After that, I set up a liberal arts and science complementary study group with the person in front of me, and the chance of contact was greatly increased.

    I said that my purpose of approaching him was largely to repay him.

    If he likes me all his life, then of course the best of both worlds. But if he doesn’t like me in his life, then I can’t force him to press his head to make him like me the same way he did in his previous life. After I pay my favor, if he still hates me, I will return him to live a normal life.

    I thought very clearly, and then I started my repayment plan.

    I began to take the initiative to show good, and use my best efforts to care for him, from life to learning in every possible way.

    Whenever he played basketball, I would go to the show, shouting cheering louder than anyone else, Xu Mingyi looked at me with weird eyes, and our rumors spread quickly from the school. I still brought snacks and water when he was playing e-sports with his companions. I took the initiative to help him with his homework, carried clothes and errands, and more than that, I tried to go to and from school with him, anyway, his house lives in the villa halfway up the mountain by the sea, and I go around.

    Just run more long distances… but he seemed to repel me to do this. When I appeared at his door early in the morning, they both pulled me off the ground and called me an idiot.

    I thought sadly in my heart, it really was because I didn’t like me. So what am I doing? He thinks I’m stupid.

    To be honest, he doesn’t actually need it in this life? I care. If he is very poor, I can save up all his pocket money and give it to him. If he is bullied, I can risk his death, but he is not only rich but also a school bully, who dares to trouble him, he The day is more comfortable than I am, I can’t find it at all? What is his lack of place to repay.

    So less than half a month after this, I began to think in confusion about myself? What is the point of doing this myself?

    It’s not because my heart to repay my gratitude is so shallow, I’m tired after holding on to it for two? But I think the original intention of repaying gratitude should be to do two things that are beneficial to the other party and make the other party happy. Since he doesn’t like my presence next to him at all, then I will no longer repay the gratitude, but selfishly. ? I am moved.

    After thinking about it, I decided to stop doing these annoying things for the time being.

    After waiting, what does he need? When I am, I will help without hesitation.


    Yan Liang? Xie is very sure that Jiang Ning will not like himself. First of all, she was directly interested in her bamboo horse Xu Mingyi. Secondly, Yan Liang Xie also asked someone to find out that her ideal type has nothing to do with his type of half a dime.

    In the case of intimidating the class teacher, he brought her to his side. Yan Liang Xie admitted that it was despicable, but it was also his happiest two moments.

    But things are a bit different from what he imagined. Jiang Ning was very proactive about herself. Not only do they often appear in their own field of vision in school, they even come from their own family to start school.

    Yan Liang? Xie was flattered? At the same time, I wondered if there was a pie in the sky, or? Otherwise, what about Jiang Ning? I want to ask myself for help,

But because of face, it is not easy to speak.

    After inquiring, Yan Liang Xie learned that Xu Mingyi lost in the last competition and was looking for the teaching director to get the next two places.

    Is it for this?

    It can’t always be because I

    fell in love with myself = = Yan Liang? Xie’s mood is two? Then I became depressed again.

    The two of them were waiting for Jiang Ning to ask for help. Although he was not very happy, he would help no matter what she said.

    Who knows that Jiang Ning never mentioned it to him.

    Just as he gradually felt with joy that he should have made a mistake in his guess, Jiang Ning did not come close to himself because of that incident. It is very likely that he came to him when he discovered his own handsomeness. When making friends. He was hit twice again.

    Jiang Ning suddenly disappeared from his vision.

    disappear. literal meaning.

    Originally, the two did not have much intersection. After the study group was over, there was no reason to meet.

    When Jiang Ning took the initiative to approach Yan Liang Xie, Yan Liang Xie was ecstatic in his heart, but on the surface he was arrogant and pretending to be cool, trying to maintain his own image.

    But Jiang Ning suddenly didn’t take the initiative to approach him, and didn’t come to him anymore. Yan Liang? Xie Liang? were dumbfounded.

    It’s like missing two puzzle pieces.

    He finally couldn’t hold back. On various occasions, he stared straight at Jiang Ning. Whenever Jiang Ning met him, he felt a full sense of pressure, as if he was being chased by a beast.

    The girls who walked with Jiang Ning felt chills in their backs, and secretly asked if Jiang Ning had offended Yan Liang? Thank you.

    “It seems to be offended.” Jiang Ning was a little depressed. Will it be possible to retaliate? Anti-encounter?

    The enemy comes as soon as he comes.

    As soon as Jiang Ning and her friend left the rehearsal room, they were blocked in a corner by a tall figure. The friend was so frightened that he ran away, leaving Jiang Ning stiff with his back leaning against the cold wall.

    The young man in front of him lowered his head and frowned to look at her: “You explain the behavior of you coming and going again.”

    Jiang Ning two guilty conscience: “Actually, I just want to report…”

    Just want to hug? Hold two?

    Yan Liang? Thanks, his cheeks flushed.

    Jiang Ning was unexpectedly dragged into his arms by the person in front of him and hugged him.

    “Don’t tell me earlier?” Yan Liang? Xie’s mouth raised frantically, and muttered: “For the sake of me like you, you can hug me ten times.”

    Jiang Ning:? Who likes whom?

    (End of Extra)

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