Jiang Ning didn’t mind if he hit a wall at Yan Yixie’s.

    She hurried to the school and almost forgot which floor her class was on. She asked two classmates and was shown the way. Then she stepped on the bell and ran into the second and third grade.

    It feels so good to be able to live again, and everything has a chance to come back again.

    Jiang Ning was in a very happy mood, his eyes were curved like crescents, without the rebelliousness and hostility of his previous life.

    So that the teacher on the podium and the classmates of the next three classes looked at her and haven’t recovered for a long time.

    “… Jiang Ning?” Lan Zhenzhen waved at her in disbelief.

    Jiang Ning hurriedly ran to the empty seat next to Lan Zhenzhen, carrying the schoolbag, and slid down. Fortunately, she remembered that Lan Zhenzhen was at the same table in her junior high school.

    “You seem to be a different person!” Lan Zhenzhen’s eyes couldn’t hide the surprise, she kept staring at her left and right.

    The boys in the class also frequently opened their eyes and looked over here.

    “Just cut my hair.” Jiang Ning whispered while pulling out the textbook from his schoolbag.

    She also felt that she was so refreshing and refreshing to show her original face more pleasing to the eye.

    However, in the girlhood of the last life, he killed Matt too much, and always painted his face so human and ghost as he was.

    Jiang Ning is only fourteen years old now, and his facial features are still wearing baby fat, and he hasn’t fully grown up yet.

    From the age of fifteen in her last life, her height suddenly jumped high, her baby’s fat faded, her facial features became more refined, and scouts came to her one after another.

    Only then will she bloom with a light that no one can match.

    When the scout first approached her, Hu Qiqi from Class 5 couldn’t believe it, so she had to go auditioning together.

    As a result, it turned out that the scout’s vision was right.

    The beauty is in the bone but not in the skin. Jiang Ninggu is far superior to others.

    Jiang Ning is a star who has been used to the flashlights of the media. But at this moment when Lan Zhenzhen is so close and staring at her, she still can’t help but shiver: “What’s the matter with you, aren’t you going to class?”

    “Why didn’t you find out before that your skin is so white and so good? Everyone said that Zhong Congshuang in Class I is a little beauty with a clear soup and a little watery porcelain, but I feel that you remove your makeup and seem to be better than her.”

    Lan Zhenzhen Renren I couldn’t help but touched it, with unconcealed envy on his face, “Where did you cut your hair? What skin care product did you use?”

    Jiang Ning heard the name Zhong Congshuang, and some bad memories suddenly poured out.

    But she controlled herself, her expression unchanged, she wrote down the address of the barber shop on the paper, and generously pushed it to Lan Zhenzhen: “This shop by the sea, go to Pikachu.”

    “It’s nice of you . Someone went there before our class. Ask Hu Qiqi from Class 5 about this. She doesn’t care about people at all.” Lan Zhenzhen was very happy and decided to cut Jiang Ning’s hairstyle with the same style.

    Although she may not have the effect of Jiang Ning when she cuts it out, it is good to try.

    Jiang Ning had no memory of Zhong Congshuang in his last life.

    All I know is that Zhong Congshuang transferred from the countryside, taciturn, wears cloth shoes all the year round, and arouses sympathy. Like Xu Mingyi, he is a Go player and regular visitor to the game, and his results are among the best.

    But because he was not in the same class or in the same place at home, Xu Mingyi did not often mention Zhong Congshuang.

    In addition, Jiang Ning has never been interested in such things as being jealous, so she and Zhong Congshuang have nothing to do with each other.

    ——She thought this person was just an ordinary classmate of Xu Mingyi.

    Until that car accident. She realized that “ordinary” can never be “uncommon”.

    Xu Mingyi may have been more sympathetic to Zhong Congshuang since he was young, and his soul is connected.

    It’s just that I don’t know it.

    “Forget it, I don’t want this.” Jiang Ning murmured. Although she was still a little uncomfortable, it was useless to think about it, so she fed the dog as the admiration of her youth in the past few years.

    Jiang Ning folded his hands on the table and listened to a lesson carefully, and soon discovered that the current course in the second year of junior high was too simple for him.

    What are you learning, Pythagorean theorem, quadrilateral, trapezoid.

    Although she doesn’t remember the high number of college, but dealing with the knowledge of junior high school is simply returning to the novice village to clean monsters at the full level.

    She took out the Physics and Mathematics book and flipped through a few questions at random, almost all of them had ideas for solving them.

    “What is get out of class one studying now?” she asked Lan Zhenzhen after class.

