It has been two full anniversary of marriage.

    Yan Yixie suddenly felt a strong sense of crisis recently.

    It happened a few days ago when Jiang Ning called an unfamiliar name in his sleep.

    At that time, there was dense and fuzzy rain outside the window, and the cool air of autumn was isolated outside the floor-to-ceiling window together with the Hua Deng Chu Shang.

    On the floor, there were invitation cards for the two-year wedding anniversary banquet, a violin, a red tube top skirt, and a pair of black strappy high-heeled shoes crooked.

    Yan Yixie’s white shirt and silver watch fell on it, and the man’s cold taste diminished the sweet milk aroma on the red dress.

    The clothes of the two were scattered together, like a kiss.

    Climbing up the glass window with wet mist.

    Although it was late at night, the ambiguous breath still filled the room and the big bed.

    Jiang Ning was tired and peaceful? Sleeping, her tight eyelashes moistened, her neck flushed, and the traces of sakura powder were like fluttering butterflies, blooming beautiful flowers on her white and exquisite skin.


    So some people are reluctant to fall asleep.

    Yan Yixie took her in his arms from behind, gently pecked at the corner of her mouth, and kept kissing her, with some care, like a treasure.

    Jiang Ning in his sleep let out an unbearable low groan, unconsciously rolled over, but fell into his arms even more.

    Yan Yixie lowered his eyes to look at her.

    It has been two years since they were married. In the past two years, he and Jiang Ning have loved each other deeply, and the thing he worries about the most has not happened.

    At this moment, in the silent late night, Yan Yixie felt like he had been blessed by God, and he had obtained happiness that he had never expected when he was young.

    He couldn’t help but prankly stretched out his finger and fiddled with her eyelashes.

    Jiang Ning felt a little itchy, her long eyelashes quivered, and she put a sticker on Yan Yixie’s chest and rubbed it again.

    Yan Yixie restrained his desires, laughed low, and his voice was low and magnetic: “Good night, there are still many anniversaries in the future.”

    His slightly cold lips kissed Jiang Ning’s forehead affectionately.

    Jiang Ning buried it in? The lips in his chest lightly opened, as if chattering, impatiently? He whispered “Yeah” and said three words vaguely.

    “Speaking in a dream?” Yan Yixie felt very? But love, can’t help but caress Jiang Ning’s face.

    When he wrinkled his brows in the daytime, he felt a sense of solemnity and sternness, which made the Yan family shudder. However, very few people have seen him face Jiang Ning.

    His eyes fell straight on the person in his arms, his brows were soft and tender, as if there was also a volcano in his soul that could burn her.

    He involuntarily lowered his head slightly, put his ear to her lips, trying to hear what she was talking about.

    His possessiveness is often so strong that he can’t control it.

    Even what she thought and said in her dreams.

    He’s all fascinated? Want to know.

    At this moment, Jiang Ning babbled again.

    This time it was clearer.

    It fell into Yan Yixie’s ears.


    Yan Yixie froze.

    What is it for? Or what place? Name?

    But Yan Yixie went around in his mind and didn’t find anything that could be combined with these three pronunciations.

    … the more he listened, the more wrong he got.

    What, okay? Like…

    is a man’s name? !

    His eyes narrowed suddenly, like an alert leopard.

    Immediately afterwards, how good was Jiang Ning in his arms? As if dreaming of someone, over and over again? He began to call this name.

    She opened her rosy lips slightly, her eyebrows were frowning, and the corners of her eyes began to wet, as if she was extremely disturbed and emotional? While calling someone’s name, both hands actually held Yan Yixie’s arm tightly at the same time.

    Yan Yixie: “…”

    Finally, Yan Yixie recognized it, the first sound, the second sound, and the fourth sound.

    Together it is-Yan Ru? Gu.

