In the past two years, Jiang Ning’s relationship network is quite simple. It is the former college classmates and the colleagues of the design institute who come and go. These people Yan Yixie know. No one’s name has the same pronunciation as “yanrugu”.

    Yan Yixie took the lead to exclude these people in his mind.

    So these people sneezed inexplicably with chills early in the morning, feeling that the dangerous dark clouds covering their heads dispersed and escaped.

    In addition to those customers that Jiang Ning has newly met.

    After graduating, Jiang Ning began to break away from the team of his mentors, and formally acted on his own. In addition to large-scale building design projects, he also occasionally took on small-scale house design, and it was inevitable to know all kinds of customers.

    When I first got married, before Jiang Ning saw each client, Yan Yixie couldn’t help but let his subordinates go down and check the information of the other’s client upright, although most of the reason was for the sake of Jiang Ning’s safety. She meets clients who are not bad, good-hearted and greedy for beauty, or clients who fall behind after the completion of the project, but Yan Yixie has to admit that her own selfishness is indispensable.

    What if she suddenly meets Xu Mingyi who makes her “stunned by a glance”?

    Of course, Jiang Ning refused to admit the four words “sweeping soul at a glance”, and said angrily that it was a matter of old and rotten millet how many years ago, and asked Yan Yixie not to have a lemon when he was fourteen. Go to the grave.

    But Yan Yixie felt that he was taking precautions, cutting the grass before the seeds were planted.

    Jiang Ning asked at the time: “Do you treat me as your belongings?”

    Yanyi Xie Yizheng said: “It’s me and your belongings.”

    Jiang Ning: “…” It feels like a love sentence. ?

    Yan Yixie said that if nothing happened on the surface, in fact, he said with great expectation: “You can also check my daily itinerary and which customers are calling.”

    He was anxious for Jiang Ning to check.

    Jiang Ning: “…I am too lazy to check.”

    The moths that flew towards Yan Yixie didn’t need her to do anything at all, they were all burned to death by Yan Yixie himself mercilessly.

    She was dizzy looking at Yan Yixie’s call records, and it was all in vain.

    Yan Yixie was extremely disappointed at Jiang Ning’s laziness. He looked at her with hatred of iron and steel, “…Can you not be so lazy?”

    But after Jiang Ning protested, Yan Yixie didn’t do it again.

    Although it was the first love and first marriage in life, he had no experience, but he also studied some books about marriage.

    The most important thing in marriage is to trust the other person and not tie the other person too tightly.

    Otherwise, one day she will feel that this is a shackle, and she will want to escape.

    Yan Yixie is trying to control his abnormal mental illness.

    The first is to respect Jiang Ning’s career, respect Jiang Ning’s trust in the client’s character, and believe that she can handle her own career well and not overprotect her.

    With this realization, Yan Yixie has not done any private investigations of clients that Jiang Ning has contacted in the past year. Unless she took the initiative to mention it to him during small talks, and discussed some troubles with him, Yan Yixie would give appropriate suggestions.

    He has also been in good control.

    Although sometimes I see Jiang Ning having a dinner with a group of colleagues, most of those colleagues are male colleagues, he will be so jealous that he can’t wait to hide Jiang Ning at home.

    But in most cases he resisted it.

    He just drove over early and picked Jiang Ning back before Jiang Ning had a drink.

    However, as soon as the “dream talk incident” happened, Yan Yixie broke down again…

    He couldn’t restrain himself from anxiety and irritability, as if he was entangled by a black thread.

    In the end, he still couldn’t hold back, and asked people to send all the information of the customers Jiang Ning had met in the past year.

    In addition, he also called Jiang Fan.

    Jiang Fan talked about his girlfriend during college, and he was preparing to get married recently. The venue he fancyed was a private club. No matter how high the price was, he couldn’t talk about it. The brother-in-law, Yan Yixie, helped solve the problem. Therefore, Jiang Fan was very grateful to Yan Yixie recently.

    Yan Yixie usually doesn’t contact him easily. Once contacted, it must be related to Jiang Ning.

