Yan Yixie frowned and stared at the girl at her feet for a while, her expression was a bit strange, but she was still as cold as ice and ignored her.

    He pushed the wheelchair directly, bypassed Jiang Ning, and went down the courtyard like a mass of insignificant garbage.

    Jiang Ning quickly got up from the carpet by the door: “Have you had breakfast?”

    “I brought a sandwich.” As Jiang Ning said like showing off some baby, he opened the schoolbag on his back and carefully took out two for use. The ham sandwich wrapped in plastic wrap was handed over, with a smile on his face: “I made it myself. I woke up in the morning for a long time and it tastes very good!”

    Yan Yixie sat in the wheelchair and looked up at her without sending a message. Word.

    The deep courtyard with weeds was dead silent.

    Jiang Ning glanced at the pale and cold-faced teenager, and then at the unsmiling butler standing under the eaves, and for a moment suspected that he was facing two sculptures.

    She paused, took out two more eggs, and continued to explain in a passionate tone: “Wow! Congratulations to the contestant, there are two hard-boiled eggs in the bag! There are actually two hard-boiled eggs! I wanted to leave it to myself! But depending on your cleverness, I will give it to you as a mysterious egg!”

    Yan Yixie’s expression began to change a little.

    Jiang Ning was overjoyed, and was about to continue talking to himself, when he saw him looking at him with a foolish look.

    Jiang Ning: “…”

    Yan Yixie glanced at the eggs and sandwiches in her hand, and said in a cold tone: “Tell her what I had for breakfast.”

    Under the eaves The butler apologized to Jiang Ning: “The young master would not eat something like this street stall for breakfast. His breakfast is usually foie gras stewed rice balls, cheese truffles, secret Atlantic rose salmon, French milk sweet rice porridge, Subli Yayimi stewed pine mushrooms…”

    Jiang Ning: “…” Oh! Then you are really amazing! Not afraid to die!

    Seeing that the atmosphere stagnated for a while, the butler took the initiative to take the homemade sandwiches in Jiang Ning’s hands, and said, “Student Jiang, would you like to come in and eat some? There are still a few dishes that the young master hasn’t moved. They are still hotter

    than when he first met yesterday .” It was much more kind. When Jiang Ning looked over, he smiled friendly.

    The face of the young man in the wheelchair sank, and he said, “Don’t be adept.”

    Jiang Ning has the memory of his previous life, and he is not afraid of Yan Yixie, knowing that he looks cold, as if looking high above him. The devil of sentient beings, but also has a soft and fragile side.

    So she looked at the housekeeper expectantly: “Okay! Can I go in? I especially like to eat fungus, and others like it, sucking.”

    This year, Jiang’s family is barely well off, and all they eat at home are everyday meals. Even in the New Year, I can’t eat this kind of feast. Of course, Jiang Ning doesn’t mind if I can eat a meal.

    Besides, Yan Yixie must be very rich living in such a big castle. The chef is also very good, so he is greedy by the name of the dish.

    However, without the Young Master’s permission, the butler did not dare to bring Jiang Ning in.

    He glanced at the young master’s indifferent back, sighed, and looked at Jiang Ning embarrassedly: “Would you like to change the day?”

    Yan Yixie listened to the conversation between the two behind him and laughed. This little girl dared to cheat and cheat. for drink.

    “No other day.” Yan Yixie turned his wheelchair, turned and stared at Jiang Ning coldly: “What are you doing here?”

    Jiang Ning was not ashamed: “Didn’t you say it, our school is on the way, I I want to go to school with you.”

    Yan Yixie looked at her, his eyes sharp as a knife on a snowy mountain: “You are short of money?”


    Jiang Ning was taken aback for a moment.

    Only then did he realize what he was talking about.

    She felt a little uncomfortable in her heart. In the previous ten years of life, the people who approached him were all for money.

    She whispered: “I didn’t come to you for money.”

    “That’s good.” The boy said coldly: “I don’t have the habit of giving beggars anytime and anywhere.”

    His pale face was full of mockery: “Lack Go to your adult for pocket money, go to your school friends if you lack teasers, don’t put your mind on me, you won’t get anything.”

    Jiang Ning: “…” The

    housekeeper is under the eaves. Seeing the girl standing there dumbfounded, she squeezed a sweat for the young master in her heart.

    The young master had gritted his teeth and lived lonely since he was a child, driving away everyone who was close like a lone wolf. This is his way of living. A 13 or 14-year-old girl is still a little girl, and she will definitely be scared to cry by him.

    The housekeeper couldn’t help taking a step forward, a little worried that Jiang Ning turned his head angrily and left.

    However, the girl did not leave.

    She slowed down, and the morning light passed through the gaps in the leaves and sprinkled on her side of her face, coating her white skin with a shallow light.

    She looked at Yan Yixie, sincere and…soft, and said: “I just want to be a friend with you…Is this tempting?” The

    butler was stunned.

    He looked at the young master subconsciously, but the young master did not lift his eyelids, and his side face was indifferent like a stone statue, except that his finger bones clasped on the armrest were slightly hard.

    “Friends can also do it unilaterally. It doesn’t matter if you don’t treat me as a friend. I can treat you as a friend.” Jiang Ning smiled again: “Since you are a friend, you have to start by visiting.”

    Yan Yi thanked this. He raised his eyes and looked at her steadily.

    Jiang Ning looked back at him for an instant, trying to make his smile brighter and more friendly.

    Then Yan Yixie turned his head and said to the housekeeper without hesitation: “Next time I will find someone trespassing in the house and interrupt her leg.”

    Jiang Ning: “…” What kind of weird and gloomy Xiao Deng West, it’s really difficult!

    Fearing that Yan Yixie would really interrupt her leg, and that she would be late if she lingered, Jiang Ning could only give up and continue to persuade Yan Yixie to be friends with her.

    She ran towards the carved fence and waved freely and without looking back: “I’ll come again tomorrow! Think about it, do you want to be friends with me tomorrow!”

    Running too fast, pretending to be too hard, accidentally When he tripped over the dense weeds, Jiang Ning paled and almost cried in pain.

    But soon she got up again, patted the ashes on her schoolbag, and disappeared into the bushes like a flying yellow rabbit.

    After she left, the villa seemed to have been robbed of its vitality in an instant, and it fell silent.

    There is no extra sound, only a few dead bird calls occasionally.

    In fact, it is usually like this, but when there is a sound in the villa, it returns to dead silence, which makes people feel particularly uncomfortable.

    The butler walked behind Yan Yixie and handed him the long black umbrella.

    Yan Yixie took it without saying a word.

    Butler hesitated for a moment, before the opening:. “This little girl here …… too many weeds, she crossed over, certainly more than a wrestling fall, I saw her ankle a few have been designated”

    Yan She had just thought of a thank The moment I got up in front of me, a small ankle exposed under the trousers was slender, with a few thin bloodstains, like scratches added on the snow lotus root.

    His face suddenly became a little ugly.

    The butler saw him lowering his eyes, with long eyelashes covering his eyes, making people unable to see his expression. The butler couldn’t figure out his thoughts. He glanced at the sandwiches and hard-boiled eggs in his hand, so he had to walk to the trash can in the hallway. Throw away.

    “What are you doing?” Yan Yixie asked.

    The butler said: “If the young master doesn’t want it, I will throw it away.”

    Yan Yixie did not speak, and the butler continued to walk towards the trash can, but before taking two steps, the voice of a wheelchair came and Yan Yixie passed by him. Easily snatched the sandwich in his hand.

    “Did I tell you to throw it away?”

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