    Lan Zhenzhen froze for a moment, and replied: “The first class is the best top class in Hengchu. It is famous all over the country. It is directly connected with the Tsinghua class of Henggao. Now the progress must have exceeded the grade to the first year of high school. What is this for? By the way, Xu Mingyi and Xu Mingyi are going to participate in the competition today…”

    “Don’t mention him.” Jiang Ning said.

    Lan Zhenzhen gave Jiang Ning a surprised look.

    Jiang Ning quickly made a decision that she had to transfer to the first class.

    After her debut in the last life, black fans often used her grades in middle school to slander her, saying that she was inexperienced in high school and was a little sister and a fool.

    Regardless of whether she takes the path of acting or not in her life, she has to study hard and let those people shut up.

    What’s more, she always felt that Zheng Ruonan’s early death was related to her rebellion with Jiang Fan. In this life, she must be a daughter who makes Zheng Ruonan worry.

    She transferred to Class One to set a good example for Jiang Fan.

    It doesn’t matter if there is Xu Mingyi in the first group, now he is no longer part of his life. Yan Yixie is also in the first class. Although he doesn’t come to school often, he can at least increase the chances of meeting a few times by transferring to the first class.

    So after school, Jiang Ning rushed to the office like a rabbit.

    “Just for your grades, do you still want to change classes?”

    The head teacher of Class 3 spouted a sip of tea and said incredibly, “Jiang Ning, have you kept up with the progress of our class? If you want to go to the first class Follow Xu Mingyi, I advise you to die as soon as possible! Puppy love is forbidden!”

    Jiang Ning from the previous life, with strong self-esteem and deadly, I might just get up with the head teacher when I heard this.

    But Jiang Ning, who has lived a lifetime again… Her eyes blushed “wow”.

    The head teacher

    who needs to criticize a few more words: “…” “Who is Xu Mingyi, I only have learning in my eyes.” Jiang Ning sobbed: “Is it a bad thing to be motivated? I just want to study hard and work for the country!”

    Class teacher: “…” Is this the same Jiang Ning? He believed her evil.

    Jiang Ning blocked this place like a little crying bag. The head teacher couldn’t bear to see her eye sockets were red like rabbits. Maybe this child really changed his mind and changed his mistakes?

    He said: “It’s not that difficult to transfer classes within the school, but the problem is that the first class is full of top students and speaks on their strengths. You are only eligible to mention this if you pass the next monthly exam at least in the top forty of the year. “

    I am admitted to the top forty, you and the teacher in the first class will sign it?”

    “I’ll sign,” said the head teacher.

    The head teacher thought, there are more than two or eight hundred people in the middle school, anyway, you can’t even enter the top four hundred. At this moment, even if you find an immortal tutor, it is impossible to get a few hundred rankings.

    The office door was pushed open, and a girl’s voice: “Mr. Wang, our class teacher asked me to bring you this competition test paper.” The

    class teacher said: “Come in.”

    Jiang Ning felt the voice familiar and turned his head. go.

    The other side gave her a look neither humble nor humble.

    Zhong Congshuang who came back to school after participating in the competition?

    Jiang Ning quickly withdrew his sight. If she had to take care of Xu Mingyi’s Bai Yueguang in the last life, but in this life, it was none of her business.

    But Zhong Congshuang’s eyes still fell on her.

    This is the little green plum that Xu Mingyi likes?

    …It seems that it is just so.

    She looks pretty and catches the eye, but is there anything else in your mind besides water? There are more than 800 people, her ranking seems to be more than 700 each time? I heard that the dance class is also three days of fishing and two days of surfing the net… Now I still want to transfer to a class to chase Xu Mingyi.

    Jiang Ning’s head teacher noticed Zhong Congshuang’s gaze, and looked at Zhong Congshuang strangely: “Is there anything else?”

    Zhong Congshuang hurriedly withdrew his gaze.

    “Then I’m out.” She hurriedly said.

    After Zhong Congshuang left, the head teacher said to Jiang Ning sadly: “Look at people, although they are poor students, but they are self-reliant and have good grades, and they report frequently. Look at you again!”

    Jiang Ning did not take over the words of the head teacher at all. Instead, he mentioned another thing: “Teacher Wang, Ouyang Bo is your senior, can you give me his contact information?” When

    Ouyang Bo went abroad for research in his previous life, Jiang Ning met him, and the two of them were also teachers. Friends are very good friends.

    The solution Jiang Ning thought of last night that might solve Jiang Fan’s transfer problem is to turn to Ouyang Bo. If I remember correctly, he also served in the Education Bureau last year and has some connections.

    Of course, Ouyang Bo must not know her in this life, but it is always right to give it a try.

    “What are you doing? You are a kid from home, what do you want someone to call Professor Turtle?”

