The next day Xu Mingyi really woke up very early, put on a black compassionate shirt, and hurried out with a schoolbag.

    Si Xiangming, who ran over to find him to go to school, unexpectedly threw himself into the air. From a distance, only Xu Mingyi was tall and long, walking hurriedly toward Jiang Ning’s house.

    “It’s weird,” Si Xiangming muttered.

    Xu Mingyi always said that Jiang Ning was sticking to people’s bags. Jiang Ning hasn’t sticked to him in the past few days. Didn’t he happen to be clean? When he dreamed, he would wake up with a smile. Why did he come to the door as if he was feeling uncomfortable?

    Si Xiangming hurriedly stepped on his bicycle and caught up with wondering: “Xu Mingyi, what are you doing?”

    Xu Mingyi was stopped by him. He saw Jiang Ning happily closing the courtyard door and leaving with his schoolbag on his back. The pineapple hairpin jumped.

    Xu Mingyi didn’t believe Jiang Fan’s words. This kid has always been a nonsense person. Jiang Ning has been spoiled since he was a child, and there are no grains. How can he make breakfast himself? Give it back to others?

    But at this moment, he did see Jiang Ning putting two bento boxes into his schoolbag.

    Xu Mingyi quickly pushed away Si Xiangming, who was in the way, and chased him quickly.

    But this alley is so complicated that Jiang Ning is gone.

    Si Xiangming caught up with him on his bicycle: “What’s wrong? You have to give a speech as a student representative today. You can’t be late.”

    Xu Mingyi ignored him, his face was ugly.

    Jiang Ning hadn’t taken the initiative to look for him for a few days. This was something that would almost never happen before.

    …No, maybe which girl is the breakfast for? Jiang Ning may have met a new girlfriend again.

    During the Cold War, if I went to her one after another, it would be too

    shameless … But Xu Mingyi felt very uncomfortable, and always felt something was wrong.

    After thinking about it for a while, he went to the large group and sent a message, saying that he would treat him to the celebration dinner the next night, and he could come whenever he had time.

    Thirty or forty people in the large group are all relatives and friends who play better on weekdays, and Jiang Ning is also in it.

    Xu Mingyi has excellent grades and is handsome. When he said this, everyone quickly congratulated him on speaking on behalf of the school for another year, and he would definitely celebrate at night even if he took the ice knives.

    There were especially many girls who responded. Hu Qiqi from Class 5 also quickly posted several cute emoticons.

    Xu Mingyi glanced at Jiang Ning’s profile picture-she was online.

    She must have seen it.

    Hu Qiqi and so many girls would come, he didn’t believe that she would not come at night.

    Jiang Ning got up before dawn the day before, just to go to the old castle across the river for a “friendly stop”. She also prepared breakfast today, but her bento was filled with delicious curry chicken, and Yan Yixie’s was filled with white rice left over from the house last night.

    … Anyway, he will throw it away.

    If you’re lazy, you won’t find any weirdness.

    In addition, Jiang Ning took a wicked look at the glass bottle he was holding. It contained two spiders he caught in the yard last night. They are still alive and crawling around in the bottle. Yan Yixie’s life is so boring, she has to make something fun for him.

    Jiang Ning didn’t realize that his current behavior was like a little boy catching bugs and scaring girls.

    She flew across the stream holding the bottle.

    When the housekeeper got up, he saw Yan Yixie was already sitting in the yard, wearing a light-colored dress, and holding a book in his hand.

    The housekeeper quickly picked up a camel-colored blanket and walked over: “Autumn is coming soon, the weather is cold, master, you cover it.”

    Yan Yixie was disgusted with a blanket on his leg, which made him look sicker.

    Although the doctor told him more than once that rainy weather would be harmful to his health, he asked him to pay attention to protection. But since he didn’t feel his legs anyway, he didn’t care at all.

    The butler sometimes feels that he is breaking the jar, treating his body with revenge. But after the accident happened and he couldn’t continue to learn karate, he practiced swinging the sword viciously hundreds of times, and turned to learn Japanese swords thoroughly, as if desperately wanting to struggle.

    In short, it is really a contradictory child.

    “No.” Yan Yixie really refused.

    He closed the book and threw it to the housekeeper. Holding his umbrella, he pushed his wheelchair and walked out: “I’m going to take a walk outside.” The

    housekeeper almost blurted out, and what should I do if Jiang Ning is free?

    Immediately the housekeeper reacted, this little girl hasn’t come yet, and may not come today.

