that you are a very good person, and I want to learn in your footsteps.”

    Chi Lin:? ?

    When Xie Zhiyi left Chi’s house that day, he not only got the course information, but also brushed dozens of blackening points and left with satisfaction.


    That night.

    Chi Lin touched the campus course selection system overnight and refilled the class schedule.


    class the next day.

    When Xie Zhiyi walked to the classroom, he saw Chi Lin and was in a good mood.

    She feels that her relationship with the villain has taken a qualitative leap, which is really gratifying.

    If they work harder, they might still be friends!

    A good mood will make an already beautiful person more eye-catching. Zhu Yujie looked at Xie Zhiyi from behind, with a sense of resentment in his eyes.

    “Yujie!” Xie Weilan’s sweet voice came, instantly soothing Zhu Yujie’s irritable heart.

    As a high-end Bailian, Xie Weilan would never admit that he saw Zhu Yujie being beaten that day. She and Shangguan Chen walked to Zhu Yujie together, showing concerned eyes: “I heard you were injured? How is it, is there any uncomfortable place.”

    Zhu Yujie suddenly thought: Sure enough, it is better for Weilan, this is him. Goddess, Xie Zhiyi is a fart? Dare to treat him that way.

    “I’m fine, don’t worry.”

    Xie Weilan nodded: “That’s good-I saw my sister just now, she didn’t pay much attention to me recently, I’ll talk to her!”

    The two men present listened. I think Xie Weilan is too kind.

    When Xie Weilan left, Zhu Yujie asked Shangguanchen a bit sourly: “Why did you come together?”

    Shangguanchen: “The piano competition is about to begin. Weilan invites me to do a publicity activity tomorrow.”

    In a place like Kimberlyton, Talent is especially valued. Xie Weilan, as the goddess of the campus, is the spokesperson for this aspect. She invited the school’s senior official Chen to promote it, and everyone would find it very appropriate.

    Zhu Yujie couldn’t get Xie Weilan, and was beaten by Xie Zhiyi again, feeling very grievances in his heart.

    “Thank Zhiyi for not being a human being, I must teach her something…” Zhu Yujie looked at Shangguanchen, “You don’t mind, right?”

    Shangguanchen’s eyebrows lightly folded, then he curled his lips and smiled coldly: “Of course.”

    How is Xie Zhiyi and what does it have to do with him?

    Zhu Yujie also smiled fiercely: “Then I’ll take care of it.”

    Walking into the classroom, Shangguan Chen didn’t know why, and subconsciously looked for the direction of Xie Zhiyi.

    Then suddenly she saw that she was sitting not far from Chi Lin and handed him a paper bag.

    Shangguan Chen’s pupils shrank slightly.

    He is familiar with that paper bag, because Xie Zhiyi used to like to give him something to eat.

    I don’t know why, there is a sting in his heart.

    Xie Zhiyi received a system reminder: “The male protagonist’s mood swings are monitored, and the blackening value is +30.”

    Shangguanchen’s rate of return has indeed become higher! Xie Zhiyi finished handing things to Chi Lin, and became more determined to take him.

    Zhu Yujie also saw this scene from behind, and his heart was sour with smoke

    : “Oh, I licked it? Achen, I think she just wanted to get your attention!” Shangguanchen smiled indifferently, “Oh, woman–“

    Throughout the class, Xie Zhiyi rubbed Chi Lin’s blackening value while harvesting from time to time the blackening value provided by Shangguan Chen, Zhu Yujie, Xie Weilan and others.

    After class, Xie Zhiyi heard the system’s prompt as he wished:

    “Ding! The increase in the blackening value reached a quantitative standard, and the skill-[Nety Cloud Card] is dropped. The attribute of this card is owned by a long-term individual. Using this skill, you can let people Depressed late at night, crying all night, and continue to provide blackening value.”

    “The system friendly reminds that the host has the right to retain or transfer the skill card. The retention can be used indefinitely, and the transfer can freely determine the other party’s use period.”

    Xie Zhiyi raised his eyebrows: “Then, of course I transferred it.”

    Of course, this kind of good thing is reserved for the male protagonist !

    System: “Dip-the hero Shangguanchen skill card is loaded √”


    That night.

    Under the service of the servant, Shangguanchen chose the clothes to wear and the watch to be worn for tomorrow’s promotional event.

    As a school grass, his appearance has always been paid attention to and discussed.

    But I don’t know why, the scene where Xie Zhiyi handed the things he made to Chi Lin during the day was deeply engraved in his mind and lingered.

    Xie Weilan sent a WeChat message: [Brother Achen, I miss you in the evening~]

    Shangguanchen saw it and didn’t want to reply for the first time.

    An inexplicable sadness and depression entangled in my heart, reaching its peak when the speakers played music.

    He leaned on the pillow, and inexplicably thought: I was born as a human, I’m sorry.

    Shangguan Chen wept.

    Some names remain between the teeth, and some things are unforgettable. This city is so quiet that it makes one’s heart trembling.

    No one will love him forever, Xie Zhiyi changed.

    This world is so big and so empty.

    Is he gentle at the moment who is crying? In exchange for life.


    The next morning, thanks to the system prompt known meaning.

    Shangguan Chen gave her five hundred blackening points for one night!

    How restrained is this? ? Xie Zhiyi thought happily.

    The publicity activities of the piano competition were held in the central square of the campus. All the girls in the school knew that Shangguan Chen was coming, and they all gathered here, waiting for a glimpse of the school grass.

    Soon, the figure of Shangguan Chen appeared.

    The person in charge of propaganda went to Shangguanchen shyly, “Senior, learn–?!”

    Shangguanchen wore two walnut-like red and swollen eyes, and smiled lightly: “What’s the matter?”

    Girl: “…” Who is this?

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