Before the house was cleaned up, the two returned to the hotel after eating out.

    In the next two days, the two really didn’t go anywhere, did nothing, just hugged them to sleep.

    When the curtains were closed, only the faint light penetrated in. No one was disturbed by anything. The hustle and bustle of the whole world receded like a tide, leaving only them with each other.

    Yan Yixie put Jiang Ning tightly in his arms, and finally was able to fall asleep for a few hours.

    It’s just that when he fell asleep, he didn’t know what nightmare he had, and his eyebrows were still frowning habitually.

    Jiang Ning snuggled in his arms, feeling each other’s dry body temperature, watching the halo that penetrated through the curtains falling on his handsome snow-white side face and tall bridge of nose, could not help but stretch out his fingertips and push him away Scattered and dark forehead, gently stroked his eyebrows.

    “Don’t worry.” Jiang Ning muttered to him: “I won’t go.”

    She whispered to him over and over again. Finally, Yan Yixie’s frowning eyebrows were slowly ironed.

    He fished out with his long arms, and pressed Jiang Ning into his arms again. It was not enough to press into his arms. All his limbs were entangled, and his body was pressured possessively, and his heavy breath fell on the side of her neck, like this He can barely sleep peacefully when he feels that he can’t escape at all in his arms.

    Jiang Ning struggled a little, and he confined her tighter.

    Jiang Ning had no choice but to stop moving, grabbing his arm around his neck and leaning up to kiss the corner of his cold lips soothingly.

    “You can continue to sleep.” Jiang Ning whispered to him in his sleep: “I was still there when I woke up.”

    Maybe it was Jiang Ning’s whisper that played a role. Yan Yixie was the first to sleep in three years. Sleep.

    I didn’t wake up from the nightmare for the first time. When I woke up for the first time, the people around me were still there.

    When they were awake, they drove to an outside restaurant to eat delicious food.

    Or open a movie and order room service to deliver food.

    Or if you don’t watch movies or play games, and put aside any work-related things, it’s just Jiang Ning lying in Yan Yixie’s arms and chatting, talking about his teenage years, and also talking about the past three years.

    All the grievances, all the astringency, seemed to be dispelled slowly in this way. All the thoughts, all the emptiness, also seemed to be gradually filled.


    Yan Yixie finally realized that in the past three years, he has often felt that the place where a person lives is huge and terribly lonely, not because the place is really empty, but just because there is no Jiang Ning.

    For him, home is where Jiang Ning is located.

    From a young age, his emotions fluctuated only because of Jiang Ning. When Jiang Ning didn’t want him, his world was ruined, and he couldn’t perceive too many changes in the outside world. Now that Jiang Ning returned to him, he felt alive again.

    His possessiveness has become extremely strong, far more than that of his youth.

    When Jiang Ning was washing his face, he stared at Jiang Ning from behind, and he couldn’t help but walk over and hug Jiang Ning from behind. The shadow of his tall body completely covered Jiang Ning.

    When the doorbell rang, Xiao Sun brought Jiang Ning’s laptop. When Jiang Ning opened the door, he would quickly stand up, take Jiang Ning a step first, take the computer from Xiao Sun, and close the door to prevent Xiao Sun from going inside. look more.

    When Jiang Ning was lying on the desk and drawing, he would come over, cheat her into his arms half-force and half-coax, and hold her to draw. When she painted, he played with her fingers or hair.

    Although Yan Yixie wanted to see Jiang Ning 24 hours a day when he was young, but because of his thin face, duplicity, and cold personality, he often couldn’t make any extraordinary actions.

    But now Yan Yixie seems to have no need to set up a human being. He simply has a blank face and keeps Jiang Ning in his arms all the time.

    He and Jiang Ning had been wasting three years, and he didn’t want to waste every second.

    It’s a pity that two people can’t always go through the two-person world behind closed doors.

    On the third day, Yan Yixie had turned off the phone and was almost blown up by Xiao Shen just after it was turned on. Jiang Ning submitted the first draft of the design and had to go to the design institute to listen to the instructor’s comments. The design institute and her team made several serial calls every hour.

    Yan Yixie had to take Jiang Ning back.

