Xu Mingyi watched Jiang Ning ignore him and went further and further.

    He couldn’t help chasing after him, and broke Jiang Ning’s shoulder with his hand: “Hey, Jiang Ning, you are enough! How do I know what kind of madness you are having if you don’t say a word?”

    Jiang Ning flashed , feeling very divided. Ying: “Xu Mingyi, I warn you, don’t move your hands or feet casually in the future, pull my hands!”

    Xu Mingyi was worried about Jiang Ning’s safety and didn’t play basketball. When he heard Jiang Ning say this, he suddenly became angry: “Who is rare?! If Aunt Zheng told me to take care of you, do you think I would take care of you?”

    Xu Mingyi wiped the sweat from his forehead, and strode back over Jiang Ning angrily.

    He walked to the corner of this street in a blink of an eye.

    There was no sound of Jiang Ning’s footsteps from behind.

    80% of Jiang Ning was stunned by him, and she stood still and dropped the golden peas.

    It’s already dark, and it’s dangerous to stay in the street.

    “I really don’t know what these little girls are thinking.” Although Xu Mingyi was angry, he frowned and turned back.

    As a result, I saw Jiang Ning turning to the opposite road without squinting, preferring to take a long detour and stay away from him.

    Xu Mingyi: “…” At

    this moment, Xu’s mother came back from work on a bicycle and saw this scene.

    She glared at Xu Mingyi and stopped in front of Jiang Ning on her bicycle: “Little Jiang Ning, the hair has been cut, and it’s even more beautiful! Did my Xiaoyi bully you? Tell auntie, aunty will teach him for you.”

    The Xu family is a Kochi family. Xu’s father is a university professor, and Xu’s mother works in the hospital. The two elders have always treated Jiang’s family well. When Jiang Ning’s mother died in the previous life, Xu’s mother helped in the burial and notified Jiang Ning.

    Although Jiang Ning promised Mingyi, he couldn’t avenge Xu Jiaen anyway.

    “Hello, Auntie.” Jiang Ning had to stop obediently and say hello.

    Mother Xu whispered to her: “Don’t be familiar with Xiaoyi, he is just arrogant and self-righteous, and refuses to bow his head.”

    Jiang Ning said nothing.

    Xu’s mother glared at Xu Mingyi again. How big a mistake did this kid have to make Xiao Jiang Ning ignore him?

    Xu Mingyi looked inexplicable.

    Mother Xu tried to ease the atmosphere between the two children and smiled at Jiang Ning: “Tomorrow morning, Xu Mingyi and his father will send Xu Mingyi to the city competition. Would you like to join me? His father bought Lego. After playing in the car for a while, just after sending him off, my aunt will send you to school.”

    “Mom.” Xu Mingyi said angrily: “I’m going to participate in a competition. What are you doing with this sticky guy?”

    But he couldn’t help but prick his ears.

    In the end, I heard Jiang Ning tactfully refuse: “I’m sorry, auntie, I have made an appointment with Lan Zhenzhen tomorrow morning to go to the newly opened KFC for breakfast.


    Xu Mingyi: “…” Xu mother can only say: “Okay, you two little girls pay attention to safety.”

    Jiang Ning nodded, and without even looking at Xu Mingyi, he left.

    After she left, Xu Xu Mingyi a mother and stare: “You are not provoked little Jiangning Sheng angry quickly and she apologize?.”

    “I was fishing a few days ago did not bring her, as it”?

    Or else When I went to play basketball today, she saw Hu Qiqi with them. But that was because Si Xiangming wanted to chase Hu Qiqi. What’s up with him?

    … The little girl has a big temper, and Jiang Ning has a particularly big temper.

    Xu Mingyi waved his hand, not taking it seriously: “She is so clingy all day long, where do I go, where does she go, the group of boys who play basketball with me laughed at me because I had a tail behind me. Let me be quiet for a few days.”

    Xu’s mother shook her head: “Jiang Ning Lego won’t play with you anymore.”