    It’s not necessarily these three words, but the pronunciation is indeed a person’s name.


    next day, the sun went up three poles, the air after the rain was moist and refreshing, and the shadows of the trees outside the curtains that were slightly opened, shone through the gaps and fell on the carpet.

    Jiang Ning woke up from the chaos and blinked blankly. The light that penetrated through the gap in the curtain was a bit dazzling. She subconsciously raised her weak wrist to cover her eyes that were still glowing with water.

    The person sitting on the sofa and watching the news on the tablet noticed her actions, went over to close the curtains, and walked over to the bed and leaned over, stretched out his powerful hand, and rubbed it. Her eye sockets and waist.

    “Morning.” Yan Yixie’s voice was muffled.

    But I don’t know if it is Jiang Ning’s illusion, it seems that there is a trace of sorrow.

    She took Yan Yixie’s hand, with the help of her strength, she straightened up slightly, pulled over the pillow, and then leaned on the pillow weakly, looked sideways at Yan Yixie, and asked, “What time is it?”

    “Ten o’clock.”

    Jiang Ning was startled: “Why don’t you call me?”

    ” Ca n’t bear it.” Yan Yixie looked at her with a low eye: “I called the design institute and asked for leave for you. Can you please? Rest all day.”

    Jiang Ning thought about the recent yard? It’s nothing, just ask for a day off? Nothing, just happily? Enjoyed the rare holiday for workers.

    She shook Yan’s hand, just about to say something, when the soft quilt suddenly slipped off her shoulders, she caught a glimpse of herself? The shoulders were smooth.

    “…” The

    old husband and wife belonged to the old husband and wife, with a thick-skinned face.

    The current situation is that Yan Yixie is well-dressed, and she is completely naked.

    Jiang Ning’s cheeks were red immediately, and he hurriedly used it? Cover himself with a quilt?: “Why don’t you put on my clothes when you wake up?”

    Yan Yixie feels good? Smile, just take it–

She replaced the bear pajamas on the head of the bed. How do her eyes look? Dim and unclear: “Are you sure? Want me to wear it for you?”

    Jiang Ning: “…” After

    two years of marriage, I always feel Yan Yixie’s aggressiveness. Do not decrease but increase.

    As long as he can catch the opportunity to wipe her out, he is not at all ambiguous.

    Jiang Ning was sour and soft, and there were traces of being kissed on his fingers, but he didn’t want to indulge it again.

    She glared at Yan Yixie, hurriedly grabbed her own pajamas, wrapped herself in the quilt like a baby cocoon, and put on her pajamas.

    After a few seconds, the wriggling quilt paused and stretched out a hand covered with pink hickeys.

    Jiang Ning coughed: “No underwear.” The

    cloakroom was connected to the bedroom.

    Yan Yixie walked, picked up the scattered red skirts and white shirts on the ground, and when he pulled out Jiang Ning’s underwear drawer, his mind could not help but flashed past Jiang Ning’s emotions last night, when he raised his slender and beautiful neck. Looks like.

    He paused unnaturally.

    He tried his best? Calm down: “Which one do you want?”

    Jiang Ning said, “The one with the little white cherries, or the pink one I bought not long ago.”

    Yan Yixie picked up a pair of white panties decorated with little cherries. , Didn’t dare to look more, quickly returned to the bedside and handed it to Jiang Ning.

    The quilt was rustling, Jiang Ning was very quick to put on his pajamas and poked his head out.

    “Are you blushing?”

    “No.” Yan Yixie interrupted quickly. It has been two years of marriage, still moving? Still? Uncontrollably? Blushing and red earlobes under her teasing, this really hurts the dignity of a man a bit.

    In order to prove that he was calm and composed, Yan Yixie took a condescending look at Jiang Ning, then suddenly lifted the quilt and hugged her up.

    “Should I take you to the bathroom?”

    Jiang Ning’s two smooth and white hands, like a lotus root, circled his neck.