 As soon as Jiang Fan picked up Yan Yixie’s call, he heard his brother-in-law ask in a deep voice over there, “In addition to your sister’s liking for Xu Mingyi before, doesn’t she have another white moonlight?”

    Jiang Fan:?

    The brother-in-law is ill, and he is still very sick.

    Jiang Fan vetoed it, and Jiang Ning never knew what “Yan Ru Gu” was.

    Yan Yixie’s heart was relieved for the most part.

    But Jiang Ning never expected that he just went to the bathroom before entering the art gallery. After coming out, Yan Yixie not only made a brief phone call with Jiang Fan, but also had a lot of information in his phone.

    “I’m fine.” Jiang Ning bent over and pulled his high heels, and walked over to Yan Yixie: “Let’s go up.”

    Yan Yixie was leaning halfway in the car, holding the phone and frowning to see something, the light in the underground parking lot Dim, the phone screen illuminates his handsome eyebrows.

    Seeing her come out, he quickly turned off the screen of the phone, copied it back to his trouser pocket, and nodded: “Okay.”

    Jiang Ning: “…”

    What’s the matter? Do you buy sex toys on your back?

    Yan Yixie was a little absent-minded when visiting the museum.

    He put one hand in his pocket, his arm was held by Jiang Ning, and his other hand was hanging down beside his suit trousers with a mobile phone, looking down at the information from time to time.

    Jiang Ning didn’t notice, she was also holding her mobile phone, scanning the QR code next to the artwork with excitement to check the introduction of the new artist.

    After turning over the information, I didn’t see the pronunciation of “yanrugu” among Jiang Ning’s new customers, and most of these customers looked mediocre. Jiang Ning should look down on it because they have their own pearls and jade in front.

    Yan Yixie finally felt a little relieved.

    ……Perhaps, it’s me who is careless.

    Jiang Ning didn’t know what Yan Rugu was before, nor did he know such a person after him.

    Maybe I heard it wrong.

    Is Jiang Ning talking about “pickled milk”?

    Perhaps the tone of her affectionate miss is just pure hunger in her dreams and drooling?

    Although this can’t convince Yan Yixie at all. But it has been two years since he was married, Jiang Ning is obviously full of him, and he has never shown signs of leaving him… He thinks he should put away his suspicion.

    Jiang Ning was about to take Yan Yixie to another exhibition hall, when he heard that the man being held by himself suddenly seemed to be in a better mood, and said, “Take you to eat the pickled pigeons you want to eat at night.”

    Although the pickled pigeons It was delicious, but Jiang Ning had no idea how Yan Yixie used the attributive “Xin Xin Nian Nian”.

    Has she ever thought about it?

    She subconsciously replied: “Whatever you want.”

    “Did you keep talking about wanting to eat this

    last night ?” Did you say you wanted to eat this last night? Jiang Ning looked at Yan Yixie blankly, full of question marks, she couldn’t remember at all, but since Yan Yixie said that, was he watching an open-air movie or did he mention it when he wrote it down?

    “Then this.” Jiang Ning said.

    The brain waves of the two are not on the same frequency at all.

    However, Yan Yixie determined that Jiang Ning was talking about a dish last night, and the dark clouds above his head finally dissipated a lot.

    It is said that both day and night have dreams. It seems that Jiang Ning has been wanting to eat pickled pigeons for a long time. When he dreams at night, he will repeat his words in the kind of nostalgic tone.

    Thinking like this… Yan Yixie was a little bit jealous of eating a dish inexplicably.

    Jiang Ning hadn’t called his name in his dream yet.

    Yan Yixie thought for a moment, then suddenly stopped, and said to Jiang Ning: “Don’t think about pickling pigeons, you will miss me from now on.”

    Jiang Ning looked up at him: “?”

    Although Yan Yixie tried his best to stay calm, he still said to Jiang Ning . Unable to conceal the expectation, dark eyes looked at her solemnly: “See if you dream of me at night.”

    Jiang Ning:?

    are you crazy. How do you explain to others that your husband is neurotic?

    You are by my side. Do you still have to dream of you? :,,.

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