    Outside the villa is bushes, and there is a long hidden path leading to the stream. Because of the high terrain of the villa, this trail has a slight slope, and Yan Yixie usually wears a handbrake when traveling.

    He moved forward absent-mindedly, and the leaves fell rustlingly. Suddenly, he heard the sound of a branch breaking on the right, and someone stepped on it.

    He looked over sharply and alertly.

    Jiang Ning suddenly popped his head, eyes sparkling, looking at him excitedly, holding something in his hands: “I brought you a big baby.”

    Yan Yixie: “…” I have

    n’t figured out that the girl is making trouble again. Whenever she came out, she saw Jiang Ning holding the bottle, running over excitedly, rushing to him, and raising the big black spider in his hand: “Yan Yixie, look.”

    Yan Yixie’s eyes slowly fell to her. In his hands, his body became stiff.

    In an instant, Yan Yixie’s face turned pale.

    Jiang Ning had planned to startle him, and was prepared to jump away quickly when he was furious, but he never expected that he would react like this and forgot to stop the wheelchair.

    When his handbrake was released, the wheelchair suddenly lost control and rushed out.

    She was frightened and turned into Jiang Ning. She rushed to chase her, and tripped over the intricate branches of the vine roots on the ground. She accidentally fell forward and fell on Yan Yixie.

    This time, being driven by the wheelchair, he became two people.

    Jiang Ning was lying on Yan Yixie’s lap, only feeling the moist grass swept on his lap in late summer, and the speed was out of control. At this speed, she can’t even get up.

    “Quickly let your wheelchair stop!” Jiang Ning was even more flustered than Yan Yixie, and subconsciously grabbed it in the air, trying to catch something.

    Then she slapped Yan Yixie’s mouth with a slap.

    Yan Yixie: “…”

    Yan Yixie was stiff.

    The girl’s hands were soft and moist. In addition to the scent of grass in the late summer, it was also mixed with a sweet and soft milky scent that I didn’t know if it was washing powder or shower gel. It faintly penetrated the tip of his nose in the oncoming wind.

    Yan Yixie’s eyelashes trembled.

    He held Jiang Ning’s wrist stiffly and took her hand away: “You roll down first.”

    “Are you a human?” Jiang Ning was shocked: “I will break my leg if I jump down.” The

    boy was cold. Said: “Then stop your howling.” The

    wheelchair was galloping, and it was not easy to brake. Yan Yixie turned his head, frowned, trying to find the anchor behind in the bumps.

    Jiang Ning suddenly said, “No, no, don’t stop.” After the

    wheelchair rushed out of the bushes, his vision suddenly widened. The blue sky, the fiery red sunrise. In front of it was a light yellow river-like reed bush beside the stream. With the strong wind, the reed was rolled up like a golden whirlpool wrapped in lichen and moss.

    The wheelchair galloped past the reeds, and the reeds dancing with the wind on both sides sang softly.

    The strong wind blew their clothes and hair.

    The wheelchair rushed out like crazy.

    During the gallop, Jiang Ning sniffed the breath of the plants passing by, brushing the soft but not sharp soft rod with his ankle, and the whole person was suddenly excited, and the cells seemed to be boiling with the strong wind.

    So beautiful.

    Too happy.

    “What a fast wind!” She couldn’t help but yelled at Yan Yixie: “I feel like I’m about to fly, this is too cool, the roller coaster is not so cool! You just say something, we won’t Rush into the river? Can you stop the car in time?”

    Yan Yixie’s eardrum was almost torn, and said coldly: “I just have disabled legs and my ears are not deaf.”

    Jiang Ning sniffed happily Fresh air, said: “Wheat scraped over, I can smell the aroma.”

    Yan Yixie: “This is Reed, an idiot.”

    Jiang Ning suddenly lost face: “…Do you think I don’t know? I am not. Just to make you laugh?”

    Yan Yixie was stunned when he heard the words “bo you laugh”, and subconsciously looked down at Jiang Ning, but he quickly recovered, he pursed his lips, still Coldly indifferent.

    Jiang Ning: …..

    Well, the clown is actually herself! ! !

    Yan Yixie finally fumbled for the retainer and only pressed the retainer halfway down, otherwise they would be thrown out by a sudden stop.

    Then he controlled the handbrake by frowning and slowed the wheelchair evenly.

    Jiang Ning felt that the speed of the gallop was gradually slowing down, and the happy time was so short. She was a little sad, lying on Yan Yixie, twisting and looking at both sides: “Looking at these reeds, I suddenly want to eat asparagus fried meat. “

    Yan Yi thanked the three black lines on his forehead: “Is there an inevitable connection?”