    Xu Mingyi didn’t care: “Has she already said that she has an appointment with her good friend? If it weren’t for an appointment, how could she not send me to the competition? She used to go every year. Just leave it alone, she will be fine in a few days.”


    Here Jiang Ning went home and ignored Father Jiang, who was reading the newspaper in the living room, and went straight to the second floor to find Jiang Fan.

    Jiang Fan was more rebellious than Jiang Ning in the past two years. The schoolbag that was thrown on the ground was empty and he didn’t even bother to put textbooks in. It was full of game cards and game coins.

    His neck was blue and purple, and he was hiding the door. He crossed his legs on the table and put purple potion on his knees. He didn’t know where he went to fight again.

    Jiang Ning directly pushed the door open.

    When Jiang Fan saw Jiang Ning’s hair cut short, he was taken aback for a moment. After reacting, his whole body was agitated for fear that Jiang Ning would hit his head with a dictionary.

    He jumped up quickly: “Don’t teach me, you are not much better! When I came back, I saw you behind Xu Mingyi. What else would you do besides chasing Xu Mingyi? You can fight with Jiang Rourou. Lose!”

    Jiang Fan obviously knew that Jiang Ning was chased by Wang Sufen all over the yard during the day.

    Who knows that Jiang Ning suddenly… rushed up and hugged him hard!

    Jiang Fan was sprinting fast, taller than Jiang Ning, but like a little partridge, terrified: “…” Jiang Ning

    released him a moment later, his eyes looked a little red.

    Jiang Fan felt even more frightened. He raised his hand and touched Jiang Ning’s forehead: “I don’t have a fever. Have you been to the mental hospital?”

    “Go away.” Jiang Ning patted his brother’s hand.

    When Jiang Fan saw that Jiang Ning was still the same Jiang Ning, he was relieved.

    He was about to sit down and continue to apply the medicine, but Jiang Ning silently took the medicinal wine bottle in his hand, pressed his hands on his shoulders, pressed him to sit down, and squatted down to apply the medicinal wine to his neck with a cotton swab. Top: “Don’t talk nonsense from now on, I don’t like Xu Mingyi anymore.”

    Jiang Fan: “………………I believe you are a big-headed ghost.” I

    always feel that either I am dreaming or my sister is crazy.

    Jiang Fan was in a trance, and suddenly heard Jiang Ning say nonchalantly: “I want to transfer you to another school.”

    Jiang Fan was even more shocked: “Transfer? Where to go?”

    Jiang Ning raised his eyes and looked directly into his eyes: ” Hengchu has the best faculty, and all the outstanding top students are here. After you finish reading Hengchu, you will go straight to Henggao, and then you can take me to Tsinghua University.”

    Jiang Fan: “…Sister, are you? Talking in a dream, just my grade? Tsinghua? Hahahahaha…”

    Halfway through his laughter, Jiang Ning looked at him coldly.

    Jiang Fan closed his mouth.

    Jiang Fan shrank his shoulders, and dumbly pulled out a few final papers from last semester from the drawer. Da Lala took a shot in front of Jiang Ning, and was not afraid that Jiang Ning would beat him: “It’s true that this is the most important thing I tried. Good time.”

    Jiang Ning saw 18 points in math and 5 points in English on the test paper, and his eyes went dark.

    “Anyway, whether my grades are good or not, no one cares,” Jiang Fan saw Jiang Ning feel heavy, and in turn comforted her, “Mom is busy all day, dad only treats the daughter of his comrade-in-arms as a baby. What can you do? Sister, don’t care about me on a whim, why should you go.”

    Jiang Fan is now thirteen years old, still a half-year-old boy, and doesn’t realize the importance of education at all.

    In his last life, he failed to enter Hengchu, which is the top teacher resource, and only studied in the chaotic Nanmeng private high school. The family mentioned several times to find a relationship to transfer him to another school, but he was delayed due to various reasons. .

    Because no one at home cares about him, he has been ruined by the bad environment, and he has gradually become extremely rebellious and troublesome.

