MTL/N: 1st chapter completely translated

Before her death, Jiang Ning had just received the award and was called a rising star in the dance circle by media reporters. The last white swan of the 21st century was about to reach its peak in her career, but her life was ruined in a ridiculous car accident.

    Even she herself finds it ridiculous that her fiance Xu Mingyi would actually abandon herself and rush towards Zhong Congshuang in the back seat. And she had known him for so many years, but from start to finish, she was not as good as the white moonlight in his heart.

    It was another person who rescued herself from the explosion.

    It was another person who buried herself, handled the funeral, and had bloodshot eyes while making the brokerage company hold a press conference.

    The cold tears and kisses that fell on the back of her bloody hands were still another person.

    Because of his crippled legs, he is gloomy and weird, and she afraid in her heart, always avoiding him like a scourge.

    Regret it? Of course I regret it.

    In this short lifetime, I don’t know who I like.

    I don’t even know what I missed.

    If you do it again, you should never start when you wear open pants in the alley, just run behind Xu Mingyi’s buttocks, and miss many more important people and things confusedly.

    Thinking about this, Jiang Ning suddenly found that her lonely and vague vision suddenly became clear.

    Not yet fully awake.

    Jiang Ning was struck by a broom several times, and the pain made her frown.

    The chaser chased her and cursed: “You are the one who was lazy and didn’t go to the dance class. Now that you see your sister dancing well, and you are jealous, so you push her down while she was cleaning the window! Today I will I must teach you a lesson for your parents!”

    Another soft voice whimpered while persuading: “Grandma, Ning Ning may not be deliberate, but I was not careful.” When

    she heard these two voices, Jiang Ning felt cruel. With trembling eyes, the yard in front of me was very familiar, and Wang Sufen and Jiang Rourou in front of me were also very familiar.

    Why did she really go back ten years ago when she opened her eyes?

    At this time she was only fourteen years old, and the family was still living in the old courtyard of the seaside city.

    Jiang Rourou is the adopted daughter of the Jiang family and was led into the house by her father five years ago.

    She is the child of her father’s deceased comrade in arms. She is kind and weak, with a sweet smile, and often helps people. She is very fond of the entire alley. Father and grandma treated her better than themselves and Jiang Fan (MTL/N: Jiang Ning’s brother).

    I was not convinced, and tried to tease her, but she was overwhelmed by her kindness. Jiang Ning was disgusted by his father and grandma.

    Jiang Ning, who was still a young girl in her previous life, had very sensitive self-esteem and always wanted more care from adults. So she began to rebellious, dyed her hair, pierced her ears and went to internet cafes. My mother was disappointed in herself.

    Jiang Ning didn’t know the truth until a few years later.

    What child of a comrade-in-arms.

    Jiang Rourou is actually the illegitimate daughter brought into the house by her father!

    The father is in the door, the whole family has to rely on the mother’s small company to support, he and grandma dare not let their mother know the truth.

    Mother has also been kept in the dark.

    She was busy with company affairs and worked day and night for this family. When she learned about it, she realized that the child she had treated with care and kindness in those years was basically the third child.

    The body that was already sick couldn’t withstand such a huge mental shock, so she died within a few years.

    At that time, Jiang Ning received news of her death in China and hurried back on a trans-oceanic plane. She was crying all the way, but she didn’t even see his mother for the last time.

    Jiang Fan was innocent and naive when he was young, but in the years when Jiang Ning severed her relationship with his family and went abroad, he was not taught well, went astray, and acted extreme.

    After the death of his mother, he tickled his teeth with hatred. He got up from his mother’s tombstone and directly picked up a fruit knife to find his father and Jiang Rourou. He finally went to jail for intentionally hurting people.

    Because of the person in front of him, her family was ruined.

    “What are you staring at? I can’t care about you little bastard?” Grandma was startled by Jiang Ning’s eyes, and she tugged the broom, but didn’t twitch: “Your mother will be back from work later and let your mom clean you up! No matter what you care about, you can do anything!”

As soon as the voice fell, the sound of the engine stopped outside the courtyard.

    This year, Jiang Ning’s mother’s company made a good profit. She switched to an SUV and hired a driver to run the business with her. Although Jiang’s family is not rich and expensive, it can be considered as food and clothing.

    Jiang Ning rolled her eyes and suddenly ran to the water tank in the yard. A fierce tiger plunged and plunged her head in.     

Wang Sufen and Jiang Rourou: “…”

Zheng Ruonan walked in with a tired face, carrying a bag. As soon as she walked in, she saw chickens and dogs jumping in the yard.