    Jiang Ning is not straightforward and strong: “There is a’lu’ character!”

    Yan Yixie: “…” The

    wheelchair finally stopped steadily before rushing into the stream. Yan Yixie’s short hair was messy like never before, showing his fair forehead.

    As soon as the wheelchair stopped, Yan Yixie

    lifted his hand to adjust his cuffs, and urged coldly, “Go down.” Realizing something, Jiang Ning raised his head: “You’re useless to’roll’.”

    Yan Yixie choked. Changed her words blankly: “Get off.”

    Jiang Ning: “…” She smiled and turned off from the wheelchair.

    The butler ran wildly behind him, and when he ran in front of the two, he was already out of breath.

    Rao is that in addition to his gray hair, his whole body muscles look extraordinarily strong, and he can’t keep up with the galloping speed of the wheelchair just diving all the way.

    He was frightened, for fear that something might happen, but fortunately the wheelchair stopped steadily there, and neither of them had any trouble. He carried the bag and umbrella left there by Jiang Ning and Yan Yixie: “Master, I will push you back.”

    He noticed the inside of Yan Yixie’s palm that was rubbed by the handbrake.

    “No, I don’t plan to go back.” Yan Yi thanked her and hid her hands in her sleeves.

    The housekeeper then handed the schoolbag to Jiang Ning, glanced at Jiang Ning, and stopped talking.

    “By the way, I also brought you breakfast today.” Jiang Ning took out a yellow disposable bento box from his schoolbag.

    “Really?” Yan Yixie said indifferently.

    Jiang Ning estimated that Yan would not pick it up once she thanked it, and would throw it away to the housekeeper, so she directly handed the lunch to the housekeeper.

    But who knows that before handing it out, he was intercepted by the teenager in the middle. Yan Yixie frowned and said, “Isn’t it for me?”

    Jiang Ning:? ? ?

    Yan Yixie pinched the bento box in his hand and glanced at Jiang Ning.

    Jiang Ning’s heart suddenly mentioned his throat. Don’t drive don’t drive.

    Then Yan Yixie unexpectedly opened the lid of the lunch box.

    Jiang Ning: “…”

    When Yan Yixie and the housekeeper saw clearly that there was only white rice in it for the night: “…”

    Jiang Ning felt like she was socially dead in an instant, and she couldn’t wait to find a hole in it. I hurriedly made excuses: “This, this, I took a lot of effort to make breakfast, how could it be like this? I know, my brother must be a prank, this kid gave me a prank!”

    Yan Yixie raised his head. He glanced at her meaningfully, but said nothing.

    He closed the lid and the butler took the bento box.

    It took Jiang Ning a long time to calm down the embarrassment. She checked the time and she would be late if she didn’t leave. She thanked Yan Yi, “I will come to play with you tomorrow.”

    Yan Yixie sneered, “I hope you Don’t show up again, you

    can’t do anything good when you show up.” Jiang Ning smiled, not taking his words to heart. She was turning around and planning to leave, but suddenly remembered something, so she quickly turned back. Yan Yi thanked him: “By the way, are we friends now?”

    Yan Yi thanked him and sneered: “No.”

    Jiang Ning laughed awkwardly, “Since I am a good friend, can you do me a favor?”

    Xie Yan, a refusal:. “can not”

    Jiang Ning with the same did not hear, said:. “the way it is, I want a private detective and a reliable and strong operational capacity of the lawyer,”

    after all, involve the family, can casually It is entrusted to others.

    Jiang Ning wanted to get the evidence first and then bring it to Zheng Ruonan. Otherwise, he would alarm his mother before he got the evidence. Her mother could not hide things in her heart. She would definitely alarm Jiang Shan and transfer the property ahead of time. When that happens, things will get complicated.

    But she is only fourteen years old now, which firm will accept her commission?

    If Yan Yi thanked him for helping, he would definitely get twice the result with half the effort. Jiang Ning knew that his Yan family had connections.

    Neither Yan Yixie nor the housekeeper seemed surprised, and did not ask her what to do with the lawyer. I thought that the day she approached him, she had already investigated her clearly.

    “But I don’t know much about this aspect, I think you can definitely help me.”

    Yan Yixie’s face sank very abruptly.

    The boy looked at her, because his eyebrows were too deep, the sunlight could not be reflected in them, and his eyes were deep, which seemed a bit cloudy.

    “So what you have done these days is this attempt?”

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