    Finally, when everyone reacted, his grades in the chaotic school had plummeted, and he had only reached a vocational high school.

    It just happened that in the few years of high school, his mother’s company profitability reached its peak, and Jiang Fan was considered a half-rich second-generation, and he was pulled by the group of friends, friends and dogs every day, to entertain the bar. In the end, he went astray and couldn’t pull it back.

    Jiang Ning hated it in his heart. Jiang Fan was smart and cute since he was a child, and his sympathy for small animals was overflowing. In the end, he was sent to prison because of a Jiang Rourou.

    But when she heard the 13-year-old brother calmly saying that no one at home cares about him, she felt sour in her heart and couldn’t help but blame herself.

    In her last life, she was one year older than Jiang Fan, and she didn’t know what to do with many things, but with her in this life, Jiang Fan must become a person with a straight back.

    First of all, we can’t continue to mess around in the chaotic Nanmeng private high school.

    “I care.” Jiang Ning said every word.

    Jiang Fan looked at Jiang Ning, startled.

    “You can’t learn badly.” Jiang Ning hurriedly lowered his head, dipped a cotton swab into the medicinal wine, and pressed it on Jiang Fan’s knee.

    Jiang Fan felt a drop of hot dampness hit his knee.

    … Jiang Ning seems to be crying? Jiang Ning, who has always been fearless and fearless, actually made him cry?

    I don’t know why, Jiang Fan, who is fearless and unaware of introspection when he is beaten, scolded and punished, feels at a loss for a moment. He feels like he has done a great thing wrong and is the biggest sinner in the world.

    Jiang Fan didn’t know where to put his hands.

    After the air was quiet for a while, Jiang Ning hadn’t raised his head yet, and Jiang Fan didn’t know if she was still crying, and he felt extremely uncomfortable.

    Jiang Fan closed his eyes and said, “I’ll just transfer school, sister, don’t cry.”

    Jiang Ning suddenly changed from killing Matt into a little crying bag, which really made him feel at a loss.

    “But the problem is, the Hengchu transfer exam is difficult, and I can’t get my grades at all.” Jiang Fan said again.

    Jiang Ning said: “I’ll make up the lesson for you.” He

    really lifted a rock and hit him in the foot. Jiang Fan’s expression was so painful that he decided to rescue him: “Also, if you transfer midway, you have to sign by the Education Bureau.”

    Jiang Ning said, “Don’t worry about that. I will think of a way, not only to turn, but also to turn as soon as possible.”

    Jiang Fan looked at Jiang Ning, whose eyes were red like a rabbit, and opened his mouth. He didn’t say anything. The family is just an ordinary business man. Where did his contacts transfer him? He was afraid that when he said this, Jiang Ning’s tears fell even more.

    After finishing Jiang Fan, Jiang Ning threw the cotton swab to him, let him apply it by himself, and turned around.

    After going out, Jiang Ning stuffed the wind oil essence in his sleeve into his pocket contentedly.


    I had known that Xiao Cui Bao was so well-designed, what did she kill Matt when she was a girl in her last life?

    Jiang Ning wanted to make up lessons for Jiang Fan. After grandma knew about it in the evening, she kept pouring cold water on the dinner table to stop Jiang Ning from tossing. Jiang Ning’s grades, even though he entered Hengchu, are still the countdown to the grade and do not do business all day. Running with the boy from the Xu family, his grades were not as good as that of Xu Mingyi, which was better than Jiang Fan who studied in Nanmeng Private.

    Might as well let Jiang Rourou make up for Jiang Fan.

    Relive I. Although she studied abroad at the Royal Academy of Dance in her previous life, she has studied calculus at university. How could she fail Jiang Rourou in the exam?

    But Jiang Ning was thinking about how to let Father Jiang and the two parasites go out of the house, so he could not say anything.

    Jiang Rourou is Jiang Shan’s illegitimate daughter after marriage, which is already favorable evidence, but after all, after many years, she may not be able to hit the law in a single blow. It’s better to hire a private detective to find out if there is any sign of derailment from your father in recent years.