    She pressed her temples and frowned: “What’s wrong?”

    Before she could see what was going on, a small white milk bag rushed over and cried into her arms.

    Xiao Jiangning raised her wet head, with water hanging on her eyelashes and red eye circles, which made people very distressed.

    She also sneezed: “Mom, sister pressed my head into the water tank!”

    I was too stupid in my previous life, because I was framed, and I just ran away without saying a word, and I didn’t explain it, so who would trust herself.

    It also caused my mother to look for herself for a few days, but she couldn’t afford a high fever, which directly made the body she had worked so hard to make worse.

    For many years later, even if Jiang Ning succeeded in her career, she regretted it more than once. If she did not run away from home this time and her mother did not get caught in the rain, would it be possible that she would not die prematurely?

    When Jiang Rourou shed a tear in this life, she will drop ten lines to see who can get it right.

    Zheng Ruonan was stunned. Xiao Jiangning has been very rebellious in recent years, and it has been a long time since she called her mother.

    “What happened?” Zheng Ruonan’s expression became serious.

    Both Wang Sufen and Jiang Rourou were shocked by Jiang Ning’s shame.

    Jiang Rourou was the first to react, tears falling down like a thread: “Auntie, I didn’t.”

    “Why did you complain to the wicked person first?!” Wang Sufen picked up Jiang Rourou’s skirt next to her and showed it to Zheng Ruonan: “Ruo Nan Look, because of the dance class, Ningning pushed Rourou down from the window and threw her knees. I told you that Ningning has a vicious temper. No matter how much she is taught, it will be too late!

    ” Mom, I didn’t.” Jiang Ning cried more fiercely than Jiang Rourou: “Why do I say that my sister is bullying me, and the wicked person sued first, and grandma said that I bullied my sister, so the wicked person sued first?”

    Wang Sufen looked at Jiang Ning in shock. Acting: “Could Rourou accidentally hurt her knee on purpose? Is she stupid?”

    Jiang Ning used her words to stun her: “Then could I not bury my head in the water tank? Am I stupid? ? “

    Jiang Rourou:” you just – “

    Jiang Ning cut off her words:” mom, you see my sister wants to frame me, what words are put out, uwah uwah whining. “

    Jiang Rourou and Wang Su-fen:” ………… “

    Zheng Ruonan didn’t witness what was going on, but Jiang Ning could never be unilaterally unreasonable.

    Her daughter has a strong personality, and would not cry easily if she hadn’t been greatly wronged.

    “Both of you should reflect on it.” Zheng Ruonan decided to play 50 boards each.

    In order not to let outsiders gossip, Zheng Ruonan has always been gentler to Jiang Rourou all these years. But her two biological children are not effective, she can only be stricter.

    But which mother will not feel distressed when her child’s head is wet? She couldn’t help but said more Jiang Rourou: “Rourou, you are your elder sister, so let her a little bit more. If you do this next time, I will deduct your pocket money.”

    “Also,” Zheng Ruonan looked at her mother-in-law again, “Why do you say that the two of them are arguing about the dance class?”

    Jiang Ning replied first: “Mom, I want to go to the dance class too! My sister probably doesn’t want me to go too. Come on, so she framed me.”

    “Hey,” she dropped her face and tears on her eyelashes, “I am used to it. My sister has a good personality, so everyone will definitely believe my sister.”

    “…” Wang Sufen I’m so angry, how can Jiang Ning today behave like a different person? She angrily said: “Aren’t you a waste of money in dancing? You have no foundation, nothing! Will the dance teacher look at you?”

    Jiang Rourou was a weak and poor orphan at this time, in a group in this area. So, everyone is optimistic about her.

    No one knows that in a few years, she will be stunned by everyone, but Jiang Ning will be full of aura, and the beauty will become more and more thrilling.

    Not to mention dancing, even for other things, she can’t match Jiang Ning.

    Zheng Ruonan might not fail to see Jiang Ning’s careful thoughts, but she found it funny, and smiled and asked: “Did you say you were too tired before, don’t you want to go? Why did you suddenly want to do it?”

    “I just wanted to.” Jiang Ning acted like a baby The cheek rubbed against Zheng Ruonan’s neck.

    “Then go this weekend.” Zheng Ruonan said: “Originally I sent you both to learn dance, but if you don’t go, you give all your money to your sister and enroll in an advanced training class. Since you want to do it now then yes, then starting next weekend, you both can go to the general training class.” The three children of Jiang’s family spend all their money on their blades, and each has a budget.

