The next day Xu Mingyi really woke up very early, put on a black compassionate shirt, and hurried out with a schoolbag.     Si Xiangming, who ran over to find him to go to school, unexpectedly threw himself into the air. From a distance, only Xu Mingyi was tall and long, walking hurriedly toward Jiang Ning’sContinue reading “TSGBHWSMK: Ch 6”


 Jiang Ning didn’t mind if he hit a wall at Yan Yixie’s.     She hurried to the school and almost forgot which floor her class was on. She asked two classmates and was shown the way. Then she stepped on the bell and ran into the second and third grade.     It feels so good to beContinue reading “TSGBHWSMK: Ch 5”


 Yan Yixie frowned and stared at the girl at her feet for a while, her expression was a bit strange, but she was still as cold as ice and ignored her.     He pushed the wheelchair directly, bypassed Jiang Ning, and went down the courtyard like a mass of insignificant garbage.     Jiang Ning quickly got upContinue reading “TSGBHWSMK: Ch 4”


 Xu Mingyi watched Jiang Ning ignore him and went further and further.     He couldn’t help chasing after him, and broke Jiang Ning’s shoulder with his hand: “Hey, Jiang Ning, you are enough! How do I know what kind of madness you are having if you don’t say a word?”     Jiang Ning flashed , feeling very divided. Ying:Continue reading “TSGBHWSMK: Ch 3”


    Jiang Ning hurriedly said: “I just wanted to help you!”     The things that the soul saw after death are vivid. Jiang Ning knows that the young man in front of him is his lifesaver, and he also knows that he has been treated as living with him since he was a child. The monster inContinue reading “TSGBHWSMK: Ch 2”


MTL/N: 1st chapter completely translated Before her death, Jiang Ning had just received the award and was called a rising star in the dance circle by media reporters. The last white swan of the 21st century was about to reach its peak in her career, but her life was ruined in a ridiculous car accident.Continue reading “TSGBHWSMK: Ch 1”

The Sick and Gloomy Bamboo Horse Was Stunned by My Kiss

Title: 病弱阴沉竹马被我亲懵了 Author: 明桂载酒 Status: Completed (91 Chapters, 5 Extras) Description: Xu Mingyi is good everywhere, bright and dazzling, just like the scorching sun in the sky.The only bad thing is that there is a white moonlight in his heart, and he doesn’t like Jiang Ning at all.—— This point, Jiang Ning didn’t understand –Continue reading “The Sick and Gloomy Bamboo Horse Was Stunned by My Kiss”