    Jiang Rourou felt a little proud when she saw that she didn’t say a word, but she whispered in a low voice, “I also occasionally make mistakes, falling out of the top 30 of the grade, and not as good as my grandma said. Ningning has already studied very hard, so grandma shouldn’t force her. “

    Jiang Fan smashed his chopsticks: “What nonsense?”

    Father Jiang’s face quickly darkened: “When you finish eating, go upstairs, how do you talk to your sister?! I don’t learn well at a young age, and I fool around with a group of gangsters all day long. I’ll pack you up when you have time.”

    Jiang Fan angrily went upstairs.

    Zheng Ruonan’s face was also a bit ugly, but he couldn’t say anything.

    She felt a pain in her heart. It was a fact that Jiang Ning and Jiang Fan were not doing well. Sometimes she even wondered if there was a genetic problem in her own genes, why the two children were so disagreeable…

    Father Jiang turned to Jiang Ning and said, “It’s a good thing that you have this heart. Dad praises you, then you try to help your brother. Right.”

    Then, he remembered reading the newspaper in the living room when he came home from work. Jiang Ning saw him but looked like a stranger.

    He couldn’t help wondering if he had been on a business trip for too long this time, and he had become estranged from his daughter.

    So he reached out to stroke Jiang Ning’s head.

    Who knows that the hand hasn’t touched Jiang Ning, the hatred in Jiang Ning’s eyes flashed away, and he turned his head.

    Father Jiang was taken aback, suspecting that he had read it wrong.

    “I’m full.” Jiang Ning said coldly, and got up too.

    Father Jiang’s hand was embarrassed in the air, and he stiffly retracted it after a while.

    “This kid,” he muttered, confused.

    That night Jiang Ning could not sleep over and over again, worrying about his mother’s body and worrying about Jiang Fan’s future.

    She had already talked to Zheng Ruonan about the medical examination. Since she said it solemnly and rarely told Zheng Ruonan anything like such a small adult, Zheng Ruonan amusedly agreed to her and she must go for the medical examination during this time.

    Jiang Ning just breathed a sigh of relief.

    The most difficult problem now is Jiang Fan’s problem. The grades can be made up anyway, but the transfer of Haitong City is not so easy this year, and there are a lot of procedures to go through.

    In the previous life, because of the many procedures, Jiang’s family had no contacts, and Jiang’s mother did not transfer Jiang Fan successfully.

    and many more.

    Jiang Ning suddenly sat up from the bed, his eyes lit up because of what he thought of.

    She has a way. This matter has to wait for another chance.

    The next day, someone from Jiang Xu’s family got up very early.

    Xu Mingyi specially asked the school for a day off because he was going to participate in the city science competition, and Xu’s father drove him there.

    Xu’s father threw the Lego in the back seat, but noticed that Xu Mingyi was not very emotional along the way, and frequently lowered the window to look out of the car. He didn’t even bother to disassemble the newly bought Lego.

    Although the fifteen-year-old is handsome and has excellent grades, he is very popular among his peers, and is admired and sought after, but he is still just a boy, and his thoughts are written on his face.

    “What’s the matter? Didn’t sleep well?”

    Xu Mingyi said vaguely: “No, it won’t affect the competition, just a little hungry.”

    “Didn’t you just eat at home?” Xu’s father asked. Seeing that Xu Mingyi didn’t answer, he asked: “Yes. Don’t buy something to eat?”

    Xu Mingyi said: “There is a new KFC in front of me. Let’s go to that one.”

    “No problem.” Xu’s father quickly parked the car in front of the store.

    Xu Mingyi got out of the car and immediately saw Lan Zhenzhen sitting by the floor-to-ceiling window, but Zhao Lan Zhenzhen looked around, but did not see Jiang Ning.

