After that, I set up a liberal arts and science complementary study group with the person in front of me, and the chance of contact was greatly increased.     I said that my purpose of approaching him was largely to repay him.     If he likes me all his life, then of course the best of bothContinue reading “TSGBHWSMK: Extra 5”


  The author has something to say: Note: Parallel world.     This is a two-way secret love story in which the arrogant and arrogant wife suddenly took a step back, so A hurriedly went up.     I wanted to write something different from the main text, so I used a double narrative technique.     It’s not long, just writeContinue reading “TSGBHWSMK: Extra 4”


 That night, Jiang Ning ate half a marinated pigeon and was satisfied. In the evening, when he got home, he found out his weight on the outdoor balcony and weighed it. It weighed 0.5 kilograms and was so angry that he immediately found out. Got your own? Yoga mat. The culprit, Yan Yixie, was beaten severalContinue reading “TSGBHWSMK: Extra 3”


  In the past two years, Jiang Ning’s relationship network is quite simple. It is the former college classmates and the colleagues of the design institute who come and go. These people Yan Yixie know. No one’s name has the same pronunciation as “yanrugu”.     Yan Yixie took the lead to exclude these people in his mind.Continue reading “TSGBHWSMK: Extra 2”


 It has been two full anniversary of marriage.     Yan Yixie suddenly felt a strong sense of crisis recently.     It happened a few days ago when Jiang Ning called an unfamiliar name in his sleep.     At that time, there was dense and fuzzy rain outside the window, and the cool air of autumn was isolated outsideContinue reading “TSGBHWSMK: Extra 1”


    A few days later, Yan Yixie took Jiang Ning back to the sea market.     When he revisited the old place again, his mood was different.     The last time I came, I was in a kind of abandoned resentment, with a desperate mood, struggling in despair and resurgence, and wanted to ask for a result fromContinue reading “TSGBHWSMK: Ch 91 【END】”


    After two more rains, the weather finally cleared.     One week after the final version of the design plan in Jiang Ning’s group was approved, after finishing the work on this project, she had a period of vacation. She planned to go back to the sea with Yan Yixie to meet Zheng Ruonan.     Before that, IContinue reading “TSGBHWSMK: Ch 90”


  Before the house was cleaned up, the two returned to the hotel after eating out.     In the next two days, the two really didn’t go anywhere, did nothing, just hugged them to sleep.     When the curtains were closed, only the faint light penetrated in. No one was disturbed by anything. The hustle and bustle ofContinue reading “TSGBHWSMK: Ch 89”


 After breakfast, Yan Yixie accompanied Jiang Ning to the shopping mall below the hotel to buy a dress and change it on. Both of them have very good looks, handsome men and beautiful women, and countless turning heads along the way. Yan Yixie is tall and handsome, especially attracting the attention of female shopping guides in shoppingContinue reading “TSGBHWSMK: Ch 88”


  “I’m so hungry.” Jiang Ning touched his groaning belly and was dazed for a while.     Only then did she remember that she didn’t eat dinner last night.     Yan Yixie looked at her deeply.     Although they were married before, there was always a gap between the two. After explaining last night, Yan Yixie felt satisfied thatContinue reading “TSGBHWSMK: Ch 87”