    After getting off the car, Yan Yixie took Jiang Ning toward the elevator. Jiang Ning shook his hand and said, “I’ll move my things to your room later.”

    Yan Yixie was about to say this, and heard it. Jiang Ning took the initiative to speak, and he couldn’t help but feel a little bit in his heart, but on the face he still tried his best to be less anxious.

    He gave a “um” and made a careless look: “Yes.”

    Thinking of Jiang Ning renting a house next door, Yan Yi thanked him: “I’ll ask you to return the house next door.”

    Jiang Ning was surprised. Yi: “Retire now? I rented it for three months, and it would cost more than 100,000 yuan a month.”

    Yan Yixie glanced at her, knowing that she was distressed by the money she had lost, and said: “I will make up for the lost rent. “

    Jiang Ning still feels distressed: “What’s the use of you supplying me? Isn’t yours mine now? You still lost a lot of money.”

    Yan Yixie didn’t know what was wrong with him, and was inexplicably accused of Jiang Ning. The sentence was pleasing, and even wanted to hear her say it again.

    He looked at Jiang Ning with low eyes, and there was a little more smile in his eyes unconsciously: “Well, all of mine is yours.”

    Jiang Ning: “…” Are you

    so happy to spend money? Is it two hundred and five?

    However, the rent cannot be recovered after it is spent, and there is no way to rent out a second time to make up for the loss in such a short period of time. The house next door can only be so empty.

    Yan Yixie opened the door and went to the balcony to call first, while Jiang Ning went to the guest room to clean up his clothes.

    The last time I moved was a bit hurried, and I brought all my things here.

    Now she plans to divide the excess clothes into three parts, and put the favorite one in the cloakroom in Yan Yixie’s room, and the second one will stay in this room, and the remaining part will not be worn, put it in an unnecessary box, and go out. Donate it when

    Yan Yixie finished the phone call and walked in to help her, only to see Jiang Ning squatting on the ground, stacking the clothes one by one and putting them in the suitcase.

    Yan Yixie’s expression changed in an instant, and she walked over and grabbed her wrist: “Where are you going?” The

    second monk Jiang Ning was confused, and looked up at him: “I plan to donate this part of the stuff.”

    Yan Yixie Staring at her, Jiang Ning also looked at him innocently and blinked.

    Yan Yixie’s expression finally relaxed.

    After a while, he released Jiang Ning’s wrist.

    “What’s the matter?” Jiang Ning rubbed the place where his wrist had been held by him.

    Yan Yixie realized that she was just like a frightened bird, and when she saw Jiang Ning packing up, she thought she was leaving. Her passport is still on the bedside table, where can she go.

    Now that the events of the year have been explained clearly, and she has returned to him again, he should give her more trust.

    He tried his best to pretend to be nonchalant, and changed the subject: “I’ll pour you a glass of water.”

    Jiang Ning put down the old clothes in his hand and watched him lift his leg out. He suddenly thought of something and smiled.

    She stood up and followed him, and followed him to the kitchen like a catwalker: “Yan Yixie, don’t you think I’m leaving? So nervous.”

    “Nonsense.” Yan Yixie poured a glass of water, tall and tall. With his back facing Jiang Ning, he looked a little cramped.

    I took a sip of the water that I poured out.

    Jiang Ning took a step forward. Yan Yixie turned around and lowered his eyes, and he was close at hand with Jiang Ning who was on tiptoe, with the tip of his nose very close.

    Jiang Ning leaned over, his long eyelashes swept across the corners of his lips, light and itchy.

    Yan Yixie’s tall body tensed, and he leaned against the running water platform behind him.

    Taking advantage of his stiffness, Jiang Ning grabbed his collar and pulled his neck down, quickly leaning to the corner of his mouth and kissing him.

    “What kind of water did you drink?” Jiang Ning looked at the bottle of mineral water, and licked the corner of his mouth knowingly: “It’s a bit sweet.”

    Yan Yixie once hated Jiang Ning for always teasing him with a frivolous tone. Hearts played between applause. However, at this moment, the familiar Jiang Ning came back, but he couldn’t help but become enchanted. I even started to be grateful, going around, everything can go back to where it started.

    He darkened his face and said, “Don’t make trouble.”

    But, in a serious tone, the roots of his ears were as red as seventeen years old.

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