The author has something to say: Note: Parallel world.

    This is a two-way secret love story in which the arrogant and arrogant wife suddenly took a step back, so A hurriedly went up.

    I wanted to write something different from the main text, so I used a double narrative technique.

    It’s not long, just write it to A and finish it together.

    My name is Jiang Ning. I’m 17 years old. I’m already aware of my previous situation. I’ve been born again, and it’s not until I was born again. I found out that my young and dyed bamboo horse doesn’t like me as much as I thought. The handsome and rich prince I have never followed has been kind to me for a lifetime.

    No one has ever? Treated me so well.

    There is no doubt that I was moved, and when I was moved, I also gave birth to joy.

    According to the thinking of all normal people, I must seek advantages and avoid disadvantages in this life, stay away from Xu Mingyi, and get close. Yan Yixie. And at this time, Yan Yixie already liked me. I captured him further likes and reached the ending of HE with him.


    this? The long pause is because–the seventeen-year-old Yan Yixie in front of me is really fierce! He is tall and tall, particularly outstanding among a group of high school students in basketball uniforms. He has short black hair like a hedgehog, unruly and unruly. He curled his eyebrows and stared at me. It looks cold and cold.

    This? How do I believe what he said to me in the last life, when he was young? I had a crush on me since I was young? !

    Fake secret crush!

    “Why? Is there anything? Why don’t you talk to me?” His slender fingers squeezed the bottle of mineral water hard, his eyes staring at me indifferently, as if it would take a minute to feel good? A meal.

    I felt suffocated for a while-I knew that I should be more cautious?

    I was born again last night, and I can’t wait to find him after I came to school today. My psychology is very good. Who missed a valuable art painting because of his own mistakes in the last life. After knowing the truth in his life, he will want to restore it in advance, and what I think is also the same? Not much difference. So I didn’t think too much about it. After the get out of class, I ignored Xu Mingyi. Instead, I went directly to Yan Yixie’s class. After learning that he was on the basketball court, I bought mineral water and eagerly ran to him. .

    … As a result, it was discovered that the seventeen-year-old Yan Yixie was still the school tyrant of the school, and he pulled his head too coldly.

    It may have caused me too much impact, and many people around me looked at this side. It took me a long time to come back to my senses. There are some rigid ways: “A cross-class pairing is taking place in the grade. A complementary learning activity in arts and sciences, I was assigned to a group with you, and now I’ll meet you in advance.”

    Isn’t that? What is the excuse? In the application form that I handed over this morning, I did apply to the class teacher for the third class. A group of Yan Yixie.

    Because I know? Because of his notoriety, no one should dare to join him. Those little brothers must succumb to his fists to fill in his name.

    In other words, as long as I apply, there is a 90% probability that he and me will be assigned together.

    I thought the person in front of me would? He refused without hesitation-after all, does he really look like he has been crushing me for several years?

    I don’t even suspect him? Know? Who am I.

    Who knows the face? A tall young man with an inverted eyebrow in front of him? Looking at me, he spit out the word “Oh”.

    Me: “?”

    I was about to feel surprised, and saw him wave his hand in a perfunctory manner, with a very reluctant expression on his handsome face: “Since it is a mandatory distribution and it has already been divided, then I do not have that? Go to the head teacher of both of us and ask for a replacement. Just hello, anyway, this kind of stupid activity, how many times has it been carried out. “

    I: == Since that’s not the case? I would rather you refuse.

    However, he was willing to agree, but I was relieved.

    Because my purpose is indeed to get close to him.

    No matter if he likes me in his life or not, he likes me, the kindness he has for me in his last life is real or real, and I have nothing to repay, but I can only do my best to repay it in this life.

    There are too many people on the basketball court. The people around me are all looking at me, seeming to be shocked by me.

    Being stared at by this? So many eyes, me too? No? I can say something, so I said “then this?”, and hurriedly planned to leave.

    I have a stop.

    Because my back collar was caught.

    A tall boy? He dragged me back effortlessly, and squinted his eyes, as if there was something wrong? Asked coolly: “You haven’t said what your name is.”

    I: “…”

    Damn, it really is a man’s mouth, a deceitful ghost, what did you say in your previous life that you have been secretly in love with me since you were young? It’s all fake!

    Seventeen-year-old Yan Yixie clearly doesn’t even know what my name is? You know? Ah!

    I’m hit hard, weak and honest?: “Jiang Ning. Jiang Ning from Class One.”

    “Mobile phone number.”


    He frowned, “No? Is it for learning activities? I don’t have your mobile phone number. , How can I contact you?”

    Oh, it was for learning activities.

    I turned around, touched on my body, and said, “No pen.”

    The boy in front of me took out a business card from his sweatpants pocket. It was white paper with gold inlaid on the edge and used it in the middle. The scribbled handwriting wrote a string of phone numbers, and cruelly stuffed it into my hand, saying: “My business card, call me.”