    She leaned over gently, rubbed his handsome face with her nose, and bit on his earlobe, with a small voice like a fine brush that turned and tickled: “Okay, ah, dear “

    Yan Yixie: “…”

    He could maintain his composure, but his earlobe betrayed him and quickly became red.

    After Jiang Ning finished washing, the two opened the door and went to the restaurant for breakfast.

    “Why not yourself? Eat first?” Jiang Ning poked Yan Yixie’s chest.

    Yanyi thanked her for passing the jam to her: “I’m

    fine today. Since I asked for leave for you, I can’t let you stay at home alone. I will accompany you out for a drive?” “Good? Ah.” Jiang Ning’s eyes lit up: “It just so happens that I have a newly opened art museum that I want to go to. You accompany me.”

    Yan Yixie said “Um”.

    After taking a few bites, he appeared to have no appetite. During the period, he kept raising his eyes, and his gaze fell on Jiang Ning’s face.

    He is tall, so he has nothing to say? He has a great sense of existence. At this time, his eyebrows were frowning without a trace, which was hard to ignore.

    Jiang Ning was eating breakfast, raised his head and stared at him accidentally, feeling a chill in his back inexplicably.

    here we go again.

    That kind of jealousy? The eyes of the soul came out again.

    Most of the first half year of marriage was when Yan Yixie was the most unstable, probably because he was too possessive. He often worried that Jiang Ning would suddenly disappear, and wanted to trap Jiang Ning by his side wherever he went.

    She was very clingy at home. When reading a newspaper, she would pull Jiang Ning on her lap and sit down, circle her and read it together.

    Well, as time passed, Jiang Ning did not leave him as he had in his nightmare, and gave him a sense of security, and he gradually became a little normal.

    But now what…

    Jiang Ning couldn’t help but raised his head and looked at Yan Yixie? A few glances.

    Could it be what happened last night?

    Jiang Ning recalled what happened last night.

    On the second anniversary of Yan Yixie and her wedding, they went to the night view building to have a big meal, and they sat in the trunk of the car to watch a very romantic private outdoor movie. Then they returned to their home and had a whole night out. The blushing heartbeat…

    no? Nothing happened.

    “What’s the matter?” Yan Yixie asked with a light smile, and stretched out his hand to wipe off the froth from Jiang Ning’s mouth.

    It looks very normal.

    Is it my illusion? Jiang Ning thought.

    But could it be the dream of last night that made me feel dizzy. Jiang Ning, the dream of last night, is a little bit unremembered at this moment, only piecemeal? Remember me? Okay? It’s like dreaming of something in the previous life.

    “Nothing.” Jiang Ning continued gulping? Eat breakfast.

    Yan Yixie raised his hand and rubbed Jiang Ning’s hair: “Hurry up, I’ll take you to the Art Museum after eating.”

    Jiang Ning jumped up and took a sip of coffee: “Okay!”

    Yan Yixie also laughed. Laughed.

    But then, he lowered his eyes, but his mood was a little bit depressed.

    Can he be very sure that Jiang Ning called a person’s name in his dream last night.

    But he was not sure who it was.

    Maybe it’s just a role in which movie?

    He worked hard? Want to make himself? Don’t think about it, but Jiang Ning’s way of shouting another person’s name in such a deeply missed tone in his dream is really hard for him to ignore.

    This morning, his mind was full of this matter, and jealousy and anxiety quietly grew in his heart.

    ——By the end? Who is it? Can Jiang Ning never forget it in his dream? !

    ——What does Jiang Ning have to do with him? !

    For more than a year, he has been trying his best to restrain his own possessiveness so as not to be regarded as a jealous husband by Jiang Ning.

    At this moment, he is planning to first check what the so-called “Yan Ru Gu” is, if it is really a person’s name, then ask Jiang Ning to tell him? It’s not too late.

    Otherwise, Jiang Ning might just ignore him if he rashly gets jealous and makes a joke.

    Yan Yixie took a sigh of relief and continued to sullenly eat.

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