    Jiang Ning is this picture.

    Jiang Rourou eats hers and wears hers, and wants to attend the most expensive training class in order to become popular in her circle of friends. How could something be so good?

    Jiang Rourou was anxious: “Auntie, it’s not…”

    Zheng Ruonan took Jiang Ning’s hand, walked into the room, and interrupted her: “Okay, that’s the end of this matter.”

    Wang Sufen and Jiang Rourou were left in the courtyard staring dumbly at Jiang Ning, whose personality had changed dramatically.

    Entering the room, Zheng Ruonan wiped away Jiang Ning’s tears, pulled her to her front, and said sternly: “Ningning, mom obviously feels that the energy is not as good as before in the past two years. Would you like to behave better? Look at you. Fake eyelashes…”

    Zheng Ruonan was even more worried, afraid that Jiang Ning might dislike her nagging, and sighed for a long time.

    Jiang Ning wiped her lower eyelids with little embarrassment.

    This year, she didn’t know how to make-up, so she bought some cosmetics and applied it to her face, making her plain face look like a ghost.

    I dunked it into the water tank just now, and the eyelashes that looked like the legs of a fly were already sprawled, and it should look extremely ugly now.

    Jiang Ning hugged Zheng Ruonan, with mixed feelings in her heart, and said: “I will not only stop running after Xu Mingyi, but I will also teach my younger brother not to behave indiscriminately.”

    As for Jiang Rourou, Jiang Ning felt that she couldn’t be direct for the time being. Exposing her as an illegitimate daughter. Zheng Ruonan was in poor health this year. Jiang Ning did not dare to take the risk to stimulate her.

    Anyway, I am here, and I will never repeat the mistakes of my previous life.

    Although Zheng Ruonan didn’t believe that her daughter would change her heart, but when she said that, she still had a lot of ironing in the bottom of her heart, so she patted Jiang Ning’s head gently: “It’s good if you know it.”

    “Really, I promise. I’ll go to the barber shop and cut off the messy hair.” Jiang Ning promised.

    Zheng Ruonan was finally surprised at this time. Looking at Jiang Ning carefully, she felt like her daughter had changed.

    She was dubious: “Are you really willing?” Before she

    finished speaking, Jiang Ning opened the drawer and took out her small coin purse: “Mom, I’m going now, it just so happens that my hair needs a blow.”

    Zheng Ruonan looked at it. The figure saw that Jiang Ning rushed out was shocked for a long time and couldn’t recover for a long time.

    Jiang Ning hadn’t returned to the old house for many years when her mother died in the previous life and her younger brother went to jail. When she came back at this time, many vague scenes in her memory became vivid again, and she couldn’t help but feel a little bit emotional.

    This area is a seaside city, the planning is not so good, the yard and high-rise buildings crisscross.

    And down the slope of this long street, you can see the sea, and apart from a small river in this city, there is an old castle with rusty carved fences and overgrown weeds.

    The castle was empty at first, and children like to explore there. Later, a black luxury car drove into the castle, in which a cold housekeeper and a pale and gloomy teenager with disabled legs lived.

    The children were ignorant, and it almost became a ghost story, saying that there were monsters living inside.

    So no one dared to approach from now on.

    This also includes Jiang Ning.

    Thinking about it now, she shouldn’t have avoided that young man like a scourge in her previous life.

    As soon as Jiang Ning recovered her thoughts, he found himself standing at the corner of the hutong. This was Si Xiangming’s house, and Si Xiangming… was one of Xu Mingyi’s friends.

    A group of teenagers often play basketball around here.

    Jiang Ning stopped immediately and left quickly, preferring to take a long way.

    Not far away, holding a basketball, the footsteps of a few short-sleeved teenagers followed the leader.

    “Jiang Ning?”

    A boy with ice cream next to Xu Mingyi followed Xu Mingyi’s gaze and glanced to the back of the alley, but he didn’t see anything: “It’s your little

    follower again ?” They knew that Xu Mingyi and Jiang Ning moved on the same day. He came over and protected Jiang Ning several times, and since then Jiang Ning has adhered to Xu Mingyi.

    However, because of Xu Mingyi’s reason, no one bullied Jiang Ning in this film, at most she was a joke.

    “Fuck, go quickly, don’t let her stick to me.” The other person hurriedly pushed everyone forward: “Your little follower has fangs and claws, I don’t think it’s faceless to stand and watch us play basketball, but Hu Qiqi is pleasing to the eye.”

    Fourteen-five-year-olds are in the second year of junior high school, and they understand everything they should know. Everyone agrees that Hu Qiqi from Class 5 is pretty.