    Jiang Ning said: “It’s true that my brother wants to transfer school. He is a good seedling. If he continues to study in Nanmeng, he will be ruined.”

    The head teacher looked at Jiang Ning in amazement. He didn’t expect that Jiang Ning was so old, and he knew how to consider his younger brother’s education, which was really different from the impression Jiang Ning had given him before.

    Jiang Ning is soft and polite now…it’s kind of painful.

    “I’ll give you his address directly, and you will ask your adult to ask hello.” The head teacher opened the drawer and searched through a pile of letters.

    There were too many letters, and the head teacher couldn’t find it for a long time.

    Jiang Ning pointed his eyes and said, “The one on the far right is the one from the university.”

    “The kids have good eyesight.” The head teacher said and copied an address to Jiang Ning.

    After Jiang Ning left, the head teacher took a sip of tea and closed the drawer.

    Suddenly he felt that something was not right–

    no, it was all English letters sent from abroad, with a lot of uncommon vocabulary, how could Jiang Ning, who had the last grade in English, understand it in just a few seconds?


    Jiang Ning returned home that night and talked to Zheng Ruonan about Ouyang Bo.

    Zheng Ruonan could not help but laugh while listening and reading the document: “Ningning, it’s not that I said you. It’s a good thing that you are worried about your brother, but your ideas are too naive. Official, how can you help us for no reason?”

    Although Zheng Ruonan is a half-strong woman, she is from the old age and her thinking is still very conservative.

    In her eyes, Jiang Ning was a 14-year-old girl with yellow hair, and she said everything was like a joke.

    “Are you talking about Ouyang Bo?” Father Jiang opened the bedroom door and walked in.

    Jiang Ning originally talked to Zheng Ruonan about this in private, but he didn’t expect to be heard by Jiang’s father.

    She turned away.

    The lawyer has not been contacted yet. She was reluctant to look at Father Jiang more.

    “How do you know about him?” Father Jiang said in surprise: “The project I recently handled was built next to the school, which just happened to need his signature, but I asked the people below to run five or six times without approval. It’s so overwhelming that I can’t eat! The people under me can’t figure it out. Where can you figure it out?”

    Father Jiang works in a construction company, saying that he is the supervisor, but he relied on Jiang Ning’s grandfather to enter the company back then. .

    After the death of Jiang Ning’s grandfather, Jiang’s father, the supervisor, was in danger. He didn’t want to lose his job in the middle age for the past two years. He was even ridiculed for eating soft food.

    Jiang Ning didn’t want to talk too much to Jiang’s father about things without a single word, besides, no one in the whole family believed that he could do it.

    “It’s nothing, I’m just asking.”

    Then she turned around and went out.

    “What’s wrong with this kid recently?” Father Jiang looked at Jiang Ning’s back, inexplicably, always feeling that Jiang Ning had been indifferent to him lately.

    “Isn’t it because you favored the daughter of your comrade-in-arms?” Zheng Ruonan’s attitude towards father Jiang was not very good, turning back and going to sleep.

    The Jiang family’s atmosphere was delicate because of Jiang Ning’s change. Xu Mingyi, a few blocks away, received dumplings from Jiang Fan.

    The two families know each other, and they will give each other some dumplings or something.

    “Why are you here?” Xu Mingyi looked behind Jiang Fan and frowned: “What about your sister? Where did she go in the morning?”

    “How do I know? She got up early in the morning and made two breakfasts and went out—— Are you fucking not picking it up? Your hand is broken?” Jiang Fan put the dumpling plate on Xu Mingyi’s hand and said impatiently, “I am not my sister’s GPS.”

    Jiang Fan has no ill will towards Xu Mingyi, he is pure youth During the rebellious period, which man is not pleasing to the eye.

    He proclaimed himself the overlord of Nanmeng, while Xu Mingyi was a schoolmaster of Hengchu, and he was still a “child of someone else’s family.”

    He has always regarded Xu Mingyi as his imaginary enemy for the past two years.

    Xu Mingyi did not have the same knowledge as the little kid, and frowned even more: “Two breakfasts???”

    “Yes.” Jiang Fan suddenly remembered something and said to Xu Mingyi: “Isn’t it for you? Then she might move.” Don’t fall in love. Hehe. I just went out and saw her preparing a loving breakfast in the kitchen again.

    Hehehehehe .” Xu Mingyi: “…”

    Xu Mingyi would never believe it, but It is true that he wants to kill Jiang Fan.

    Xu Mingyi and Jiang Ning quarreled and planned to chill Jiang Ning for a few days. But for the two breakfasts, he was inexplicably worried.

    It was like a thorn stuck in the flesh.

    He planned to follow Jiang Ning tomorrow to see who Jiang Ning gave breakfast to.

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