    He was a little strange. First he took out his phone and bought three cups of Coke and a pail for the whole family. Then he went to Lan Zhenzhen’s table and sat down and asked nonchalantly: “Jiang Ning said she had an appointment with you to have breakfast here today. ?”

    Lan Zhenzhen is the tablemate of Xiao Jiangning’s third class. Seeing Xu Mingyi, the captain of the Hengchu basketball team and the school grass, is inevitably a little excited and asked: “Xu Mingyi, why are you here? Are you not going to participate in the competition?”

    Xu Mingyi Frowning: “You haven’t answered my question.”

    Lan Zhenzhen reacted and said, “Did Jiang Ning have an appointment with me? When?”

    She quickly looked down at the phone.

    “Not really?”

    Lan Zhenzhen showed her mobile phone to Xu Mingyi and asked in a daze, “I didn’t receive the message, and she didn’t call yesterday. Why did you suddenly ask like this? If you want to participate in the competition, she won’t be with you. Er, why would you come to have breakfast with me?”

    Xu Mingyi’s face suddenly became ugly.

    This villa occupies a very large area. On the other side of the small river, weeds grow so dense that it almost covers the carved fence. From a distance, it looks quiet and solitary, and it is shrouded in smoke at night.

    The pointed chimney is like a fang piercing the sky, adding a terrifying element to this old castle out of thin air.

    When Yan Yixie was sent to Haitong City to recuperate from his home, the man sent by his father wanted to hire someone to clean up the weeds and trees and repair the villa, but was stopped by a pale and indifferent teenager in a wheelchair.

    Perhaps he felt that this old castle was abandoned here and was blown in the sun, and the experience was similar to him. Since the same disease is pitiful, there is no need to change its appearance.

    So now the villa is only rebuilt internally, and the exterior still looks deep.

    The housekeeper woke up at six o’clock in the morning, and just put on his jacket and went out, he saw the young master sitting in a wheelchair, sitting alone on the rooftop on the third floor.

    His skin was pale, he didn’t listen to a song or take a book, he just sat quietly, watching the birds flying over the woods motionlessly.

    The wind gently lifted the corners of his clothes.

    The housekeeper hesitated and walked over: “I called your class teacher, and your class teacher said that he did not ask someone to bring you a supplementary lesson form.”

    Yan Yixie did not respond, and the housekeeper did not know if he was asleep in a wheelchair. NS.

    The butler gathered her clothes, stepped closer, and said, “But that little girl…I don’t think she is bad-hearted, she may just want to know you. She said yesterday that she would come to go to school with you, if she comes… …Will you try to make a friend?” The

    young master hasn’t had anyone who can talk for many years.

    Yan Yixie only moved. He turned the wheelchair around, looked at the housekeeper, and said coldly: “She may not come.” The

    housekeeper said, “What if she comes?”

    “Come?” Yan Yixie sneered: “Picture what? Picture me is a short-lived handicapped?” The

    butler was at a loss.

    “Then do you want to go to school today?”

    Yan Yixie didn’t say a word, and said after a moment: “No, but I’m going to the beach.” The

    butler had to silently walk behind Yan Yixie and follow him to the elevator. mouth.

    The young master didn’t like others to help him, so the housekeeper did not reach out to push the wheelchair, but waited for Yan Yixie to push the wheelchair into the elevator before following up.

    When he arrived at the entrance of the villa, the housekeeper did not control it, and said: “Actually that little girl…”

    “Shut up, when have you so much nonsense?” Yan Yixie sneered impatiently: “These people are the most. It’s easy to make a whim. The road to get here is far, and you have to cross the bridge. What she said yesterday was just talking, she won’t really come.” As

    soon as the voice fell, he stretched out his hand to open the door.

    The girl squatting at the door with her knees caught off guard came in. Today, the weather is slightly cool, and the girl is wearing a bright yellow hoodie, squatting there and rolling in like a custard bag.

    Jiang Ning raised his face and said awkwardly: “Morning, sorry, I got up too early, and I accidentally made up for a while at your door.”

    Yan Yixie: “…”

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