    Xu Mingyi didn’t tease them, but he also felt shameless and turned his head back: “What nonsense, go play basketball.”

    Others don’t know, but Xu Mingyi knows that Jiang Ning has a beautiful figure and white skin. Beauty underneath, but they have not yet developed, and she likes to make her hair like weeds, and all kinds of strange things on the face covers up beauty.

    But she has a bad temper and always bullies the orphan in the family.

    The teenagers in this area have some opinions on her.

    I don’t know if he read it wrong, she just had tears in her eyelashes.

    Xu Mingyi couldn’t help but turned his head and glanced back.

    … Jiang Ning did not catch up.

    Lost it? The hutongs circle all around, and girls are not good about roads.

    Or are you still unhappy that you didn’t bring her to go fishing a few days ago?

    Or did you see it because Hu Qiqi was there?

    It’s really annoying, telling her not to follow himself, she always follows himself, causing himself to be joked by so many people.

    If she loses it, she still has to find it…

    Even though he thinks so, Xu Mingyi still steps back.

    “Let’s go, it’s the last day. It will be dark if you don’t go to the basketball court.” Si Xiangming hooked Xu Mingyi’s neck on tiptoe and urged.

    Hu Qiqi also looked at him.

    “You go first.” Xu Mingyi knocked off his hand, turned his head and ran towards the alley where Jiang Ning had just been seen.

    Twenty minutes later, Jiang Ning came out of the barbershop.

    Her request is very simple, that is, to cut off the hair that looks like weeds that are dyed in a mess and does not meet the age. So the barber took it for her in ten minutes. She also borrowed the makeup remover from the barber shop by the way.

    The sea breeze gently blew her short hair, and the moist air rushed to her neck, and she felt that she was refreshed.

    The little brother in the barbershop also felt that the girl had become a human.

    Fluffy and clean black short hair, showing a long and beautiful neck, a suspender skirt, smooth skin, slender wrists and ankles, standing on the beach where the setting sun is about to fall looks like from a Japanese poster.

    He offered to take a picture of Jiang Ning, but Jiang Ning refused.

    In the sunset, Jiang Ning was in a very good mood, carrying ice cream, jumping down the slope by the sea, and there was no time for anything in this life.

    Before taking two steps, the few children not far in front pointed behind them, covered their mouths and smiled, showing sympathy and mocking but not daring to approach.

    At first Jiang Ning thought they were facing her.

    ——Until the wheel of the wheelchair can’t brake from far and near.

    When Jiang Ning thought of something, there was a sudden ripple in her heart, and she suddenly turned her head.

    The wheelchair carrying the teenager was quickly sliding down the ramp.

    In such scorching heat, he wore a white empty long sleeve and white trousers. The corners of his clothes were swollen by the damp sea breeze as he galloped. He had a long black umbrella in his arms, like a black ancient knife.

    The handicapped teenager’s cold and pale complexion became extremely ugly because he couldn’t control the wheelchair that was retreating rapidly.

    Jiang Ning couldn’t think about why she would meet Yan Yixie here, and suddenly squeezed her sweat.

    She hurriedly threw the plastic bag of ice cream in her hand, wanting to rush to help.

    But before she rushed over, the butler in a black suit who was shopping at the convenience store nearby had already rushed over and controlled the wheelchair.

    “I’m sorry, Master, it’s because I moved too slowly and left for too long.” The butler wiped his sweat: “This is the medicinal liquor you want.”

    He handed the white plastic bag to Yan Yixie.

    There was no frightened expression on the boy’s face, only coldness.

    He took it without saying a word in shame.

    Jiang Ning looked at it from a distance and was also relieved.

    She picked up the plastic bag, walked over, and asked hesitantly: “Are you okay?”

    She wasn’t sure if Yan Yixie knew her now.

    If she remembers correctly, it was only a year later in her last life that they had an intersection.

    In his previous life, he created a business empire with one hand, and transferred all his property to her, making a desperate bet. After her death, he became a murderous villain.

    But the memories she left him always seemed to be her shunning him.

    Under the red seaside sunset, Yan Yixie raised his eyes and gave her a coldly handsome pale stare.

    His eye sockets were slightly deep, his forehead was wet with sweat, and his eyes underneath seemed to have some misty coldness, like ghosts in the deep castle.

    Why, why stare at her like this?

    Jiang Ning was taken aback.

    A moment later, she reacted- awful, he seemed to think she was also one of those people who laughed at him unscrupulously!

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