    I: “…”

    Although it’s the first time I saw a high school student with my handwritten business card, I thought it was very strange, but I thought of the person in front of me–

No? What kind of ordinary people? I tried my best to accept this strange picture.

    I’m about to leave.

    The rabbit hat was grabbed by the hand of a slender boy again.

    I looked back.

    Teenager? Raised eyebrows again: “You haven’t said when you want to call.”

    Is this? Is there a time concept?


    she walking towards me? How can it be? ——This? It was Yan Yixie’s first reaction when Jiang Ning ran over with mineral water on the basketball court that day.

    His heart beats so fast that he almost burst out of his chest.

    While trying to dribble the ball smartly, he glanced into the distance from the corner of his eye.

    Although his head did not turn away, and although his sight did not fall, he felt that every cell in his body was being drawn by her every move.

    She was holding a bottle of mineral water and hesitated outside the court, because she was beautiful, and after a while, there were already several boys who took the opportunity to pass by her. The thoughts on those greasy faces were clear at a glance. An unnamed anger rose in Yan Yixie’s heart. He couldn’t help but toss the basketball coldly: “No? Hit it.” The

    brothers: “…”

    Yan Yixie pretended to be a halftime break and walked away. To the sidelines.

    Then, in his light, she really hesitated, and then walked towards him step by step.

    Yan Yixie:?

    He was really not affectionate, did she come to him?

    Didn’t this happen? It was in Yan Yixie’s expectation.

    Half a month ago, the school suddenly proposed some cross-class one-on-one complementary learning activities in arts and sciences with intellectual disabilities. Yan Yixie had never participated in this kind of activities before, but a little brother who knew that he had a crush on her suddenly reminded him. Cross-class, this means that he can use some privileges, so that she can’t get to be with him-what a good chance? Ah.

    On the surface, Yan Yixie condemned the little brother righteously. He had never been a person who abused privileges, so he turned around and entered the school manager’s office.

    Therefore, if he guessed correctly, the situation is divided into groups. She should be feeling very confused and distressed now, how could she be? Group with him.

    Will it? Will it? Find out that he is using power for personal gain behind his back?

    Yan Yixie’s breathing became messy for an instant, and the roots of his ears were so red that Jiang Ning walked up to him, handed him mineral water, and looked at him with an indescribable look. Very uselessly panicked.

    “What are you doing.” He concealed his guilty conscience fiercely.

    His fingers twisted the mineral water she handed over—the mineral water Jiang Ning bought for him!

    He felt that all his fingertips were hot, and he could only hold the mineral water hard to keep his fingertips from shaking.

    calm down.

    There are too many people around? If you act too blatantly, you will be seen at a glance.

    The young man continued to bluff in a vicious voice: “What’s the matter? You don’t want to talk to me?”

    Jiang Ning said that she was put in a group with him, and now she came to meet him in advance.

    Listening to her tone, Yan Yixie felt that she didn’t seem to realize “Why is she such a good student? Will she be put in a group with him”, her tight body was slightly relaxed.

    Then he only needs to show that he doesn’t know anything about it, and he just accepts it reluctantly.

    If Jiang Ning knew? He would have known her name, and every day when he went to school, his eyes would stay on her body. When I saw her, my heart would be as joyful as eating a sweet egg, but I didn’t see her. Tian’s mood isn’t great, she must think he is something abnormal.

    So Yan Yixie deliberately asked her name.

    “Jiang Ning. Jiang Ning from Class One.”

    Her voice was so sweet, as clear as a spring hitting a rock.

    Yan Yi Xie Ergen turned red again.

    He turned sideways, letting his hot side plunge into the shadow of the tree.

    If you know the name, then it’s okay to ask for your phone number.

    Yan Yixie tried his best to ask Jiang Ning’s phone number in a very normal tone.

    In fact, he already has Jiang Ning’s contact information. Whose contact information is naturally trivial to him? One. But he never dared to hit the number that was so familiar to his heart.

    However, Jiang Ning said no? Pen.

    Is it to refuse or…? Yan Yixie felt a little discouraged in her heart for a moment. Sure enough, she had been in front of her for two years? Her impression of herself was still a school tyrant, and she always avoided herself. Or she was forced to participate in a study group, she should have appeared in front of her at all?

    But this? Can you win her?

    Isn’t it easy to have it? Is this a chance to get along?.

    Yan Yixie chicly took out his long-prepared business card from his trouser pocket.

    Only this one, of course, is waiting for her to ask.

    Being forcibly stuffed with a business card, Jiang Ning seemed to frown.

    And after reluctantly accepting it, he turned around? About to leave.

    Damn it, will? No? Yes? I took the business card and threw it in a trash can. Didn’t even think about calling him?

    Yan Yixie looked at the beating brim of her hat, did not hold back, and yanked her back.

    “…You haven’t said when you want to call.”

    Since it is a school bully, is it a bit stronger? It’s normal, right.

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